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Photoshopping Disease to Perfection: Who Wore it Better?

Measles baby with spots MEasles baby no spots









(With thanks to Europe Reloaded and Dr Mike Williams Measles Outbreaks or a Philosophy of Deception.)

Who wore it better? A recent UK article intended to spread fear about  measles used what seems to be a photoshopped image of a baby. Well put me in the media zoo.....   And 1-2-3 all my spots are off of me. With apologies to author Robert Lopshire. 

Put me in the zoo Put me in the zoo no spots



As of Tuesday evening, the June 28 Bristol.Live Facebook post showing the Photoshopped rash was gone.

In its place is a dated-looking, frequently used photo of a child's chest and lower face, whose red spots do look more like an authentic measles rash.

John Stone


I am sure there are pictures of children measles, but perhaps they are not scary enough. But who knows? Most parents in the UK will still have seen their children with chicken-pox not photo-shopped, so at least we may ask what's the deal? Of course, there is no doubt that chicken-pox is very unpleasant but it does blow over.


So, they just were lazy, or it is really so rare that they couldn't get that picture with out photo shopping?

Very, very sad though we have some really good pictures that are not photo shopped of vaccine injuries.

Which are just as terrifying, or maybe more so? For me it is.

Laura Hayes

Excellent point, John Stone!

John Stone

But BTW why would a baby get measles except because his/her mother had had had her antibodies destroyed by vaccination?

John Stone

Jenny - Yes, that looks like chicken pox, which of course doctors ought to know on sight. On the other hand measles can only really be confirmed with tests.

Jenny Allan

It IS a stock photo of a healthy newborn. Scroll down and take your choice of photoshopped images, Chicken Pox, or Measles and Rubella.


Seems no one in the medical profession has a clue what measles and rubella actually look like. These days these rashes are rarely seen in hospitals.

British Autism Mother

Unless I’m mistaken, that same stock photograph was used on several occasions in the last year by the UK’s Daily Mail website for articles on the MMR. See www.dailymail.co.uk.

Jenny Allan

Looks more like Chicken Pox than Measles.


Fascinating and funny.

Donna L.

"Who wore it better?" - LMAO!!!

cia parker

They do that a lot. The important thing is that in another week the rash will be fading, and in a month there will be no signs of it. While the immune system of the person who had measles is now primed for much improved lifetime protection, including against many skin and bone diseases, and many cancers in later life. So take your pick. The pain of the MMR at the time plus a greatly increased risk for many neurological and autoimmune diseases caused by the vaccine, or a high fever and a rash for a few days, plus lifetime protection not only against measles but many other diseases.


I think a pro-vax meme used a baby that was killed by the Hep B vaccine as proof how horribly Hep B infection in babies looks like.

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