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22 Women Share $4 Billion Johnson & Johnson Penalty. Thousands of Autism Mothers Told to Take a Powder.


And the product is still on the shelves. Did you ever get a true informed consent WARNING that the vaccines you were giving your children had ANY threat of danger? I did not. I have my signed in hospital birth dose Hep B consent form for my now 22 year old who just stared a DAY PROGRAM for the severely autistic. Had I known it contained mercury - I would NEVER and I repeat NEVER have allowed it. My settlement? 4 billion tears. Kim

NYT: Johnson & Johnson Told to Pay $4.7 Billion in Baby Powder Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson was ordered Thursday to pay $4.69 billion to 22 women and their families who had claimed that asbestos in the company’s talcum powder products caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

A jury in a Missouri circuit court awarded $4.14 billion in punitive damages and $550 million in compensatory damages to the women, who had accused the company of failing to warn them about cancer risks associated with its baby and body powders.

Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Johnson’s Baby Powder, said it was “deeply disappointed” in the verdict and planned to appeal. The company is facing more than 9,000 plaintiffs in cases involving body powders with talc, according to a regulatory document filed this spring.

After a six-week trial, the jury in St. Louis deliberated over the compensatory damages for eight hours but decided on the punitive damages in roughly 45 minutes, said Mark Lanier, a lawyer for the women.


Angus Files

Pharma care from the cradle to the grave...

Johnson & Johnson(J&J) knew for decades that there was asbestos in baby talcum powder, according to news agency Reuters.

J&J's effort to protect its iconic Baby Powder franchise by shaping research was led by physician and scientist executives.

After successfully defending a lawsuit over asbestos in 1999, J&J have now been compelled to hand over thousands of pages of company memos, internal reports and other confidential documents.

These are being shared with lawyers for some of the 11,700 plaintiffs now claiming that the company's talc caused their
cancers - including thousands of women with ovarian cancer.

An examination of many of those documents, as well as deposition and trial testimony, shows that from at least 1971 to
the early 2000s, the company's raw talc and finished powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts of asbestos.


Look up the incident where nestle was selling noodles in India that were full of lead. These companies will do anything they can get away with. That melamine crap in China was nothing exceptional. At least the Chinese had the respect to execute the bastards.


and let us not forget that the Justice Department is very much not doing their job either.

Aimee Doyle

@David - laughed out loud!

Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

Love your comment! Spot on!

John Stone


That’s one of the wittiest comments ever - we English suffer for spelling “checks”, the sort you make payments with, as “cheques”.



David Weiner


We do have a system of checks and balances. Checks from the lobbyists and large account balances for the politicians who do their dirty work.

Aimee Doyle

@Bob - absolutely right.

I also blame the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee (chaired and majority Republican for the last several administrations) for not performing their job and overseeing the federal agencies. We're supposed to have a system of checks and balances, which seems to be broken down at each level.

These House Committee members - why have they ignored vaccines, environmental toxins, other health issues for decades? They must know the agencies have been coopted by industry, that corporate regulation has been lax, and that they have the power to make a difference and protect citizens. That's why the Committee exists - and yet they didn't even respond to the GAO report a couple of years back, which described the waste and inefficiency of the IACC. I would really like an explanation. I would really like these members to care about the citizens they serve.

I think that the constituents of those Committee members should let them know about these issues and enforce that at the ballot box.


Bob Moffitt is very correct!
We will always have some snake oil salesmen that has stepped up into the billionaire big businesses areas; willing to do what ever it takes; "It is just good business".

But what about employees of the HHS? They just cozy up with these snake oil salesmen, and get a bit of something out of the relationship, if not monetary, or a nicer position. Later on they get their retirement, which is pretty good in this decades long atmosphere of cut throat business for the rest of the population. They retirement is even complete with health insurance, until Medicare kicks in, and even then that health insurance picks up that 20 percent that Medicare won't cover. We the tax payer does very well by them and this is what we all get?


Kim-I have also cried 4 billion tears over my son's vaccine damaged autism. I can't believe Johnson and Johnson could put asbestos, a cancer causing agent, in talcum powder. The same is true of many companies who still use formaldehyde, a cancer causing agent, in their health and beauty products. The crimes these companies have committed against people are criminal.

bob moffit

Imagine that .. asbestos in J&J talcum powder .. what could possibly go wrong?

Would like to know what purpose the asbestos served in manufacturing talcum powder? I suspect the very same "cost effectiveness" that required mercury to be used in manufacturing vaccines.

In any event .. J&j is not the ONLY guilty party in this particular incident .. the federal public health bureaucracies are just as guilty .. if not more so .. than J&J .. as it was THEIR responsibility to approve a product containing asbestos to be sold to the unaware, uninformed people who rely on THEM to protect us from ethically bankrupt, morally bankrupt .. corporations who sell such unnecessarily dangerous products.


As Del Bigtree recently reported .. the HHS has publicly admitted they FAILED .. for approximately 32 YEARS .. to file a report every TWO YEARS .. as they were required to do by the 1986 act that provided the vaccine industry complete "product liability" . The report they FAILED to file outlined THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES FOR CONDUCTING CRITICAL OVERSIGHT OF THE VACCINE INDUSTRY .. which was to:

"make or assure improvements in, and otherwise use the authorities of the HH Secretary with respect to the licensing, manufacturing, processing, testing, labeling, warning, use instructions, distributions, storage, administration, field surveys, adverse reaction reporting and recall of reatogenic lots or batches, of vaccines in order to reduce the risk of adverse reactions"

This is precisely the very same FAILURE of federal public health bureaucracies to provide critical oversight that victimized thousands who bought and used J&J's asbestos contaminated product .. and .. THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED SEVERELY FOR THE CALLOUS DISREGARD OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM THE VACCINE INDUSTRY.

susan welch

At the risk of stating the obvious, Kim, this just about sums up WHY governments, health authorities, Pharma and media are hell bent on lying, scheming and ignoring the plight of the hundreds of thousands of families suffering from the vaccine-induced carnage that is autism and other serious injuries.

I know little of stock markets or how international banking works, but the effect of what has happened over the last 3 decades would surely bring the whole system to its knees.

They appear to be shoring up their house of cards in a desperate attempt to secure their money and reputation. However, their greed will eventually catch up with them as more and more families join you in crying '4 billion tears'

Jenny Allan

I stopped using talc a long time ago when, on a geological field trip, I found talc and asbestos in close proximity within a rock called Serpentinite. Asbestos is only dangerous when it is inhaled as dust. This has been known about for decades. Like mercury in vaccines, tooth fillings and dressings, talc should have been outlawed years ago.

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