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Research Backs Parental Concerns: Kids With Food Allergies 2x More Likely To Have (GET?) Autism

Too Many Too Soon: We Were Right as Irish Scientists Find Birth Vaccination Danger Signals

WeepNote: My God, my God. This article should be front page news in EVERY newspaper in America. Never happen. Newborns do NOT RESPOND OPTIMALLY to vaccines.  And why is this being discovered in IRELAND and not in the land of medical breakthroughs (pharma profits, the good ole USA! USA! USA!?

Just imagine the impact of FETAL vaccination  with flu vaccine, Dtap and anything else being pushed into pregnant women who want only ONE THING - a healthy baby.   

We vaccinate(d) because we thought we were protecting our children. Heck, I have the signed "consent" (what a farce) form for my Gianna's birth dose Hep B at Doylestown Hospital in Doylestown, PA.  I hope the nurse that administered that vaccine to her and EVERY NURSE still jabbing babies while wiping vernix off their bodies reads this article and then prays to God for forgiveness.  There's no pleading Too many too soonignorance. Stand up for your tiny patients, for the love of all that is sacred.  Kim


Irish scientists find distinct immune system in newborn babies

Irish scientists have discovered a distinct immune response system in newborn babies, which could lead to a reduction in the age at which vaccines can be first administered and in the need for “multiple booster” shots.

Researchers from TCD School of Medicine and the National Children’s Research Centre (NCRC), attached to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, have identified what they describe as “a class of danger signals” that are highly efficient at triggering an immune response in young infants.

As infection remains the most common cause of death in early life, vaccination is by far the most effective intervention at preventing infectious disease. Newborn babies (neonates), however, do not respond optimally to most vaccines due to their immature immune system, explained researcher Dr Sarah Doyle of the NCRC.



Allie and Sharon - this is what I take away from this too. Very concerning.


Um, yeah, if the immune over activation theory is correct, this is likely going to make things a lot worse. I wonder how far they will be able to push this crap before people go into outright revolt. Seneff predicted half of the children born in the US in 2025 would end up autistic at the current rate of increase... if we don't have a nuclear war to get in the way it will be a strange and horrifying thing to witness. How much longer will people stick their heads in the sand?

Angus Files

Those cars you bought there were no safety tests done.....fair enough I'll have another car the same pleezzze!

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

"As infection remains the most common cause of death in early life, vaccination is by far the most effective intervention at preventing infectious disease. Newborn babies (neonates), however, do not respond optimally to most vaccines due to their immature immune system, explained researcher Dr Sarah Doyle of the NCRC."

Gee … who wudda thunk it .. "newborn babies do not respond OPTIMALLY to most vaccines due to their immature immune system".

Perhaps the REASON "newborn babies do not respond OPTIMALLY to most vaccines is because each individual "newborn baby" has a highly complex immune system that is as distinct to that individual newborn baby as are its fingerprints and DNA? And so, it is MY belief very time a "one size fits all vaccine" is INJECTED into a newborn baby .. with a highly complex .. undeveloped .. immune system that is unique to that individual baby .. it would defy common sense to expect each individual baby to respond the SAME .. which would explain why some will respond positively and others will "not respond optimally".

I must admit I am an atheist when it comes to accepting vaccines as some type of scientific MIRACLE .. where science insists you can INJECT various well-known toxic substances .. combined with a myriad of other questionable ingredients .. such as .. fetal cells .. into a new born infant and truly BELIEVE those well-known toxic substances and questionable ingredients will somehow .. MIRACULOUSLY .. be well tolerated by each infant into which they are injected.

Jeannette Bishop

Infants "respond differently" to "adult" adjuvants! Hey, everyone! We've been injecting infants with dozens of doses of poisons we essentially have decided to label as "adult" adjuvants (because--I guess--we think we can make out like these were at least somewhat tested for adults, and) because we cannot, even with our special extenuations of math, justify the doses babies have been getting for decades now! So, get ready for our next level of "science!"

Oh, and we'll not bother to thank you to not notice we just announced they didn't really do much, if any, good, which accommodation we're sure we can take for granted because most of you have been swallowing and passing on religiously what little gets through the works of what we dish out, for decades now...


Kim, this point of this article is to push for more. vaccines that can be given EARLIER. It's highlighting a perceived "need" for new vaccines to be given earlier.

This is a chilling example of an industry media relations team placing an article in advance of unveiling a new product: vaccines "made for" newborns.

They're not admitting the obvious problems here, and never will.

Sharon Kistler

The article portrays the evidence of the baby's immature but evident immune system as a new reason why a baby can be vaccinated at earlier ages than on the schedule today. Further, this would allow for more boosters. Lastly, the article dives into possibilities of changing adjuvants toward the viral world. There is nothing in this article that sounds positive for the future of our babies in the vaccination industrial profiteering complex. Just more, earlier, change the formulation by adding more toxins. Ugh!

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