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Doctor Describes Severe Reaction to Shingrix Vaccine with Refreshing Transparency

ShinglesBy Kim Rossi

Many years ago, I worked for a wonderful woman who became a mentor and second mother to me. She had a saying, "Don't punish progress."  I think of her wise words every day. When one of my girls attempts to put a dish in the dishwasher - I praise her and show her how to rinse off the globs of food rather than saying, "That was good BUT...."  Buts are rotten.  They negate praise.

I often think we're missing this point in the vaccine injury community. We've sides and factions and I've seen some pretty cruel shaming and blaming over the years for being too anti-vax or not not anti-vax enough.  Many of us have kids with autism - young and adult. We're just trying to get through the day unscathed or not too scathed, and the jabs and slings and arrows really hurt. You do your thing and let me do mine. Below is a question from a medical advice column that ran in The Detroit News. Dr. Roach answers honestly about Shingrix (shingles vax) side effects. Shingles are terribly painful and disruptive and people are getting shingles younger and younger - even as children no longer get chicken pox in the same numbers. (Mother Nature exacts her pound of flesh, doesn't she?) Dr. Roach says up to 10% of recipients may experience severe side effects. That's progress. He doesn't say NEVER EVER GET THIS VACCINE!  (I'm over 50 and I ain't nevah evah getting this vaccine, FYI.)  I can understand someone  outside our community wanting Shingrix to prevent shingles. Dr. Roach also suggested Tylenol. Ugh. Still, he acknowledges side effects in a major US newspaper. That's progress.


Doc: Better to prepare for repeat of Shingrix reaction

Dear Dr. Roach: I received the first dose of Shingrix (which help prevent getting shingles) this week and had pretty severe side effects, though in the range of what can be expected: high fever (101.5), intense shivering, a severe headache and 12 hours of extreme fatigue. The entire reaction began 11 hours after the shot and ended 18 hours after that. I am 61 and in excellent health, taking only 25 mcg of levothyroxine daily.

I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. I’ve tried looking at the clinical trial results for Shingrix, but I am not qualified to understand the information as presented.

1. Is it likely that I’ll have a similar (or worse?) reaction to the second shot? The package insert says one can react to the first, second, neither or both.

2. Are both injections identical?

3. When I had chickenpox as a child, I was way sicker than the average kid. Related?

4. If I get shingles, do I have a higher risk for a severe case?


Dear J.G.: Compared with the previous one-time vaccine Zostavax, the new two-dose Shingrix vaccine is much more effective. However, it does have a higher risk of side effects. You have had the most common side effect, though only 10 percent of people will have symptoms as bad as yours. These symptoms are caused by your body mounting an inflammatory response to the glycoprotein in the vaccine (the new vaccine does not contain a live virus). You clearly have a robust system to fight off infection.

To answer your questions in order: You are at higher risk for a similar reaction for the second shot. I would plan your day accordingly, and premedicate with Tylenol (even though it may make the vaccine slightly less effective). The second vaccine is identical to the first. I have read recent reports that there are widespread shortages of the vaccine.

Chickenpox and shingles can affect you both by the virus attacking you and by an exuberant inflammatory and immune reaction. I would guess that you are at lower risk for viral complications (such as infection of the eye, brain or lungs) but at higher risk for symptoms due to your own system, such as high fever. In many cases, the body’s response to infection can be as damaging as the infection itself.


Chris a

I got tinnitus and hearing loss too. Shringrix ruined my life summer of 2023. Now Feb 2024 and it’s still bad. Hate GSK.


I had my first Shingrix shot in Oct. 2019. Had a very sore arm. couldn't sleep on it for almost 2 weeks. Also had a huge red area from shoulder down to elbow, and the middle of front and back of arm. It itched terribly. My husband had similar reaction, so I had my second shot in January 2020. I felt like I had the flu when I woke up the next morning - warm, headache, and achy. But, about mid-morning my legs started burning. The lower legs burned up to just above the knees. They felt like they had a slight stinging with the burning. I saw my doctor, who took a lot of blood tests and sent me to a neurologist. Nothing showed up, and the neurologist couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. That lasted for most of the year, gradually getting less. It was finally gone by 2021, and now has suddenly started burning pretty bad AGAIN! I am sitting here in Sept. 2021 feeling like my legs are on fire again. Really wish I had never had the second shot!


Hugs Deb, I am so sorry.
This is a bad way to awaken to the terrible situation of vaccine safety and the malice, malfeasance of the vaccine industry/medical industry/our federal health agencies

I don't know why they just don't put safe saline in those vaccine and just claim they work.

Cause for every decade over 50 you increase your chances of getting shingles by 10 percent.
Cause for every decade over 50 the shingles vaccine fails by 10 percent.

I will be very curious to see how your doctors react to your vaccine reaction? Give us an up date.

Deb Sullivan

Took the first Shingle vaccine on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I had the typical sore arm, redness and swelling, but it felt like my face was on fire. Thursday, I woke up to a red face all over including eyelids, can't cover it with make-up as it burns and swelling in the face.

I am scared to death I am going to get full blown shingles all over my face. I have never had shingles before and didn't know this was a potential outcome. I am livid. I have left a message with my doctors office this morning.

Jo L

I received the first dose of Shringrix 7/21/21. Had a sore arm the first day. The second day started having tooth pain (lower right bicuspid) which has gotten worse. By third had a hard time eating anything but soft foods. Could not get into to dentist as they close early on Fridays. Now two other teeth have throbbing sensation. Will call my Dr. and dentist tomorrow. Anyone else have this experience?
Also experiencing tiredness and headache right temple area. Hopefully this doesn’t progress to something worse.


I am so sorry Sunny.
I see people take vaccines and they all say they are just fine and dandy.

My family from my in laws, to my parents, to my children, to my husband, even to myself that just ain't so. Of course now that I know what a vaccine injury looks like --- I see a lot of them.

My daughter worked at a mental hospital and she said a lot of the very young teenagers there were having trouble with shingles. What I get from that is a messed up immune system causes all kinds of problems. But why are so many messed up? I blame the vaccines. All of them. How are they making them? They add things that the body sees as a poison . Lots of mercury and lots of aluminum. Covid has a saponin that is stuff found in plants like honey suckle. The American natives - Indians use to gather it up and put it in still water, like ponds or eddies of creeks and it paralyzed the fish till they floated on the top of the water.

I wonder about this shingle vaccine though.
Shingles comes from an immune system that can no longer keep the chicken pox virus in check. Once upon a time a person had an immune system to put that chicken pox virus in jail, and now something happened to that immune system. The immune system is weakened.

So how would a shingle vaccine work? I don't think it does.

I find it strange that they say ( which you can find out what the pharma companies are saying about the Shingles vaccine on the National Vaccine Information Center site) That the Shingle vaccine for people over fifty works 50 or 60 percent of the time. In addition for ever decade over 50, you know 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 that shingle vaccine works 10 percent less for each decade. That means by the time you reach 90 then the vaccine is only going to work 10 percent of the time?

Well ah - ah -- ? . My next question is .

IF you did not take the vaccine, then the same thing would happen anyway? I mean as you age; your immune system is going to weaken and for each decade over 50 you have a better and better chance of coming down with shingles???

My Dad had shingles back 15 years ago? He got over it. He was about 75?

He never had it again, he is now 97 soon to be 98. .
What does a person do to help their immune system? I follow Dr. Mercola and other sites like his and all their advise on how to improve the immune system.. .

I do Diet type of diets that worked for us is always a form of a keto diet. That is a high fat diet; lots of veggies with lots of butter, and MCT oil (a form of coconut oil), and intermittent fasting 16 or 18 hours. We take lots of supplements (that include N acetyl cysteine) and now Quercetin and zinc those two supplements help fight off a virus like covid, but shingles is a virus too, right? So, that might help. We drink water high in a kind of silica that will bind with aluminum that causes inflammation and stays in the body that comes from vaccines -- Fiji water they say will get it out.

I am so sorry Sunny.
My own father took his flu shots, and the first thing he had was a heart attack. He stopped the flu shots for a while and then started up taking them again. He came down with Parkinson - scooting his feet the very next week after a flu vaccine. It has progressed really slow, it has never got into his hands , they do not shake, nothing shakes. It is he just slowly loses his body control to paralysis as the years roll by. Nothing I could do would stop it. But I never put him on intermittent fasting, that might have helped or a full keto diet?

As far as my son, he too was damaged with his walking and his fine motor skills in his hands, after a third reaction to his third DPT vaccine as a baby. He could not cut with scissors for a long time. He never was able to pedal his tricycle, and oh how he wanted to. He had to relearn to walk as a baby,, He still has a bit of an odd gate, kicking a ball, he is horrible at that. But he did learn to ride a bicycle and kept up with all the boys in the neighborhood when he was 10. He got on the keto diet, fasting as a young kid because of some writer of a book that wrote about protein power - who said to eat one meal a day. The author was wrong about the protein, but that fasting he was right about.

Good luck. I am sorry you have to go through all of this.


My husband has broken out in shingles over a dozen times including in his ear. They gave him the Shingrix vaccine in an attempt to save his life as the shingles are getting so bad and in such odd places. After his shot he had the fever, chills, bad migraine and CRAZY muscle and joint pain. Extreme weakness in feet and legs he could barely walk. After 2 days it got better. Then it seemed to come back bringing a runny nose with it. The next day I was sick and the next day our son. My husband went to the doctor and tested negative for COVID but positive for the flu. We all had the flu. During this time his leg pain and numbness returned. It’s been 4 weeks since the jab. He hasn’t been able to go back to work. They’re in the process of lining him up for neurological tests. Guillian-Barr syndrome is suspected. I’m scared.

Patricia Siergiej

Had the 2nd dose of Shingrix in Oct 2020 And after shivering all night had hissing in both ears the very next morning which has never gone away. Have been to many doctors who don’t have a clue except for one who said it may be auto immune related. I went to an ENT who said that I have hearing loss in both ears. They both feel a lot different than before the shot and it has turned my life upside down with anxiety & depression. I am so regretful that I ever got this horrible shot. I think it needs to be recalled! Email at [email protected]


I got my first MODERNA vaccine on Jan. 3. Usual pain and soreness for the next 48 hours. However, what REALLY CONCERNS me is my SIGNIFICANT HAIR LOSS. My hair is falling out in handfuls! This has never happened to me before and I am really worried that at this rate, I will end up bald! Has anyone else had this happen?

Karen Nelson

Hi! I received the first Shingrix shot on November 17, 2020, because I felt I was developing a case of Shingles and was trying to head it off. I had a brief case of Shingles back in 2012 and after that case subsided had taken the Zostavax shot about 6 months later with no side effects. But with a new case developing, I rushed out to get the new vaccine, Shingrix. I had no idea there would be serious side effects. I did not have the pain at the injection site or fever or chills. I did develop a bad migraine cluster of headaches for almost 3 weeks, lasting fatigue, horrible burning all over my body in waves (on all sides of my body and not just one side, including legs, bottom of feet, face, eyelids, tongue, roof of mouth, etc., particularly at night), bad tinnitus, cloudy vision, and significant hair loss. Many of these side effects were not immediate but developed over the first 2-3 weeks and are ongoing. I am praying they get better as time goes on. The fatigue seems a little better and the migraine cluster subsided, but the horrible tinnitus, occasional burning skin, cloudy vision, and significant hair loss continues. I feel like I was broadsided but a bus because the side effects listed for this vaccine are obviously not a complete list and significantly affect the quality of our lives. Just putting this information out there for others to confirm what we are all experiencing. I will not be getting the second shot!! Thank you for sharing your side effect experiences with me. It confirmed what I am going through now.

BC Vinson

I got a Shingrix Vaccine in Feb 2020. Now in Sept 2020 I am still suffering from Severe Tinnitus, a sore left arm at the injection site, and now blurry vision. Do not get this Vaccine. I would rather have Shingles. I got the Shot at the Oxford, AL VA. It has ruined most of my life now.

Scott S.

I had both vaccine shots. After the second one, I developed tinnitus - 2 weeks later. It has now been 9 months, and the tinnitus has not stopped! It is terrible! I didn’t have this problem before the Shingrix vaccine!


Dawn Murphy;
To question any vaccine, even just that one that you reacted to does make you an antivaxxer. LOL. Surprise!

We all have been down this road.

Then one day we (I) woke up and It came to me that "Hey I think I am an antivaxxer, I am against 'em all, forever more!"

Dawn Murphy

I am also a physician, double boarded in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics.
I, too, belive in vaccinations,I am not an anti-vaccer by any stretch of the imagination.
I received Shingrix #1 last October 2019. It was horrendous. I had an extreme flu-like illness for 72 hours with a large painful reaction at the injection site.
I just started one of my patients on Valtrex for a shingles outbreak on her chest and arm. I've also added a capsaicin patch and oral neurontin for neuropathic pain. She is doing fine. I know there can be long-tern sequelae to a shingles infection, but honestly, when the treatment is worse than the illness, what's the point.

I'm not getting Shingrix #2

 Reply to  Antoinette

I am not sure that the vaccine companies are not playing house odds with us on this shingles vaccine.

"Vaccine Information Center" looked at these Shingles vaccine and found that for every decade you are over 50 the effectiveness of this vaccine decreases by 10 percent. Covering their butts on how come you got the shingles vaccine, and still got the shingles?

If you think about it, that might be just how the natural disease is as well. For every year you are over 50, the chances of your immune system waning and you getting shingles increases 10 percent.

So, is the vaccine companies playing these odds and this vaccine don't work at all, except to give the body another load of toxins and ruin our immune system?

The only reason a person gets shingles in the first place is if their own immune system wanes, becomes sick.
My daughter worked as a nurse at a mental hospital for young children to teenagers, and she had so very many of them coming down with shingles.

And how do you make a vaccine for something that your immune system has contained with in it anyway? You can't reintroduce the chicken pox vaccine to the immune system cause it is already present in the body. Unless you add a ton of aluminum and mercury to a chicken pox vaccine and inflame the immune system.

I don't think an inflamed immune system is a healthy immune system? Looks like there might be a good chance (gambling again with your life) that it could set up some auto immune disease.


I had no reaction to my first Shingrix shot in January 2020, and reactions following the second shot nearly six months later were tolerable (mild nausea and fatigue for a day, and a useless arm for a few days) ... but then a week and a half later my skin broke out into small pustules here and there that itch like crazy and nothing soothes them. Not a rash because they're dappled about here and there mostly on the torso. I thought I must have been swarmed by fire ants but hadn't been outside. Now, five days later, the misery is starting to abate a little. Not the worst reaction possible as evidenced by others' postings, but worth noting. I'm 67, female, had the Zostavax vaccine seven years ago (no problems), had chicken pox as a kid, never had shingles, and have a healthy immune system.

Rebecca Johnson

Horrible vaccine. Arm burned like it was on fire for a week after getting the injection. Even worse, within 18 hours of the injection I developed chills, fever over 101, headache, and nausea. I lost 3 days of work due to feeling so rotten. That wasn't much less than the amount of work I missed from having shingles and frankly, shingles did not make me feel as sick as this vaccine. I declined getting a second dose. I figured a second dose might well put me in the hospital. SKG needs to do better - and had I known that 27% of people in my age group have a significant reaction, I never would have gotten this vaccine. People need this information so they can make an informed decision. Shingles is a drag and some people do get really sick from it. Still, I do not feel that this vaccine is safe.

Nancy Johnson

After the first dose I had severe flu-like pain for a few days, which then subsided completely. I was called by the pharmacy several times to come back for the second dose and finally decided to go ahead since my sister had once had shingles and strongly recommended taking it. Now I am covered on my arms and legs with tiny blisters that itch horribly, and they appear to be spreading to my face. I just hope they don't last as long as the problems others have reported. I have had tinnitus and hair loss in the past and dread having more experience of any of these conditions.


Got this vaccine today. Now, temperatures of 100.3 - 103.1 F, chills, shaking, pain at injection site and every other place that bends, pulls, twists & lifts. Wheezing and a bonging headache.I am hopeful I do not wake up in the same condition or worse. I’ve had the shingles, and it sucks. This is a little better than that, but right now.... I feel like I should have taken my chances! Not worth it in my book. But maybe if I would have been warned it was going to be this bad, I would have psyched myself up for it...


I went through hell from November 2019 - February 2020, along with getting the flu, my husband getting the flu pneumonia hospitalized 2 weeks and no one knew about Corona. Well he had it but I didn't get it. My hell was the Shingrix. Burning throughout my body whenever I went to sleep, night sweats, my legs went, loss of balance and I just finished therapy for back and neck. All kinds of tests MRI's, Xrays, etc., then panic attacks set in. Everyone thought I was making it up until one doctor the therapist doctor listened to me and did his own research and he agreed with me. I'll never take another vaccine again. I don't trust who is doing these vaccines now. Wish I did my research before taking the lastest one.

Maureen Meil

I contracted a severe case of shingles five days after (1/5/2020) I received the second dose of Shringrix. I have the photos that show what a horrible rash I had and still have. I have gone to my primary physician about this and he agreed that this was shingles. In addition to the severe pain and discomfort that I have experienced, my doctor told me that the shingles, as they were so severe, would probably leave scars. That is the least of my worries. My main concern is that I get over this burning pain that I have had consistently, for the last 38 days. It has interfered with my life and I would like to warn others about this severe reaction. I have reported this to VAERS. Has anyone else had a similar reaction?
Maureen Meil
[email protected]


I received the Shingrix vaccine in July 2019. I had horrible symptoms for 3 day’s. Fever, shaking, pain at injection site. Now I’ve began other more awful symptoms. Pain in my shoulders and arms. Joint paint. Muscle weakness. Fatigue. Sweating and inflammation all in my body. There are days I can hardly function. I had recurring shingles and was told it was fine to get the vaccine. I thought it would help and now my life is turned upside down.

Mark Doyle

I have posted my reactions after the Shringrix vaccination a year or so ago..there has been very minor still undiagnosed.7Drs later. In that time my resurch has me sure it's the adajunct Aso1 QS21 that has caused my immune system to run amuck.has any one here resurched this or heard drs are beginning to think I may be right but want more reports..i still can't walk normally with out pain no strength or shoulder joints haveing issues..everything started 3days after my 2nd injection.this was October 2018..i believe that there are many other reactions caused by QS21.a group I've found has about 35people that have been what they believe is the shingrix vaccination.

Harriet Lloyd

Glad to find this blog because I thought I was the only person with long-term reaction to Shingrix. I wish I had never had that shot. The day after the shot, I thought I’d been hit by a truck and for three weeks now I’ve had headaches, dizziness/lightheadedness and staggering fatigue. I also have night sweats and clamminess during daytime. I have had bloodwork done to rule out any other conditions and all appears normal - but I can’t remember feeling this awful ever I just can’t do anything without wanting to put my head down and sleep. I have a history of autoimmune issues (celiac, Hashimoto’s) and my doctor thinks Shingrix overwhelmed my immune system and left me with these symptoms. He doesn’t wasn’t me to have the second shot - and I wouldn’t anyhow. Is there anyone out there whose symptoms have been similar and finally passed through it? I can’t imagine living this way indefinitely. Praying it’s not permanent.

Carolyn Boz

I am 65. Had shingles at 25 and 50. Got Zostavax at 60 with no side effects. Got Shingrix on July 18, 2019. Had redness, heat and soreness for 3 weeks. Got the second one on 12/28, 2019 no redness or heat but severe soreness in both shoulders and neck going on six weeks now. Sorry I ever got vaccination. Shingles were not as bad especially with new viral medications out


I have serious concerns about having taken the Shingrix vaccine. I had mild psoriasis for 30+ years that was basically static. After the 2nd dose was administered 2 months after the 1st, my skin exploded into a chicken pox-like rash of fluid-filled blisters. The itching is worse than poison ivy. I was already exposed to the virus as I had chicken pox when I was 5 years old. Now I have been on/off of increasing doses of prednisone for 4 months with the rashes returning worse each time. I have open sores on my hands, arms, legs, and torso. I learned that the adjuvant (irritant) for this product (Quillaja Saponaria tree extract) is very harsh, has not been used on humans before, and jacks up your auto-immune response; not a good thing for anyone with psoriatic disease and an overactive immune system. Both Dr.s and pharmacists strongly encouraged me to take this vaccine. I've seen an internist, dermatologist, and immunologist but nobody has an answer to mitigate my adverse reaction. I'd appreciate any information you could share that may help me.


had previous Zostavax about 8 yrs ago- no side effects. have had numerous vaccines, flu shots, am not against vaccines per se. received 1st Shingrix shot in Aug 2019 and had the worst nausea ever- 48 hrs completely bed ridden, could not eat or drink anything, would dry wretch if I tried to stand up, lost 5 lbs. dreaded a second shot. got second shot Nov 2019. requested an anti-nausea med from my dr and that helped. do not, BTW, have a weak or sensitive stomach or any digestive issues at all, but Shingrix definitely bothered my stomach. am astounded that this vaccine is given to older people as it is very tough on the body. (had zero injection site redness or inflammation.)

Baron Smith

I got my first Shingrix injection on August 17, 2019. The injection site hurt quite a bit for a couple days but no other symptoms besides that. I got the second Shingrix injection on November 16, 2019. Symptoms were more substantial than the first injection. I got a headache later that day (can’t be 100% certain it was from the Shingrix though). That night my shoulder pain got bad - at least as bad as the first one. That persisted for about 24 hours but besides that I was ok the day after, on November 17. Also ok on November 18 except for one thing - significant muscle soreness in my upper back that I have no explanation for (other than the Shingrix). The following day, November 19, the back muscle pain persisted but I started having small amount of asthma, bad headache and by evening time on the 19th I had fever and chills. Slept for 11 hours after that but now on the 20th I feel much better. My family has been sick with sore throats and coughs during this whole ordeal so I kind of thought on the 19th that I was getting what they had. But I don’t have the sore throat or cough (yet) so I’m inclined to think all my symptoms were from the second Shingrix injection. None of this was nice but Shingles is a terrible thing to endure so if getting these injections gives me some immunity to Shingles (I understand nothing is guaranteed), it is worth it to me.

Antoinette KENNEDY

I am a 58 year old healthy female and got my first shingrix shot Nov. 14 at 1 p.m. The shot itself wasn't bad but by Friday evening I was bedridden with the chills and flu like symptoms. Injection site was extremely sore and red rash along top part of arm. I was told by the doctor that I may not feel well 4 or 5 hours after the first shot and the second shot you may not even noticed it. I am not sure how they can give out this information with the statistics of the adverse effects. I think there needs to be more counseling on giving this shot and what to expect. I was not able to do my routine life from Friday night until Monday night. It is now Tuesday night as I write this and although the rash is fading my arm is still sore but getting better. I am now starting to feel like myself again, but still not totally. I am just so afraid of what will happen with the second shot so I will pass. I would not recommend this shot. I would think that I am somewhat protected with just the one shot, but no one can say how much. I don't understand how they can put this vaccine out there and not know that information for those of us who do not want to get the second shot. Oh and by the way when I called my doctors office, they then told me alot of patients have had adverse reactions so severe that they are in bed for a week. So you can see why I do not want to get the second shot when I was informed I may not even notice it.

Don Twaine

I too am experience terrible side effect of from the first Shingrix shot. My right ear drum felt like it was going to explode, and now I am worried if it will ever recover. It has been 6 days for me. These side effect instances seem to me to be covered-up and downplayed by the medical community which I imagine is making a ton of money distributing theses shots.


52 year old male had the first dose of Shingrix on a Monday afternoon. Next day, sore arm and minor body aches that were easily addressed by ibuprofen. Went to work, no issues at all. Reading all of the forums, I feared the worse and expected to feel like crud for a few days. At least for the first shot, I can say that it was not bad at all.


I had a severe reaction. This began on the second day of my first Shingrix shot. I had sharp shooting pains randomly go everywhere like a nerve storm; to my feet, down both legs, down both arms and in my head. I could not lift a pen; my hand became spastic for one day. I had trouble seeing. I sat on my bed for two days afraid to find out what wasn’t working when. Then I got better over 6 days. I didn’t know what to do. I am loosing hair. I have noticed my very thick hair is now getting very thin. I went to get the second shot reluctantly and the Pharmacist would not give it to me until I saw a doctor when I said my last shot was so bad. What is a doctor going to say? I am putting this here to help others. I am 70 years old and in good health. I am very sensitive to any medications.


I received the first dose of the Shingrix vaccine on September 2, 2019. I felt bad with the flu symptoms for a day or two along with the swollen and sore arm. No big deal. Then on day 4 I developed nerve pain from my buttocks to my foot on the same side as the injection. I have been to the doctor twice for this and they just tell me I have sciatica. I have had sciatica before and stretching always relieves the pain in a few days. This...this is a nerve pain that I've never experienced before. Now the beginning of October, and I have have numbness from my knee down to my ankle, my foot feels like it is on fire sometimes and numb others. I do believe this is from that vaccine. It has disrupted my life, I can barely wear shoes, I can't work out. I will not get the second dose and really, really wish I'd never received the first one.


This is not medical advice, just an observation.
Night sweats, hemolytic anemia and acute kidney injury have been observed in some patients with Babesia, fairly common in parts of the northeast, from tick exposure, blood transfusions, and possibly congenital.
My personal belief is that vaccination may upturn the balance of things in the immune system.
best wishes for your recovery.


At the urging of my doctor, I go the Shingrix vaccine on Friday September 13.
It was a bad decision.
The 1st night I woke up with fever, chills, sweats, arm pain and confusion. This lasted for 6 more days. I became dehydrated and went to the urgent care on Sept. 21st. They gave me fluids, blood, and a urine test. Turns out I had a kidney infection and was now severely anemic!
It has been a nightmare.
15 days later, I am starting to feel better. I continue to have severe night sweats but all other reactions have abated.
I will absolutely NOT get the 2nd booster.


When I got my first Shingrix shot, the symptoms were sore arm and fatigue. I got my 2nd Shingrix shot June 10th. The next day I was in bed with flu like symptoms, fever and aching, headache, ear pain with a little dizziness inside my head, flank pain, back pain and stomach pains (no nausea/vomiting). It is almost 30 days later and I still have many of these symptoms. I've looked at all my meds and questioned the pharmacist who says no drug interactions. I've been to the PA and doctor. Blood, urine and abdomen CT all normal. Viral can last 7-21 days. After 21 days the doctor has given me antibiotics and a steroid. None of my remaining symptoms have abated. All remains the same but my ear pain is worsening. No real loss of hearing that I can tell, but someone did describe ears not clear after a plane ride which is what they initially felt like. Now there is actual pain. I've done research on my own, taken echinacea, floristor probiotic, stopped taking medicines and supplements then added them back. Been on a bland diet. Nothing makes any difference in stomach or sinus/head/ear issues. No one has attributed these symptoms to Shingrix! I questioned right up front whether this could be the issue but no one has paid any attention, they just skip right over it. Now that I'm reading what you all have written, I'm pretty convinced this is the culprit. My big remaining question is whether there is anything that can be done, or whether I'll have to live like this for the near or far future!!! Most of what I read above indicated a shorter time frame of symptoms than I've had. My summer is slipping away and I keep canceling my life because of these issues and feeling so poorly. I'll check back on this website in the event anyone has any useful information to share on my issues. Thanks for listening, and I hope this note helps someone else if others are having similar long-term potential side-effects!


Since taking the shingles shot I have constant ringing in my ears and a light head feeling. When I had the shot I experienced confusion, extreme tiredness, severe headaches and just didn't feel like myself for days. Now I still feel like a complete changed person not the strong person before the shot.


Having previously gotten a case of shingles I decided to get the Shingrix vaccine. I had a slight reaction to the first vaccine as I felt flu like most of the day and tired the next but not severe. I reacted to second vaccine with stronger symptoms: 100.5 temperature and weakness. Took some ibuprofen and felt better. Second day just a bit lightheaded with slight swollen glands but nothing too major. If this is the worst from the vaccine I’d rather have the vaccine than the shingles.

Mary Dalbey

I received my first Shingrix shot in February 2019 and was unable to work for 3 days while experiencing fever, body aches, and fatigues. I just received the second dose last week and was completely debilitated for four days with chills and nausea the first day. On the second day, I had a migraine headache for first time in my life. I had only been able to eat crackers and chamomile tea on the first day, but by the second day was vomiting even that. I had to sip Pedialyte to stay hydrated. I was sweating profusely. The nausea, headache and fatigue lasted 2 more days. It was a horrible experience, which my co-worker also experienced at the same time.

David Weiner


I would advise against taking the Tylenol. It depletes your glutathione stores, which are needed to detoxify the vaccine.

cia parker

I got shingles in 2002 (that's how my daughter caught chickenpox at almost two), it was completely painless, but caused two short lines of lesions filled with infectious fluid, one on the left side of my chest and one on my left upper arm. Then I got shingles two and a half years ago, a large red patch on my right thigh which felt like a burn, very painful, and lasted for several weeks, as well as back pain which was extremely severe and limited my movement. Then a year and a half ago, I got shingles twice (every time it happens in the winter, so far), and each episode involved excruciating back pain which lasted several weeks. Last October I started to get both shingles and a cold sore, but I had preemptively ordered the herpes zoster nosode, and immediately took it. The next day it was gone. I had also gotten the herpes simplex nosode for cold sores, which I've also been getting every winter, its lasting months each time. So every Monday morning I took one or the other, alternating, for a couple of months, and I didn't get either condition. I would highly recommend getting the nosodes and using them for prevention, NOT getting the vaccine.


I had my first shot on 5/13. My arm immediately became swollen and sore. Didn’t pay much attention to that. I felt lousy on day 2. Day 3 I am in excruciating back, torso, hip pain so painful that I barely could get out of bed. I have severe pain and weakness in my legs, a headache, sweating and chilling. I’ve not ever had flu symptoms this bad. I’m taking Extra Strength Tylenol to cope with pain. It’s not much help. I cannot take Ibuprofen.
There is no way that I will get the second shot. This vaccine has severe side effects for me.

Carol Armstrong

February 13 - 1st Shingrix shot
Side Effects:
Week 1 injection site pain and swelling
Weeks 2, 3, 4 Dizziness
Week 5 - 2 days of urinary urgency
Week 6 - Shooting pains to both feet, especially large toes
Week 7-10 Both knees swollen, painful, hot to touch - blood work and x-rays negative
Week 11 Rt. knee not as swollen or painful. Able to get up from sitting without using grab bars. Stiffness improving and pain decreasing. Hope to get full function back but have lost 3 months of my life. I will not get 2nd shot and wish I could turn back time and never get the 1st one!


My husband is an "early adopter" of technology and drugs/medicine. Sadly, a sheeple. Not sure if he also likes the attention. I'm on a trip, and he finally admitted to me that he had the shingles vaccine, 04/21/2019, after work at a pharmacy. Oddly, that evening that he had the vaccine, he seemed out of it, and couldn't reminder exactly where I was on the map, Tallahassee, Florida. When we spoke on 04/22/2019, he finally admitted why he didn't sleep well and was so exhausted. Said shingles vaccine gave him a mix of a fever and chills. Tossing and turning all night. Ibuprofen finally helped him. Fixing a drug with a drug. Oy vey, and typical of him. He insists he's now fine, except for pain at the sight and being exhausted. He also had trouble saying a common phrase. But, since he's been taking Lipitor, he seems to have trouble remembering common words, places, etc. A supposed side effect. Jeez, sign him up for any drug, chemo, etc.


Let me start by saying that I am a healthcare professional, and am pro-vaccination. I received my 1st Shingrix vaccination on Wed April 3rd. It is now April 9th, and I am just starting to feel like myself again. My arm was sore at the injection site for 4 days. My vision is blurry, I'm exhausted, and I have 3 aphthous ulcers in my mouth. I get an ulcer (canker sore) maybe once per year if I bite my cheek, so this is really unusual. I didn't have a rash at all.
I am prone to sinus infections and am allergic to most everything that grows in this part of PA, so feeling crappy is nothing new, but this all flared up on Friday the 5th, 2 days after the vaccination. I was driving last night, and had such a hard time seeing street signs. Allergies can make my eyes tired and itchy, but they are not usually blurry. I am not diabetic and recently had routine blood work. My vision is somewhat blurry today, but better.
I will probably get the 2nd vaccination if it is ever back in stock at the pharmacy, but I will be sure to take a few days off from work, just in case it affects me like the first injection. I do believe that all of my symptoms are better than having shingles.


My husband and I developed extremely itchy hives . We thought we had bedbugs. It drove us crazy for around eight weeks until it finally went away.
We tried every kind of anti itch cream and nothing helped.
We didn't get the second one.

Grace Green

Dr. Peter Holub,
I hate to say it, but taste of your own medicine at all? Sadly too late for your poor patients.

Linda Ludescher

Received my first Shingrix vaccine 4/3/19. I have had a sore arm with pain shooting down my arm and into hand, Chills, nausea, headache, fatigue, short of breath and fever of 100 to 101, ongoing for the last 4 days. The nurse warned I’d have a sore arm and the doctor said I may get flu like symptoms for two days. I’m approaching day 5 with no end in sight. Enough is enough. I won’t be getting the second round.

Peter Holub

Day 3 after my wife and received first Shingrix vaccination and we are both still bed ridden. Was told by pharmacist who gave injections that flu like symptoms may occur but It is more like pneumonia with cough, muscle aches and congestion. We were both in excellent health but have not been able to return to the gym. I am a retired physician and have always been pro vaccination but if we survive these horrendous side effects will not get the second Shingrix shot.

Chris Black

My symptoms of fatigue & headache, body aches occurred with both first and second dose of Shingrix along with shortness of breath with the first. I did experience bad scab like acne breakouts on my face head and neck. I would tell everyone to forget about Shingrix altogether and get the Zostofax vacinne instead. It may be less effective at preventing the shingles but the side effects are less and so is the cost

John Morgando

I had my first shingle shot in June 2018. No reaction, however, my second shot on Feb. 14 has given me a terrible rash on neck, face and other places throughout my body. This continues today even under Dr. care. Will be seeing my dermatologist tomorrow for further evaluation.


Lynn Jacobson

I had my first Shringrix shot March 7, 2019 at noon. As a background, I don’t recall having Chickenpox as a child. I did get shingles following a knee replacement, but caught it at the onset and received a prescription that cleared it up. Following that I got a shingles shot with no side effects. My Dr. suggested I get the new Shringrix. The eve of March 7th, following my first Shringrix shot, I began to feel tired and a little flu like. Went to bed early and had difficulty sleeping. Restless. The next morning, March 8th, I was so dizzy, to the point of almost passing out if I stood up. I was completely incompasitated for the entire day. March 9th, upon waking I was better, still tired, but able to function. Later that day, the 9th, I began to have great difficulty with my vision and confusion. I couldn’t look at something and figure it out or even get my vision to focus. My brain was in a fog. Again I went to bed early and slept through the night. Upon waking, March 10th, again better, but still feeling unsteady on my feet,tired and brain fog. Vision was bettter. My arm was never sore and I didn’t have aching joints. I have a history of extreme reactions to many medications and anesthesia. I seems there needs to be more information and research on the side effects of Shringrix. I am hoping my brain fog and fatigue will not be long lasting. I will think long and hard before getting the second shot.


I believe in vaccinations - I died for 4 minutes with the measles and once back to the land of the living I had to deal with encephalitis which has created issues all my life. I came down with shingles June 2019. It was near my right eye and into my scalp. Horrible. Determined not to go through that again so as soon as I could I got the Shingrix vaccine. That would be the end of December. Side effects were mild flu for about 3 days. February and I got the second dose. Oh boy. High fever, chills, fatigue, bone ache, muscle ache. The worst only lasted 24 hours from start to finish, 48 hours total. What I have now (which until I found this page I didn't realize was related) is a very sore injection site and shoulder, scaly patches on the my leg the same side as the vaccine. The pain doesn't get relief from anything except heat. Not sure how long this is going to last but now that I know it is probably the vaccine I will hold off on the doctor until my next scheduled visit. The one bonus for me was the lessening of the residual pain I had from the initial shingles attack. I came out ahead on the level of pain. I am so sorry to hear about all the really bad reactions.


I had the first Shingrix vaccine in August 2018. It was painless and other than some slight discomfort at the site for a couple of days, no problem. Had the second dose on January 8, 2019, in my left arm. A painless shot, but within 24 hours had flu-like symptoms; just aching all over, some chills and a low-grade fever that all lasted about 24 hours. I have no other symptoms, except that when I roll over onto my left side, my upper arm causes me such severe pain that it wakes me from a sound sleep. Putting hard pressure on the site also causes pain. I also have some numbness in the left arm, down to my fingers, but this may be related to a pre-existing neck problem.


For those that have had severe side effects, read these notes about errors in administration of the vaccine.
"Several of the errors were attributable to vaccine administrators confusing the two shingles vaccines, which actually differ in significant ways. Merck’s Zostavax is a live attenuated vaccine (ZVL) that is given once as a single shallow injection, just under the skin (subcutaneous injection). GlaxoSmithKline’s Shingrix is a recombinant vaccine (RZV) that must be reconstituted prior to injection and is administered deeper into the muscle (intramuscular injection). Shingrix is given twice, with the second dose given between two and six months after the first one.

The reported errors associated with Shingrix included administration via the subcutaneous route, a mistake that usually caused significant injection site reactions including pain, severe itching (pruritis), and redness (erythema). Other errors reported were administering the vaccine to patients younger than 50, giving out the wrong vaccine information sheet (VIS), administering just the vaccine’s novel adjuvant without reconstituting it with the actual vaccine antigen, and mistakenly giving the shingles vaccine to a person who was supposed to get chickenpox (varicella zoster) vaccine."

Tammie Sanders

I am currently 51 years old I had been chronic with shingles since approximately 47 years old, finally after turning 50 my doctor gave me the script to get the shingrix I received the first injection in August of 2018 approximately two weeks after I broke out with shingles again although I didn't have any side effects other than just a sore arm the doctor really didn't have any answers for me why I broke out again and then in December 2018 I received my second dose. It is now February 2019 and again I have broken out with shingles can anybody answer the question of why I am breaking out after getting shingrix??

Karen McGaffney

I am 69 and got my first dose of the Shringrex shot yesterday afternoon..I just noticed my arm was ver sore compared to any othr vaccines I got in my life time..Then Last night i could not sleep at all..My arm was so sore it felt hot and pins and needle jabs on my whole arm..My hip and leg on the other side were very painful...This morning I got up..just dont feel good..took my temp and it is 101.4 and have some nausea and body aches and arm still very sore...I am glad I read that there are side effects for this or I would have though I had influenza again

Jan Chandler

I received my first Shingrix vaccine three months ago and was told to get the 2nd injection now, but I am afraid to. I had a case of herpes zoster on my face and in my eye 2 years ago, and the effects (nerve pain and general fatigue) lasted for almost a year. I worried about getting the vaccine, but I wanted to protect myself from another outbreak, so I decided to get it anyway. I felt pain in my upper arm for about a week after getting the first injection. It was very swollen, red, and hot to the touch. That went away after a week, but now three months later, I still have severe itching of the injection site, and some numbness and tingling. It is so severe that I am afraid to get the 2nd injection because I am not sure if this will ever go away and I don't want to add to my misery. The itching keeps me up at night sometimes.

Dianna Davis

I have been an RN for 43 years and of course keep my immunizations up to date. October 2018 (age 66) I received Shingrix #1 on a Friday afternoon (so I could recuperate as necessary over the weekend) @ my hospital by the Infectious Disease Clinic (and yes I had chicken pox as a child); my ID doctor told me that I would probably not feel well for 2-3 days with a sore arm...he was arm hurt immediately and I was not myself over the weekend, but did go back to work on Monday. Today, February 22, 2019, I had Shingrix #2 and DID NOT HAVE ANY PAIN with the injection and so far I have NO side effects (YAHOO) I think my body reacted to this vaccine in a very serious way the first time message is PLEEZE get your 2nd Shingrix vaccine, I'm hoping your experience will be the same as no negative symptoms! Dianna


I guess people using Pinterest will no longer be able to investigate the real side effects of Shingrix, but I've never understood what that website was for anyway....

From US News & World Report:

"Anecdotal reports of Shingrix side effects don't come as a surprise, says Dr. Kathleen Dooling, a medical officer and shingles expert with the CDC's Division of Viral Diseases. 'In clinical trials that have studied this vaccine, we knew that it caused more side effects than perhaps some of the other adult vaccines that are recommended.'

In studies, Dooling says, more than 70 percent of people experienced pain following the Shingrix vaccine, and almost half experienced some type of muscle pain or fatigue. 'About one in six people experienced side effects so severe that it actually prevented their normal activities,' she says. 'So these side effects were in fact substantial. But for most people, they only tend to last about two or three days.'

....Because of its amplified immune response, the case for using Shingrix is 'persuasive,' says Dr. Arthur D. Hayward, a geriatrician in Tualatin, Oregon. However, he adds that at a recent medical meeting, 'What I heard was concern that patients having these reactions may hesitate to have the second of the two-dose series.'"


Hearing Loss! I had the first dose of Shingrix in June, 2018. Upon waking the second day after receiving the vaccine, I noticed a loss of hearing in my left ear. At the time it did not occur to me that Shingrix could have been the cause. I went almost 2 weeks hoping that when I again awoke that my hearing would be back to normal. When it did not, I made an appt with an ENT. Hearing tests showed a severe hearing loss in my left ear. The Dr gave me a Rx for a 5 day round of Dexamethasone (a steroid) which, in itself, was problematic as I am pre-diabetic. The ENT said that often times if sudden hearing loss is not treated within the first 2 weeks that it will become permanent. Two weeks later I returned to the ENT and additional hearing tests showed that my hearing was back to about 75% in my left ear. Eight months later and I am still having hearing issues with the biggest being tinnitus. The ringing is so bad that I can barely stand it! Needless to say, I did not have the 2nd Shingrix vaccine!

Debra Gaita

I had the first Shingles vaccine 7 days ago...experienced severe joint and muscle aches, shaking with chills, nausea, dizziness diarrhea, tingling in legs and feet and lethargy which left me unable to function for three's day 8 now and I'm still get chills and feel generally lousy. Does anyone know why the chills after 8 days? Will not be getting the second vaccine...I just don't feel right ...still weak, nauseous....something not right yet...I wish I had done more research on this beforehand...


First let me say that I am rarely sick - no headaches or colds. I get my annual flu shot with only a bit of injection soreness that’s gone within a day or two. I am in my late 50’s and in great shape. And to be clear, I am very PRO VACCINATIONS.

At my Dr’s suggestion I received my first Shingrix dose yesterday at 3p. By 6:30 p I couldn’t stop shivering, even with a sweatshirt and a warm throw. By 9p I felt extremely nauseous so I went to bed early, still not thinking this could be the result of the vaccine - I made the mistake of not reading Shingrix forums beforehand.

It is now 6:30a and I have been up all night - fever, body aches, my eyes feel like they could pop out of my skull, chills, severe diarrhea and nausea. My arm is swollen and painful.

I cannot go to work today and wish I had known more about consistently reported serious side effects from this “miracle” vaccine. I will absolutely NOT take the second dose.

My husband told me to stop writing and rest. But if my comments can help even one person decide if the 1 in 6 risk of potentially dehabillatating side effects is too great, then it will be worth it.

All the best.


I got the first Shingrix shot on Feb. 10, 2019. The next day I felt fatigued and just out of it. I went back to bed after 2 hrs of being up. I continued to feel worse and by the evening of the second day, I had full blown, extreme flu-like symptoms. I had vomiting, diarrhea, headache, chills, fever, body aches. Was in bed until late the next day and when I got up, noticed that my vision was blurry, I was dizzy and still nauseous. I was told to go to the emergency room, and all the tests showed normal results. I noticed the doctors that I worked with didn't relate my side effects with the vaccination. They all thought it might be something else. Even the ophthalmologist tried to say that because of my age (65) that things just start happening like this. I will not take the second Shingrix vaccine. I think it dangerous and needs to be recalled.

kay berguin

I had my first dose of Shingrix at CVS Minute Clinic 2/1/2019. I saw that she reserved my second dose with my name on it (smart). Will have to call Minute Clinic and tell them to send it back to GSK so that they can send it to Russia to help save them (see earlier articles) LOL. Injection was at twelve noon. By evening I was feeling extremely fatigued and out of it. Went to bed and woke at 3:30 a.m. with full blown flu (so I thought)...feverish, chills, injection sight was ridiculously painful, body ached everywhere, splitting headache and basically it took everything I had in me to get up and get some Ibuprofen then lay back down and wait for it to take effect so that I could get up and cancel a plane ticket at 6 a.m. before its 24 cancelation policy. It took every ounce of strength I could muster to do that. HOWEVER, I ALSO HAD ANOTHER REACTION THAT I HAVE NOT SEEN POSTED HERE. When I awoke at 3:30 a.m., my armpit (same arm as injection) was in SEVERE pain. I felt it and it was extremely swollen???? When I looked in the mirror raising both of my arms over my head it looked like I had grown a third boob! Went back to CVS Minute Clinic 24 hours after the vax to see if it was the flu as I began to suspect that it could be the vax. Negative flu test and she just shook her head at the swollen armpit but texted a picture of it to consult a college. No clue they said. Went to my Dr. and he ordered an ultrasound of the armpit. Benign reactive (swollen) lymph nodes. After two weeks it is still a bit sore and swelling is almost gone. In the days that followed I had tingling, numb feet, the ear ringing (still), and am wiped out by 6 pm almost daily. I'm a high energy person in excellent health so this is disturbing. My Doctor's comment on getting the second vaccine...."Do you really want to find out how bad the reaction could be the second time around?" Nuf said. I am not anti-vax or progress. But GSK, FDA and CDC should sit up and take notice! I mean swollen lymph nodes??? I shutter to think what that could mean down the road? I mean come on...pull it and re-formulate...duh! After seeing what I went through, I a guarantee not one of my friends will get this vaccine. Feeling crappy as I type so back to the bottle of Ibu I go. :(

Jerry D. Westerfield

I had the Shingrix vaccine on Dec 10,2018, and on Dec 29th developed a severe case of vertigo that was relentless. I am convinced it is due to the Vaccine. I have been seen at the University of Ky. and Mayo Clinic and told I have vestibular neuritis , that is secondary to a virus. That is almost certaintly the Shingrix virus. I wouldn't take the 2nd Shingrix shot for any amount of money. Taking the vaccine has somewhat ruined my life. Jerry

Brad Kirk

Thank you all for posting your experiences with Shingrix. My wife and I have both had our yearly Medicare Advantage physicals in the last 30 days. Different doctors with different organizations. We both had the Zostavax shots several years ago. And no side effects. We both have physicals yearly and having another shingles shot has only been mentioned on our last visit. My wife even got a GSK flyer during her physical yesterday promoting the product. It does mention side effects and possible severe side effects. They even reference a website to visit where you can signup for a reminder to take the second shot after you have taken the first. My wife was advised that the cost would be $181.50 per shot.
After reading the numerous negative comments above, and in consideration of our age (both in our early 70s), we have both decided we won’t be getting the Shingrix shots.

Gary Ogden

Susan: I find your comment almost hilarious. In reality, there is no need for Russia. Read David Talbot's "The Devil's Chessboard," to understand who the actual man behind the curtain is. There certainly are plenty of GP's who are actual doctors, some pediatricians, even. What is an actual doctor? One who listens to the patient. The truly scary thing is that Medicine, both medical education, and the way it is practiced today, is fully captured by industry, as are the regulatory bodies, and doctors who know better sometimes have to walk a fine line or face sanctions or career and financial repercussions; many now work for "health insurance" companies, such as Kaiser, and have no choice in choosing treatments, which are dictated by industry interests. I almost laugh whenever I hear the term "health care." Health care is what we as individuals do for ourselves and our families. If something is wrong, then medical professionals most certainly can help, but it is clear that most published medical research findings today cannot be trusted. The editors of the four leading medical journals-JAMA, NEJM, BMJ, and the Lancet have all stated this publicly. The only way to know if a particular medical treatment has positive value is to do your own research, and thanks to PuMed, and web sites such as AoA, this is remarkably easy to do. By the way PubMed stands for the Public Library of Medicine, and it archives virtually the entire output of scientific research, going back decades.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Susan Jeffrey | February 04, 2019 at 09:27 AM

Susan , this is London calling with the votes from the United Kingdom
And we say vaccines get nil points !

In fact you will find resistance movements against the vaccine scoundrels in every nation state you can name. From Colombia to Italy to Serbia to France to Russia to Japan -- everywhere
The game they play is to stop us all linking up into one definable force (I have other plans however)

And as the legend Colton Berret said "Doctors can no longer be trusted !" RIP

Managing Editor

Susan, - WHAT? Russia is using the comments? We see every commenter - no COMRADES!

Thanks. KIM

Susan Jeffrey

You all know that Russia is using social media and comment sections like this to negatively influence Americans about vaccines? So, before you go and read all these comments, ask yourself if you really need to know other people's experiences when talking to your GP may make the most sense.


I am a 54 yr old female . I consider myself healthy but about 20 lbs overweight due to meniscus surgery which limited my activity over the holiday. I had my first shot of Shingrix October of 2018, did not have any pain even immediately after the shot. Almost a month later my left arm up to shoulder really hurt. Very stiff as if I had lifted weights which I had not. On Jan 29, 2019 I had my second shot left arm at 10;15 am. Immediately after I felt the medicine almost flow thru body. However I was not in pain, my arm was sore. By 7:15 pm I became extremely cold , shivering, which is unlike me as I am warm natured. I told my husband all of a sudden I feel terrible, could not get warm. By Wednesday am I had broken out into a severe sweat and soaked my clothes and could not breathe congestion, sever headache so severe It took all my energy to get up and get Advil. I felt weak, exhausted and so tired. Finally Went to work, full of congestion, felt terrible came back home. Layed down for 2 hours, then husband drove me to airport to catch plane to Florida to visit 86 yr. old Father prior to business meeting on feb 4th. Got off plane felt worse was in bed Jan 31st and Feb 1st. I have had a fever of 99.8 to 100.5 severe congestion, sever coughing, pain in neck, chest and back. Went to urgent care today. Flu test was negative, yet I have all the flu symptoms. Back of neck hurts , chest and back hurts. Did an X-ray no pneumonia, however bronchitis, congestion, saying it could be viral but hearing fluid in lungs treating me with antibiotics. I have sever ringing in ears and still can’t open ear activity. Feels like my ears have not popped properly from plane ride. I think I have 2 things severe reaction to 2nd shot, and maybe on same day exposed to a cold or virus later that day while working and could not fight off do to reaction of 2nd shot, I still feel absolutely horrible, 4 days low grade fever and heafaches, pain in neck and left arm still sore. Thank you for your comments. I wish I read them sooner. I was scared of shingles due to so many friends my age actually having to deal with it.


It is Saturday 2/2/2019. I got my first Shingrix vaccine on Tuesday 1/29/2019. That night I woke up with a backache and headache. I was so stiff and achy I could barely get ready for work the next morning. Thank goodness the the school I teach at was dismissed at lunchtime and cancelled on Thursday. I came home on Wednesday and spent the rest of the day and Thursday on the sofa or in bed. I was so tired, achy, had terrible headaches, and felt like a train hit me. My arm was very sore, swollen and hot to touch. I have a red rash below the injection slight. Thursday evening I developed a very sore throat. Yesterday, Friday, the sore throat sent me to urgent care. The dr there said everything except the sore throat was all quite normal for the vaccine. This is normal?? I get a flu shot every year and never get anything but a sore arm. The dr put me on zpak for my sore throat because he said he thought it might be viral but with my history of sinus infections he would play it safe. Today, 4 days later most of the worst symptoms have subsided. My throat is still sore but not as bad. My arm is still hard but only warm not hot. I still have the rash on my arm and it is itchy. I have developed some itchy places on other parts of my body just since last night. My arm and the other spots have tiny little bumps on them. I filled out the report to CDC. I don't think I will get the second shot. My mother who is 78 and has a ton of medical issues has been told to get this vaccine. If she gets this and has a reaction like this, it will kill her. I have told her not to get it.


I felt fine until I had the shingrix vaccine, I got the chills and fever, nausea and severe pain
In my arm, and bedridden with exhaustion for 4 days. That was over a month ago, now I still get the chills and pain in my arm and have developed pain I my back, hip and leg. I feel
Nauseated periodically, and have a drs appt next week. I have read all the side effects
People have written and I think the FDA should investigate the pharmaceutical firm
That manufactures this vaccine, and withdraw it from the market. If not, A law suite
Should happen, and I will gladly be included.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Jan rutenberg | January 24, 2019 at 08:10 AM

I would seek legal action Jan.
Adult vaccination is not indemnified (Reagan1986) like the childhood vaccines if you can believe that.

Hair loss is an auto immune reaction. The body is attacking itself.
And trust me on this, never ever take another vaccine.

Jan rutenberg

I have gotten both 1st and 2nd shot. No reactions except something that is terribly worrisome.....after a lifetime of thick healthy hair.... I am losing hair at a very rapid rate....I would say I have lost 1/3 of my hair and it is still falling out.
Nothing in my life has changed at all except for getting the vaccine. Help.

Dianne klett

I too have received the Shingrex shot 2 months ago and noticed 2 weeks ago a ringing in my ears. Will this ringing go away in time? How could a vaccine cause problems with your ears? My understanding is the vaccine boosts your immune system to fight against the virus. What does boosting you immune system have to to with your hearing please explain?

Mark A.

Insurance companies, especially Part D Medicare providers, are raising co-pays by 40-50% in 2019 on the Shingrix vaccine. My company raised co-pay from $47 in 2018 to $83 in 2019. They changed the drug from a tier 3 to a tier 4 without any notice. What a scam!!

Krystyna Marcom

Since I received my first shot of Shingrix on Sept.4th, 2018, I have been plagued by skin rashes, hives, and small crusty outbreaks on various parts of the body, even my eyesight is affected on occasion. The itching is almost painful. Also have had cracking finger tips, pain in my feet, and strange pain in my ear on occasionally. Have not been able to get any answers as to how long this will last, or what to do about the second injection. Was told by a health care professional to take Benadryl for the skin eruptions. I will not be getting a the second shot.

The pain and swelling in the injection site went away after a week or so.

Joanne B.

Had first Shingrix early October. Side effects minimal. Got the second on Saturday January 5. Next day temperature 101, chills, exhaustion, could not get out of bed. Monday and Tuesday felt better but today back to chills, exhaustion, brain fog.....too tired to stand. My arm is still red swollen, still extremely painful to touch. I hope and pray this gets better.


I got my shot Jan 2. It's the 9th n I still don't feel good. The shot and my arm hurt So bad for 5 days. I couldn't eat or would get very sick. Had headache n neck pain, dizzy, nausea, so cold I'd shake, my liver and rt kidney hurts and I'm peeing brown (looks like coffee). I'm exhausted and my ears ringing loud. Yesterday I finally felt ok n ate but neck started hurting again. Today the 9th ears ringing n brown pee again. Haven't tried to eat yet... Mostly living on water n a piece of toast. Scared to get second shot which also was $175 outta pocket.


I received my first dose of Shingrix on Sept. 17. In addition to the site pain (which I expected), my entire body felt miserable all night. Less than 20 hours later, I suffered a pontilar stroke (in my brainstem) and was ambulanced to the hospital. Fortunately, the stroke was minor and I was sent home with an aspirin and Plavix regimen. I spoke to one doctor who said that vaccines can prompt the Fight or Flight Response, which can include hypercoagulation, and that may have brought on the stroke.

Four weeks later, I suffered an epidural hematoma in my spine (worst pain that I've ever experienced). Another ambulance ride! I quickly became paralyzed from the waist down until they were able to get some steroids in me and some platelets to stop the bleeding. Since I was improving and gaining my feeling back in my legs, the neurosurgeon wanted to forestall a laminectomy intended to relieve pressure from the bleed, which he said was most likely caused by the Plavix.

Now I have mostly recovered and am only dealing with some sciatic pain down one leg and overall weakness. What a fun ride! Am I taking the second dose of Shingrix? As my doctor said, shingles may hurt like hell, but they're unlikely to kill me. The vaccine just might.

J Do

I got the Shingrix vaccination 2 wks ago. I feel like I have been having heart palpitations, chest pressure, my head feels "full", headaches, pressure across bridge of nose, ears ringing and feel like they need to pop, dizziness. I am 71, in relatively good health, bike 10 miles/day. Have no idea if these symptoms are r/t vax, but just don't feel well.


My husband had his second Shingrix shot around December 8th -experienced sweats, aches, chills, etc and by Demecber 17th he was dead! Still waiting on toxicology reports but had some sort of stroke-heart attack. My husband went to CrossFit 6 days a week, vegetarian and had perfect blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I’m convenience it was the shingles shot.. who do I contact about a class action lawsuit?

Terri Mitchell

I got the first shot in July of 2018 and had the general flu like symptoms but at the site I had what was diganossed as cellulitis.My arm hot red and swollen had to be in antibiotics. Consulted with my Dr about getting the next dose she advised to get it but to take Benadryl prior to and day after, well today is day is day 3 and I have been to the walk-in with severe redness swelling,my arm is hot, itching, fever and also had severe headache and body aches.Im definitely not advising my friends and family to get this vaccine.


I had a first shot of Shingrix on the 19 of october and was sick the next day and that pass quite fast and then little tingle in the right legs started, shortly after It when down in my shin and foot and had pain since. I was not able to sleep for many day until I found that Advil work better then Tylenol. So now I still have pain and my right foot is swollen , but with Advil I can manage to work and sleep at night.
I do not know wether it is the vaccine but the coincidence is strong.


I received the first Shingrix vaccine on December 7, 2018. Within 24 hours I began getting chills, fever and a nerve pain that started in my lower back and spread down my right butt cheek and leg to my right foot. Let me explain that I’ve had exitsting nerve pain in this same area from a lower back injury that occurred years ago at work. However that nerve pain has been managed pretty well with daily doses of Celebrex and Tylenol - up until I received the first Shingrix vaccine. Now the nerve pain in my right butt cheek, right leg and foot are back again and so strong that the Celebrex and Tylenol are useless in controlling this pain. I cannot even sleep at night the pain is so bad. I’ve contacted my PCP and the pharmacy to see if I should continue with the second vaccine and if these nerve pain symptoms are directly related to the vaccine. I was told that I should only have experienced some “muscle pain for a few days.” It’s now December 28. I received the vaccine on December 7th as I stated earlier and the pain is still very strong. I believe these nerve pain symptoms are not a coincidence of receiving this vaccine. Now I’m afraid of getting the second vaccine. Anyone else have these same symptoms of nerve pain?


I had the 1st Shingrix shot on 12/7 and have had issues with my ears from 12/8 on. They feel like they need to pop-same reaction I get when flying. My hearing is somewhat worse because of this and it has also affected my balance some. Hoping it clears up in time.


First dose was late August, second was late October. About 2 weeks after second dose ringing began in my ears. Has not left and it's been over a month. Will schedule appt with ENT. I see one post above with similar issue. Has anyone else experienced same?

Kim Riffel

I found this site because I am miserable 2 days after my 2nd Shingrix shot. After reading about the more severe reactions here, perhaps I am lucky thus far. With the first shot I had a hard knot & pain in the injection arm for a week or so. I don't believe it was the nurse's fault. Both times I got the Shingrix I got the painful knot, & as a nurse, I believe the shot was appropriately given. I had some generalized soreness & headache both times as well. It's much worse this time, making it exhausting & painful to stand for long, & I know that I am very irritable because I don't feel like myself. I am pacing myself when I ordinarily have plenty of energy. The headache moves up the back of the neck & over the skull. My shoulders are tight & constantly ache; more so when I move. There is back discomfort that also feels muscular. Since I didn't have these effects so strongly the first time, I decided to look up whether they are related to the shot. I have also considered the possibility that I could have cancer, fibromyalgia or even ischemia. Now I do believe it is the vaccine. My husband also got the two Shingrix doses. With the first he woke up in the night with shaking, generalized pain/aching & fear that he might be having an MI. He had a minimal reaction with the second. As a nurse, I never got the flu shot until the past few years when I would have been fired if not. After my own experience with the Shingrix, I would never recommend that someone get it. I also feel like a guinea pig now. When I asked questions about potential side effects I was told "no worries; some arm soreness." I feel silly that I dodn't do more research before I got it, because I wouldn't have. Doctors, nurses, & nurse practitioners scared me into it. But the testimony of someone in this discussion who had shingles several times, & still wouldn't risk the vaccine, was powerful. NO Shingrix!

Joanne Hayes

Had first Shingrix shot on 7/18/2018. For next 3 days, I had flu-like symptoms. Then continued with weakness,lethargy, pains in body. Severe pain in the rims of my ears, pain up back, neck and severe headaches that would wake me from sleep. Was very healthy before vaccine. Walked about 3 miles per day and then following vaccine for about 2 months, it was an effort to even walk. Food shopping became a real problem. Even taking a bath hurt. I had severe pain in my right arm and definite swelling u der my arm. Now almost 5 months later, the swelling under my arm has improved, but my arm and shoulder are still very painful. I filled out a questionnaire with the CDC citing my experience with Shingrix vaccine. I hope everyone will take the time to fill out the CDC form too.


I am posting this comment as a plea for others who has received the Shingrix injections to please read this in it’s entirety & comment if you are someone you love has suffered from any adverse reactions after receiving the injection.
I sit here writing this with the huge worry that my parents may not ever be able to recover & want to see if there are others that may have experienced any of the same adverse reactions to this drug as well.
Both of my parents received their 1st injection of Shingrix on 7/6/18 & their 2nd injection on 10/10/18.
Since that time my parents, my brother, myself, & numerous friends and family have started noticing a huge decline in my parents health.
After going back & looking at my mother’s calendar (she keeps notes on it, much like one would keep notes in a diary), My parents, my family & I have come to realize that all their health problems started and coincided with their 1st injection of Shingrix, so now I am trying to determine if it could possibly be this drug that is causing these health problems.
A few health issues they have now had were listed by the drug manufacturer as possible side effects, such as fever, chills, which both occurred within 24 hours of receiving their injections, while others much worse were not shown.
Our family is greatly concerned, we have watched as these 2 healthy, vital, active adults seem to loose their independence more and more each day.
My father whom is in his early 80’s & was absolutely in great health prior to these injections walked 2 miles each day around their neighborhood religiously, & many of those living in the neighborhood refer to him as the “walking man”, but within just a day or two of receiving his 1 injection he started suffering from a definite discomfort to his right side back area where his bottom ribs connect to his spine, and his right knee became weak, and felt to him like as he himself described it “my knee feels as if it wants to double backwards, or collapse under me”, he thought well possibly he slept crooked the night before, but soon realize it had to be something more. He went out & purchased a back brace, tried a heating pad, & ice packs but nothing seemed to help.
As more time passed and the 2nd injection was received by my father within just a few more days he began to loose muscle strength in not one but in both of his legs, making it hard for him to rise and stand any longer from a sitting position after he had been sitting for any amount of time. Upon rising he began experiencing severe pain in right leg muscle & knee area causing him to have problems controlling his balance or walking, which again was something he had never had any problems with prior to both the 1 injection, and then the 2nd injection seemed to put it over the top for him.
As I post this on 12/4/18, I wish for all to know that as of 5 days ago my father is no longer able to stand or walk without the assistance of others or a walker. He is scheduled for a MRI later this week.
My mother also in her early 80’s & also in great health, began having noticeable health issues within a 3 to 5 days of having her injection as well.
One such health issue is her extreme hearing loss, which she has not been able to regain back. This is a woman that previous to this injection could hear a Gnat land on a window seal at 100 feet away, and whose grandchildren refer to her as “old radar ears”, jokingly.
Since my mothers sudden loss of hearing within the first week after receiving the 1st injection my mother has sought out the help of a ear specialist, she has had hearing tests done showing a dramatic loss of hearing & understanding, she has had MRI’s, and after all else was ruled out her specialist decided that possibly allowing them to place Eustachian tubes in both her ears might resolve some of her hearing loss, but it has not, so even after surgery was completed, there has been no improvement what so ever, and they continue to look for but have not been able to find what the source of her hearing loss as of this time.
My mother is also a B-cell lymphoma cancer survivor, that is 20+ years clear.
Her yearly mammogram was already scheduled for July 30th, prior to her receiving her first Shingrix injection on July 6th. It was after this mammogram that she was alerted that she for the 1st time since her cancer diagnosis had a swollen Lymph node gland under her right arm pit, (this was listed as a possible side effect by the drugs manufacturer), She was not aware of this, and the information on this side effect is rather buried, and it took a bit of research for us to actually find. Can you even begin to imagine the scare my mother & father went through, hearing these words again, after being a 20+ yrs. survivor of lymphoma.
My mother was immediately scheduled for a follow up mammogram, along with a sonogram/ultrasound on the 7th of August.
This 2nd mammogram found no change, and the sonogram/ultrasound confirmed the enlarged lymph node seen by the mammogram, so she was scheduled her for a follow up needle biopsy.
Praise to God our prayers were answered, her biopsy returned clean with no sign of cancer, but her physician wanting to error on the side of caution requested she have another sonogram/ultrasound, in 3 to 4 months. My mother just had all of these done again at the end of last week and is still awaiting the results back from her Dr. as I am posting this.
So, once again I ask .... If you or a family member also experienced any long lasting side effects from this drug, please let us know by commenting below, so we might at least know that we are not alone.
Thank you in advance for any info you may be able to share with us.


This has been a big pharma sales pitch, and a hoax! "GSK" pushed the 2 part shot, and they do not even have enough part 2 shots to match part 1 shot! The doctors offices that administered part 1 shot say go to the drug store to get the part 2 shot. "CVS" pharmacy says that if you did not get part 1 from them you can not get part 2 from them! No more "CVS" for me, they now lost me as a once loyal customer!
Is it now OK to skip the part 2 shot, all together? Who knows, because the drug has not been out long enough to know! We must be part of their monkey study! I think there may be a "Class Action" lawsuit here! I am disgusted! "GSK" is now making lip service that the "CDC" gave approval to take shot 2 after 6 months! So, who at "GSK" wined and dined who at the "CDC"? Just disgusting, and all about big pharma money! It's a HOAX and a SCAM! Is do not go for it!


I have had a terrible reaction to the second vaccination. I had all the expected flu like symptoms but also head pressure and break out in a sweat. Now my right leg feels like it has been plugged in. It feels fried - hurts, burns and itches. I wasn’t that bad for the first 2 days now I feel terrible. I got the shot over a month ago. I called the cdc, fda, and GlaxoSmithKline and reported my situation.
They really don’t know how effective it will be in 5 years. 1 in 10 are reporting it to the cdc. Many are having severe reactions.
I wish I had never gotten the shot I really feel like I have shingles.

Jeannette Bishop

@Shelly, the Zostavax package insert (and probably other vaccine inserts) lists "hearing loss" as a potential outcome, so I wouldn't dismiss it as being related...

...but there is a huge increase in tinnitus (which may not be exactly what you are dealing with) occurring due in large part to the rise of wireless radiation in our culture, just in case being help to reduce that exposure helps you, but even if that does help, that does not negate a possible role for the vaccine IMO.


I had my first Shingrix vaccine 2 months ago and have an appt to get the second. Has anyone heard of severe ear ringing after receiving this vaccine? I also have numbness in my thumb and forefinger, probably due to the nurse hitting a nerve in my arm. It hurt for almost 2 weeks!
The ear ringing is driving me absolutely crazy...

L. T. Delegall

I had a severe case of chickenpox 55 years ago. In order to avoid shingles as an adult, I had the 1st Shingrix vaccine Oct. 9. I had the fever and a light rash around the injection site. Two evenings later, I still ran a low fever, but never anything too difficult. On the 6th day I had my first chickenpox, yes, chickenpox! It’s wasnt shingles—there’s a huge difference. By the 10th day, I had a dozen pox on the side where the injection was taken, on my right arm, face, and chest. They itched like the dickings! I reported it to the CDC and they said it couldn’t be chickenpox, yet one of their doctors thought it could be, but I would only be “slightly contagious.” I said, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. My husband (who has never had chickenpox) never came down with them, so I guess that doctor was right. I know I was not exposed to chickenpox before the vaccine and wouldn’t that be an amazing coincidence—and, don’t forget, I’ve already had them and should be immune. I can’t be the only person this has ever happen to. The CDC says I still need the Shingrix vaccine in January, but I’m timid about doing that again.

Ellen Coviello

I have had tingling in legs and hands, horrible pain in my wrists, shakiness, and now I coincidentally, yesterday, I got both a cold sore and temporary loss of vision in one eye.

So far, no one can find anything wrong with me. It's so scary.

I was given shingles pain medicine for my legs and shingles med for my cold sore!

hmmmm Shingles meds? Do I have internal shingles? Something is terribly wrong

At the same time that this started with me, my husband developed plantar faciitis. Nerve pain.

This has been going on for three months.

Tammy Zavala

Yep, took the first shot of the shingrix vaccine and within a week or two I had walking pneumonia, RSV, edema, and severe neuropathy of both feet/legs. I was forced to go on FMLA because I could not walk and I needed my medical insurance to seek treatment. Of course not one doctor nor pharmacist will say that the vaccine caused the overall illness, but I am far from stupid. The only stupid thing I did was take the first shot of the vaccine. Has anyone else had such a bad reaction?

david m burd

Pete, you said "Many people whose cancer disappeared overnight had just had a high fever which they didn't suppress."

This is what the surgeon Dr. William Coley over 100 years ago actually achieved with his cancer therapy, when he deliberately caused patients temperatures to soar to 105F by injecting (or scraping their skin) with a variety of toxic bacteria and other substances. Thence the patients proceeded via their immunity response to several days of extremely high fevers; in a great percentage of cases their cancers quickly disappeared,

Dr. Coley's therapy was called "Coley's Toxins" and was quite successful for decades - this type of "high temperature therapy" should be an option today, but the of course today's patients wouldn't bankrupt themselves with many months of extremely expesnsive chemotherapies. It is quite plausible that cancer cells can't survive such high body temperatures, whereas normal cells can.

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