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Proud-momI am so proud of my daughter Gianna. This was the note she wrote at the end of her second day at an adult day program with The Kennedy Center for Special Needs here in Connecticut. No apologies. No "what ifs." No crying in my beer. No woe woe oh no. I feel genuine pride and joy.  Gianna had a great day and felt happy. I call that a win.  Keep the faith, friends. Stayed tuned for more from the adult world of autism. Love, Kim




Aimee Doyle

Congrats Gianna!

Great letter.

Shelley Tzorfas

Two grandmothers were talking to each other. One said, "My grandson can tie his own shoes, eat all by himself and is beginning to read." The other grandma said, "Well My grandchild can eat with a fork, go potty by himself and play the piano. How old is your grandchild asked the first granny? "He is 24 years old replied the second grandma.


SO, SO, SO glad, Kim! Hope this is the first of many notes from Ms. Gianna, the gorgeous.


Yes Giana, you did help people today. You helped me sweetie. I’m so happy for you. Thank you 💓

Angus Files

Just great Gianna and Kim ,that put a smile on my face which is getting harder as I grow older and grumpier.

Pharma For Prison


Michael Beaudry

Congrats Gianna!

You should be very proud of her, Kim 👍



Jeannette Bishop

Great work, Gianna!

Grace Green

Congratulations to Gianna on doing so well, and Kim for raising her, and her sisters. The bit which impressed me most about this letter was, she remembered to ask about your day too, something I still have to remind myself to do!

cia parker

Did she write it unassisted? I'd be proud too if my daughter were able to write anything comparable on her own, but she couldn't. At 18, she can construct simple, one-clause sentences using simple vocab and structures, and that's only after five years of work on them. I know it's a spectrum, and every autist is unique and in his or her own place, but I was just wondering.


“I helped people today”

The greatest achievement any mom could ask for. Hats off to the AMAZING Gianna and her amazing mom!


Wow!! So great!

Anna Quandt



What an impressive letter she wrote to you Kim! You should be very proud of her! Wonderful!

Gary Ogden

Impressive intelligence and literacy she has. Conveying meaning on multiple levels with correct, nuanced usage. I've always had exactly the same trouble with spelling "tomorrow!" Thanks for sharing this, Kim.

susan welch

This is so lovely. Well done, Gianna!

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