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Pruitt Buries Source of Formaldehyde in Story About EPA Burying Study on Formaldehyde and Pediatric Cancer

Formaldehyde 1
Burying the formaldehyde study is part of an effort by Pruitt and aides to undermine EPA's research program, current and former officials tell POLITICO.

The Trump administration is suppressing an Environmental Protection Agency report that warns that most Americans inhale enough formaldehyde vapor in the course of daily life to put them at risk of developing leukemia and other ailments, a current and a former agency official told POLITICO.

The warnings are contained in a draft health assessment EPA scientists completed just before Donald Trump became president, according to the officials. They saidtop advisers to departing Administrator Scott Pruitt are delaying its release as part of a campaign to undermine the agency’s independent research into the health risks of toxic chemicals....

Formaldehyde is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the country. Americans are exposed to it through wood composites in cabinets and furniture, as well as air pollution from major refineries. [AND ALMOST EVERY VACCINE ON THE AMERICAN PEDIATRIC SCHEDULE MANDATED BY THE CDC.] The new assessment would give greater weight to warnings about the chemical's risks and could lead to stricter regulations from the EPA or class-action lawsuits targeting its manufacturers, as frequently occurs after these types of studies are released.

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Politico skipped the fact that American infants are dosed with formaldehyde at almost every pediatrician visit.  Here are the ingredients in each vaccine.  Photo source, CDC here.


Formaldehyde 2

Formaldehyde 4

Formaldehyde 3
Formaldehyde 5
Formaldehyde 6

Formaldehyde 7


Colin Bibb

I was planning on giving my newborn vaccines but after reading up on this I've changed my mind. NO FORMALDEHYDE IN MY KIDS. I want them to live the healthiest life possible.

Thanks AoA!

Hans Litten

Posted by: Ulf Bengtsson | July 11, 2018 at 05:37 AM

Thankyou sir.
Very informative.
The dental industry is in disgrace too.

Ulf Bengtsson

The use of formaldehyde in vaccines, a known cancerogenic substance , is of cause highly undesirable. It is however also used in dental materials and preparations, often used in children,

It is also present in the endodontic materials N2 (also called Sargenti paste, RC2B and more) and Endomethasone, used in root canals.

The presence of mercury in vaccines is totally unacceptable in my mind, especially given to pregnant women, due to high fetal sensitivity to Hg. Vaccines typically contains 12,5 – 25 micrograms/dose. The daily uptake of mercury from dental mercury fillings is 3 – 17 micrograms/24h every day of the year, according to Environmental Health Criteria 118, Inorganic mercury published under a joint sponsorship by WHO, UNEP and ILO.

Laura Hayes

Glad to see AoA covering this. Thank you!

It would be helpful to know the number of children’s oncology units in hospitals prior to 1990, and now. Talk about a growth industry.

bob moffit

It shouldn't require the EPA to conduct a study warning on the well-known toxicity of formaldehyde .. as formaldehyde has always been recognized as toxic to the "skin, lungs and digestive" systems of all living things .. most of all .. CHILDREN subjected to formaldehyde by INJECTION in "approved and recommended" vaccines. Whatever this "study" found .. COMMON SENSE had already KNOWN ABOUT ITS TOXICITY TO LIVING THINGS.

From the article: "The new assessment would give greater weight to warnings about the chemical's risks and could lead to stricter regulations from the EPA or class-action lawsuits targeting its manufacturers, as frequently occurs after these types of studies are released".

Wow .. "greater weight to warnings about the chemical's risks" … as I previously mentioned .. WELL KNOWN RISKS .. and .. there will be NO class-action lawsuits targeting its manufacturer .. because VACCINE MANUFACTURERS ARE EXEMPT FROM SUCH LAWSUITS.

The only people who should be screaming about the dangers of FORMALDEHYDE are those very same public health bureaucracies that RECOMMEND AND APPROVE this dangerous substance for INJECTION INTO INFANTS, TODDLERS, CHILDREN and ADULTS.

Unfortunately, if history is our guide .. these public health bureaucracies will IGNORE this EPA study even if it is released .. as formaldehyde is so heavily relied upon in the manufacture of VACCINES .. they have choice but to remain SILENT.

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