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Written Evidence on Vaccination from John Stone on Data.Parliament.UK

Vaccinegate: Five Out Seven Analyzed Products Non-Compliant With Biological Guidelines

image from www.corvelva.itPRESS RELEASE

VACCINEGATE? 5 of 7 vaccines analyzed are not compliant
Metagenomics analysis report on vaccine samples

The Corvelva Association, an historic Italian association that supports vaccine freedom, has commissioned the analysis of biological contamination in some batches of vaccines currently commercialized in Italy, to a highly qualified scientific institute specialized in sequencing the genetic material.

The results are alarming, on 7 types of vaccines, as many as 5 do not conform to the guidelines for the quantity of biological material, DNA or foreign RNA of human or animal origin, or for the presence of genetic mutations of the antigens!!!

✔ Priorix Tetra, GlaxoSmithKline - NOT CONFORMING
✔ Infanrix hexa, GlaxoSmithKline - NOT CONFORMING
✔ Measles live vaccine B.P., Poonawalla Group - NOT CONFORMING
✔ PolioInfanrix, GlaxoSmithKline - NOT CONFORMING
✔ Vivotif, PaxVax - NOT CONFORMING

These results throw a shadow on the quality of the checks carried out by the controllers bodies.

We can not yet release the original documentation and communicate the names of the laboratories, that are internationally certified, because we are completing further investigations to understand other aspects that are decisive for safety and effectiveness. Vaccines such as Infanrix hexa and PolioInfanrix have the viral DNA of the poliovirus in quantities below the limits of detection of both standard instruments and the sensitivity of deep sequencing, this raises the following questions: is the antigen really present? those vaccines immunize? These questions and many others will be answered in the second line of our research.
In Italy already in the coming days will be presented complaints to the competent authorities and we will keep you updated.

Corvelva Staff



Hans Litten

How does Beatrice Lorenzin feel about this Corvelva group ?
Will she try shutting them down too ? dawn raids ?

In France a very interesting situation occurring with Macron and his 26 year old bodyguard.
Hopefully the end of Macron after what he did on mandatory vaccines for children.

cia parker


You're right, the whole racket depends on trust, and it is certainly a good thing to publicize the shoddiness with which the vaccines are produced. I just want everyone possible to be aware that even if the vaccines were to meet the standards which they choose to set according to unknown and doubtless shoddy guidelines, they STILL would not be safe. Everyone must decide for himself how many adverse reactions likely caused by the vaccine he thinks make the vaccine inadvisable for himself or his family, and then he must be free to refuse it. But also always bearing in mind the likelihood of their getting a severe case of the disease and how likely it is that the vaccine would protect them from it.

Angus Files

Pick a card any card? springs to mind but in this case its pick any component of the poisonous vaccine soup and see the damage it causes outwith what they regard SAFE (whats the safe dose of Neomycin Mercury aluminium?) would be great to see what they have found on the papers when they are published,but it comes as no surprise to us all on here.

This year we had a sign on the front door of our house, saying if you have had a flu vaccine please do not enter-not many were walking away better than last year the coins dropping slowly...

Well done and thank you Corvelva Staff

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

It also reminds us they - under present arrangements - could put anything in a product and we would not know. Everything depends on trust and trust is entirely maintained in this case by deceit and repression. They won’t even be held to their own standard, and standards plummet because of the bad culture.

cia parker


I, of course, agree that they should at least live up to their own standards, but I have a feeling they know how meaningless they are. Even if they lived up to them, they'd still be very dangerous, but in most cases would protect against the targeted disease (unless it's pertussis or flu), while still disabling many. Of what quality is the evidence that living up to their standards results in fewer disabling reactions? Since they throw out and refuse to look at most of these reactions, how can we believe anything they say about them?

But I'm still afraid enough of tetanus and of diphtheria if it came back to cautiously recommend the vaccines in most cases. I got our six-year old cat a Purevax rabies booster in March, and he reacted to it: it was a three-year vaccine, and since he goes out and hunts every day and we live in raccoon and bat country, I decided the unadjuvanted, recombinant vaccine was worth the risk. But then was in agony when he became very lethargic and unresponsive, and refused to eat. Just the way he reacted to the Advantage spot-on flea preventive twice last year. Merial Purevax vaccines are supposed to be the safest there are, but as I googled frantically that night I learned that that is again a very relative statement, and that some dogs and cats have reacted to the line with cancer, autoimmune disease, and death.

We're back to using Front Line spot-on flea preventive now. I think it's very likely that it causes cancer in the long run, but it's just not possible to live in a house full of fleas on the dog, cats, and us. I learned that the magnetic flea tags don't work. I've looked, but can't find a homeopathic flea preventive. The herbal collars and shampoos didn't work, for us, at least. I get the dog tested in November for heartworms, once mosquito season is over. She's tested heartworm-free two years in a row, making me glad I didn't take a chance on the dangerous heartworm pills. I'm saying that no matter what they do, it's not going to make vaccines safe; everyone needs to know that, and get only what seem to them the most essential vaccines, despite the dangers. Or get the homeopathic nosodes, but I don't know how long their protection lasts.

But yes, it is a good thing to publicize that the vaccine companies aren't even living up to their own shoddy standards. But the foreign proteins are just part of the package, I don't think they can eliminate them. And the vaccine antigens themselves are foreign proteins.

John Stone


But it is a valuable point that products are not even routinely meeting their own manufacturing standard. It tells you what you need to know about the integrity of the manufacturers and the licensing agencies. It certainly does not mean the products would be safe if they did meet the manufacturing standard, it is simply that they don't even do that.

And, of course, the next thing is that the European Medicines Agency, MHRA, FDA (if they are involved) will do anything but take action - reassuring statements will be made etc. etc.

cia parker

The "guidelines" for safe vaccine ingredients are an extremely relative measure at best, and better described as "a shot in the dark." There can be NO safe amount of any foreign substance injected into the body: every foreign substance becomes a potent antigen capable of provoking an extreme and damaging immune response. If a tiny bit of plastic has fallen into the vaccine by accident, and it is injected into the body, the immune system of some people will react to it by initiating an allergic reaction to that plastic or substances closely resembling it. And the same goes for every vaccine ingredient: vaccine, adjuvant, preservatives, antibiotics, animal and plant proteins, remnants of the cell culture used to prepare the vaccine, even the saline solution it is prepared in: all can trigger severe reactions from the immune system.

I still believe that there are a few vaccines usually worth taking a chance on and getting, but I say that while recognizing that the procedure presents dangers for everyone, for some much more than for others. Vaccination is simply not a safe process, can never be one, but I think sometimes, when the use of vaccines is minimized, the diseases can be more dangerous than the vaccines for many people. But it is certainly something which every parent must research and think carefully about, and the decision must be left up to the parents.

bob moffit

At some point .. the overwhelming scientific evidence being gathered every day proving that vaccines are far from "SAFE" .. containing biological material, DNA or foreign RNA of human and animal origin and possible genetic mutations of antigens .. being just one of many other similar scientific findings that raise serious problems threatening to the entire vaccine industry.



These places could not even make clean Tylenol.

But dang those vaccines "Jenner, Salk, Sabin" legacy of sainthood of bleeding hearts; well these vaccine manufacturers really do care, and are heads above those other kinds of pharmaceutical ilk .

Besides; it helps that vaccine manufacturers'; world wide it appears have indemnity, tax payer backed compensation plans; special masters courts, and politicians bought.

--------- and still so many of those all around me walks around with out a clue, even when I give them a clue. Big Sigh. How much longer Lord in Heaven?

Hans Litten

God bless the Gatti-Montanari family !

Can you believe they gave Margaret Stanley an OBE ? For what ? When did that happen ?
Services to mass sterilisation ?
And the Dublin Government gave Ian Frazer an award.......
The Irish Times is a filthy lying piece of garbage. Who owns that ? Murdoch ?

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