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JB Handley: NY Times Vaccine Science "Hostage" Op-Ed is a Gift

“If Your Newborn Baby Could Talk”

Gianna thought bubbleBy Laura Hayes

What if your baby could talk?  Here are some things I think they would surely say:

  • Please don’t poke me with sharp needles! Those hurt! You wouldn’t let anyone pinch or hit me, so why are you letting someone in a white coat pierce my skin, multiple times, in a very painful way? I am trusting you to protect me and not let others hurt me.

  • Please don’t trust others over your own common sense and God-given maternal and paternal instincts. I am yours. No one knows me like you know me. No one will protect me like you will. No one loves me like you do. You are, and will continue to be, the one responsible for me.

  • Please don’t ever leave me unattended at a hospital or in a doctor’s office. I need your eyes on me at all times…to ensure that your directives are being followed to a tee, to prevent procedures and treatments from being implemented on me to which you have not consented and/or to which you have made clear that you do not want for me, to ward off mistakes, and to protect me at every turn.

  • Please don’t think that someone wearing a white coat is smarter than you are. Turns out that they can be some of the most inexcusably uninformed, pompous, close-minded, resistant to truth, and unethically coercive people around! I am not kidding you! I want you to take responsibility for me and my health. Please do not delegate your responsibility to some self-appointed “expert” who was taught using a curriculum designed by those who make their money (we are talking trillions) when others become chronically ill and permanently disabled.

  • Please don’t let me be injected with things you wouldn’t even consider feeding me! They won’t have an escape route, and they will be left inside me where they will hurt and harm me both now and in the future.

  • Please don’t ever permit me to be injected with metals of any sort! We know that lead is bad for children, but guess what? Mercury and aluminum are far worse, and are in the syringes that doctors are sticking into babies and children. Mercury and aluminum cause severe damage inside the body, to all parts and to all systems, and this damage will hurt and haunt me for the rest of my life! As if those two metals weren’t health-destroying enough, there are others in vaccines: lead, stainless steel, tungsten, a gold-zinc aggregate, platinum, silver, bismuth, iron, and chromium. One flu vaccine for children tested as having 11 metals and aggregates of metals, which are similar to those prevalent in cases of leukemia. Please don’t let the pediatrician cause me to develop cancer!

  • Please don’t mess around with my immune system, it’s the only one I have…and it has to last me a lifetime! Things that mess with and harm my immune system include nearly every ingredient in vaccines. Again, I am not kidding! Please tell me which one of these ingredients will induce good health in me: mercury, aluminum, lead, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (which enables other ingredients to enter my brain and cells), MSG, phenol, anti-freeze, human fetal tissue material from aborted babies, viruses cultured in the body parts of various animals including African green monkeys, chickens, and dogs, viruses from other humans, viruses from animals, retroviruses that are just beginning to be understood of both human and animal origin, nanoparticles of many different metals that are not listed on the ingredients lists, dangerous bacteria, glass shards, food proteins that don’t belong anywhere other than in my stomach, glyphosate (designed to kill things), insect parts and viruses, DNA from other humans and from animals, squalene (I hear it caused Gulf War Syndrome in our soldiers), and who knows what else, Mom and Dad, because all ingredients are not required to be listed under the guise of “trade secrets”, and there is little to no oversight of the vaccine manufacturing process!

  • Please don’t permit anything to be injected into me that you are not willing to inject into yourself.

  • Please don’t permit anything to be injected into me that the nurses and doctors administering it, those approving and recommending it, the legislators mandating it, and the manufacturers making it have not injected into themselves, their children, and their grandchildren, without your own eyes witnessing it. If they aren’t willing to personally demonstrate for you how “safe” it is (which should be required to mean won’t cause harm) and personally demonstrate their trust in it, then please don’t trust in it, either! (Ask yourself when the last time was that you saw any state legislator rolling up their shirt sleeves and dropping their drawers to show those whom they supposedly represent how safe the scores of vaccines that they just mandated for babies, children, and teens are? If they are virtually harmless, as claimed and constantly touted, then they should be willing to get the whole lot of them at once, publicly.)

  • Please don’t “go along to get along”. I know at some point I will hear you ask me, “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you, too?” I put a similar question forth to you, “If everyone else chooses to permit the poisoning and harming of their baby, would you follow suit just to fit in?” Please be strong and stand firmly, saying boldly and with conviction, “I will not permit you, or anyone, to inject poisons, toxins, and heinous ingredients into my baby…ever!”

  • Please learn why it is important for me to be breastfed for at least one year, hopefully longer, with Mom eating a nutrient-dense, non-toxic diet. If Mom is unable to breastfeed me, please source breastmilk from another healthy, lactating mom who is willing to share.

  • Please learn why it is important for me to contract certain infections naturally, during childhood.
  • Please learn how to treat infections naturally, without pharmaceuticals (with the rarest of exceptions), should I contract them during infancy (as Mom’s ability to transfer her immunity to me in the womb and via breastfeeding may have been messed up by her vaccines).

  • Please realize that you have been taught to fear that for which there is a vaccine. Please know that vaccines target short-term, mostly-benign, immunity-building infections, and often leave in their wake chronic, painful, debilitating, immunity-destroying diseases that are often lifelong.

  • Please know that you have been lied to about the safety, efficacy, success, and necessity of vaccines.

  • Please know that I would much rather have a fever, rash, and/or diarrhea for a few days, or even a bad cough, than a lifetime of: permanent and catastrophic brain damage; finger pricks, glucose monitors, insulin, and the possibility of going into a diabetic coma; asthma, inhalers, and the constant threat of death by asphyxiation; life-threatening food allergies and the never-ending fear that the EpiPen won’t save my life one day; body-wracking seizures and the health-destroying medicines prescribed for them; permanent infertility and never being able to bear my own children; mind-controlling OCD and anxiety and how those would negatively impact my life; learning disabilities landing me in special education classes throughout my school years and precluding certain opportunities for me in my future; or, the unthinkable, dying in my crib after you’ve lovingly tucked me in for the night and having it wrongfully and unethically attributed to SIDS.

  • Please know that God gave me an intricately-designed, finely-tuned, hand-crafted-by-Him immune system that works best and remains intact when not invaded, tainted, derailed, and permanently damaged by manmade vaccines.

  • Please read the lists of ingredients in vaccines and the vaccine package inserts. Please research how vaccines are concocted, and also the many rules, regulations, and instructions for how they are to be transported, stored, used, not used, administered, and discarded. Then, utilizing common sense, basic science, and your God-given parental instincts, ask yourself why anyone of sound mind and basic decency would ever inject another human being, much less their own child, with these heinous products made in heinous ways, which are most likely rarely, if ever, handled and administered as required and instructed from start to finish.

I have no doubt that the above is what my three young-adult children would have said to me back in the 90s when they were born, if they could have talked.

This is a gift I am giving to anyone willing to read and act on the above information…the gift of not having to live with the unimaginable regret of permitting your baby, your precious child, to be roughly jabbed time and again by some propaganda-fed, brainwashed, liability-free, monetarily incentivized, often callous, coercive, perhaps corrupt ignoramus, wielding syringe after syringe, month after month, year after year, aimed at your child…syringes filled with ingredients that have no business inside the human body, ever. This gift does not come without cost. Quite the opposite. It is being offered to you only because others have paid an astronomical price…with their health, their development, their ability to speak, their ability to learn, their independence, their fertility, their never feeling well, and for some, with their lives.

I urge you to accept and act on this gift. 

Should you choose not to, you will be the recipient of another gift, that of vaccine injury, and that is a gift that keeps on giving…and there is no returning or rejecting it…of that, you can be sure.

Author of this article, Laura Hayes, made the grave mistake of permitting vaccines for her 3 children back in the early to mid-1990s, dismissing under duress her maternal instinct which had immediately gone into alarm mode the first time she was coerced into permitting vaccines. If she had just one do-over in life, it would be to never, ever permit even one vaccine for any of her children, ever. How much different their lives and health would be today. She hopes and prays that you will listen to and learn from her, because she knows that if you don’t, there will be a price to pay. There is no escaping vaccine injury. If you’ve been vaccinated, you have been vaccine injured, and you can never regain the health and well-being you might otherwise have known.

For more by Laura Hayes, go to Age of Autism’s home page, and click on the Special Reports tab at the top.  For Laura’s most comprehensive vaccine-related presentation to date, click here for both the video and the transcript.


Laura Hayes

If your newborn baby boy could talk, he would want you to have read this article before you make the decision whether or not to have him circumcised:

Grace Green

Bayareamom and Benedetta, your comments are music to my ears. I do think that people have a choice - if they can't possibly afford to stay at home for at least the start of their child's life, do they really want to have a child? Perhaps like the expensive car, he's just a status symbol!
However I also think that governments are not honest with people about what is available to them. Mothers in the UK are given the impression that husbands will be required to provide, or failing that the welfare system will be there to support the family. I myself was completely failed by the courts, my own lawyer informing me that my ex-husband's new partner took priority for provision before my legitimate children! And then we were also failed by the state, and left, according to same lawyer, "destitute". Looking back, I suspect there was a lot of prejudice against a mother who believed in bringing up her own kids at home, though this was never stated so I didn't have the opportunity to put my case. Thanks, both, for opening the debate. I'm sure many here, who have been obliged to stay at home because of their child's vaccine injury, would agree with you.



I absolutely loved your last comment; it really resonates w/me. I have always had the same feelings as you apparently do when it comes to motherhood, etc. I am not a feminist in the overt sense, but although I do agree there should be equal pay for equal work for all genders, etc., I ALSO believe that being a parent is THE most important role anyone could ever have (if this is what they truly want).

But babies don't need 3 car garages; they don't need a Lexus in the driveway; they don't need designer clothes; they don't need a big fancy home. They need the basics, such as food, clothing, nourishment and a safe environment to be sure, but what they really need someone there for them who truly loves them. Someone who can nurture them, and provide them w/a solid foundation in which to provide all the basics that that babe will need to become a healthy, contributing productive member of society.

I've never felt that only a mother/female can provide these things. I've seen many a male/dad provide just as warmly and affectionately. It does bother me tremendously to see so many women carry a fetus to term then willingly hand that child over to government wage earners who run government or privately owned daycares. I've oft felt that any child would be better off with someone who truly loves him/her and perhaps be raised in a very humble environment, rather than a daycare environment.

I worked outside our home for just around a year and a half when our son was just 3 years old. We needed (or thought we needed) that extra income in order to qualify for our first-time homeowners' loan. We did receive our loan and we were able to purchase our first home out here in CA, but one month into our new home (and I was still working), I could really see what my not being at home for our son was doing to him.

It wasn't a good situation for him at all, in so many ways. So, eventually, shortly after we moved into our home, I told my husband I was quitting my job so that I could stay at home with our son. To be sure, we really had to cut back in certain areas. Even then, the income our husband provided wasn't nearly enough to live the so called 'high lifestyle' so many out here in Silicon Valley aspire to.

But it was enough if we carefully budgeted so that I could be with our son 24/7. Staying at home was ultimately the best thing I could have done for our son. I'd do it all over again. I realize there are those who cannot survive on just one income, especially out here in CA or in some of the pricier areas in our country. But if you CAN stay home and it's really just a matter of cutting back so that you can be at home with your child/ren, DO IT.

It did wonders for our son. This stigma so many in our country feel against women who stay at home, needs to stop. Raising a child is the most important thing anyone can do.

So thanks, Benedetta, for putting into words what I have always felt/pondered about motherhood, etc.

Your words, to me, were golden...



I was attacked the other day or felt that I was, by simply stating a 3 month old baby has no business in a day care center. Well they don't. I think it was about a baby that died after it caught meningitis; that was the same stuff that some college students catch from living in cramped conditions in dorms some times.

In the last few decades there have been stories on the news of overly stressed, career driven people going to work and forgetting to drop their babes off at the day care center, and leaving them to die; forgotten in a hot car. The three that I remember are: a high school teacher that did stop to buy donuts for her students that morning, A college professor whose turn it was to drop off the babe; and had a meeting, and a manager of some building supply store (I am not sure he counts since he was also busy texting another woman, he was cheating on his wife).

Where do we place the importance of our kids? What is really the most important thing in the world to us? Two salaries are needed in the Washington D.C. area is the same thought nation wide by a lot of people. Does a woman proudly say with out guilt in this country that she is a stay at home Mom? Or have we sneered at that till it is a badge of shame?
We put a baby under a year old in a day care setting, for what? Is it really just to put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and a safe, clean environment ; or is there more to it than just that?

Is it really the pressure of prestige we put on young mothers to never have to say that they are a homemaker?
And once out of the workforce they know they will be looked at very critically, and maybe not be able to get back in?
Is it maybe the pressure to own stuff? Which is nice cause I have been there when I did not own much. If it is just about putting food on the table, and a roof over our heads , then do we really have a middle class., or even a poor working class for that matter, is that really the case?

Then maybe living in a parent's basement is not a bad idea and never having children is the only way to go?

Aimee Doyle

@Cia - I agree that ideally, breastfeeding for two years, avoiding vaccines, and staying home with your children are the way to go. You're right - that's reality.

But I do disagree that "In most cases, two parents could manage on one salary, even though it would be hard." That's just not what I see here in the DC area. Perhaps in other areas of the country it's an option.

You recommend public assistance programs as a solution. They vary enormously from state to state and are always in danger of being cut. Many programs - food stamps, Medicaid, etc. - have significant work requirements in order to receive assistance. And of course, if you have to work, there's childcare, etc. You mention subsidized housing. I used to do pro bono legal work for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless in DC. At the time, the waiting list for subsidized housing was five years.

I do agree that there needs to be more education about vaccine issues. I also think there needs to be more societal support for mothers.

And with that I'll let it go.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks so much, Laura! Honestly, it's hard to read, but every word resonates.

To any parents or parents-to-be finding this uncomfortable to consider seriously, please reconsider, and investigate this practice independently with as much if not much more effort than is applied to any other aspect of raising your children!

cia parker


I said that if there were absolutely no way for the mom to stay home with the baby, and preferably breastfeed, then that's just the way it is. It would be lying to her to tell her that that's OK, the baby will still turn out fine. Maybe he/she will and maybe he won't. His chances are better staying at home for at least the first two years and breastfeeding until self-weaning. That's just reality. Not my fault.

Of course it would be ideal if there were more public programs to do something to help children. But the parents are always going to be the first line of defense. In most cases, two parents could manage on one salary, even though it would be hard. There's a meal plan at TACA on feeding a family of four a GFCF diet on food stamps, with the prices of every item of food used. Amazing that they were able to design a practical, working plan to do so. There's low-cost or subsidized housing, though of course it's not very good. You can buy clothes at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. An unmarried woman could go on public assistance for two years. I think it partly depends on how important it was to the parents to keep the baby at home for that time. I would just like to make sure that they know that, for the baby, it's of the utmost importance.

I've said that I recommend that parents consider the DT series after the age of two, the polio series only if it comes back here and now, and the Hib series for babies between six and eighteen months old in daycare and not breastfed. No compulsion, but I think parents should consider them. That's all. A certain number of children would die if large numbers stop vaccinating. I think they should stop vaccinating for the most part, but we need to consider what's going to happen then. Dr. Sears says, on p. 22-23 of the second edition of The Vaccine Book, "Placing a young baby in a group day-care setting significantly increases a baby's risk of encountering diseases, incl

uding HIB, Pc, pertussis, rotavirus, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hep-A, and the flu. Furthermore, if an unvaccinated baby is in day care and is not breastfed, he is really asking to get sick. Parents who choose not to vaccinate should avoid day care and should breastfeed for as long as possible. It would be prudent even to avoid church nurseries and health club childcare centers for the first year or two."

Diphteria and polio are not an issue in the US at this time, because nearly all children have gotten a lot of vaccines for them. But diphtheria came back in the ex-Soviet Union thirty years ago, and polio came back in several European countries in minor outbreaks as recently as in the '70s. I'm just saying that everyone should bear in mind all the facts and take them into consideration. Parents have to research every vaccine and every disease themselves. I personally would never recommend Prevnar, for instance, but that means that I accept that some children would die from a pneumococcal infection that could probably have been prevented with Prevnar. At this time, autism, etc., are far more pressing and tragic problems than the VPDs, but we need to think about the diseases too. Think nosodes, maybe. Think breastfeeding, no daycare, high-dose vitamin C, etc. Not necessarily think vaccines. But remember that young babies have always been the ones at greatest risk of dying from many of the VPDs.

Aimee Doyle

@Michael - "symptom or problem"?

I would call it a reality. I don't see it changing anytime soon. I know that almost every mom I have known would have preferred to stay at home with her child, for at least a few years. Some Dads too. I only know one or two (and they were white, upper middle-class) who were in a position to make that happen. From what I see of my daughter's generation (the millennial generation) - they would also prefer to stay home, but with student debt, stagnant wages, soaring housing costs, staying home with a child doesn't seem to be an option. What social movements do you see that would make this a possibility? I don't see the economics getting any better.

Now I live in the DC area, where the cost of living is sky high. Perhaps it is different in other areas of the country?


Also "if you're so scared of the germs of sick people that you think vaccinations are necessary, why are you taking me to a doctor office - where I'll be surrounded by dozens of sick people - to get my vaccinations?"


Great article, Laura. Really good angle! Yes, if babies could speak, none of us would be vaccinating them. Their intuition is what we should follow.

I'm a vaccine-injured adult who became disabled at age 30 after receiving the same vaccines a child would have at a well-baby visit. I wish someone, ANYONE, had said something to make me question the need for vaccines for my international trip.

Please everyone follow Laura's lead and speak up. Even if you are rebuffed, you said something. Think about what the child would say when they grow up and the vaccine world has finally been turned upside down: "How could you, Mom? How could you put my life and livelihood in danger like that? Mom, you were playing Russian Roulette with my health. Vaccines are so barbaric. I can't believe we had self-driving cars and you were still using a medical procedure from the 1700s."

Since I didn't do my research and no one said anything to me, I went on to fully vaccinate my kids until they were 1 then did monovalent measles for each child at age 2. I tell them often how sorry I am that I ever vaccinated them. I had no idea vaccines had disabled me until many years later, but I began researching vaccines in my kids' first year - thanks to Wakefield, Stephanie Cave, and Bob Sears.... that's the first stuff I read. I was shocked that Wakefield's small case series - that did not link vaccines to autism - had caused such an uproar. But it did make me pay attention. First I thought vaccines might actually harm us, then I learned enough to know they aren't even necessary.

Thankfully, my kids are OK. However, 20 years after the vaccines I received, I am still not fully recovered from my vaccine injury. I lost my career and have spent more than $1 million out of pocket seeking recovery. Please, everyone speak up. Every day.


Aimee, Cia--"I know that most American families have to have both parents work...." Are we identifying a symptom or a problem? Hopefully other social movements will be able to move us back to where a single income household will be enough to raise a healthy family and one parent can stay home.

Aimee Doyle

@Cia -

So you would add guilt and fear to moms who already face difficult - sometimes heartbreaking - financial and logistical choices? Seems harsh. One thing I won't do is blame mothers and say "they need to be aware of the price they might pay." And following your line of logic, every mom would need to stay home to homeschool her kids because of school vaccinations.

I would rather put the blame on pharma, who have bought our do-nothing Congress and state legislatures and manipulated the passage of vaccine mandates. I would rather blame greedy corporate employers - who pay crappy wages, don't allow flex schedules, don't provide on-site child care, don't provide space for mothers to pump milk, and don't provide the kind of maternity leave a woman gets in every other western country.

You make it sound like everyone could "figure it out" if they put some effort into it or if they were scared enough. From what I've seen, that isn't the case. Most people have far fewer options than you seem to think. Really, how about our society actually giving moms some support!

Heather Kovac

Thank you for this excellent and powerful article!
I believe that being vaccine-free is the most important component to being healthy! Both of my adopted (from birth) sons were formula-fed but they were vaccine-free and fed an organic healthy diet. They never had more than a cold (and that was rare) until they got the chicken-pox and after that their immune systems were bullet-proof. They both went to pre-school and public school and had perfect attendence records. The nurse-practitioner that did their well-checks (for the adoption) told us at every visit that they were thriving and to keep doing what I was doing but that when they went to school they would get sick often because they would be around other children....NOT TRUE! Both boys were so much healthier than their schoolmates!
Thank you again for your tireless work for this cause!

cia parker


I know that most American families have to have both parents work, which pretty much requires daycare and prematurely ends breastfeeding. But everyone should be aware of the price they pay and look for other ways of managing. In many cases they could ask the mother of one of the parents to live with them until the baby is two or they could hire a caregiver who only cares for one or two children. And a caregiver would be expensive. I remember being shocked when a friend told me twenty years ago that she was paying seven hundred dollars a month for the university daycare. And a single caregiver would cost more than that. Many wouldn't be able to afford it. But most parents at this time kid themselves by saying that everyone uses daycare, and since the shots aren't dangerous anyway, who cares? They say that way the child learns to get along with others at an early age, or that he gets toughened up for the rigors of the world, so it's really a good thing. Very few even think about the risk of contagious diseases, when it is very important that they realize that the pertussis and flu shots are very ineffective and many who have gotten the shots get the diseases anyway. It never passed through my mind when I took my baby to La Leche League meetings at the Newman Center that it might be dangerous to expose her to twenty babies and toddlers in the same room. And she got pertussis, despite having gotten three DTaPs. And the fourth one erased her only words and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. The encephalitis from the hep-b at birth was another factor.

And most people kid themselves by saying that formula is just as good as breast milk, and that's what they got as babies, and look how great they turned out. It's not true at all.

I'd just like everyone to understand the situation. If they absolutely cannot have the mother stay with the baby, or another single caregiver, and absolutely cannot breastfeed for very long, that's just the way it is. But they need to understand that it's bad for their baby that they cannot do so, for both psychological and physical reasons. It's like when we've talked about measles. Natural measles depresses the immune system much more than other diseases, and does so for two or three weeks from the day the rash appears. Not for years, the way the shills say, but for weeks, and it is important that the child remain quiet at home for those weeks to prevent an opportunistic infection from taking hold. Many children don't have a mother who can stay home with them for that long, but everyone needs to understand the price if they decide to go with the program and get the MMR for the child.

And we've talked about Hib meningitis. It is a danger for babies who are not breastfed. I'd say and in daycare, but I think all daycares require Hib vaccination and several others for their clients. And I've said that in the worst case scenario, meaning not breastfed and in daycare, parents should consider the Hib vaccine after the age of four months old. The baby is protected by his mother's antibodies for the first six months, but is at risk of a severe case of Hib meningitis between six and eighteen months old. In the '80s, one in 200 babies used to get a severe case, and one in a thousand died of it. In those who got a clinical case, about one in four was left deaf and another one in four suffered brain damage and often mental retardation. The vaccine completely ended clinical cases of Hib meningitis, but started the peanut allergy epidemic and can also cause many other severe conditions. I let my baby get three Hib shots, but refused the fourth after reading a Mothering article about it. She was breastfed and cared for at home, so there was no need for the vaccine. But I didn't know as much about vaccines and VPDs then as I do now.

There are no easy answers for parents compelled to work, use daycare, and end breastfeeding in a short time, but they need to be aware of the stakes involved and see if they can come up with any way to deal with the situation short of daycare. And if they can't, it's certainly true that they are in the company of millions of other families. But they need to think about how they will feel when their child develops vaccine-induced neurological or autoimmune conditions as a consequence of having gotten the required vaccines, which is the majority of children now. In many cases that imagined pain might help them find other solutions.


Thank you so much Laura for this insightful and excellent article. I hope more young parents can read it in time, and that it travels far and wide. Thank you for all that you do.

go Trump

Thanks Laura.

Part of any "Perfect Crime" is not having any witnesses who can talk.

Aimee Doyle

@Cia - you make some good points. Unfortunately, it's hard to put some of your suggestions into practice.

1. "No daycare before the age of two or three years old." How many families can afford to do this? Definitely only a small minority.

2. "And yes, absolutely, breastfeeding until self-weaning is the best gift you could give your baby." Agreed, but easier to do if you are a stay at home mom, but see #1. If Mom does work outside the home, few employers provide space for women to pump their milk. I've had friends who had to pump their milk in the bathroom or in their car. Even fewer employers provide on-site daycare (or a schedule with enough flex in it) so that women who need to work could feed their infants on demand.

Here in the US, motherhood gets a lot of lip service, but little real support.

susan welch

Laura, Thank you so much for this excellent post. I hope it is read by very many new parents who are sensible enough to do their research before making such an important decision. A decision that will affect their child's life.

Kathy Sincere

Thank you yet again for your never-ending crusade to end this insane Vaccine Holocaust.
You echo what I have said to many new mothers who might listen (most have gone on vaccinate…..).

Times have changed so much since I gave birth in the ‘70’s. I can’t even wrap my head around the number of vaccines given to children today. It only took the few shots my four children received to cause autism and other disabilities that injured them for life. As you know, one died
I used to be filled with warm fuzzy thoughts and smiles whenever I saw a pregnant woman or newborn baby. Now…not so much. I sigh, frown, and wonder how many shots the Mom has had and ponder the effects of HepB and all the ones to come for the newborn child.

This quote from Maya Angelo sums it up - "When we know better, we do better." ... Or we SHOULD!

david m burd

Laura, Your amazing dedication to exposing vaccines' toxicities is only matched by the great Dr. Andrew Wakefield and our own AoA Dan Olmsted, Mark Blaxill, and a cast of too many to mention.

As to your Post, I'm sorry to say that those "medical people" staunchly giving vaccine injections to helpless babies (and permitted by 'ignorant' parents) - almost certainly indeed do such injections to their own infants. Why?! Because they are completely "indoctrinated" (an apt term by Bayareamom here on AoA many years ago that I am fond of using).

Therein is THE massive problem: For the last three decades+ Medschool and Nurse Schooling have indoctrinated their graduates into their unquestioning belief "vaccines are safe and effective." So, yes, they WILL actually vaccinate their children per the draconian ruinous CDC Schedule. Such is the maleablity of the human mind throughout history; and all their babies' terrible reactions will be chalked up to "coincidence." Thanks for all you do.

cia parker

I'd add that fevers are beneficial for older babies and children, but can be very dangerous to newborns. Newborns should be sheltered at home for their protection, very few people should be allowed to handle them, and anyone with symptoms of a respiratory disease should stay as far away as possible. No daycare before the age of two or three years old. Hand-washing is vital, masks and gloves if necessary. Treat them with high-dose vitamin C if they get a VPD despite precautions. Prevent diseases like pertussis and Hib with homeopathic nosodes. And yes, absolutely, breastfeeding until self-weaning is the best gift you could give your baby: besides optimal nutrition which adapts itself to the needs of the growing baby, it gives him or her antibodies to most of the germs that the mother has ever been exposed to. Unfortunately, breastfeeding gives little or no protection from pertussis or polio, but good protection from measles and rubella.


And do not ever let them cut off the best part of my penis. There are 16 important functions to the foreskin. There is no medical benefit to this amputation and there are plenty of psychological and physical problems caused by this barbaric practice. There is no medical organization on earth that recommends routine infant circumcision. 50 to 80 percent of the feeling is removed after a circumcision. How would a parent explain himself when the child finally realizes what he was deprived of. You don't want to have that conversation.
Please watch the videos here:


Thank you, Laura.
I just have one comment on the advice for moms to breastfeed on a "nutrient dense diet". Yes, that is ideal, but is not necessary. Women in third world countries who do not have a nutrient dense diet must breastfeed their babies in order for those babies to survive. Even in so-called developed countries, babies are better off on human milk than the "best" substitute that man can come up with even when the mother does not have an optimally nutritious diet. The majority of artificially fed infants in developed countries survive, but they are not as healthy or as smart and probably do not have the longevity of their naturally fed counterparts. Same as with vaccines. Stick with the original design. Man does not know better.

I know you know this. Stating because many that read this will come away thinking that they shouldn't breastfeed because their diet is not good enough. Not true in the vast majority of cases and in the areas of this country where one does not have access to real fresh food, the food deserts, we need to fix that.

Why I say "so-called developed country". That so many of our people do not have access to real, untainted food is a disgrace.

Maureen McDonnell,RN

So powerful Laura! Thank you!
As a former Labor & Delivery & Newborn Nursery Nurse as well as a natural childbirth instructor - my favorite line to share with new parents was “NEVER abdicate total responsibility for the health of your child to your pediatrician!” Emergencies are one thing - but when it comes to routine care or well-baby visits - now more than ever, parents MUST do their own research, trust their instincts & not be
intimidated by anyone regarding decisions that affect the health & wellbeing of their children.
Parents have to reclaim their power!!?
Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet

Angus Files

Great article Laura but as someone said to me, are they going to listen to Angus the crank or the Psycho Doctor...wish we had an article like this away back before we vaccinated our lad it would have made us think I`m sure and you get no warning that you can decipher into vaccines because the financially compromised Drs are telling you ..IT AINT VACCINES THATS CAUSED YOUR CHILD TO HAVE A SNIFFLE A COLD A RASH NOTHING TO DO WITH VACCINES!!!.and back we go for some more vaccine poison..pumped into the most precious thing in the world.

Pharma For Prison


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