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In Baby Teeth, Links Between Chemical Exposure in Pregnancy and Autism

Jackboots Back Across Europe: Closing Down The World Wide Web

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 By John Stone

Largely unreported in the mainstream media the European Parliament this week, under the guidance of the European Commission, are effectively moving to shut down the web using an extension of copyright law. While it is disguised as a protection of intellectual property if it eventuates clauses 11 and 13 will be a devastating blow to intellectual freedom, preventing the use of web links on sites, and shutting them down if they are used. The web as a tool of freedom from oligarchies and corporate behemoths will be completely crippled. European readers should complain urgently to their representatives at the Parliament before it is too late through this website:


I wrote individually to British members:

Dear ___,

I am writing ahead of the plenary session on 4 July to protest articles 11 and 13 of the EU's Copyright Reform Proposal. I am all in favour of artists receiving fair remuneration but these clauses are clearly intended to restrict sharing public interest data, making many sites that have always operated with due respect and caution for other people's rights virtually inoperable.

I fear MEPs are asleep or they are working on behalf of dark forces. They should remember that they were not elected by behemoth corporations, but ordinary citizens. 


John Stone

Celebrations were inevitably short lived over the exoneration of Prof Henri Joyeux, the popular medic who had dared to criticize France's sacred vaccination program on a principled and informed basis. The judicial decision was immediately appealed by France's 'Order of Physicians'. Now we find that  six bodies "the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Agriculture of France, the National Academy of Dental Surgery, the National Academy of Medicine, the National Academy of Pharmacy and the Veterinary Academy of France" have chimed in to censure Prof Joyeux:

"The six Academies in their duty to protect the health of populations, solemnly declare that" freedom of expression "has limits and that it does not excuse the irresponsible allegations of certain health professionals. They rebel against the words of Henri Joyeux who, availing himself of the lifting of his removal from the National Council of the Order of Doctors, claims "he is right" regarding his positions on vaccination. These positions are all the more scandalous as vaccine coverage remains insufficient in France, epidemic risks remain. The news reminds us that measles can still kill. 

Of course, it is not about "freedom of expression", it is about freedom of speech - even at times of grave national peril, which a few cases of measles are not, people used to be allowed to speak.

Surrounding Prof Joyeux is a familiar tactic. The founder of the UK yellow card reporting system, Bill Inman, in his book 'Don't Tell the Patient'  (1999) recorded how the Department of Health blocked out Prof Gordon Stewart over his protests about the DPT with " a plethora of committees" and even then they were forced to pay out in 600 profoundly damaged cases in the first three years of the Vaccine Damage Payment Act. The strategy was played out again in 2007 when the Director of Science Media Centre, Fiona Fox, and media bully, Ben Goldacre, took on the Observer newspaper and its editor over reports of rising incidence of autism. Fox wrote in her blog:

“With this in mind, the SMC reacted to the article primarily by coordinating a joint media statement by 14 institutions involved with child health and vaccination to back the safety of the jab which we issued to coincide with the GMC hearing [against Wakefield and colleagues]. However I did also send a note to Denis Campbell, the journalist who wrote the article and a friendly contact of ours, to make sure he knew that the SMC was unable to defend the piece to the angry scientists who were contacting us. The result was an invitation to meet with him, the readers' editor and a variety of other Observer news editors at their offices. So, with two leading MMR experts at my side, I went to highlight the concerns.” 

This basically tells you how the media is ruled by an industry-government public relations body in the UK even now. And, of course, the Observer editor lost his job. The great success of Fox, SMC and Goldacre, of course, is that because they managed to shut everyone up - dancing around the vaccine issue -the level of autism in children has continued to  rise at terrifying rate, with consequences that are already catastrophic and still only beginning to be reaped.

Post Script 9.30 July 2.2018 It should be noted that both the British Conservative and Labour parties voted for this at committee stage - so this really is not going to go away in the with Brexit. So far I have had three replies members of the Parliament. Two from the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) deeply disapproved, but a Labour member who simply stated what the position was admitted she had a lot of letters (despite the fact that the issue had barely been reported in the the mainstream media). This shows how deeply out of touch the political class are. She said the Labour group were to meet with Tom Watson, opposition spokesman for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to discuss it.

John Stone is British and European editor of Age of Autism








John Stone


Indeed. Like the battle of Waterloo it was a damned close run thing. French members were the worst in backing the directive, and it was only because our disgusting mainstream parties in the UK had lost many seats to UKIP that we were not just as bad - there is no doubt that UKIP made the difference in blocking it across the EU. Macron is busy passing national censorship laws as well.

They will no doubt be back for more when the UK and UKIP exit the EU next March while our surviving national politicians will just want to harmonise.

Grace Green

ANOTHER success for UKIP!

Hans Litten

The European Parliament has voted to delay new copyright laws that would have required the monitoring of all online uploads and could have effectively outlawed meme culture.

The proposed laws come amid a sustained effort by the European Union (EU) to regulate expression online and were met with a ‘Save Your Internet’ campaign which united activists across the political divide.

The EU attempted to rush the laws through and into secret negotiations with the European Council and unelected European Commission before UKIP and other parties pushed for a vote.

Earlier this week, UKIP leader Gerard Batten blasted the proposed laws, known as Article 13 and the ‘link tax’ Article 11, as an attempt to “destroy the capacity for free speech” online.

A total of 318 MEPs voted against opening the secret talks this Wednesday, with 278 voting in favour and 31 abstaining.

John Stone





I have found to be a better machine translator service.

Reminder for French speakers, a good resource is

John Stone


It may be slightly better - I have to admit I use google translate to speed things up and then make corrections.

I think it is rank hypocrisy - if you want people to pay put up a pay wall. If you want good publicity, grin and bear it. In the last decade I used often to be able to find scientific papers which were behind pay walls freely available from other sites, but this long ago ceased so it obviously can be achieved to limit views to payers, for those who want to without a major change in culture.

But if you want control and tax visitors routinely, the web will become a dead and authoritarian place. I don’t really see any need for radical change, and it seems to be a malicious pretext.

Grace Green

John, your French is better than mine! On the subject of Domingo and McCartney, OK they're the big earners, but are they not sticking up for the lesser guys, who are finding it hard to make a living because of this situation? I'm glad that the proposal has been rejected, for now, but I can see the other side of the problem, and I hope that they can come up with a solution which is fair to both sides. It can't be beyond the wit of the techies to do so. (I don't have so much confidence in the lawyers!)

John Stone


"Brussels parliament wants doctors' access to two immunization databanks Published Friday, July 6, 2018 at 2:11 pm The Brussels parliament asked Friday, in a resolution unanimously adopted, that the Common Community Commission coordinates access to banks immunization data from the French and Flemish Community, for all doctors in the capital. This has not been the case since the last state reform."

John Stone

Oddly enough just as I was reading that Domingo was one of the fronts for the operation I was listening to an operatic recording (paid for) in which he was singing: I turned it off and don’t know when I will ever not mind listening to him again. Objectively, he can’t be a worse singer than before but it has not agreeable associations. His net worth is said to about 300m dollars, in McCartney’s case about 660m dollars (which I suppose is a bit less than I imagined, but an ample sum). They shouldn’t do it - Domingo having squeezed the last drop out of his voice is trying to squeeze the last drop out of the public. It is not gracious.

Hans Litten

Can anyone speak French ?

Le parlement bruxellois veut l’accès des médecins aux deux banques de données vaccination

Publié le Vendredi 6 Juillet 2018 à 14h11

Le parlement bruxellois a demandé vendredi, dans une résolution adoptée à l’unanimité, que la Commission Communautaire Commune coordonne l’accès aux banques de données de vaccination des Communauté française et flamande, pour tous les médecins de la capitale. Ce n’est pas le cas, depuis la dernière réforme de l’État.

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | July 06, 2018 at 06:05 AM

We will be better organised NEXT TIME

John Stone


Well, obviously it is good news though not necessarily the end of the story - I gather new proposals from the commission are expected in September. One MEP told me they had had more than 50,000 messages. A lot must have been generated by Wikipedia for whom we have not much love, but nevertheless it would have been rendered unworkable if the directive had come into force. In part the proposals were anyhow technically defective, requiring technology which did not exist to enforce it. I was also somewhat repelled by artists I admire like McCartney and Domingo, who already exist amongst the super-rich trying to enforce their rights, which might not favour less financially successful artists.

I fear that one of the sinister aspects of this episode was the invisibility in mainstream news. The BBC had a couple of low profile reports but very little elsewhere - they were all busy leaving it out of the narrative of public events, and of course they have a competing interest.

Hans Litten

Is this good news John...... do the analysis please ?

A controversial overhaul of the EU's copyright law that sparked a fierce debate between internet giants and content creators has been rejected.

The proposed rules would have put more responsibility on websites to check for copyright infringements, and forced platforms to pay for linking to news.

A slew of high-profile music stars had backed the change, arguing that websites had exploited their content.

But opponents said the rules would stifle internet freedom and creativity.

The move was intended to bring the EU's copyright laws in line with the digital age, but led to protests from websites and much debate before it was rejected by a margin of 318-278 in the European Parliament on Thursday.

Angus Files

Thanks for your hard work reseearch John .Everyone I have forwarded the article to have been most appreciative.

Pharma For Prisson


susan welch

Great news, John. Thanks for letting us know.

cia parker

Interesting article on how FB is censoring the expression of certain opinions into oblivion. I think the same techniques are being used by Disqus on our comments.

"So I don't have much faith that Facebook isn't putting its thumb on the scales by partnering with fact-checking organizations that have a clear bias against Republicans and conservative values (NB: and vaccines).
Facebook outlines in greater detail what happens when a post is flagged:
First, that content's distribution is reduced. It will appear lower in News Feed (NB: they've been doing that for a long time), and will be accompanied by Related Articles from fact-checkers. If people try to share the content, they will be notified of the additional reporting. They will also be notified if content they have shared in the past has since been rated by a fact-checker.
Second, in order to more effectively fight false news, we also take action against Pages that share, and domains that publish, content which is rated “False.” Such Pages and domains will see their distribution reduced as the number of offenses increases. Their ability to monetize and advertise will be removed after repeated offenses. Over time, Pages and domains can restore their distribution and ability to monetize and advertise if they stop sharing false news.
Publishers who issue a correction or dispute a rating may contact the fact-checker. If their correction or dispute is successful, the strike against them will be eliminated. Note that simply deleting a post or removing a URL is not sufficient to eliminate the strike against the domain or Page.
Again, I ask, who's checking up on the fact-checkers? Facebook's response indicates that they are taking a hands-off approach. If there's a dispute, your only recourse is to contact the fact-checkers and hope they do the right thing. (Incidentally, handing off responsibilities to third parties is what got Facebook in trouble with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. You'd think they'd have learned their lesson on what happens when a company shirks its responsibilities.)
Facebook is already under fire for picking winners in the news wars -- deprioritizing news altogether and giving special considerations for MSM outlets — and conservatives are rightly concerned that processes already in place are ensuring that their content won't be seen by the Facebook Community.
This incident highlights the dangers of letting the "Facebook Mob" and a bunch of allegedly "independent" fact-checkers (many of which lean left) determine what you see and don't see. There's clearly something wrong with the process Facebook is using if factual and well-sourced articles like mine get flagged. It doesn't bode well for the future of conservative media."

John Stone

Pleased to report that the proposals have been voted down - no doubt there will be more in September.

John Stone

I have to admit not being too interested in secret society theories -Bildeberg etc. The main movers such as Gates, the WHO, the CDC, pharma inc., are all too visible. It is all networking, lobbying, bribing, intimidating, telling egregious lies...the rest is just details.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Mary Davenport | July 03, 2018 at 04:19 PM

Simply this, the CDC found the clear evidence that vaccines (mmr) in fact do cause autism.
All the way back in 2001-03 they helicoptered in Colon Boyle (after her sterling work on the Agent Orange cover up in the military) and they effectively destroyed the evidence.
The CDC doctored the numbers until the problematic figures went away through a series of various clumsy fraudulent ridiculous criminal cheats.

William Thompson (clearly a man of honour) has a proven record that he was never happy with what occurred and feels great guilt knowing he was part of the holocaust.
He single handed took a decision to keep the original work and the original figures.
Brian Hooker reworked the figures and there it is, clear as day. Vaccines cause Autism.

Julie Gerberding was the ringleader in it all . (Pharma Harma Woman of the year 2018)
Frank DeStefano is up to his neck in it.
Marsha Yeargin Allsopp
Tanya K

These are the facts behind the biggest crime in all history EVER.
Governments around the world are complicit in the cover up (depopulation agenda).
Autism is only a part of the vaccination disgrace (perhaps only a smaller part).
The CDC is a part of the military and vaccination should be thought of as weapons (not healthcare).
Secret societies are puppet masters behind it all (Bildeberg etc).
The BBC has never once ever printed William Thompsons name (BBC bastion of the fake world).

British Autism Mother

@ Mary
A further signal was also massaged out of significance - for “isolated autism”, that is autism without other symptoms (like my child). Try googling Morgan Verkamp plus William Thompson, see what you can find.

John Stone


Back in 2014 a troubled senior CDC officer, William Thompson, revealed that a study of MMR and autism carried out in Atlanta (DeStefano 2004) had been massaged to hide the fact that the rate was 3.5 higher among African-Americans by simply removing them. He offered to testify before Congress but Congressmen and women have declined to subpoena him. The story is covered in the film Vaxxed.

Mary Davenport

Sorry, Hans Litten, what are the “Thompson revelations?”

Hans Litten

Definitely Worth repeating !!!!

What the social order will look like on the back side of public recognition of what has happened is impossible to predict.

Posted by: Science is pure. People are corrupt. | July 03, 2018 at 07:22 AM

John Stone

Science is Pure

It is a possible reading of the situation but we have so much occluded from our view. I don't dare to be optimistic. But you are right that it is an interesting question what happens to our government institutions when reality dawns.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

The efforts to restrict communication are a wall of sand against a rising tide. While it is truly remarkable how effective the pharmaceutical giants have been in maintaining the cover up for over the twenty years, the ever growing truth behind the disabling of a generation will overwhelm all obstacles, and I suspect it may happen sooner than we imagine.

What the social order will look like on the back side of public recognition of what has happened is impossible to predict.

John Stone

Important article by Jonathan Arnott, Independent MEP for NE England.

Hans Litten

Flu Vaccine Grown in Dog Kidney Cells Another Failure
July 03, 2018 • 4,107 views

 A cell-based flu vaccine, Flucelvax, grown in dog kidney cells became available during the 2017 to 2018 flu season
 Flucelvax, made by Seqirus, was supposed to offer advantages over egg-based flu vaccines, which are notoriously problematic
 A study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed the cell-based vaccine worked only a little bit better than the conventional flu shot in protecting seniors — which isn’t saying much
 While flu vaccines overall had only 24 percent effectiveness in preventing flu-related hospitalizations in people aged 65 and older, the Flucelvax vaccine had an effectiveness rate of only 26.5 percent in that population (& that is probably using the fraudulent relative risk measure !)

Hans Litten

Informed Consent




The ability to make decisions about what goes into our bodies is a basic human right. This personal autonomy is challenged whenever government requires mandatory vaccinations. Indeed, sticking needles into a human body is the very definition of intrusive.

For this reason, I am introducing “Informed Consent” legislation to require patients and parents be given information before they consent to vaccinations. Consistent with my successful medical cannabis initiative, I believe all medical decisions should be between a patient and their physician – including the right to informed consent or informed refusal in the use of vaccines.

I am also introducing a Resolution calling upon Congress to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. This federal law prevents those harmed by a vaccine from suing pharmaceutical companies making these products. I believe this Act violates patient’s rights by limiting options to refuse vaccinations or seek due process of law as guaranteed by the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution.

My goal is to ensure people are first given an explanation of the potential benefits and the potential risks whenever a vaccine is administered. Only then are people able to exercise their basic human right to decide whether or not to allow intrusion into their bodies.

Informed Consent is already required for a number of medical treatments and procedures: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and blood transfusions. My legislation would extend patients’ rights to Informed Consent to vaccinations by requiring them to be informed of the potential risks and benefits of the vaccinations they are being given. More importantly, my legislation will require patients be given this information prior to their consenting to receive a vaccination.

I believe Informed Consent should, at a minimum, mean the person from whom consent is being sought be given the opportunity to understand what they are being given, what the risks and benefits are, and other potential consequences of the procedure they are facing.

Physicians and researchers are divided on the impacts of vaccines on children – especially the relationship of vaccines to autism – plus a number of other conditions and medical circumstances where vaccination may not be considered safe.

From the 1940’s when the first autism cases were diagnosed to the 1980’s when the vaccine schedule was expanded, the rate of autism remained relatively stable. In the early 1990’s, parents and physicians witnessed an alarming rise, which some call an epidemic, in autism rates. In one decade, the rate of autism increased 500%: from one in 2,500 to one in 500.

A reanalysis of a 2004 CDC study showed a higher connection between incidences of autism for children receiving the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine prior to 36 months of age. In 2008, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program awarded a family roughly $1.5 Million for a vaccine’s role in an autism-related diagnosis.

Until these issues are further researched and/or a Vaccine Safety Commission is established, I believe no patient or parent should be required to submit to a vaccination without Informed Consent.

I hope my colleagues in the Senate and House will agree: Informed Consent is a basic human right of consenting or refusing a medical treatment or procedure – including vaccinations.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm not a student of history much, but I'm hearing from more than one vector that the EU as organized is an apple fallen not that far from the union envisioned by the Nazis for Europe.

And I'm also hearing that the Nazis never officially surrendered at the end of WWII (some had to reportedly fake deaths multiple times and such, go into hiding and such, but no official surrender of representatives of the Nazi Party was ever required... that's what I'm hearing...). The major U.S. corporations that funded them from within the U.S., the individuals involved anyway (some of whom also funded the rise of Stalin, maybe just to see how that form of "government" compared with others they were trying out, maybe trying to see how they could best exploit "human resources"..., set up conditions for many arms sales...maybe all of the above), pretty much kept on living large and not largely condemned it seems, and many "ex"-Nazis were brought over and integrated into our government agencies and corporate boards here and main point being that many of them didn't seem to have enough trouble fitting in ... whatever label should be applied to the culture of Monsanto, Merck, the tel-coms, the military contractors. etc...

Massive financial fraud has been transferring wealth into the hands of a few causing destruction of lives while at it all over the globe. Millions are estimated to have died off in Russia alone, for instance. They are poised to finish off the U.S. in a somewhat similar, but maybe less obvious way, some are saying.

More, I wish I could say from my Californian vantage point, there isn't evidence that some have already resorted to burning out and burning people directly when they feel the need/desire to, either... so, at this point, is focus on the likes of Pan, and their vaccination plans, enough? I really don't think the power to censor is wanted just to bolster product sales now, if that was ever the main driver. They want to be able to crack down, isolate, bankrupt, and probably often eliminate everyone that wakes up to them, and what they are capable of.

John Stone


In the wellknown line from a not so wellknown play (Almansor) by Heinrich Heine: "Where they have burned books, they will end in burning people."

That was written in 1823, before the days of the internet. Heine finally fleed Germany c. 1830 because of the rise in anti-semitism. Many of my American friends are worried about having their guns taken away, but people will find in the end that is nothing compared to having their words taken away. The mainstream media is completely discredited, so now they have to stop people talking and writing in the public medium of the time which is the internet (Almansor btw is set at the time of the expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain, not long after the invention of printing). Governments are not concerned about FAKE NEWS, they are terrified of REAL NEWS: they are deliberately dismantling any means by which the government-corporate machine can be held to account - they pretend this is about the rights of artists but it is about freedom of speech. I promise you if people don't stand up (and sadly perhaps even if they do) we are heading for barbarism and chaos. This is the logic of human history.

Angus Files

The face of tyranny freedom of speech only for the corporate elite and come election days we fight them on their own terms at the ballot box.

Pharma For Prison



The EU bureaucrats interfering with 'free speech" is not the same thing as Nazism. What is the deal with the "right wing" these days overusing those terms like "jack boot thugs". I wish the EU would over turn these speech limiting laws but this is not the same thing as Nazis killing dissidents or minorities. AoA is losing credibility with such outlandish claims.

John Stone

It should be noted that both the British Conservative and Labour parties voted for this at committee stage - so this really is not going to go away in the with Brexit. So far I have had three replies members of the Parliament. Two from the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) deeply disapproved, but a Labour member who simply stated what the position was admitted she had a lot of letters (despite the fact that the issue had barely been reported in the the mainstream media). This shows how deeply out of touch the political class are. She said the Labour group were to meet with Tom Watson, opposition spokesman for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to discuss it.


This is an important and timely article, it is vital that we all write to our MEPs and cause them a real headache over this, apparently they have been misled by corporate propaganda and those with conflicts of interest. The EU’s setup leaves the people of Europe vulnerable, it makes you feel like you have to be a meerkat on watch 24/7.

Now onto the link tax, it is absurd, websites pay link builders to post links to their websites, Google ranks a site higher based on the number and quality of links posted around the Internet to that site. That means more visitors. Each link also brings in visitors directly, many sites are designed to make revenue from the visitors, proving that the whole concept of link tax is nonsensical.

Websites are built to be visited, just like shops are, imagine if people got taxed for giving each other advice on which shops to visit or which books to read, that’s precisely how illogical the link tax is.

Hans Litten

They have to (try to) lock down the internet.
They are staring a revolution square in the face.
They have been poisoning and murdering there own people for many decades.
Their ability to collect tax loses all legitimacy if this comes out .
Their right to lead is forfeit.

In fact maybe its too late for them. The snowballing is occurring !
Have a heart - not !

Everything changed after the Thompson Revelations - Then we knew for sure it was genocide .


Thank you John. Along this same spectrum of mind control. Article dated April 2017:

"New computers could delete thoughts without your knowledge, experts warn
New human rights laws are required to protect sensitive information in a person’s mind from 'unauthorised collection, storage, use or even deletion' "


"The same goes for actions involving harm to a person’s mental life or unauthorised modifications of a person’s psychological continuity, which are also facilitated by the ability of emerging neurotechnologies to intervene into a person’s neural processing in absence of the person’s awareness.”

They proposed four new human rights laws:
the right to cognitive liberty,
the right to mental privacy,
the right to mental integrity and
the right to psychological continuity."

John Stone

Science is pure

Certainly looks helpful but no mention of clause 11.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

These are the thoughts of the Max Planck Institute:

Angus Files

If you speak up for free-speech(as we know it) you're an extremist whilst, Pharma who vaccinate our kids to death are not,Thats` where we're at folks.

Thanks John never even seen this one.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


I am sure the trolls will manage, but I suppose what it means is that you need to be a business big enough to have a rights department to share a link, meanwhile these people will be blocking sites using algorithms, or whatever. Basically, it is meant to stop ordinary people sharing information on the web. Of course, once you have the directive it is up to the member nations to implement, but I do not trust our British politicians even out of the EU. In May they passed legislation implementing the EU a previous EU regulation, the General Data Privacy Regulation I think it is) knowing that we would be leaving the EU within the year anyway. So, will they want to harmonise even though we are outside? I would not put is past them. As far as I know this opposed by some influential people: Jimmy Wales, Tim Berners-Lee, Stephen Fry have been mentioned. But I believe it would an error for British readers to not contact their MEPs because they think we will be out of Europe next year. Globally, everyone must fight for the web access continuously because new initiatives to close it down occur in every place all the time. If this one fails there will be new ones, and irrespective of borders.

Hans Litten

Is it because the lamestream media isn't working anymore ?

This was seriously emphasized in 1981 when William Casey (former Director of the CIA) stated in a Presidential briefing …
“We will know our program of disinformation has succeeded when everything the American people believe is false”

Jenny Allan

Horrendous assault on free speech, but EU attempts to shut down 'the web' could backfire spectacularly. I am assuming the sharing of urls would be across the board involving all attempts to publicise articles be they friendly or unfriendly to our causes. This would be bad news for trolls. Also- EU legislation would have no legal standing outwith Europe.
Interesting times!


Only a few years ago a German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, spoke of the possibility of war in Europe. Yet less than 80 years ago it was a forerunner of Ms Merkel, as a different German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, who not only spoke of war but started the Second World War.

Chancellor Merkel was speaking of wanting to avoid another war in Europe. This was at the height of the debt crises in many EU States, with Chancellor Merkel speaking in the context of the Greek debt debacle.

This shows how badly the European Union has served European countries and their economies.

The Eurocrats of the European Union are making moves to create an EU army, navy and airforce. They work as I write this to create the budget and the laws for those purposes.

It is worrying for those with insight and the imagination to see where this could and may lead. It is also of concern that the vast majority of Europeans not only lack that insight and imagination but also lack a media and political structures to make the concerns known and stop it before it is too late.

President Trump is right to demand Europeans pay a fair share of their way for defence via NATO. European governments have up to now left most of the burden to the US taxpayer.

But what will be the position if that encourages the faceless dangerous Eurocrats to establish a European army?

Unlike the US, citizens in Europe do not have the right to bear arms to act against the tyranny of their own governments.


The term "Jackboots" is apt. And Americans need to be on their guard. The people of the European Union may be friends to the US, sharing a commonality of descent from the many from Europe who migrated to the USA and settled there. But the political institutions of the European Union are controlled by a different kind of animal.

Democracy in Europe died with the birth of the European Union. In the long term the EU is a threat to peace, stability and the freedoms of the citizens of the countries of Europe.

For many reasons the European Union is under the control in practical terms of the Eurocrats of the European Commission. And no one can be sure whose powers influences and control they are under. The only law creators in the EU are the Eurocrats of the European Commission.

Democracy can only work where a free and strong press as the Fourth Estate keeps the electing public informed. In the UK the mainstream media is ineffective, controlled directly and indirectly by third party interests and with journalists and editors being easily manipulable, it provides very little information about what takes place politically in the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of Ministers. Imagine that picture extended across 27 countries many of which have limited resources and impoverished less well educated populations with high unemployment.

The European Parliament originally had no law-making powers and could veto nothing. The eventual extension of some law-making powers to the Parliament was too little, but more importantly, too late.

The European Union is a large complex set of interlinked organisations which is wide open especially in a globalist world to an ease of manipulation on an unprecedented scale from those people or organisations with the money and resources to get the political systems to work for them against the interests of citizens.

In many ways the political systems of the European Union are more open to manipulation than the already corrupt and corrupted "swamp" of Washington DC.

Be on your guard Americans.

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