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From ABCs to IEPs: More School Stories from Loss of Brain Trust

Abadnonned schoolby Anne Dachel

One of my favorite historians is Thomas Cahill who’s written all kinds of books on European history, including Jewish history and Irish history. It’s very insightful and revealing writing. 

One book covering the 20th century had a couple of lines that stood out to me. They were on the rise of Fascism in Europe in the 1920s and 30s, which eventually led to the tyranny of Nazism and the savagery of World War II.  

"To us, reading history backward, the rise of Fascism in Europe has all the goosestepping inevitability of Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will. But through the twenties and thirties many Europeans refused to acknowledge the direction in which events were heading." 

This is what all the stories I’m collecting seem like to me. We will eventually pay a huge price for the decline in the health and behavior of our children that we see happening everywhere. Coming up with all kinds of programs and innovations while pretending nothing is really wrong can’t prevent the inevitable. 

How will we accommodate today’s children when they reach adulthood? All the issues in these stories will still be here. Mental health and behavior problems are the most critical topics to educators today. Adding more security, guidance counselors, psychologists, sensory rooms, and therapy dogs won’t change things at all.

Looking over the past week I picked out ten stories from Loss of Brain Trust that really prove my point about what’s happening in schools.

(New Zealand) "A growing number of young people...[suffer] from some form of mental illness"

Aug 17, 2018, Stuff: The rise and rise of mental illness among our young 

In the 15 to 25 age group presentations increased from 209 to 330 in the same time period. And there was a 154 per cent increase in people from that age group calling the Mental Health Crisis team, now called the Assessment and Brief Care team (ABC), for help - up from 854 in 2013 to 2168 in 2017. 

In Taranaki the number of people in the 10 to 14 age group being prescribed anti depressants went up from 240 in 2013 to 417 in 2017, and from 1063 to 1944 in the 15 to 19 age group. 

Nationally, 10,146 children in the 10 to 14 age group were prescribed antidepressants in 2017 and 56,700 in the older age group. And 1788 children under the age of nine were also prescribed anti depressants.

And of course parents are receiving the blame for the way they raise their kids.

"Some of the biggest contributors to youth distress are adverse childhood events, including family violence, bullying, poverty, sexual abuse and social exclusion. Early intervention is important." …

Watervliet, NY: District adds in-school clinic; mental/behavioral help provided

Aug 17, 2018, Albany Times UnionWatervliet to open school-based health center

The center will provide primary and preventative medical services to students enrolled in. the program, and promote overall health including mental and behavioral… School-based health centers are operated as a partnership between a school and a community health center, such as Whitney Young Health.

Roanoke, VA: New school "exclusively" for autistic students based on "perceived need"

Aug 18, 2018, Roanoke (VA) Times: New autism school planned to replace former Roanoke grocery store

A new school for students with autism is on track to open in an old grocery store building in southeast Roanoke….

Centra’s motivation for a second Rivermont school in Roanoke is based on a perceived need for more room for its autism program in the region…. 

Rivermont’s present Roanoke school serves students with special needs between the ages of 2 to 22, including those with autism. The new school would be exclusively for students on the autism spectrum.

Baton Rouge: First autistic charter school opens; response to community demand

Aug 19, 2018, KLFY, Lafayette, LA: Louisiana's first tuition-free school for children with Autism welcomes first class Monday 

Louisiana's first charter school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, The Emerge School for Autism, is set to welcome its first class and begin operations on Monday, according to WAFB-TV. …

“For years, Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities have called for extended educational services for children with autism,” said Jean-Paul Perrault, Board Chair of The Emerge School for Autism. 

Dayton, OH: 20% of kids have mental health issues; anxiety/depression on the rise

Aug 19, 2018, My Dayton Daily News: With roughly one-fifth of students showing mental health concerns, schools are taking more steps to help them cope

VIDEO ON VACCINE REQUIREMENTS IS ADDED TO THIS STORY Reading, writing and math remain important for teachers, but local schools are dramatically increasing how much attention they pay to students’ coping skills, behavior and mental health.

Districts are adding counselors and mental health therapists for at-risk students while implementing school-wide behavior and decision-making programs for all students.

New York City: 744 special needs preschoolers have no places; kids on waiting lists

Aug 20, 2018, New York Daily News: EXCLUSIVE: City preschools shut out hundreds of kids with severe disabilities

Jacelyn is just one of hundreds of city preschool kids with disabilities who are shut out of the special education classes promised by state law, simply because there aren't enough seats to accommodate them.

Figures published by the state Education Department on Aug. 3 indicate that the city is short by 744 seats for kids aged 3 to 5. 

The funding for the classes is there — but the classes themselves aren't. So hundreds of the city's toddlers with the toughest disabilities, including severe autism, developmental delays, blindness and difficulty hearing, are left out each year.

(UK) Bury: SPED school adds more space for kids with ASD; increase to 112 students

Aug 20, 2018, Bury Times: Extension plans at Millwood Primary Special School in Radcliffe—NEW classrooms and learning spaces could be built at a school in Radcliffe for young children with autism

Plans have been submitted for a two-phase work programme at Millwood Primary Special School to create additional classrooms, group rooms, toilets, nurseries, soft play areas and quiet rooms for early years pupils with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)….

The community special school was designed to provide a building suitable for accommodating an increase to 112 pupils and is based on a 'hub and three wings' design, which includes 16 classrooms. Bury Council Children's Services has applied to extend the single-storey Whitelow wing to create extra capacity for early years children with ASD. …

Joplin, MO: High school opens on-campus mental health clinic for students with anxiety/

Aug 21, 2018, Joplin, MO, Four State Homepage: Mental health clinic to open on Carthage High School campus

The Carthage Tigers will soon offer a unique option to help students dealing with anxiety or depression.

It's a clinic opening on the high school campus similar to health clinics that operate at some southwest Missouri high schools.But this one will focus solely on mental health….

(UK) N. Ireland: No schooling for autistic boy; 23% of students have special needs

Aug 21, 2018, BBC (NI): No school for five years for Antrim boy with autism 

A 12-year-old boy has not been to school or received any education for most of the past five years because there are no suitable school places for him, according to his mother. Callum, who is from Crumlin, County Antrim, has autism.…

He has tried both mainstream and special schools without success…. 

Callum's mother, Lorraine, who is also an autism campaigner, told BBC News NI her son struggles with the environment of mainstream schools. She said he came out of school following a suspension at the start of primary four, which was "the end of education for him"….

The most recent figures from the Department for Education show a steady increase in the number of children with special educational needs in Northern Ireland between 2003 and 2017. 

More than 79,000, 23% of all pupils in schools, have some form of special education needs. 

Autism NI chief Kerry Boyd said the charity receives about 4,000 calls every year, the majority of which relate to education.

Chicago Tribune on the role of school nurses: “It’s a scene that school nurses are expecting many times over as the new year opens, reflecting both the growing number of mental health issues among school-age children,…”

Aug 23, 2018, Chicago Tribune:  Teens are anxious and depressed, and turning to the school nurse for help. But most Illinois schools don’t have one

The prevalence of mental-health issues has prompted structural changes at Stagg and other schools. Three years ago, district officials allowed Vollinger and other school staff to create an “intervention” classroom located between the nurse’s office and the guidance counselor’s office.

The classroom is designed to help both students who have been out of class for disciplinary reasons and those who have had mental-health-related absences transition back to the daily routine in a more nurturing setting than being thrust back into busy hallways and full classrooms….

While such classrooms were unheard of even a decade ago, they are becoming more common across the state as schools recognize the adjustments needed to address students’ growing mental health needs….

Elementary school nurses are also encountering students with mental health needs.



Very good ,but serious article .
The first Charlemagne Prize was awarded to Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi,the founder of the ideology Pan-European Movement and Pan-European identity from around 1922 onwards .
Now with it's own symbols and institutions of a Sovereign State ?
Common currency
A Flag
An Anthem [Ode to Joy]
A motto [In Variety Concordia] United in Diversity or identical sameness with new caps and cap badges?
See The Raspberry Ice Cream War 1998 by The European Commission , 1920's style Political/Ideological indoctrination of school children but not accepted in Uk Schools.
Now Finland to administer HPV with No Limits,No Boundaries ,No Parental Consent or intentions to get informed consent ?
Who taught the present day health and social care professionls to consider that ethical and morally acceptible professional behaviour and what contemporary fairy stories have they been getting taught at primary and secondary school with a type of political ideological Hansel and Gretyl overtones?

Anne McElroy Dachel


Thank you for the link.........

I'll add it, sadly, to my website.


I agree homeschooling is the only acceptable option. I feel sorry for parents who are forced to send their children to school in 2018.

Public school is no place for a child.


Horrific news report of a 6 year old boy who was beaten by kids his own age. Child who supposedly started the fight - 5 years old. Victim hospitalized with a broken arm, lacerations of the eye that required surgery. The children rubbed sawdust in his eye.



Yes, free time outside is essential for normal growth and development. While there are some great dedicated teachers, the system they work in is completely self serving. The schools, as Gatto said, is a jobs project for adults. The children are a means to that end and their needs secondary to those of the system.

Grace Green

Aimee, what you say is very true. I'm thinking, the reason teachers wouldn't like your suggestion is, their work is made easier when the children are sitting still! I believe home education is the best option for children with autism and other vaccine injuries, for those parents who can manage to stay at home.

go Trump

The US of A is basically now a corporate–oligarchracy run by the financial elites who own all the politicians & entire news media except, for what is not hidden on the book of faces.

They print money, pass it out to themselves, create a vaccine or whatever, and demand that we conform for the greater good.

Aimee Doyle

@Linda1 - was thinking about "prescriptions for playtime."

I find it really sad that so many schools have eliminated recess, and that physical education has been cut way back. I don't understand how educators can ignore the research that says kids need movement to develop their brains. I remember when my son was in special education - I talked to his teachers about the importance of movement. Of course, educators usually ignore parents, as they did my comments and ideas.

And kids never get out in nature any more (organized sports aren't really the same thing). There was a book a few years back - Last Child in the Woods - which talked about the importance of nature for children's growth and development. Some research seems to indicate that time spent in nature can help with neurological issues.



"Report Recommends That Pediatricians Prescribe Play Time for Children
August 26, 20188:23 am
A new policy report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is recommending that children’s doctors prescribe play time for their young patients during well visits, saying that play time is being squeezed out as schools and parents focus on academic achievement and activities at the expense of kids have free time to just play. The AAP report says that children’s playtime decreased by 25 percent from 1981 to 1997, and a national survey found that only 51 percent of preschool children went outside to walk or play once each day with either parent. It also said that 30 percent of kindergarten children in the US. no longer have recess. Pointing to these changes, the report said, “Play is not frivolous,” citing research that shows, among other things, that it helps children develop language and executive functioning skills, learn to negotiate with others and manage stress, and figure out how to go after their goals while ignoring distractions."


Good article and true. For some reason I am reminded of a quote I read years ago by mother Theresa. She said something like here we are poor from a lack of money but in the west or US, there is poverty from a lack of love. if anyone has seen the documentary about Mr. Rogers you can see how years ago he spoke out about violence in children's tv. Now it is much worse with video games depicting rape and huge amounts of shooting. What kind of society would deem these 'games' appropriate for young people? Or school lunches full of garbage and gmos? Or 77 vaccines or whatever it is now with no public discussion allowed and an obvious profit motive? This is a pervasive sickness. I wonder when it became acceptable, even laudable, to put profits over people? How come our elected officials are so paid off and pathetic lacking any decernable character?


"On the eve of Pope Francis’ historic visit to Ireland, a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society has asked the Pope to protect children in Catholic schools from exposure to wi-fi electromagnetic radiation in the classroom."

'The expert claims, based on manufacturer’s guidelines, that the school his children attend is vastly over-equipped and that one wi-fi transmitter can support between 80 – 256 laptops although the school only has 30 laptops computers. As currently configured, the school’s wi-fi system is capable of supporting between 1,840 – 5,888 laptops.

"In a document entitled “Healthy Adoption of Technology: A policy for all Catholic Schools,” the expert begins by stating: “I am a parent of two school-children, a girl, aged 7, and a boy, aged 10. Their school recently introduced a school-wide wireless (wi-fi) network. Since it’s introduction, my children and others have complained of headaches and other symptoms associated with wireless radiation exposure.”

Who is monitoring the strength of the wifi in American, UK and Canadian schools? I'm pretty sure, NO ONE. When symptoms arise, instead of considering the radiation, children are declared sick (or sicker).


This week the biggest, amazing news in Kentucky is:


State of Kentucky a masters degree is no longer required. After 40 years of a masters degree being obtained with in 10 years of the BS degree to keep their teaching certificates. It also meant a big raise in pay too.

I am sure that it is all about money shortage since there was a big uproar for the previous couple of years about the retirement funds for teachers (including health care benefits) being in short supply. The governor even got into trouble by saying that teachers were being allowed to retire too early; just at their peek of performance and all needed to teach longer.

They are now saying that the masters degree did not help the performance of teachers in the classroom. For a long time they have complained that science and math teachers could not be had. That is not true, because what they were looking for was a math or science teacher with the ability to also coach something after school, and they are always looking for someone with a special ed degree. Always. I remember one school board went out of state and did gave extra money to obtain a special education teacher all the way from West Virginia to the heart land of Kentucky. That was 20 years ago, and it has only become worse.

susan welch

Thank you so much, again, Anne for this comprehensive research.

I have posted on Twitter to the UK Education Department and UK Health Department, with the following:

23% of pupils in Northern Ireland have some form of Special Educational Needs. This can no longer be put down to 'better diagnosis'. 'Catastrophe' would be a better description.

I expect scant response and feel your link to 'reading history backwards' is extremely apt.

bob moffit

"How will we accommodate today’s children when they reach adulthood? All the issues in these stories will still be here. Mental health and behavior problems are the most critical topics to educators today. Adding more security, guidance counselors, psychologists, sensory rooms, and therapy dogs won’t change things at all."

If the rising rates of mental health and behavior problems in "today's children" .. received a TENTH of the national media's attention and federal/state political legislative efforts presently focused on the ever-expanding vigorous efforts to "ban plastic straws and balloons" from our environment …… we could begin to acknowledge and ultimately address these ever-increasing childhood development problems.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a moral/ethical bankruptcy .. within a country that prioritizes banning PLASTIC STRAWS to save the environment our children will inherit in the future … while at the very same time … TODAY ... all but ignores the rapid decline in mental health and behavior of our most precious national resource .. OUR CHILDREN.

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