$101 Million Dollar Vaccine Injury Award for Encephalopathy from MMR Vaccine
Depriving Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Petitioners the Opportunity of Seeking Legal Counsel

We Welcome Gwyneth Paltrow to the Paul Offit Is Afraid of You Club!

RM offitHere he goes again. Paul Offit's latest article in Salon goes after Gywneth Paltrow for what he calls "celebrity science." Celebrities have brains. The ability to think. Those who've been in the movie industry for decades are probably crafty thinkers who can make good decisions for themselves, and thus their longevity.  Can celebs have ideas that are way off the beaten path. Sure. Didn't Daryl Hannah live in a tree for a while or some such thing?  Offit is attacking Paltrow for her support of a unique form of feminine hygiene personal care. I'll leave it at that. It's not my steaming cup of oolong - and probably not yours either, my lady readers. Offit's real goal is to dredge up our friends - Jenny McCarthy, Rob Schneider, Jim Carrey, Kristin Cavallari and anyone with a platform who questions vaccine safety. Gywneth is just a vehicle for him to show his allegiance to the vaccine industry that he loves so dearly.    He refers to this time as our "post-truth era.." WHAT?   Would he say that about the ME TOO movement that also claims Gwyneth for her stated harassment by Harvey Weinstein? Imagine if Salon wrote a scathing piece denying ALL the Me Too claims.  THAT.

Oh, and speaking of celebs and science:

Oops, that's a slip and fall.


Gwyneth's Mom...

SALON (please make sure you read that as "Saaaallllll-ooohhhhhn").

Six times celebrities pushed dangerously bad science

This is America: When celebrity culture merges with science denialism, you get public health crises

In our post-truth era, scientific illiteracy has morphed into science denialism. Today, people simply declare their own truths. As a consequence, science is losing its platform as a source of truth. Meanwhile, a pervasive celebrity culture — in which celebrities are considered trusted “experts” solely because of their fame — has poisoned the idea of what constitutes expertise.

Nowhere is the merger of these two trends more evident than in our embrace of “celebrity science,” which, because it often involves issues of health, might not only be misleading but harmful. Some celebrities actually do have science backgrounds; Mayim Bialik, who has a PhD in neuroscience, springs to mind. Unfortunately, many celebrities have waded into debates within fields in which they have neither expertise nor training, perhaps unintentionally injecting doubt into scientific certainty and often even harming public health efforts. Here are a few of the worst celebrity offenders.

Anti-vaccine crusaders Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Kristin Cavallari and Rob Schneider: The anti-vaccine crowd frequently falls back on the claim that vaccines cause autism, despite more than two dozen studies clearly showing that vaccination does not increase the incidence of autism. Nor did it make a whit of biological sense that vaccines would. Read more here.



You all should read this. We needn’t go back to an era of children dying before they reach adulthood. I know you all are intelligent, intellectual beings, so I am asking you, pleading you to read more into the positive benefits vaccines have. Please

Angus Files

Welcome to Offit`s bull shit highway.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

UK (complete news blackout plc) is coming under pressure !
Fantastic news because this is a war they actually cannot win !




A UK daily newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, published an article today with UK health chiefs effectively calling for Facebook to censor anyone that challenges the mainstream view on vaccines. It focused on the MMR vaccine and measles.


If caustic carbuncles personified thinks that vaccines and vioxx ,are safe and effective? and that we are to be ordered to believe that we must be descended from apes?
How come we have so many "Apes and Buffoons"that haven't been able to make the evolutionary, biological "Shunt of the shift"towards a compassionate conscience and are still monkeying around believing the Health and Human Services is not accountable and responsible, for utter failure, as the responsible authority deliberately ? not following it's own "Act" of oversight responsibility and duty to the public for vaccine safety over the past 30 years ! Did the silly wee sausages think that there would only be a one in a million chance of it getting found out, about 30 years of negligence.
The Monkees -Theme song edited to full length [1966] youtube

Anita Donnelly

Our community has been traumatized four ways at least. One by the events and afteemath that shocked our children’s brains. Two by tbe corporate pharma industry successfully bullying those who would normally support us into silence, making this an even lonelier road. Third by the near impossibility of real justice. Fourth by the fact that unlike every other victim we cannot tell our stories to at least our loved ones without them hearing us with doubt, fear, or even contempt. Somehow they have been made to identify with the perpetrators not us, and they feel complicit—they think they benefitted by the thing that maimed our child and so they cannot face it or even comfort us.


Susan Welch,
I messed up the punchline. It was: "There's a recipe on Goop". Have a great story about why I messed it up, but, for another time. The bottom line of which is I hate all three of my children.

susan welch

Annie, You conjured up the most wonderful image in my head!

We can dream.

John Stone

Benedetta, of course, there are many HPV vaccine studies which hide harm, because of course none are tested against placebo, only other dangerous vaccines.



So Vaxxed censored from Tribeca, Joan Shenton (of Sacrificial Virgins) banned from Australia, any celebrity stepping out of line panned, anything to whip those crazy, commie, anti-vaxxers into shape. I'm wondering just how much McCarthyism Hollywood will tolerate?

I yearn for the day when Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow walk the Guardasil girls down the red carpet; Robert Deniro and Aiden Quinn, with their children right behind; Rob Schneider and Jim Carrey co-host the ceremony. Tony Braxton sings the opening number and the piece de resistance Jenny McCarthy presents the Humanitarian of the Year award to Dr. Wakefield.

I heard somewhere that crow is an acquired taste. Offit might want to look for his next meal in the parking lot.

PS Any and all puns in this comment are completely intended.


Has there really been a dozen studies on more than a million people that shows there is nothing the matter with the HPV that they claim Katie Couric omitted?

Did she omit them cause they didn't exist?

bob moffit

Offit .. who will live in infamy for his scientific incredulous observation that newborns could tolerate 100,000 vaccines .. is to science … as Saddam's Baghdad Bob was to truth.

John Stone

Anybody can see what these people are about. It is simply hate material because they cannot win on science - the Guardian was also persecuting Paltrow last year:


The media are marginalising themselves, making themselves look ridiculous, so now they have to ban us, making any excuse they can.

Gary Ogden

Yes, welcome Gwyneth Paltrow! The more the merrier.

Hans Litten

Fairly sure Paul Offit is terrified now. He writing is more on the fence.
His future (& more so that of his family & his huge fortune too) is all on the line.

He is fighting for his life - spare him a kind thought !


Parents are mistaken, Jenny is a nut case.
College professors bought by Merck, by subsidizing those professors with their very own medical labs, right beside the University of Kentucky Medical Center have that little speech well rehearsed about mistaken parents.
Until you run into one of these parents and take the time and give a care to even hear their stories.

Jenny is not an anti - vaxxer. She is an X- vaxxer.
I listened to her horrific story of her healthy, sweet, baby boy spiral into serious neurological health problems. IT will always wear on her soul for the rest of her life: that one moment when she looked back into the rear view mirror, and saw her son in deep trouble. She had to pull over on the side of the road, in busy traffic, call for help. They had to work on him to get him to start breathing again, and during that time she knew he was gone, or thought it was.

Gone. I had that moment myself. I dream about it at time, or I get a flash back sometimes; in the most unexpected times of that moment. Those large, black, huge pupils of my own son's eyes' and that was way back 32 years ago. Still fresh in my mind.

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