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Italian Senate Repeals Vaccine Mandates

The Italian people have spoken (voted in politicians who promised to end the mandates) and they said, "ciao!" to vaccine mandates. Note how parents and citizens who protested mandatory vaccination are called "anti-establishment." Pay careful attention to the last line as well, a frightening quote in any free nation: "Davide Faraone, of the Democractic party, said the measures left Italy as “a kind of Wild West in which the health of children will be left completely to the family”.

From Financial Times this morning - please go to their site to read the full article, this is just an excerpt in keeping with their sharing guidelines.

Italy Senate overturns mandatory vaccination law Anti-establishment coalition sceptical of inoculations despite rise in measles cases

Italy’s upper house of parliament has voted through legislation from the ruling anti-establishment government to remove the legal obligation to vaccinate schoolchildren. A law compelling children to have 10 vaccinations in order to enrol at state schools came into effect in March, after a surge in the number of measles cases. But the Five Star Movement and the League, which formed a ruling coalition two months ago, pledged to scrap the vaccination obligation during the run-up to elections in March, courting the so-called “anti-vax” vote.

The new legislation puts Italy out of step with other European countries such as France and Germany, which have been bolstering vaccine regulation. Critics say the government is eroding faith in science and nine Italian regional administrations that oppose the repeal have said they intend to appeal to the constitutional court or bring in their own laws to reinstate compulsory vaccines.  Go to Financial Times here to read more.


Angus Files

Its still an improvement on the serf like orders that were being hurled at the citizens of Italy before the election.The only U Turn is to the Nursery and Creche and even then pay the doorman and THE CHILDREN OF ITALY CAN STILL GET IN UNVACCINATED.

"While the M5S indicated that reform was still on the table, for now the previous rules will remain in place: pre-schoolers are not permitted to enter nursery or creche without vaccinations, while unvaccinated children aged seven and up can attend school but their parents will have to pay a fine of up to €500.

Parents will no longer have to provide a doctor's note proving their child is vaccinated, however: in another amendment presented on Thursday, the government proposed allowing parents to "self-certify" for the remainder of the school year, a change first announced by Grillo in July."

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


Do you know anything about the measles patients who died? Age, health status, nutritional status, ethnicity, socio-economic group, level of education of the family?

It HAS to be left in the hands of the family to decide whether or not to give the vaccine. The disease in rare cases CAN be fatal or disabling, as can the vaccine.

cia parker

It is true that some patients, even children between three and ten, the best age for having measles, would die if they were not vaxxed and it came back. Some in the developed world, as many as 10% in the Third World. Measles is the most intense of the childhood diseases and it depresses immune function to an unusual degree for two or three weeks after the day the rash appears. I had it at six, and my mother later told me that the doctor (for I was taken to the doctor), said that it was the worst case he had ever seen. I don't know what he meant as I was not hospitalized and recovered just fine, although I started having problems with my eyes at that time, extreme nearsightedness and extreme sensitivity to light, scarring on the corneas from excessive inflammation. I think these were caused by mercury poisoning, but I think it's possible they were caused by measles, which fairly often causes eye damage and almost always causes conjunctivitis, which can be avoided by taking vitamin A.

Measles must be respected, must be taken seriously. It's not a very mild disease. It DOES cause a fever at two points, a low to moderate fever in the first days, which resolves, and then a fever as high as 105 in a second peak which may last two and a half to three days. Most people give a fever reducer, which is the worst thing you can do (well, one of the worst), and that will greatly increase complications. Vitamin A is very important even for well-nourished children, as the disease uses up existing stores very quickly. The patient must stay in bed, well-hydrated, through all the days of fever, and then stay quiet at home for two or three weeks until his immune system has recovered so that he is not at risk of secondary complications.

But the benefits of natural measles are so great, lasting for the rest of the patient's life, that I think it is worth healthy, well-nourished children's just going through it. Immunocompromised children should take the nosode for measles, morbillinum.

Sophie Scholl

Posted by: Eindecker | September 07, 2018 at 04:12 AM

Scoundrel ----- 4 deaths !

And millions upon millions of autistic children around the world .

Grace Green

People wouldn't be killed by measles, not even four out of 5000, if they had it at the natural age - three to six years old - instead of it being unnaturally delayed by the vaccine until adulthood. I and ALL of my peers had the measles at age five, NOBODY I ever heard of in our city was adversely effected in any way. Your arrogant philosophy has created this killer and maimer.


Update on this "Italy’s populist government has performed an embarrassing U-turn on vaccinations, scrapping reforms that would have allowed unvaccinated children to attend school......The about-turn followed widespread protests from teachers, backed by a petition signed by nearly 300,000 people and a series of experts who addressed parliament about the need for vaccinations....... The compromise is self-certification

I guess the current outbreak of measles that is currently killing people might have focused their minds There were almost 5,000 cases of measles in Italy last year, and four people died of the disease, according to newly-released data from the Italian health ministry.


Italian govt backing off, using "herd" statistics.
money is on the table.

Hans Litten

Marvellous ......let the light into the dark !
Maybe the William Thompson revelations will come out - & we know Murdoch doesn't want that !
The full blown argument is what we want !
Lets get these sneaky scoundrels drawn out onto open ground !

Italy’s head teachers are resisting a ruling by the country’s populist government by barring unvaccinated children from attending nursery amid fears of a measles epidemic.

The government voted last week to let children up to six years of age attend school this year, even if they have not been vaccinated against six common illnesses, scrapping the compulsory inoculations brought in by the previous government after 5,000 measles cases and four deaths were recorded last year.

The decision, which puts off compulsory jabs by a year and must be ratified by a second parliamentary vote next month, reflects the number of anti-vaccination voters backing the League and Five Star parties, which form the ruling coalition in Rome.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the League and the deputy prime minister, has said that some vaccines can be damaging, echoing discredited internet stories of inoculations causing autism.

However, Italy’s association of head teachers has stood up to the government and refused to let children attend school without a certificate proving that they had been vaccinated.

Autism Investigated

Italy ruined National Immunization Awareness Month!

Angus Files


as its said,same job is always easier second time around..

"So they elect the Senate and the lower house together?
Right. There are 630 seats in the lower house and 315 in the senate. You need to be 25 years old to vote for the Senate, for the lower house it’s 18. Under the Italian constitution, the two chambers have equal weight -- the next prime minister will need to win confidence votes in both houses.

Italians abroad elect 12 deputies and 6 senators through a purely proportional system. The mainstream parties usually fare better in that competition. They’ll probably also do better in the Senate than the lower house, since the anti-establishment Five Star Movement’s support is concentrated among young voters."

Pharma For Prison


david m burd

@ Eindecker,

Maybe you've said it before - but - do you have children that have had these 10 vaccinations, and if so, at what age? Were they injected at birth?, 2 months?, 4 months?, 6 months?, OR, were these shots put off for a year or two?

In any case, did your children incur no obvious vaccine-injury? If they stayed healthy you "rolled the dice and won". Since you are so vocal here, please tell us what I've just asked?

Please tell us your pertinent family history regards vaccinations, regards, David M. Burd


Not "Ciao" yet

There is a law in place that mandates that parents provide a proof that all children are vaccinated against 10 important infectious diseases when enrolling their children in preschools and kindergartens. The law is suspended for a year under this new governance. The amendment was passed by the upper house of Italy’s parliament last week Friday. The motion gathered 148 to 110 votes. It still needs to pass the lower house before it can be adopted by the nation. (7th August)

david m burd

Hans, IF indeed Laura Hayes ran for a place in CA Govt (or even a Congressional position) she would need hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal protection pros going with her everywhere! That being said I think there are enough of us to contribute the needed money.

However, the California news media would probably "blacklist" her, as happened in the SB277 Vaccine Mandate a couple years ago. Some day, there will be a mainstream news company that will finally have the courage to fight the criminal vaccine Cabal --- but when?

Maurine Meleck

This is absolutely not true. This law has not been passed yet. Hopefully it will be. I have friends in Rome, where I used to live and they have told me it is not true, but they are hopeful it will happen.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | August 07, 2018 at 09:37 AM

Laura, is there any way you can find a way to run for elected office ?

Hans Litten

It is my impression that it is not particularly easy to get settlements in Italy - this is basically happening because large numbers of Italian citizens put their foot down over the high-handedness of the last government.

Posted by: John Stone | August 08, 2018 at 12:17 AM

As do all other peoples of the world.
Enough is Enough !

Vote them out. Pan . Macron . Varadkar ! and the rest
Vote them out

Hans Litten

France (Macron) are talking of making Gardakil mandatory !

Given the known side effects of Gardasil, many of them documented here at Health Impact News, Dr. Delépine urges France to follow other nations that have withdrawn their support for the Gardasil vaccine.

In their preamble, the MEPs deny that Gardasil can lead (as any treatment) to complications while Japan, Austria and Denmark have stopped promoting this vaccination after serious complications, sometimes even fatal, and that families suffering from these vaccines have organized public demonstrations in several countries of the world (Japan, Colombia, Ireland), and that Danish doctors lodged a complaint against the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which refused to answer the questions they asked. (Source – Translated from French)

John Stone

Hi Cynthia

It is my impression that it is not particularly easy to get settlements in Italy - this is basically happening because large numbers of Italian citizens put their foot down over the high-handedness of the last government.


In my decades of experience, wasting time is the number one ploy of all these criminal officials/corporations, because that's the way they continue to get their way. Why seek resolution when you are already the top dog?

Indeed Grace!  The vaccine  bullies essentially operate on one principle -- and that's the law of the jungle where might makes right.  They see themselves as big and strong, and the 'antivaxxers' as puny and weak.  They feel we can never win, and especially if they make the effort to oppose us.  I am sure outcomes like this send chills down their spines, as that dreaded thought pops into their heads that victory may not be so assured.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Isn't the Italian Government held accountable for vaccine damage? Isn't it easier to get settlements in that country?

If so, that's why they can reverse the mandate. They might be afraid that mandates would make them more complicit in damage and death. Not so much in the USA.

Jeannette Bishop

Very good news, to see elected parties keep a campaign promise in opposition to the agendas of corporate oligarchs.

Jenny Allan

Financial Times has now retreated behind a paywall, but the story has been covered elsewhere.

The Independent has dredged up Andrew Wakefield yet again. The local report (below) also mentions ‘discredited’ earlier MMR vaccine concerns, but no mention of A.W.:-
“Italian perception of the safety of vaccinations is heavily influenced by now-discredited claims of a connection between the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) jab and autism.”

However, the same article also states this:-
“Low levels of vaccination in the country are also influenced by popular mistrust of mainstream politicians and experts.”
That’s more like it!


Sunday's Dr. Fox--American Government Undermines World Health.

Further in the column, Dr. Fox states the premise; that if you have to ask the question the answer is already known.

DEAR READERS: Andrew Jacobs, in his July 9 New York Times article “Opposition to Breast-feeding Resolution by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials,” reports that “the U.S. delegation, embracing the interests of infant formula manufacturers, upended deliberations” at a United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly of hundreds of global government delegates.

The topic was a resolution, based on decades of research, ”that mother’s milk is healthiest for children, and countries should strive to limit the inaccurate or misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes.” Countries such as Ecuador were threatened with punishing trade measures and withdrawal of U.S. military aid if they did not withdraw the resolution.

So can ”we the people” in the United States trust government regulatory agencies when it comes to other matters? These include the safety and efficacy of vaccines for our children and pets; the risks of pesticides on the crops that we and farmed animals consume; and the quality and safety of manufactured pet foods and baby foods. Trust, transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of democracy and corporate responsibility.

Such an exhibition of U.S. pandering to, and bullying for, corporate interests at this international world health gathering gives new credence to the term “ugly American.” It is up to us, the people, to make America first in ethics, honesty, justice and compassion -- rather than a nation of corporate hegemony and corruption.

Grace Green

Wondering if the deadly tanker blast in northern Italy was caused deliberately to distract from this story. The tanker drove straight into the back of a stationary lorry. The brakes could have been tampered with.

Hans Litten

Italy is a free country thank God ..... France is a despotic Pharma state (like the US-UK):

Gardasil in France: Marie-Océane Bourguignon’s Experience

david m burd


There has been, best I can find, a complete blackout by U.S.'s News "icons" (I use this term with derision) by such as the NY Times, and the Washington Post NOT reporting Italy's Senate vote giving back to parents using their decision regarding vaccination.

If, indeed other U.S. news outlets have NOT marched to the Vaccine Cabal orders, please send such news, please do.

The Vaccination Holocaust upon us via our Medical Authorities has the Mainstream Media as its criminal enabler. We must every day, one at a time, inform those who are have been kept ignorant.

Angus Files

While the legislation is pending, parents will no longer have to provide schools with a doctor’s note to show their children have been vaccinated. The move has raised alarm among health experts who fear that compliance with vaccines will drop

"Compliance with the vaccine will drop"

And they call themselves "HEALTH EXPERTS "Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

In my decades of experience, wasting time is the number one ploy of all these criminal officials/corporations, because that's the way they continue to get their way. Why seek resolution when you are already the top dog?

John Stone


Of course, the JCVI took the view that the SKB (GSK) version of MMR, Pluserix, was more immunogenic as well unfortunately as more reactogenic (of course they didn’t give a damn about the harm) before the manufacturers were forced to withdraw it (on legal advice). However, I am sure Merck are just wasting time because that’s what they do.

Laura Hayes

Excellent news!

This is what needs to be done everywhere! And exemptions are not an acceptable compromise or solution. A simple “no thank you” should always suffice when one wants to decline or refuse a medical treatment or procedure for oneself or one’s child.

A banning of vaccine mandates in all 50 states must be the first order of business. The full return of individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making is a must in a society which calls itself free, or ethical, and is the only way a person can protect oneself and one’s children from the known, and yet to be known, dangers of vaccines.

Please support those who publicly state at every opportunity that vaccine mandates must be abolished and that unfettered medical choice freedom must be reinstated immediately. If someone is unwilling to publicly state those 2 essentials, please ask why.

Hans Litten

Hey Colombo I am beginning to see a pattern :

Rabies vaccine maker began faking records in 2014: Chinese investigation team
BEIJING - The rabies vaccine maker at the centre of a brewing safety scandal started falsifying records and using expired materials for production from April 2014, latest findings from an investigation show.
Changsheng Bio-technology Co used expired materials in some vaccine batches and falsified data, including batch numbers and production dates, reported state news agency Xinhua on Tuesday (Aug 7).
Citing findings from a special State Council investigating group, Xinhua said a domestic and international recall of the faulty vaccines was underway.

The investigators said the company had used expired materials to reduce costs, and falsified vaccine records to avoid regulatory scrutiny.
No figures for the number of vaccines sold were given, but state media previously reported that 250,000 doses of the problematic vaccine had been purchased by the eastern province of Shandong.
Investigators also stressed that those found responsible or negligent would be "severely punished".
"The relevant investigations and follow-up work are in progress," said Xinhua.

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | August 07, 2018 at 08:38 AM

That's where we come in ......JDS

The Mumps component is a FAKE (therefore invalidating the whole tri-vaccine ! MMR)
And that criminal fraud has been perpetuated\perpetrated over the last 18 years to literally millions and maybe billions of children. The scale of the fraud is simply unfathomable, unimaginable.

They sure must have been worried about smthg JDS to have dragged it out this long already.
They have tried every trick in the book to stop its conclusion.

My suspicion is this could well be the straw ! And Merck is the camels back.


So the good, the light, the people have won this day, this month, this year. The backs of big pharma needs to be broken, their tentacles extending into everything needs to be chopped off.

How, I don't know, but it really does help that people are awake and suspicious. Involved in the government actions. Perhaps it matters, and that we can fight city hall?

I hope some day that these big pharma companies well be properly dealt with, and will not be like some eternity battle between Apophis and Ra; chaos and light. Can we descend into one of of 2 having autism? Apparently we (society) can keep on with 1 out of 5 kids having a mental illness, or is it that the older members of society are still around , so far; to help it continue? Still going after 30 plus years of vaccine injuries. Society can take a lot!

John Stone


I really don't think Merck give a stuff providing they draw it out for ever and ever. Even if the fine is billions they can ride it out as a commercial gamble (and I do't think it will be billions) and they can rely on the mainstream media to keep it out general public perception.

John Stone

So surprising to see The Times columnist David Aaronovich descend into racist hate language and vituperation:

"The extremists and bongo-brain populists who currently rule Italy have now voted to repeal its vaccination laws. Kids will die as a result. Folks, we are in a war against stupidity."

Jenny Allan

"in which the health of children will be left completely to the family”.
..........and that's exactly as it should be.

Hans Litten


In 2010 two virologists, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski, filed a lawsuit against their former employer and vaccine manufacturer Merck. The lawsuit, which was unsealed in late June, alleges that Merck defrauded the U.S. for over 10 years by overstating the MMR vaccine’s effectiveness.

The virologists claim in their lawsuit that they "witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged to artificially inflate the vaccine's efficacy findings."

NVIC’s President and Co-Founder, Barbara Loe Fisher, was interviewed on July 10 by Dr. Joseph Mercola about this most recent lawsuit brought against Merck, which enjoys global vaccine sales totaling over $20 billion a year.

Hans Litten

Any word on the mumps 2 whistleblowers trial ? (faked efficacy rabbits blood).

This could end the MMR once and for all if this were to be published in the lamestream Guardian !

Merck could potentially be bankrupted for this outrage !

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