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Heart-Breaking News: MMR Vaccine Seized in Samoa After 2 Deaths

Samoa ministry of health

No note of the manufacturer.  Our condolences to the families of these children. A tragedy. 

9 July, 2018. Samoa – The Ministry of Health is seizing all MMR vaccines throughout the country.

The news was announced at a press conference by the CEO for the Ministry of Health, Dr Take Naseri. It follows the sudden deaths of two young children both aged 1 years old from Savaii who according to Tala Fou News, died after being vaccinated on Friday the 6th of July at Safotu Hospital in Savaii.

The deaths are also being investigated by police.MMR vaccines seized nationwide

Samoa recalls MMR vaccine after two deaths

Samoa's health officials have issued an immediate recall of a vaccination for rubella, measles and mumps, after two babies died just hours after being vaccinated.

The Director General of Health Leausa Dr Take Naseri says different nurses administered the vaccine to the infants at a hospital in Safotu on Savaii.

He says the infants were the first to get the MMR vaccine and testing is now underway to see if it was responsible for the deaths, "so now immediate action to recall all [of them] - we've ceased and sent out a directive to stop and cease all vaccinations of the children with the MMR."

The families of the two children have asked the police to investigate the deaths.




More on this story, a sad illustration of the need to use pre-filled syringes Nurse in Samoa charged after two babies die shortly after receiving MMR vaccine

Jeannette Bishop

Footage from (I believe ) an MR campaign in Surat:

I can't find anything written about this so far.

Jeannette Bishop

A slightly more detailed account than in most media:

david m burd

It's worth expanding on U.S. SIDS deaths: Here is relevant info on Infant Mortality comparing the U.S. to other countries.

The US infant death rate is 5.8 per 1,000 births, and the annual U.S. births have been almost exactly 4 million a year for decades results in annual infant deaths of 23,200, with but 3,500 "explained" as SIDS deaths. Therefore close to 20,000 annual infant deaths are by a myriad of other causes.

It is entirely plausible the extremely toxic U.S. child vaccine schedule (along with the DTaP and Flu shots pushed onto pregnant women, thus to their fetuses) is directly the cause of the majority of most of these non-SIDS 20,000 deaths, year after year. I urge everybody to pull up the above reference.

david m burd

go Trump,

Actually here in the US, there actually are about 7,000+ SIDS deaths each year, but one-half are fraudulently cited as "accidental suffocation" by sleeping in their parents' beds and/or loose bedding in their cribs. Thus 'accidental suffocation' was created/invented about 1995, and voila!, one-half of SIDS fatalities were reclassified.

The evilness of our Public Health Officials cannot be understated -- they will DO ANYTHING to LIE, and OBFUSCATE, to protect their "reputations."

susan welch Powerful, short video from the Highwire team (if the link works!)

What has not been so widely reported is that the President of Samoa (?) said his grandchild had survived a vaccine reaction from the MMR, but could no longer speak.

Hans Litten

There is a little more to this story :

Samoa Seizes All MMR Vaccines After Two Infants Die Minutes After Receiving the Vaccine

What is so tragic, and has this island nation in such an uproar, is that the parents of the second child who died had reportedly already learned about the first infant’s death a couple hours earlier and declined to have their child receive the same vaccine. The mother reports that the nurse administered the MMR vaccine against her consent, leading to the child’s immediate death upon receiving the vaccine.

The Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi, issued a statement about the tragic events and reported that, as a grandfather, one of his grandsons had previously suffered something similar, an apparent vaccine injury that he survived but now can no longer talk.

go Trump

This would be called SIDS in the US of A which of course is "never an item for concern."

There are about 10 SIDS deaths in the US each and every day, mostly in the 2 -12 month age group.


Australian government ABC news on internet (link below) is on the case now and already using this tragic story as a propaganda exercise to sell the virtues of vaccines. Naturally they have sent inspectors from Australia to find other non vaccine causes for the tragedy (which I am sure they will do their utmost to fabricate and it will be business as usual). I wonder who the scapegoat will be.

Grace Green

Maybe the tragic loss of these two little ones, and the more honest response by the Samoan government, will show up the lies of our western governments. Perhaps we now have to pin our hopes on the developing world to speak truth to the west.

Hans Litten

I imagine officials from Merck have landed in Samoa right now to try to calm the situation.
Flying in from Aus or NZ no doubt.

The Turnbulls (Turncoats)will be on the fone to the samoan govt too.


they will find it was all just a coincidence.

The funny thing is that nobody ever says what the criteria for vaccine induced death actually is. So you know they will just say they didn't find anything because nobody has the slightest clue what they are looking for.

John Stone


And as you say could never happen in the UK. Any doctor who suggested that a vaccine had caused harm would end up in the GMC star chamber.

Angus Files

Yep! Bob, move on folks nothing to see... nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines that they are 100% sure of ..

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

Angus … it is just as likely the deaths in the US would be immediately identified as SIDS .. no explanation or investigation necessary .. as SIDS is just one of those mysterious occurrences that causes the US to be among the worst countries for infant mortality deaths .. in the thousands every year.

Angus Files

At this point if you lived in the UK like Sally Clark and many others the Police would be there charging you with Munchausen by proxy syndrome,nothing to do with vaccines RIP little ones.

Pharma For Prison


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