The Global Vaccine Crisis of 2018: Why Andrew Wakefield is Back in the News
Clinical and Molecular Characteristics of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Massachusetts Court Rules Electro Shock Punishment Allowable for Special Needs Students

Electric chair
Graduation Day!

Note: WHERE is the outcry from average Americans, from media outlets, from celebrities, from politicians??  Immigrant children legal and otherwise separated from their parents? The nation went mad.  But not for kids whose behaviors have been catapulted to DefCon 1000 and then they were separated from their parents as Lord knows what vaccine, environmental, physical and emotional destruction landed them in the HELL HOLE known as the Rotenberg Center in Canton Massachusetts.  My Dad played golf with Judge Ernie Rotenberg in the 60s and 70s.  Dad used to say Ernie CHEATED just like Judge Smails in Caddyshack! And now, the "school" with his  name on it is a disgrace to my home state. Massachusetts  - the liberal, love everyone, education is everything, seat of American LIBERTY -- allows torture and abuse in the name of "education."  Parents SEND THEIR kids there!  Imagine the depths of despair you must reach to say, "THIS place is the only choice we have." I feel for every family whose child ends up in this gulag.  'Level III aversive treatment."  What a crock of sh*t. This is the United States' listing in under the UN  9. Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

(1) That the United States considers itself bound by the obligation under article 16 to prevent `cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment', only insofar as the term `cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment' means the cruel, unusual and inhumane treatment or punishment prohibited by the Fifth, Eighth, and/or Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.

Bristol County, MA – Family Court Judge Katherine Field denied a motion to stop the use of electric shock on disabled students, a form of punishment that has been controversial for years after news of the practice first reached the public in 2013 when video surfaced of an 18-year-old student receiving dozens of shocks for refusing to take off his jacket.

“(The state) failed to demonstrate that there is now a professional consensus that the Level III aversive treatment used at JRC does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” Judge Field wrote in her decision.  Read more here.

It is OK to abuse and torture people with ID. Got that, friends? My God.....





Speaking Out 2002

We must shut down Circles of Care behavioral “health” (more like HELLth) centers in every location across Florida, no matter how violent or self injurious autistics may become. They must be replaced with holistic, torture-free medical centers focused on reversing, preventing, and curing autism via traditional nutrition, bentonite clay, etc instead of torture no matter how violent.

Especially since vaccines since infancy CAUSED any lifelong permanent and ongoing SIBD and trauma induced self hitting and biting I had since puberty. I hit myself because it feels like freedom, pleasure and euphoria as long as no one watches me do it, starting with hitting and banging myself in the head since age 11 to involuntarily numb the horrific pain of migraines I frequently had since puberty in NY. I was removed from and never graduated from my self contained SPED classroom because I had extreme migraines and cried and banged my head on desk the entire day.

COC is a satanic and demon infested coercion, injection, junk food feeding and restraint center for violent and self injurious autistics. I need a helmet not restraints


Laura-thanks for letting us know that an appeal against Field's decision has just been filed. The Rottenberg school should be shut down for the abominable practice of giving electric shock treatments to disabled people as punishment. The school sounds more like a concentration camp for disabled people and how this barbaric practice can be allowed to continue is an inhumane tragedy. What is wrong with the thinking processes of the parents who put their children there and allow them to be treated this way? People complain of animal abuse, but what about the outrageous abuse of the disabled that is allowed to continue at this ROTTEN school. I would call upon the governor of Massachusetts and their state leaders to shut this horrid place down NOW!

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | July 27, 2018 at 07:09 AM

Yes I listened to that also.

The stupidity extends far beyond that though.
How did we ever get into a situation like this in the first place, why did people\parents ever trust this fraud in the very first place. The parents (all of us) let these criminals in.

John Stone


In the real world we have justice and penal systems and we should we see justice handed out even-handedly. I do not think for example that it should be a foregone conclusion that corporate executives who take harmful decisions should somehow be exempted from responsibility by virtue of the fact that it is the corporation which acts. However, what we most need is an end to the barbarous system even if people don't get their just deserts. I was watching that video in Highwire yesterday in which the ACIP voted for a known to be lethal Hep B vaccine and what was striking was the atmosphere of sheer comic stupidity, though also you felt that those people were not the people who were really in charge.

Hans Litten

"Yes, it is policy here that we don't wish harm on people."
Posted by: John Stone | July 27, 2018 at 05:26 AM

John you need to have a think about this carefully because asking for justice and end of this holocaust is definitely going to harm people. Some families will never recover from the truth of this coming out like the very fine Murdoch family for example.

And the truth of this story means certain peoples futures are going to be very uncertain like
the Offit-Gerberding-Boyle axis and Paul knows this very well (look at his more recent language).

This is why they are fighting so hard to safe their necks because they know the true scale of this global vaccine program. 1939-45 looks like a picnic compared to this one.

John Stone

Yes, it is policy here that we don't wish harm on people.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | July 25, 2018 at 10:03 AM

Great comment .....
My comment was much stronger and was correctly censored.

It involved Offit & Gerberding & Boyle and the penalties they SHOULD face for this .

Jeannette Bishop

I want to note the link embedded in the this paragraph at the end with more history and information:

"The things that have taken place at JRC have prompted calls for the FDA to ban the use of electric shock as a punishment for students, but the FDA has ignored the issue and even had protesters arrested for attempting to raise awareness about the issue outside of their headquarters."

It sounds to me like they euphemistically represent the risks and suffering of this "therapy" and deny and lie about this as much as they do to "save lives" with vaccination, and then apply said "therapy" with as much "judgement" and "discretion" we see in applying the liability free infant vaccine schedule. I think a parallel circumstance occurs with drugs for mentally disabling issues, too.


Does the Level 111 Aversive Treatment /Punishment, Plan of Action, have a specific clinical Title ?
As from today it's getting" Stamped ,Labeled and Branded " as "The Untermenschen " Behaviour Modification Technique .[ Eugenics Contemporary Model]
See Framing The Moron- The Social Construction of Feeblemindedness in The American Eugenics Era
By Gerald O'Brian Manchester University Press 2013 ISBN 978-0-7190-8709-1 [PDF]

American Eugenics Society now called Society for Biodemography and Social Biology .
Different style of shirt and shoes but same caps same cap badges apparent!
Police Tasered Bristol man with mental age of seven BBC News 31 Jan 2018
Police need more training ,but caught red handed deliberately but accidently don't know if they were assaulted or not? .Oh really! that type of Police behaviour used to end up getting shunted to Glasgow airport to take on permanent Car Park Duties ! What a liability! and what a showing up for the Police !


Massachusetts. Home of Harvard and MIT. And one of the most barbaric places on earth and in the history of mankind.

Angus Files

Monsters the lot of them treating disabled kids like this Frankenstein vaccines and a Frankenstein pseudo solution for when it goes wrong.

I remember my wife's friends son putting his hand onto the red hot burning ring of the cooker hob and he burnt all the skin from his hand and he never felt a thing, never blinked.It was just the smell of the burning flesh that got the mother to look.

How do they know how it affects the kid they are administering the shock to-they don`t monsters.

Pharma For Prison



Just as there is no valid scientific evidence that vaccines do not cause autism, there is no valid scientific evidence that electric shock is thearuputic. It is nothing short of torture and this is appalling!

Linda Edgar

Let me start by saying that I do not think electroshock is a good or humane treatment. It seems that is has been abused at this program. But I do not think it should be shut down. It is similar to me to 'institutions". Let the people there live out their life there if that is what their families want. The alternatives for people with disabilities and severe behavior problems are nonexistent. These folks would end up in hospitals waiting for psychiatric beds or drugged excessively to keep them in line. We have to respect parents wishes. Of course, we should be fighting for more appropriate treatment and funding for such as well.

Peggy Jaeger

Heard of this a Long time again, when therapies for the vaccine injured ASD were still being discussed. This was then touted as a therapy, not used for punishment, but therapy, the same as insane asylums used them. Most parents and care givers of kids with regressive Autism, online, were horrified. But we'd also heard of places that used cattle prod type electric shocks to correct behaviors, probably qualified as punishment. I wonder if any of the institutes for care of the ASD child use chemical shock treatments..? Are these less cruel than electric shock..? Back then, suits were also filed but over ridden, keephouse was allowed to continue. Some parents statements were posted who were in favor of electric shock Therapy claiming it did their child 'good'. Children placed in this kind of institute may have been so 'bad off' they had no other place to take them for care or safe keeping. While on the face of a flat statement, it's barbaric, but if they are hopelessly violent, people,who don't know Autism, may think this is appropriate. I think, surely there's drugs to use to quiet them...and we Know there are and some 'schools' use them as a matter of course. I want to know what makes that institute or any judge think a particular child is in need of electric shock and why. Details lacking that would even make anyone begin to think about a case. The average person from every area of life does Not know anything about ASD. And that's why they ignore that it's a Pandemic ...statistic today.

Grace Green

Thanks, Tracey, for noticing it and naming it, although I hope that on here you're preaching to the converted. We autistic people are abused every day of our lives by people from all walks of life, whether by electric shocks, financial penalties, incarceration etc. etc. We put up with it as long as we can, but some can't take any more of it, and then we complain, which makes it worse. No-one, but no-one can tell us why they do these things to us, but I can only think it's because they know they can get away with it, and that if we complain everyone will take their side. This ongoing story proves this theory true.

John Stone

Guantanamo for autism. There is very dark question why this horror is allowed to bleed on decade after decade.

Tracey RN

This makes me so angry. I just took a road trip with my 14yr old grandson with autism and his 6yr old cousin. I had no issues on the 2000 miles we went but I did watch the 6 yr antagonize him the whole time, he never once caught on but this “ Nana” did and I quickly shut it down...
Do parents even know this is happening ? I would be sick if this happened to my grandson . I know he can snap but watching him on our road trip it would take a lot for him to blow up...
Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention and let’s hope we can quickly shut it down....


I am continually stunned this school is allowed to continue especially in Mass. which is a state that has some of the most restrictive restraint policies in place in schools. So the message from MA. is....restraint is bad but electric shock is just fine? Absolutely disgusting.

Linda Higgins

Instead of trying to care for people with ID, and instead of trying to get to the bottom of what is causing the behavior, just shock them into submission. This is an obvious sign of viewing our loved ones as less than human. I consider those who can do this s less than human.

Laura Hayes

If this treatment is not good enough for

corrupt elected officials
corrupt government regulators
corrupt Pharma, Chem, and Ag CEOs
doctors and nurses still vaccinating
unethical lobbyists (redundant, I know)
wife beaters
child molestors
idiot judges

then it’s not good enough for the disabled, most of whom today are iatrogenically so.

Laura Hayes

Appeal against Field’s decision just filed:

Gary Ogden

The world has indeed gone mad. When the children don't matter, civilization has ceased to exist, as the empire crumbles to dust before our very eyes. "Accepted standard of care???" What about right and wrong? Where the hell did this utterly incompetent judge come from? What the hell does she know about "care?"

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