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Aluminium and multiple sclerosis

image from i.ytimg.comby Chris Exley 

(From the Hippocratic Post)

In a recent post – A role for aluminium in multiple sclerosis, we highlighted that individuals with multiple sclerosis excrete high amounts of aluminium in their urine.

It was also demonstrated that regular drinking of a silicon-rich mineral water (Why-everyone-should-drink-silicon-rich-mineral-water) facilitated the urinary excretion of aluminium. Elevated urinary excretion of aluminium exacerbated in the short term by drinking a silicon-rich mineral water is indicative of a high body burden of aluminium (!divAbstract).

However, the systemic origin of excreted aluminium in multiple sclerosis remained unknown though we speculated that it might be brain tissue, reflecting known intimate associations between aluminium and myelin. The latter being the primary target biomolecule in the aetiology of multiple sclerosis. .. (continue reading at the Hippocratic Post)


Angus Files

Lorraine it cant do any harm but the choice is yours.In my opinion going by what I have read from Dr Exley we all have Big Al in our systems which wasnt the case 120 years ago as the Al was still locked in the rocks such as granite etc.I was buying it at 55 pence a bottle during the winter for a 1.5ltr its one of the cheapest protocols I have ever done and probably one of the most necessary.As Dr Hayley once said Mercury and Aluminium interfere with one another , the damage being caused is sky`s the limit..I needed it out and then just a daily drink to keep any new Al out as well.

Pharma For Prison


Lorraine Messmer

Has any parents tried this silica rich water with their autistic child? What were the results? Helped or didn't help reduce the aluminum in their body? Help

Angus Files

Volvic water from France is also endorsed by Dr Exley. The level is a 1.5ltr of volvic water within 1 hour. This is to raise the silica in the blood levels sufficient enough to cross the blood brain barrier.Do this for 3 months everyday.Then just a daily drink to wash out any new aluminium breathed,eaten or subcutaneously absorbed.I was doing it with my son and it certainly thins the blood and you feel chilled(as in cold) but if your somewhere really warm you might not feel that.

If it stops you getting Alzheimer's cant be a bad thing.

Pharma For Prison


Gary Ogden

Kathy Sincere: You're right, the Resnicks are not very nice people, but is Jeff Bezos any better?


Hydrated silica in it's pure form has a gelatinous consistency. Fiji water has a bit of that; I will call it smooth.
On the bottle of Fiji water it says that there is silica -- that is what they call it; there is 93mg per Liter. The bottle is 500 ml so there are 46 or so mg is in the bottle.

That is because it has something to do with volcanoes. Dr. Exley discussed if people living in areas that had a lot of volcanic reactions like Japan had less problems with Parkinsons, or alzeiheimers, and so on.

Silica is sand, Sand that comes from quartz. Quartz is a main rock expelled by volcanoes. There is also plenty of sand on beaches, and in mountainous regions, but it has to be hydrogenated sand. I would think that running water through sandstone would cause that water to have hydrogenated silica in it too. We have our own bottling company right here in my area that has a large spring that flows through sandstone. We are drinking that type of spring water.

Who knew that my Mother was right to be a big fan of Spring water;


Hydrated silica is what Dr. Exley is talking about. Hydrated silica means it is a form of silicon dioxide, which has a variable amount of water in the formula. When dissolved in water it is usually known as silicic acid. It is found in nature, as opal gemstone, and in the cell walls of diatoms. So there you are.


Kathy Sincere

Dr. Exley has endorsed silica-rich Starkey water, which comes in glass – no plastic particles – in addition to Fiji water, to chelate aluminum from the body. Starkey has 58.9ppm silica, and has a pH of 9.6. ( Starkey Water is available at most Whole Foods.

About The Wonderful Company that owns Fiji water:
“The Wonderful Company LLC, formerly known as Roll Global, is a private corporation based in Los Angeles, California. With revenues of over $4 billion,[1] it functions as a holding company for Stewart and Lynda Resnick, and as such is a vehicle for their personal investments in a number of businesses. The company currently counts as business divisions the following brands: flower delivery service Teleflora, juice company POM Wonderful, bottled water company FIJI Water, Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Almonds (formerly Paramount Farms), Wonderful Citrus (formerly Paramount Citrus), sea freight company Neptune Pacific Line, JUSTIN Vineyards and Winery, pest control company Suterra, and in-house marketing agency Wonderful Agency (formerly Fire Station).

The new Chief Medical Officer for The Wonderful Company is the former head of Colorado’s “Health” Department, CDPHE - a former pediatrician who has done a great job defending/promoting vaccines since his time in public office. The same vaccines that deposit aluminum in the brain……. It’s a crazy world.

From Dr. Mercola, on Fiji water :

"Its current owners, meanwhile, own a pesticide company and have gained control of the Kern Water Bank near California's Central Valley, one of the largest underground water reservoirs in the United States. None of this has tarnished Fiji Water's sparkling reputation, thanks in part to a $5 million "Fiji Green" marketing campaign that has managed to make drinking Fiji bottled water seem somehow 'green'. "

I would pick Starkey Water over Fiji Water for many reasons!

Jeannette Bishop

I really appreciate scientists like Dr. Exley performing the safety science needed regarding our use of minerals like aluminum, and also these recommendations which I hope help many.

A somewhat related thought I guess I'll just throw out there:

A grassroots movement to update our grade school health curriculums (assuming this is not happening...I'm a few years detached from our school system) to include teaching about toxicology (avoidance of heavy metals, how even some "trace" exposures can be problematic etc) and maybe better understanding of the modern epidemics (I'm thinking of a title something like "From Serum Sickness into the Allergy Autoimmunity Era and How We Begin to Optimize Health") with the aims of getting our youth on a better footing to understand the health problems stemming from pollution and roots of immune systems getting thrown off track, healthy microbiomes, etc. with the further aim to prepare the future researchers and engineers to develop prevention strategies.

Last I checked our kids are essentially being taught early twentieth century pharmaceutical strategies against infections only, with some data, but mostly a lot of propaganda founded upon cherry picked correlations of improvements we assign all to them. We have at least as good of a foundation of data to educate on allergy (some known causes, how prevalent and the rising trends, life threatening anaphylaxis which hospitalizes more than 200,000 each year in the U.S. etc), autoimmunity (what is autoimmunity, how prevalent, causes?), bio-accumulation of heavy metals and harmful effects, healthy detoxify practices maybe, etc.

Age appropriate curricula of such material (not that I know how much work this involves) could be encouraged to be adopted by our schools, especially private parent driven education programs, but maybe public schools would want to as well, and (at least with a censorship free internet) could be made available online, could be distributed in other ways as seems doable, appropriate.


Diatomaceous earth has silica in it. Is silica the same as silicon?0

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