Italian Senate Repeals Vaccine Mandates
British Medical Journal Fails On “First Do No Harm” Over HPV Vaccines

First They Came For Alex Jones

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For those of you who have not caught up with the news, after a court hearing yesterday, InfoWars/Alex Jones has been banned from YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spottily for violating policies on "hate speech."

Yes the man gets on my nerves. too.  His vaccine information is not always the most accurate, he is much too shouty, and some of the good info he does have to offer gets lost in chaos.  I kind of think of him as a dog that barks at everything.  Occasionally he is right and at those times it is good to be paying attention, but who can stand all that barking for very long.  However... him being thrown down the memory hole marks the beginning in earnest of a so called "conservative purge" which is now cascading... and it looks to be working down a list that we and our groups are on.  (I mean, they are calling it a "Conservative Purge" but I think it is more of a "Those Getting Mouthy With The Globalists Purge."  Which right now is mostly the right, but there are plenty of disaffected and not snowed people on the left too.")

So even you, my high born limousine liberal friends and Bernie socialist loved ones... if you are advocating on vaccine safety issues, you and your groups may be on the list. Because ultimately, "hate speech" is in the eye of the beholder... or the pockebook of The Man.  I was repeatedly told that I was engaging in "hate speech" last week when I posted this bunny meme on twitter.  Bunny

The Democrats are even circulating a memo on how to regulate speech on Facebook, Twitter and beyond, the chief aim of which is "Combating disinformation." (Seems to line up nicely with Senator Pan's next project which is totally not fascist at all, and in no way reminds anyone of 1984.)

Scoop: 20 ways Democrats could crack down on Big Tech

There is a suspicion that this purge  will increase over the next few months in order to influence the election in November. Facebook's previous algorithm changes this year dropped traffic to conservative outlets by 97%. Again NINETY SEVEN PERCENT. They do not want conservative messages to flow... and again... Silicon Valley considers the "anti-vaxxers" worse than republicans.  There have already been several large vaccine facebook groups deleted.

Perhaps Congress will intervene, perhaps not. In any case...


 Expect slowdowns and interruptions, and HAVE A PLAN.

BACK UP YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS AND PAGES. You need to have an offline copy. (Google for instructions)

Get your state groups mailing lists together with email and full home addresses. Don't depend on your state vaccine safety Facebook groups being forever. Make back up accounts and groups on other platforms, like I have here, and make sure you follow me in these platforms:

At some point, the law and the courts will have to decide if these platforms are Public Bulletin Boards to which everyone should have access, and for which companies are responsible for content; or they are basically magazines that the companies are editing, and thus responsible for content.  We likely have a long legal road ahead of us on these matters, as Facebook and twitter have become the public square, and the fact that Twitter is shadow banning conservative members of Congress is only accelerating the coming of those legal battles.  But for now...

Stay alive.  I will find you.




Several people here have commented to the effect that Alex Jones "said that Sandy Hook did not happen." As a very faithful listener to Jones during that period of time, rarely missing a program, this is not at all my recollection. All commentators have their own particular pet issues, and Sandy Hook never struck me as being at the top of AJ's list. He gave it due coverage while it was in the headlines with, infrequent updates subsequently. And while he may have interviewed people like Wolfgang Halbig who are passionately committed to proving the event a hoax, his own attitude was far more guarded. Indeed, he stressed on more than one occasion that he did not know what had happened.

It's ironic that this misrepresentation of his position is being used as the linchpin of a campaign to bring him down.


Ah, I meant provocative .
As always I make mistakes.

Provocative; is were you purposely take the wrong side, you purposely annoy people, you purposely make them mad.
Maybe good talk show host don't do it all the time, but they will do it a lot. They are going to band Alex Jones for doing just that?



This is the type of clip that made people start questioning Sandy Hook, many people believe this is evidence of an actor getting into character

Angus Files

Alex latest broadcast

Pharma For Prison



Hmmm, "Person" is being proactive; as Alex Jones often is.
It takes such to make you think.
You got to hear two or three or - more sides of the story; but sometimes it is also over whelming , and there is just not enough time in the day to sort it out. Still it is all there if a person decides to take the time, and not knee jerk that the person speaking is a bottom feeder.

Oh, WAIT! I guess "it" is not still there for me to sort it out if I ever get the time!

Jeannette Bishop

Some hints here about who is likely to be targeted next (in terms of vaccine mandates, in terms of California, if not nationally):


The problem with the suggestion of leaving private social media platforms if we don't like the way they censor is that many can't leave. Public schools and most other institutions, including political, use these platforms as a means of communicating with customers and constituents. Towns post storm warnings, time and date of pesticide spraying, etc. on their FB page, expecting the public to use those pages to receive those warnings.

If this censorship is allowed to continue, then all public institutions and public servants must be made to remove themselves and their businesses from these platforms.

susan welch

Person. I think you are being somewhat naive when you say 'freedom of speech has to be balanced with some regard for truth'.

If that was the case, many of our politicians, both in UK, US and the rest of the world, would have to be silent. It would also mean that our newspapers would have a lot of blank pages in them.

What a great world it would be if 'truth' became the norm.

Jeannette Bishop

Typical tyrannical creep, go after someone unsavory to motivate acquiescence to some agenda, if not garnering outright clamoring for it.

If the social media companies are truly free market derived, private ventures I'd say it's their right to ban Jones, and our right to just leave if we don't like it. That's our regulatory power such as it is, maybe greater than we think. But the internet is not a product of the free market. I'm not sure how to judge this outcome (other than nothing good seems to be happening), but maybe we still have the power to refuse to use the internet in ways that regulate for a good outcome.

I'd love to see a clamoring for transparency of all government funding, especially such that has now been turned over to "private" hands (nothing "free market" is going on here, government assisted establishment of monopoly-like ventures IMO). In the U.S., only 20 something trillions of dollars are unaccounted for in violation of the law. There is massive secrecy, cronyism and looting going on, and evidence of more in the planning, and without protections of the right to self-defense and the right to free speech, freedom of assembly and religion, the rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness are trampled, too.


"Last I heard freedom of speech had to be balanced with some regard for truth."

Nope. Not even close. Next time you're in the supermarket, check out the dozens of tabloids by the registers. You can learn a thing or two about alien abductions and fabricated celebrity gossip.

You see, only certain fake news is allowed, even encouraged - the kind that is deemed good for the economy.
Questioning the machine that runs the economy, now that is not allowed and that disallowance is what one finds in a totalitarian dictatorship.

You don't have to like Alex Jones or the millions of people who enjoyed his show. You don't have to respect them and you don't have to think they're sane. No one has to believe that there wasn't an untold narrative around Sandy Hook either. What people think and say is their business and you or anyone else should not be able to dictate their behavior and thoughts and who people get their news from.

Not in a free society.


Don't feel sorry for Alex Jones at all. He is a bottom-feeder who makes up facts to rile up his viewers some of whom are plain crazy. Last I heard freedom of speech had to be balanced with some regard for truth. He didn't do that so let him face the libel and defamation suits that he courted to make money. He is no victim.

John Stone


Exactly right - the most standard "quackbuster" tactic - equate anybody who believes x with y. Day after Brian Deer's first Sunday Times article, there was an article in the London Times equating people who believed MMR was dangerous, with people who believed Diana was murdered, or that Elvis was still alive.

Since the Emperor is of course naked one cannot be sure what else isn't true, but it is a distracting argument. I listened to an aggressive LBC chat show host suggest that anyone who doubts vaccine safety must be a proto-supporter of Le Pen.

Hans Litten

This has always seemed to me, to have been a tactic of our opposition.
(To associate the anti-vax movement with Sandy Hook or whatever else.)

Certainly Offit the scoundrel tries it all the time.

It doesn't matter what I think about UFO's , Lady Diana or the Great Train Robbery.
And I refuse to have my viewpoint on vaccination corrupted by association with any of these other discussions (like the Moon Landings). Yes I have looked at them all, and compared to this global atrocity they are all completely irrelevant.

This is a crime on a globally industrial scale from California sb277 to New York to London to Rome to China to the Philippines to Samoa.

There is only the topic of Vaccination (& other the Toxicities that they have laid out) to destroy human health for me. No one can claim this is any accident anymore.

Margaret Jaeger, grandma peg

SO many Comments...! The dander of the active conservative is beginning to thicken in content and support of speaking out. Soon the 'dander snow storm' will be seen by all. Wonder what we'd do without online access of any kind..? I'm online too much anyway. My TV is 'out of sound commission' but someon ehas already grabbed the themed contents of series long ago, it's just growing. I suppose Google and Apple will have enough left wing advocates to support their billion dollar industries without us, since we'll all be banned. Didn't 'they' ban Rush Limbaugh too..? Is he now only on radio? When will these speech controlling moguls take over that media as entirely as they have ....major newspaper media..? Will we have a complete split and be forced to buy conservative satellites only? Or will the leftist libs control the air too so signals can't penetrate their blankets?? Then will we all be reduced to smoke signal language..? How long will the Federal government have control over such media so as to make it a freeform..? Will such controlled media have freedom to print and publish their real hateful trash, threats and commie speech? It has been predicted to be the future by more than Biblical sources. We will be the New Russia, Socialist People's Republic of the USA.. We need,,NOW, someone in charge of electronic media who knows what hate speech really is.

John Stone

The Almighty Pill

"John, irrespective of what the truth about Sandy Hook is (I have no opinion), your implication that it is hurtful to inquire beyond the media narrative is eerily reminiscent of claims that those who question vaccines in any form are maiming innocent children."

This is really putting words in my mouth. For instance, the Murdoch media were at least temporarily under scrutiny because of their heavy-handed strategies (but not in the case of Brian Deer), so I am only saying people ought to act with care.


@Jonathan Rose: excellent post.
@Pete: excellent points.

I find it baffling how some here, who have in some fashion seen through the facade of lies surrounding vaccines as well as witnessed how mindlessly most people accept these lies, can turn around on other contentious topics and play the zombie, taking the received narrative at face value and hurling the very same accusations they have weathered with respect to vaccination against those asking questions. John, irrespective of what the truth about Sandy Hook is (I have no opinion), your implication that it is hurtful to inquire beyond the media narrative is eerily reminiscent of claims that those who question vaccines in any form are maiming innocent children.

One might argue that there is strategic benefit in this, by avoiding association with "conspiracy theories." But this is short-sided. Firstly, anyone who questions vaccines in the slightest is, by contemporary standards, already a devout conspiracy theorist. Secondly, any victories won on the vaccine front will be short-lived if they are not accompanied by the wholesale dismantling of the entire rotten edifice that has allowed and promoted these crimes. Why throw potential allies under the bus to preserve some sense of mainstream "credibility" that doesn't exist anyway?

John Stone


Unfortunately, if people on SSRIs (which work as disinhibitors not as ant-depressants) have guns they are all too likely to use them. The deep state don't want people to focus on the SSRIs - I suspect that is the main narrative.

However and irrespective I am not in favour of web censorship.


"I think it was a pretty awful thing to do if they were wrong. Also, given the number of awful shooting incidents what is special about Sandy Hook."


If it does turn out they are wrong then it will have been awful thing to have done as you say.

They do believe firmly that they have the evidence to prove all is not as the mainstream narrative would have it. They also believe that the majority of the school shootings have a deep state connection with operatives at work in one way or another, all part of a plan to chip away at current gun laws.

After the thousands of architects and engineers spoke out about 9/11, people see the world as a stage, they are suspicious of other events which could conveniently be used for Problem > Reaction > Solution.

Hans Litten

Pete you are absolutely correct , I realised I had missed quite a bit after posting !

All the Pesticides, Herbicides.
Personal care products (and the toxic roulette being played with them)
And Chem trails of course (& all the weather manipulations)
Its a huge subject (the legacy of IG farben).

**** Alex Jones Verboten ****

(it is possible this could really backfire for them. It could be a big mistake on their part)
Let the fight back begin.

Trying to censor the internet could really hurt them, and bring many new groups into the fray.

Anyway you cut this, Italy has been a HUGE victory (no matter what happens next).
Lets not forget Beatrice Lorenzin is in charge of Global vaccine policy (although maybe not for too much longer) - for she has scored a huge own goal here.

We have to hope France rises up over mandatory Gardasil now.


"If they did fully understand subject, they wouldn't bother reporting on the other subjects."


Agreed, at this point in time vaccines are a crime against humanity, causing a lot more harm than anything else. There are many more crimes in the world, but nothing as bad as this, the closest in second place would probably be glyphosate.

Hans Litten


I think many people like Alex Jones don't appreciate what they are touching on when they talk about vaccination.
If they did fully understand subject, they wouldn't bother reporting on the other subjects.

This is the Tsunami.
Vaccination is the BIG ONE.
Biggest of all time !
Biggest crime in all ALL history none.

If only vaccination was only about mercury as some would have you believe.
Vaccination is the delivery mechanism for all sorts of toxic skulduggery.

Every professor who stepped forward and spoke was correct and fully appreciated by us all here, but to understand the absolute enormity of this, you have to take a birds eye view & consider the big picture & listen to all their expert advice.

1. Infected African Green Monkey Kidney Vero Cells Foreign animal species viruses sv40 (Maurice Hilleman)
2. Deadly Porcine (Pig) Virus called Circovirus (in highly experimental Rotavirus jab)
3. Fetal Cells from Human Abortions RNA\DNA fragments (readily recombines with a childs own stem cells) Deishner
4. Peanut Oil (the main cause of childhood severe peanut allergies)
5. Latex (some syringes are poked through latex vial stoppers, hence severe childhood latex allergies)
6. FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye (why do we need vaccines to be colorful?)
7. Squalene (main cause of auto-immune disorder) MF59 squalene Gulf War syndrome
8. Over 50 Parts Per Million of Mercury (still found in certain flu shots) & aluminium salt adjuvants
9. Genetically Modified DNA from other Humans (foreign proteins cause unnatural immune reactions)
10.Polysorbate80 opens that BBB and lets the poison right in
11. Retroviruses XMRV, ME
12.The Gatti contaminants (all sorts of foreign contaminants)
13.Mycoplasmas Aids ? Gardasil ? mass Sterilisation ?
14.Formaldehyde leukemia being censored with the FDA right now
15. Glyphosate contamination in vaccinations (Seneff)
16. Could the cancer promoting nagalase be in them too ? 90+ doctors dead now
17. Kenya HCG 2015 Phillipines 1995 Mexico 1974 (Nigeria, Sri Lanka , Nicaragua etc etc)
18. African vaccine projects and subsequent epidemics

And then we have aspartame , mercury dental fillings, fluoridated water (& toothpaste).

Alex Jones and the like , should be going all in on this one (like a good poker player).

Angus Files

Yep and the London Bridge attack CNN faking the narrative.You see below at beginning of the clip the two white Police Officers being replaced by to coloured officers how high up the command did that come from?.Like lab rats going back to the drinking bottle laced with mercury humans return to the fake news, scoop it up and then defend it.Alex pointed out that actors were being used to ham up the incidents and create a narrative Alex showed photos of individuals who were being used as crisis actors in the Boston bombing,Sandy Hook, and other tragedies as i.e. distressed parents in both events .

CNN Faking it, remember this is a world prime time news production going out world wide influencing millions..FAKED and Alex is the criminal?

Pharma For Prison




I haven’t managed to find evidence that he exposed their home addresses, but please post a link to correct me on that. What I understand is that Jones’ lawyer wants the home addresses and DOB of the parents to be released as he believes this will expose they are not who they claim to be and that they are are simply lobbyist/actors, it is meant to be the Scooby Doo ending to Sandy Hook.


Alex Jones, from what I understand, repeatedly published the home addresses of parents of murdered children. Like every right freedom of speech has to be balanced with other rights, including other people's rights. I don't think vaccine rights people on this website would be silent if Pan was repeatedly revealing their home addresses and endangering their lives. I doubt they would say, well I am ok with that. I believe in free speech.

John Stone

What in the end is most troubling is having central bureaucracies deciding what is true - that is sure to end badly. This does not mean of course that all independent websites act responsibly all the time, but then few people any longer trust the mainstream media.

Grace Green

Aimee, you can't believe people just because they're parents! Lots of people become parents quite by accident, it doesn't take any great skill or intelligence! There are conspiracies going on, and people of all sorts are willing to take part in them. We have to judge by what people say, and all the evidence. For example, two 16 year old pupils of a recent school "shooting" who I heard interviewed on the BBC didn't sound to me like 16 year olds, and were clearly rehearsed in what they said. We have to keep a skeptical mind, and a sense of humour to avoid paranoia.
I want to say about Alex Jones, there are many different kinds of people out there, who respond to various styles of presentation. Our message needs to reach them all. Alex Jones has a very large following and is spreading the message far and wide. I think if Andy Wakefield is willing to be interviewed on Infowars, who are the rest of us to look down our noses? We should give Jones and Infowars our moral support at this time and not divide the movement.

John Stone


I think it was a pretty awful thing to do if they were wrong. Also, given the number of awful shooting incidents what is special about Sandy Hook. I think they followed some absurd leads and probably should have backed down, given the hurt involved.


"I believe the parents who said their children were killed by Adam Lanza."


The people who don't believe the official story will say that they have been researching (like we have) and have found enough evidence to suggest that those are not parents of children who died, but gun lobbyists who are being used as actors and actresses, they don't believe anyone died on the day, they believe it was a fake event from the deep state which would be used as a catalyst to change gun laws.

Some of the investigators have made a documentary, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook it shows that the movement is following real evidence, whether they are right or wrong, they do strongly believe their conviction.

Aimee Doyle

@Pete -Regarding Sandy Hook - "the truth doesn't fear investigation"

I believe the parents who said their children were killed by Adam Lanza.

I believe parents who say their children are injured by vaccines.

I believe parents.


He is taking refuge on Twitter and has just tweeted a World Mercury Project article which has been reposted on InfoWars


Carolyn Kylesmoms “Alex Jones said that Sandy Hook didnt happen. Having experienced what it is like to have our children’s victimization lied about, I lost all respect for him.”

It could be that he actually doesn’t believe Sandy Hook happened, as there are many people in the same boat and documentaries too which investigate it.
One could also censor discussion about 9/11 conspiracies theories by saying “this is an insult to the victims and their families.” There are people who would love to censor us under the guise that we are “causing the death of children”.
The truth doesn’t fear investigation, if there is enough evidence that an event happened the way the media claim it did or that a science is settled, it should be able to hold its ground against the ‘conspiracy theories’ without the need for censorship.


A simple Vaxxed / uv-Vaxxed study would show the “American medical gawds” in white coats have been trashing the lives of American children for almost 30 years.


They don't need this study, any more than we do to know that vaccines are disabling children.

They just don't have to courage to face the truth in front of them. And stand up for their little patients by refusing to do this to them any more.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Last year when the vax / unvax study was published a friend of mine posted it on Facebook, and I added to the discussion with links to some studies on pubmed. Dr. Wakefield was inevitably brought up so I posted links to the GMC verdict and the high court exoneration, and for good measure added the indictment of Poul Thorsen.

All of my posts with the sole exception of the GMC verdict (on Brian Deer's web site) were subsequently deleted by somebody with the power to edit Facebook. I tried replacing my comments only for them to be repeatedly deleted within a couple of minutes of being posted.

I do not know what Alex Jones may have said to invoke today's action but it is unlikely to have crossed any legal lines of incitement to violence, and it is part of a deeply concerning trend.

It is however unsurprising that there should be censorship of discussion of the exposures that have caused lifelong disability to half a generation of children when the culpability not only pervades a health industry worth $3 trillion per year (in the US alone) but extends into every branch of government and the media.


And let's not forget that this is not really about these privately owned social media outlets as much as it is about the government pressuring them to conduct their business in a way that steers the public in a certain direction. The government wants us all literally vaccinated to death. And for as long as we are around they want us to keep the economy going by buying whatever they have to sell, whether we want it or need it, whether it is safe or will slowly or quickly kill us. They want an easy compliant population of subservient, herdable consumers.

They want us walking into the ovens quietly. Can't have loud mouths like Jones screaming at us to wake up.

bob moffit

As often stated .. the greatest power of the "free press" … as "privately owned media outlets" .. is their power to IGNORE any inconvenient information that challenges their prevailing orthodoxy .. such as .. any published scientific study the NY Times editorial staff chooses to IGNORE regarding vaccine safety and efficiency. The public then has the right to decide for themselves if that media outlet is worth it's price.

There is a very big difference between the "privately owned free press IGNORING information that is inconvenient to them" .. and .. global internet corporations who have established reputations for operating "unregulated open platforms". When THOSE "unregulated open platforms" REFUSE to publish information they disagree with .. THAT IS CENSORSHIP .. because those platforms are no longer OPEN to all information.

If these giant internet corporations continue to CENSOR information available on their OPEN PLATFORMS … the COURTS will have to decide if they no longer are exempt from ANTI TRUST LAWS.


My wake up call was years ago when Keith Olbermann was silenced for saying corporatocracy one too many times. I was stunned and knew I was witnessing a political coupe. As social media has enabled the average person to have a voice, those voices are now being silenced. Dissent from any political corner will not be tolerated. A revolution has taken place that America has slept through.

Ironically, Alex Jones is one of the few who warned about what was happening. I wish that people would not be so quick to distance themselves from him by dissing him before supporting his right to free speech. I did not watch his show often, but I did catch his excellent coverage of and interviews with Dr. Wakefield. Interviews in which he was not loud and in which he allowed the truth to be told.

Gary Ogden

Rebecca Lee: Excellent point. Somewhat similar to the evolution of my thinking, although mine began a year earlier due to that cowardly drug-pusher Pan and our idiot governor, Jerry Brown.

go Trump

A simple Vaxxed / uv-Vaxxed study would show the “American medical gawds” in white coats have been trashing the lives of American children for almost 30 years.

They have been lying to America about a number of things for almost that long. The medical dream now is to eventually go “door to door with Senior vaccines” mandated in order to receive Social Security. This should shorten a few lives and help control deficits. They will pick out those first needing Senior vaccines from Facebook.

I would suppose Alex Jones will downsize his efforts a bit and still communicate in some manner. Jones’s efforts a few hours a day with medical issues, out of control central banks, and trying avoid another damn endless war somewhere would save trillions.

Carolyn Kylesmoms

Alwx Jones said that Sandy Hook didnt happen. Having experienced what it is like to have our children’s victimization lied about, I lost all respect for him. And no amount of his reporting the truth about vaccine injury redeemed him to me. That said the answer to lies in demanding that the media that preserves free press provides ways to force rebuttals to also be heard. The fairness doctrine was canceled in 1988 by Reagan. And Clinton allowing media conglomerarion made it worse. If we could be heard every time someone lied about vaccine safety the vax safety problem would be over. We need to fight for balanced media and balanced stories. We need to force complicit or lazy media to do theit homework. There would be almost no autism, less cancer caused by talc, less epilepsy, less cancer caused by monsanto if they were forced to look for dissenting voices. But people like infowars who lied about sandy hook to get ratings are not our friend and not our spokesman—they make our cause sound less credible. And yet I agree with you Ginger this is a slippery dangerous slope. Who gets to say what is true? We shoukd get all the info freely available and active true debates as we have not had outside the autism world for decades. Also the mainstream press, by being a spokesman for pharma and corporate anerica and forgetting its job as the fourth wall protecting citizens, sent people running to sites like infowars that lie a lot but on things like vaccine injury tell the truth. The mainstream media abandoned vaccine injured and others and forgot our voices for the sake of profit. Tbey created a way for infowars to gain credibility and they created a way for trump to take advantage of vaccine injured and lie to us too. He has done nothing to stop mandatory vaccines or make them safer. He lied and many good people believed him because of desperation. Had the hilaries of the world just LISTENED to 3 families with vacccine injury. Just accepted we exist. Just got that vax safety calls come from vax-injured. Their refusal to hear us is such a large part of why inforwars and russian bots got ears from hurting people, threatening our democracy. The core cause of Trump and the rise of mostly fake-news is the false stories we knew from our own lives were coverd in mainstream news. Lying to protect their advertisers. Selling out infants for profit, denying our injury. The inconvenient painful truth about vaccine injury has been censored for decades.

Jonathan Rose

Of course Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist -- but so is Robert Mueller, and so were Woodward and Bernstein. Harvey Weinstein said his female accusers were "conspiracy theorists" -- and in fact he was conspiring with media moguls to cover up his crimes. All investigative journalists are conspiracy theorists: they start with a theory that persons in high places conspiring to sell unsafe products, steal from the public coffers, do corrupt deals, paw women without their express permission, and so on, and then they find evidence to prove those theories. Without conspiracy theorists, the rich and the powerful could get away with anything without being subjected to public scrutiny. The mainstream media has largely abandoned investigative journalism (except when the target is Donald Trump), so that task has now fallen to fairly amateur websites like AoA and Natural News. If they can be shut down, then powerful corporations and bureaucracies will be immune to public criticism. And of course the censorship won't stop at "right-wing" sites or AoA (which is neither right nor left), it will extend to any sites (right or left) that threaten powerful interests of any kind.

While Facebook is a private corporation, that doesn't mean that they can censor anyone they like. In fact the Section 230 safe harbors of the Communications Decency Act (which make online services immune from civil liability for the actions of their users) requires those services to carry all messages (like the telephone company). If Facebook starts behaving like an ordinary publisher, editing its contents, then it becomes liable to lawsuits for libel and abetting sex trafficking. Moreover, there is the centuries-old legal principle of "common carrier", meaning that transportation and communications services have to carry anyone who pays the fare. You can't throw someone off a bus because he's a Communist, and the phone company can't terminate the service of a neo-Nazi. So we do have legal recourse. Nevertheless, it is chilling that so many prominent politicians and media outlets are effectively repudiating the idea of a free press -- which of course does protect Alex Jones, however crazy he might be.

Rebecca Lee

I have been a bleeding heart liberal my entire life. And generations of my family before me, too. I must say that I have changed my tune a whole lot since Trump got elected and I have watched the Democrats behave like raving hyenas.
Nevertheless, I think it fair to point out that this effort to shut down dissent can happen because all these platforms are privately owned. This is why the guys who wrote the constitution wanted the Post Office, for instance, to be publicly owned. If it were privately owned, it could refuse to deliver Alex Jones inflammatory tracts and be within the law. They couldn't foresee that there would be the Internet and Facebook and so on, of course. I personally think that some court ought to decide that these sites are public forums and you can't shut down free speech. Well, we'll see...

Angus Files

The Nazis started with destroying books, the end game worries me.

Trump needs to round up the trillionaires pay off the national debt and send everyone a $100 bill.

Pharma For Prison



According to Alexa, Infowars is estimated to be the 817th most visited site in the USA, as a guide we can compare Natural News which is the 5,856th and AgeOfAutism 186,913th.

InfoWars did the 'antivaxx' community a big favor by regularly reposting high quality articles from World Mercury Project, amplifying their message well beyond the current reach from their position of 104,353th.

I suspect this censorship is just the thin end of the wedge.

Gary Ogden

Thanks Ginger. The slimy little crooks will not stop us. We will see if Congress and the courts have the cojones to actually stand up for the First Amendment. There is a reason it is the first, you knuckleheads!! Unlike the Italians', our system doesn't allow us to overthrow the government, shoot the horse in midstream, so to speak, but they are back on their heels now; the recent bizarre NYT op-ed the latest manifestation that we are grinding them down. Onward!!

Grace Green

This was just reported on the bbc news. THE BBC! I was holding my breath waiting for them to mention vaccines, as "an example". Because Hans is right, that's what this is really about. No doubt they'll get round to that subject before long.
I was so glad about the internet because my communications of all other means - snail mail, phone etc. were all being disrupted, and I couldn't get information. I can see the day when we will all have to go round our neighbours doors putting leaflets through their letter boxes. We mustn't give in to them.

Hans Litten

First they came for the “alternative doctors” & killed 90+ of them, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an “alternative doctor” (& I didn’t understand, I was too busy watching rubbish primetime reality TV).

Then they came for the anti-vaccinationists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an “anti-vaccinationist” (& I didn’t understand, I was too busy with endless repetitive sporting events on TV).

Then they came for the so called “conspiracy theorists”, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a “conspiracy theorist” (& I didn’t understand, I hadnt picked up or read a book since I was forced to in school aged 14).

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me
(& I still didn’t understand, the truth is I’m a bit dim – where is my hypnotic TV?).

Hans Litten

Its all about the Vaccines Ginger.
Vaccination is the biggest crime in all history ! I know it - they know it.

They are trying to stop a revolutionary volcano from erupting.
Can it be done ?
We must be so close to success that they have had to resort to this.

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