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Houston We Have Autism Biomarkers

by Ginger Taylor

Glutathione s-Transferase
Glutathione s-Transferase (GST)

Apparently we have had biomarkers for autism for five years.

Remember when Tom Insel, the man tasked by the federal government to coordinate autism research via the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, said that what we really needed was biomarkers for autism, and then failed to find us any biomarkers for autism? Then blew town for Google when the Thompson scandal broke in 2014?

Well apparently they were found in 2013, and ignored by Insel. He probably missed it, as they were discovered in a tiny, backwater outfit that no one has ever heard of called the New York State Department of Health.

And prepare to be shocked (or not), but the biggest tell at birth that a child is at risk for autism... wait for it... their levels of Glutathione s-Transferase (GST), the enzyme that links glutathione to toxic substances so they can be escorted out of the body.

Hmmm... if only someone had told us sooner that this was a detox issue from the day of birth... when babies are getting Hep B vaccine.

Apparently Dr. Gerald Mizejewski, God bless his curious heart, was wondering if there were any biomarkers for autism that would be present at birth, and then remembered, “Hey! We are the New York State Department of Health! We have blood spot samples from 12 million children taken at birth!”

So he went and found some kids with autism, and then pulled their blood spot cards to have them tested.

“In collaboration with the Center for Disability Services (NY, USA), 40 families with autistic children between the ages of 3 and 5 years born in New York State who had been diagnosed with autism at the center, were selected from among a group of 200 cases. A single developmental pediatrician made all the diagnoses using the DSMIV-TR criteria [12], thus assuring that diagnosis was consistent from child to child. These families were contacted by the center, provided with a description of the study and its goals and invited to participate in the study. A brief questionnaire and consent form were included in the mailing (CFDS IRB 07-010) and 20 positive responses were returned. Using the information provided by the parents regarding date of birth, 16 of these infants were identified in the repository of residual frozen newborn screening specimens at the Wadsworth Center (NYS IRB 07-044). “

“The specimens were submitted to Rules-Based Medicine (TX, USA) for analysis in their multiplex immunoassay system.” They tested for 90 biomarkers. They got 15 hits.

“Among the 15 biomarkers, the best set of five ranked in order from the highest BIC score included GST, Lp(a), IL-7, IL-5 and TNFa (Table 2). The second best set included thyroidstimulating hormone (TSH), KLK3, calcitonin (CCT) and IL-4 in addition to ferritin. The third best set included IL-8, TNFa, MUC16, TIMP-1 and AFP.

They kindly provided a list of those biomarkers and their biomedical and biochemical links to autism:


They were even kind enough to put together a pretty bubble graphic on how those biomarkers may be linked to the causes of autism. They laid it out so nice and neatly for the IACC or ANY public health agency to pick up and run with. I am tempted to turn those bubbles into puzzle pieces so we can put an end once and for all to the, “Autism is a puzzle! We just don't know what causes it! There is no way to tell who will get it or what to do about it!”

Table 3

Oh my lands... is that the chemical symbol for mercury in one of those bubbles?  It is!

Mizejewski, Lindau-Shepard & Pass end this paper with one of the best closings I have seen in research. It is almost poetry to me. 

“Future perspective
The pace of autism research and gained knowledge has increased exponentially in the last decade. This is true not only in the clinic, but also at the research bench. In the next 5–10 years, we can expect the autism field to expand and broaden its present base of knowledge in the areas of toxic metals, nutrition, GI biochemistry, genetic loci, medical imaging, autoimmunity and inflammation of the brain. In genetics, increased discoveries of gene clustering and autism susceptability gene loci will be at the forefront. The measurement of heavy metals will lend itself to measurements in the hair of autistic patients, in children and adults, to identify both deficiencies and excessive amounts. The development of new diets and dietary supplements will improve the everyday well-being of those with autism. The suspected linkage of GI peptides to autism will be pursued in light of the discovery that GI peptides have the same gene transcript and mRNA as the neuropeptides of the brain. In the field of medical imaging, disruptions in the motor and sensory areas of the brain will be visualized and defined in regions such as the amygdala and orbital–frontal cortex. The autoimmune association with autism via the human leukocyte HLA system will be clarified especially in the HLA-DRB1*011 and the HLA-DRB1*3 regions. The role of perinatal testosterone exposure in the ‘extreme male brain’ syndrome in autistic patients will be more fully elucidated. Finally, as stated in the present report, procedures to screen newborns at the onset of autism is currently underway and will be further exploited.”

Yet here we are five years later, and no newborn screening panel is being offered by my local docs.  What about in your neck of the woods? No phone call from our pediatric practice saying, “Mrs. Taylor, Dr. Headinthesand would like you to bring Chandler in so we can check his glutathione levels.”  I keep checking CNN for breaking news, but Gupta got nothin'.

It's a good thing I didn't read this paper five years ago. It might have given me hope that this was really going to happen by now. Because this has not happened. And there is no good reason that this has not happened, except that it continues to indict CDC's vaccine program in causation of autism.

Because CDC is culpable in the causation of autism.

CDC.Gov 2018:
"Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Screening and Diagnosis

Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be difficult, since there is no medical test, like a blood test, to diagnose the disorders. Doctors look at the child’s behavior and development to make a diagnosis..."
"Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Screening and Diagnosis for Healthcare Providers"

........nothing on biomarkers, blood tests, newborn screenings, nothin.......

The phrase, “Glutathione s-Transferase” does not appear anywhere on the IACC web site

The phrase, “Glutathione s-Transferase” does not appear anywhere on the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Biomarkers Consortium.

The phrase, “Glutathione s-Transferase” does not appear anywhere on the Yale Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials

Please contact CDC and IACC and let them know that they might have missed something important here.  And here.  Because there are a few other papers that may or may not mention the parts that glutatione and inflammation and blah blah blah from the above tables and bubbles play in autism... or something... who can keep track of these things.

It is not about the science.  We won the science argument years ago.  It is about corruption and willful ignorance.  

Newborn screening for autism: in search of candidate biomarkers.

Biomark Med. 2013 Apr;7(2):247-60. doi: 10.2217/bmm.12.108.

Mizejewski GJ1, Lindau-Shepard B, Pass KA.

Division of Translational Medicine, Wadsworth Center, NYS Department of Health, PO Box 509, Albany, NY 12201 0509, USA.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) represents a wide range of neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by impairments in social interaction, language, communication and range of interests. Autism is usually diagnosed in children 3-5 years of age using behavioral characteristics; thus, diagnosis shortly after birth would be beneficial for early initiation of treatment.

This retrospective study sought to identify newborns at risk for ASD utilizing bloodspot specimens in an immunoassay.

The present study utilized stored frozen specimens from ASD children already diagnosed at 15-36 months of age. The newborn specimens and controls were analyzed by immunoassay in a multiplex system that included 90 serum biomarkers and subjected to statisical analysis.

Three sets of five biomarkers associated with ASD were found that differed from control groups. The 15 candidate biomarkers were then discussed regarding their association with ASD.

This study determined that a statistically selected panel of 15 biomarkers successfully discriminated presumptive newborns at risk for ASD from those of nonaffected controls.


"GST [Glutathione S-transferase] is a metabolic biomarker directly associated with ASD. The human gene product for GST constitutes a candidate susceptibility protein due to its tissue distribution and role in oxidative stress and methionine metabolism, which results in neuronal injury and death."



Bev Johnson

I am amazed but not surprised , and now we are being focused on normalizing autism. If you are trying to help your autistic child you must HATE them. Just embrace their wonderful quirkiness and “learn to love them”. Could be compared to just embrace that limp caused by polio. Thank you for your work.


it is never the end of the world. I repeated the test in a well-known hospital. But, it came back positive again. Early this year i purchase Hepatitis B herbal remedy online from BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE. They told me i will be negative after 4-5 weeks of usage of their Hepatitis B herbal remedy, which i believed and have faith. After 5 weeks of usage, I did another test my HBsAg came negative in routine checkup, so I have done all investigations for hepatitis B. My test reports are HBsAg negative 0.04 on 22/02/2018. I will never stop telling the world about BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE good work in human life .

Allison Plant Weninger

It is NOT surprising to me. Glutathione metabolism was my research area when I was a member of an Biomedical Autism Think Tank in the early 2000s. In the book, Children with Starving Brains by Jacquelyn McCandless MD published in 2002, The section Concepts for Near-Future Research listed Glutathione as a leading topic to address in future autism research. My research was quoted describing the many roles of glutathione: "Adequate levels of glutathione are needed for many aspects of immune response including: lymphocyte reactions, T-cell proloferation, T and B cell differentiation, cytotoxic T-cell activity, and natural killer cell activity. In the absence of adequate glutathione to offset oxidative stress, a vicious cycle is perpetuated that reduces immunity and allows opportunistic infections to proliferate and this in turn increases TNF-alpha and other inflammatory cytokines, and this increases oxidative stress which further depletes glutathione and the downward spiral follows. Low glutathione impairs immune system function which leads to frequent infection; poor infection response leads to inflammatory response and oxidative stress, which in turn lowers glutathione."
Babies need adequate glutathione for immune response and protection from toxins and oxidative stress!!!

Carolyn Kylewsmom

To the person who says “there has always been autism” ever since we have mined for heavy metals (2000 years?) and ever since there have been volcanoes (forever!) there have been toxic metals. The issue is the dose, the route, the pathways. So my child had a quirky granddad with a PHD—he got HG from coal probably. His dad was aspie enough he couldnt stay married. My child was moderately impaired but wr did chelation and now he is mainstreames. Each generation got more harmed . So all those neurotribe folk who dont want to hear this are at GRAVE danger of having a severely autistic child. Or one who dies of SIDS.
Or severe infertility. So tragic.

Aimee Doyle

And here's another novel thought.

How about calling for some real research into how to fix these problems? Hundreds of thousands of children are already injured, and more and more are injured every day. Autism Speaks has estimated that a child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes. The current recovery rate for autism hovers somewhere under 10%. Research into cures, treatments, therapies, even effective educational techniques has flatlined for at least the last 15 years. There hasn't even been any effective research into addressing some of the co-morbidities with autism, such as GI issues, allergies, and epilepsy. The biomedical approaches are good, and when they work, they work well. But they have not been successful with a majority of kids and adults on the spectrum.

The vaccination issue is critical, but it is only the start of how to address the autism epidemic. At some point we have to figure out how to genuinely help (and it won't be cheap) those who are already damaged. Those costs will only grow as the epidemic grows.

Grace Green

There has already been a response to this issue on the BBC today. They are reporting a study into the relative harm of alcohol consumption, and advising us all to become tea total. On the World at One the news item was introduced with, "What toxins do you drink?" (In my case, none. The only toxins I've had are vaccines. Could it have been those?)


Thanks Ginger ,great job,good news and fascinating article about [GST] deficiency identified in blood spot sample results,and yet five years of more silence about additional ,available medical evidence laughing at the "Industrialised /Medicalised Mantra" That all vaccines are safe and effective ?
Have the [CDC] and [IACC] got issues? do they have problems? . Are they getting henpecked by the [WHO-Europe ] or something? Or have the accountable and responsible "Glutes" seized up again and just gone into another wee synergistic, but big long awkward, spasm of silence!
Explains why some folk get improvement in conditions where there is inflamation .
good advice available at Alliance for Natural Health .


Great info, Ginger. Laura Hayes, you are my hero! Few dare to call the vaccine holocaust by name.

Ginger Taylor

Sandy Miller,

Vaccines can cause autism, but they are not the only cause of autism. We know that there are several causes of autism. Further there are unvaccinated children with autism.

What this paper shows is that there are a subset of children that are born with a predisposition to be easily poisoned. Those children when vaccinated often regress into autism.

If your grandchild was born with this inability to process toxic compounds out of his body, there are many sources that he can become poisoned by. Vaccines are one of those sources, but foods calmer air pollution, and other medications, are all sources of poisoning for children born with this inability to detoxify their bodies.

What is exciting about this paper, is that we can know at birth which children are at risk of regressing into autism with a simple blood test. And those children can be screened out and treated with much greater care so that they never suffer the neurological regression that can be induced via toxic exposure like vaccines.

Sandy miller

Our grandson has substantial autism he’s never had one vaccine. How do you explain that?

go Trump

Great work Ginger...

I believe you also did the chart for the "Wakefield Witch-hunt" a few years back that I am sure everyone has seen many times.

Grace Green

I'm interested in another angle to this. Will it now be possible to develop a test for "autism", which would take diagnosis out of the hands of the appalling spychiatrists. Surely they can't continue to claim that this is a psychiatric condition now that we have these biomarkers.
Ginger, many thanks for your article. I actually think it would be a great idea to change the bubbles for jigsaw pieces, and spread it far and wide. It would be a very evocative message, which would strike home with a new cohort of young parents.


W. John Martin,
Interesting study. What it does not say is whether those affected children were vaccinated. If they were (and they probably were as most children are), then the next question would be whether those children would have been normal if never vaccinated.

Unless the body of the paper states that the affected children were not vaccinated, the study does not prove that vaccines did not cause or trigger the autism or mental retardation in these children.

Laura Hayes

Here's another way to look at this:

"Pre-screening" equals "seeking justification and permission to poison"

Tim Lundeen

The obvious study is to check biomarkers before and for-an-extended-period after vaccination. If the markers get worse, then vaccination increased the risk of autism.

Of course this is the reason that pharma/doctors/CDC don't want biomarkers -- because it will be immediately obvious that vaccination makes them worse. It gives feedback on the order of weeks/months, instead of the years of delay waiting for an autism diagnosis.

I agree with Laura, though -- this study would be highly unethical, given the abundant information about how harmful vaccines are. But for parents who ignore the existing evidence and trust their pediatrician, tracking biomarkers in their children would be a strong incentive to stop vaccinating as they see them decline with each round.

W John Martin

Dear Readers,
An earlier report using cord blood samples identified abnormal levels of at least one neuropeptide or neurotrophin marker in 99% of children who were later identified as having autism. The study was seemingly not promoted by the autism community at the time because i) abnormal levels were shown in 98% of children with mental retardation and ii) it distracted attention away from efforts to solely and directly ascribe autism to vaccines. The article is available on PubMed:

Nelson KB, Grether JK, Croen LA, Dambrosia JM, Dickens BF, Jelliffe LL, Hansen RL, Phillips TM. Neuropeptides and neurotrophins in neonatal blood of children with autism or mental retardation. Ann Neurol. 2001 May;49(5):597-606.

Angela Long

So, once the damage is done, how do we go about reversing this? Chelation?

 Research Mom

What role does MTHFR play in this...having it does impair the ability to detox heavy metals...

Angus Files

Super thanks Ginger - would such a small infant have enough GST to rid its body of all the toxins flooding in from the vaccines,obviously not.

Pharma For Prison



Dr. Thomas Insel left Google’s Verily to co-found Mindstrong Health, a California tech startup announced last year with much fanfare.

Mindstrong was said to be developing a “spy phone” application to track and potentially predict mental illness flares. However the targeted end users of that application — consumers, medical organizations or the NSA — are not entirely clear.

Last year Allen Frances, MD (DSM-IV task force chair) warned via Twitter about privacy invasion, stating that Insel is “the smartest and most dangerous psychiatrist in the world.”

Age of Autism covered both Frances and Insel in 2011. Both have monetized mental illness without accomplishing much to decrease its rise.

Laura Hayes

Here’s a novel thought:

Instead of pre-screening to try to discern which newborn might be at greater risk of being more overtly poisoned and more overtly made chronically ill, severely and permanently disabled, and prematurely killed via vaccination, stop poisoning ALL babies via vaccination once and for all.

Promoting the pre-screening of newborns and infants prior to vaccination perpetuates the vaccine propaganda, i.e. that for the vast majority, injecting them with known toxins, neurotoxins, carcinogens, immune and nervous system destroyers, endocrine disruptors, viruses and retroviruses of human and animal origin, food proteins, detergents, industrial chemicals, and many other ingredients for which the human body has absolutely no need or use, is somehow beneficial, protective, and health-inducing.

More studies are not needed. The evidence is in and it is crystal clear. Vaccines have altered and destroyed the health, development, well being, fertility, longevity, transference of immunity from mother to child, independence, and lives of billions at this point in time. Are we waiting for the trillions mark before we demand an end to this Vaccine Holocaust?

What biomarker test result would induce you to poison your newborn or infant via vaccination?


All pregnant women should be told to not have wifi and to keep their cell phones away from their bodies. Infants and children should live and go to school in electromagnetically clean environments (ie no wifi, etc).

EMF/RFR causes oxidative stress (right there in the bubble) and disturbance of voltage gated calcium channels, etc.

No child that already has autism should be exposed to wifi.

Thanks, Ginger.

Rebecca Lee

It's interesting that the message coming out from the top of all these health organizations is consistent, but conflicting info keeps erupting from the peripheries. The head of the CDC is saying "everything's fine!" , for instance, but the underlings somehow are still coming up with autism prevalence statistics. It seems the whole thing will have to collapse in a heap at some point!

The New York Department of Health should know, by the way, that you can't measure Hg body burden by looking at hair samples. The more toxic the person, the lower the Hg tends to be in the sample. Andy Cutler wrote a whole book on this, "Hair Test Interpretation, Finding Hidden Toxicities." There is also a journal article or study by Dr. Amy Holmes about this.

Vicki Hill

First time I heard the line "In 5 years..." mantra from a prominent doctor...was 21 years ago. It is just a throw-away line to appease desperate parents.

bob moffit

"Yet here we are five years later, and no newborn screening panel is being offered by my local docs. What about in your neck of the woods? No phone call from our pediatric practice saying, “Mrs. Taylor, Dr. HeadInTheSand would like you to bring Chandler in so we can check his glutathione levels.” I keep checking CNN for breaking news, but Gupta got nothin'."

It gets tiring .. but .. none-the-less .. it is worth repeating over and over again .. that being …

"The greatest power of the press .. is their power to IGNORE".

Which explains WHY it should surprise no one that Laura "keeps checking CNN for breaking news, but Gupta got nothing".

Trust me .. CNN & Gupta BOTH have known all about this breathtaking .. "breaking news" .. which is exactly why they IGNORED IT.

As the trite saying goes .. if a tree falls in the woods .. and .. no one tells you the tree fell … it didn't fall.

Gary Ogden

Excellent work they have done in New York. Every infant should be screened for these biomarkers. The fact that they have been ignored for five years, and likely into perpetuity tells us something we already know. We already know they know the main driver of autism and autoimmunity is the vaccine schedule. We already know they don't care. The business model of Medicine requires all of us to be customers, to remain ill and under treatment cradle to grave.
Thanks for this, Ginger. Should be shouted from the rooftops. How about making up a condensed version of this, complete with colored graph, and printing up the hundreds of thousands it would take for the ever-growing rebel alliance to stealthily slip into every magazine in every pediatrics practice in the nation? I'm not rich, but I would happily assist in the cost of this.


Brilliant, Ginger.

Ruth Elaine Hane

Amazing report! Parents would be well served to know their child's immune system is fragile and vulnerable to vaccines and environmental toxins. What can be done to inform the greater public community?

Mary Holland

Wow! Thank you, Ginger! This is fantastic reporting.


“It is not about the science. WE WON THE SCIENCE ARGUMENT YEARS AGO. It’s about corruption and willfull ignorance”

Best line ever! Thank you SO much Ginger Taylor for all you do! Really hoping heroic doctors will step up and reference this awareness upon the issuance of exemptions.


I think you need to make another bunny meme! Love the last paragraph of the paper. Yes, it is "poetic," unfortunately, it is also "buried."

Heidi Roger

Maybe this is exactly why Insel launched into private sector. Bless his heart.
maybe all the parents of children with autism born since 2013 need to sue all of those agencies for not implementing a prevention program. Good find GT.


In phased biomarker development, this is Phase 1. In Phase 2, we line up all the putative biomarkers, lifestyle, genetics, demographics, and in this case MEDICAL RECORDS to see if in training sets (cases vs. controls) we can learn PREDICTION MODELS that we test with independent test sets (cases and controls not included in the model training). We then use multicenter validation trials.

Part of the issue, however, is that the biomarkers are AFTER diagnosis. We are focused on biomarkers to predict risk pre-diagnosis, pre-vaccination.

Great summary Ginger.


This is really disturbing. Seeing as it is now an election cycle in NY, I think it may be a good idea to bring this to a pol candidate and see where it goes.


Ginger- big slice of awesome!

Thank you!

Hans Litten

Dr theoharides doesnt know this about the biomarkers it seems 8 * 9 mins in.

Correct me if I am wrong please.

Hans Litten

We have the science !
They have lies, more lies and Colon Boil.

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