New York Times Print Headline About Vaccine Science Radically Different from Online Version
How Scientists Use Statistical Deception to Fake Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness

Genetically Engineered Children A Documentary from Cinema Libre On Monsanto's Poisonous Glyphosate

We encourage you to download or buy this new movie, Genetically Engineered Children.  DO cry for me, Argentina. Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, maker of was just found guilty of its RoundUp causing cancer. In California, which is ironic, since tests have indeed found glyphosate in vaccines, despite cries to the contrary.  Age of Autism is about pediatric health. First. Foremost. Vaccines have decimated the lives and future of so  many, it's our crux. But, we also pay close attention to the rest of the environment, and glyphosate is a known enemy of the..... body. From the movie site, CinemaLibre Movie Studio:


Can Monsanto chemicals permanently alter your child’s genes? Low-income tobacco farmers face skyrocketing cancer rates with more devastating repercussions affecting their children: severe physical deformities and mental disabilities. Choosing between poverty or poison, Latin American growers have no choice but to use harmful chemicals such as glyphosate (in Monsanto’s Roundup) and Bayer’s Confidor, if they want to certify and sell their crops to Big Tobacco. As patent and regulatory laws continue to favor the profits of Monsanto and chemical companies, the tobacco makes its way into the hands and mouths of consumers worldwide in Philip Morris tobacco products, while the poisons used to harvest the crops contaminate the farmers’ blood and are modifying the human genome, creating genetically modified children.


Angus Files


I asked myself that the other day and after a bit of head scratching and mind wandering about population control and us humans to be treat like weeds decided there must be a reason..

"According to MIT scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, "Glyphosate could easily be present in vaccines due to the fact that certain vaccine viruses including measles in MMR and flu are grown on gelatin derived from the ligaments of pigs fed heavy doses of glyphosate in their GMO feed. Gelatin comes from collagen which has lots of glycine. Livestock feed is allowed to have up to 400 PPM [parts per million] of glyphosate residues by the EPA, thousands of times higher than has been shown to cause harm in numerous studies." work compilation of MIT senior scientist Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D."

Pharma For Prson


Sophie Scholl

This is quite clearly the greatest crime of all TIME :

So how anyone could go on any radio station saying they are "not anti-vaccine but" is completely beyond me , and quite frankly leaves me very puzzled & concerned ?

They are injecting babies with a now proven & known carcinogen under the lie of healthcare !

Vaccination Extermination Assassination Sterilisation

Sophie Scholl

Excellent article .... all the Samsel-Seneff papers linked in one place .
And original emails

The latest bombshell to come from Anthony Samsel is from the sixth paper, which is not yet published, but whose supporting data is already making waves – various popular vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate.

How? Well, vaccine makers sometimes use animal byproducts in vaccines, products such as chicken egg protein or gelatine that comes from bones. And if those vaccine makers are using animals that come out of factory farms, chances are they are fed GMO and glyphosate laced feed. If so, they would pick up Glyphosate into their system just as we humans do. Therefore, egg protein and gelatine made from these animals may also contain glyphosate, which in turn would then contaminate the vaccines that use these products. Finally, people, or animals, vaccinated with these products would have glyphosate directly injected into them, and will in due course have glyphosate initiating a cascade of diseases.

Anthony Samsel was not passing opinion on this. Rather, he collected vast samples of these popular vaccines and got them tested by multiple labs in USA for presence of Glyphosate, and found, as he suspected, the vaccines to be largely contaminated by it.

Sophie Scholl

Interesting given recent legal events :

The “study”, which has not been release for review let alone appeared in a peer-reviewed scientific publication was conducted by a private St. Louis company called Microbe Inotech which does not have the expertise to do a sophisticated assay on glyphosate, allegedly identified these concentrations of glyphosate:

•Influenza vaccine, 0.331 ppb
•MMR vaccine, 2.671 ppb
•Pneumococcal vaccine, 0.107 ppb
•Hepatitis B vaccine, 0.325 ppb
•T Dap vaccine, 0.123 ppb

MAAM said that additional studies were conducted by Anthony Samsel, who calls himself a “research scientist/consultant“, although there is no evidence he has a science degree or expertise in this type of research. He has collaborated and is a co-author with Seneff on numerous studies that mainstream scientists have labeled quack research. Apparently Samsel found similar trace amounts of glyphosate in vaccine preparations he tested. His “study” also has not appeared in a peer-reviewed scientific publication, but he did post this video:

Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, the patented form of glyphosate, responded that the study, like others commissioned by MAAM, has significant problems:

The testing method used here for vaccines appears to be a method that was developed as a quick and inexpensive screening test for water samples to decide whether additional testing with a more expensive and precise method is needed. Simply put, because of this method’s potential for false positives at very low concentrations, a negative result of the test on water means no further testing is required; a positive result means one should conduct the more expensive test to confirm. This quick and inexpensive screening test has only been shown to work well in water – not vaccines, not wine, not beer, not milk, not eggs. Just water.


What is the purpose of glyphosate in the vaccines? Does anyone know the reasoning for this?


Absolutely right, Maureen!

Laura Hayes

"The time has come for us all to wake the hell up & save our kids!!!"

Agreed, what Maureen said!

Maureen McDonnell,RN

When you add together the fact that 87,000 man-made chemicals have been created in the past 100 years (with only a small percentage ever tested for safety) with the overuse of antibiotics (including a large percentage given to livestock), genetically engineered crops sprayed with glyphosate, 3 billion pounds of neurologically- damaging pesticides sprayed on our crops each year, the massive amounts of sugar-laden processed nutrient- deficient food and the health-destroying toxic ingredients contained in the ever-escalating number of vaccines we give our kids starting at birth & continuing throughout their formative years, how in God’s name can we expect to have healthy children?
The time has come for us all to wake the hell up & save our kids!!!

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