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Blaxill, Nevison, Zahorodny: California Autism Prevalence Trends from 1931-2014 and Comparison to National ASD Data from IDEA and ADDM

New Site from Anne Dachel Chronicles the Explosion in Special Ed and Behavioral Problems in Schools Around Globe

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

Thanks to my friend Wayne Rohde, I now have a site where all the stories I’ve collected on the decline of kids' ability to learn and their behavior over the last year and a half are filed, totaling almost 2,500. I call it Loss of Brain Trust: Childhood Lost,  because kids today bear no resemblance to young people from past generations.

We're all numb to the fact that the media consistently throws out shocking statistics without even a hint of alarm or even concern:

“Northern Ireland is experiencing an ‘autism wave’ with one in 34 school-age children being diagnosed with the condition - and an expert says that services are now ‘at breaking point.’”

“24 percent of students on Staten Island are special needs.”

"One out of every 34 children in New Jersey [one out of every 22 boys] is affected by autism, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Raleigh [NC] schools also dealt with a 75 percent increase in student chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and food allergies from 2002-2015.

It's a sad fact that one in seven children have asthma in New Zealand and therefore we are really focussing on helping to support and educate children in school.

‘(According to National Alliance on Mental Illness), 1 in 5 children ages 13-18 have or will have a serious mental illness. What we’re seeing in schools is anxiety — general anxiety and separation anxiety — depression and then toward the top of that tier is mood disorders as well.’

“One in five children in the country ages 3 through 17 have a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavioral disorder in a given year.”

Between 2013 and 2017 there was a 32% increase in the number of pupils at Northumberland's eight maintained special schools.

“Over the last 22 months, Dorset has seen a 49 per cent increase in children with an Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP).”

“Ms Quinn explained how one in five children in Ireland suffer from asthma, some diagnosed, some not.”

‘Currently at least 20 percent of our student body [Wahoo, NE] right now is special education.’

The dramatic changes we see in the health, learning ability and behavior of children are routinely blamed on adverse childhood experiences within the family, social media, poverty and school pressure.  These are referred to as environmental causes.

What no one is considering, of course, is that increasing exposure to dangerous neurotoxins is changing children worldwide.  Vaccines, food, antibiotics, air quality—the list is long and frightening. 

The stories here are posted without comment. They speak for themselves. The statistics, the increases, and the soaring costs should have everyone’s attention, especially health officials and people in government. The numbers will only get worse. The future is scary.  They’re telling us about it every day.





The interview with Dr. Pall that I just posted is from 6/25/18 - just last week.


Listening to this interview with Dr. Martin Pall in which he describes the effect of EMF on us all, including of course, the children. He describes how this pollution is deteriorating our brain function. He estimates based on animal studies that technologically advanced societies could be sterile in just 5 years.

At the 22 min they start talking about the autism epidemic.

Please see and share:

Laura Hayes


Thank you for the link to the NBC story. It perfectly exemplifies the insincere "concern" by newscasters. They are pathetic and offensive. They are also guilty of participating in the biggest and most damaging cover-up of all times.

John Stone

Dear Anne,

This has been a remarkably executed project. You look at it and it is all good new stories or it is resource problems - never that the world as we knew it has completely fallen apart, and his heading for further dramatic decline. People don't understand that that societies can destroy themselves through shortsightedness, greed and exploitation.

Thank you,


Angus Files

Brilliant but sad just shows we really do need a place called Hell for the evil monsters who have caused this.

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! This is such an important work!

Can you imagine if schools started incorporating and news covered programs like this?

(sourced from here: )


"During a Senate hearing in late January, Ed Markey asked then-EPA director Scott Pruitt about a little rumor that he’d overheard. 'It’s my understanding,' the Massachusetts senator said, 'that the EPA has finalized its conclusion that formaldehyde causes leukemia and other cancers and that [the] completed new assessment is ready to be released for public review, but is being held up.'

'You know, my understanding is similar to yours,' Pruitt replied.

....Pruitt promised to follow up on the matter — but never did. And on Friday, a blockbuster report from Politico offered some insight into the cause of the EPA’s silence.

On January 24, the EPA’s top officials took a meeting with the American Chemistry Council’s Formaldehyde Panel — an industry group representing a variety of firms, including Exxon Mobil and a Koch Industries’ subsidiary. Two days later, the panel’s leader Kimberly Wise White wrote the EPA a letter, saying, 'As stated in our meeting, a premature release of a draft assessment … will cause irreparable harm to the companies represented by the Panel and to the many companies and jobs that depend on the broad use of the chemical.'

In November 2017, Pruitt had removed multiple academic scientists from the EPA’s influential Science Advisory Board. He replaced with industry advocates — among them, Kimberly Wise White...."

Though the story doesn't include it in its list of environmental exposures, formaldehyde is an ingredient in many vaccines, including polio and DTaP. But don't be alarmed, Paul Offit has told us that "fortunately formaldehyde doesn't seem to be a cause of cancer in humans":

Anne, you go, girl!

bob moffit

Laura Hayes posted:

"Please keep up your important work, Anne. You are shining light on that which is dark, and which must be exposed."

I couldn't possibly say it any better myself. God bless Anne .. may your "important work" eventually "light the dark" times we live in.


And did you notice that they let Emily who is "wise beyond her years" describe her brother's autism; "he has that kind of autism where he can't speak," and then Anne Thompson just moves on to "disruptive mood disregulation disorder" a DSM category for drug therapy.


Anne, I read your clips every day. Such excellent documentation. I look forward to the very powerful day when enough teachers realize vaccination is ruining their own classrooms. How ironic that the “governing authority” for the vaccine program, the school administration, is creating their own problem by enforcing vaccine mandates for schools. In California, it’s the schools who police the vaccine records. Not sure about other states.

susan welch

Michael, thank you for posting that item. Very revealing - and heartbreaking.

Laura, I just wanted to reiterate what you said to Anne. Her work is so important and it will, hopefully, make people more aware of what is really going on in the world. Who knows, some brave journalist may even cover this crisis.


Thank you so much for that NBC story. It's shocking to see this one family's experience and realize that it's happening to thousands of others at the same time.
What are these kids doing not only to their families, but also to schools?



Anne Thompson of NBC news did this story which aired at the end of June. Moments before the broadcast Anne Thompson discussed with Lester Holt, "Think this story of a 40% increase in ER admissions for kids with violent mood disorders will be covered by that Anne Dachel? Its another one where we don't ask why."

The Problem: There aren't enough beds.


It seems like the white family is in trouble with mentally ill children/teenagers. when the civil rights movement was in full swing there was an attempt to make "insane' and criminalize black and true native Americans. This decline in the white children's development mental and physical is karma for the decline of the black and true native American child's mental and physical health and white America's negligence. Wheter it is due to vaccines or not.

Laura Hayes


Fantastic, Anne! What an incredible historical documentation of the Vaccine Holocaust, the ‘Autism’ Epidemic, and the Purposeful Destruction of Children and Humanity...and the worldwide denial and apathy in response to these horrors.

My husband and I were recently talking with a young woman from Croatia. My husband asked her about the vaccine laws in Croatia. She replied that children in Croatia must be vaccinated prior to school at age 5, and that home schooling is not permitted...thus, there is no avoiding/escaping vaccinations for Croatian children. She then added, of her own accord, “The children in Croatia are now weirdly sick, unlike their parents and grandparents.” Her comment took our breath away, as it was unsolicited, and so perfectly stated.

Seems Croatians are a bit behind the US, though, as those now bearing children in the US are not well themselves, due to how they have been poisoned by the scores of vaccinations they received, along with other toxic exposures...and many are finding themselves with fertility issues. Additionally, since people of all ages in the US are now being injected year in and year out with one vaccine after another, often leading to the use of more toxic pharmaceuticals, the grandparents aren’t doing so well, either.

We are in the midst of a global disaster of never-seen-before proportions, and with ramifications from which humanity may not be able to recover.

Please keep up your important work, Anne. You are shining light on that which is dark, and which must be exposed.

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