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Hasta la Pasta Italia Accepts Parental Proof of Vaccination Status

Hasta la pastaNote: My Gianna is prone to saying that phrase and it always makes me laugh. "Hasta la pasta!"  However, nothing has been funny on the way to the forum, so to speak, in Italy as the government attempted to crack down on parents' vaccine choices with heavy fines and punishment. Lo and behold, the protests have forced a change.   We have not been so fortunate here in the USA, especially California, where Senator Richard Pan and surely the new owner of the LA Times, a wealthy pharma/medical/vaccine tycoon have robbed children of the right to attend school based 0n vaccination status.


Proof of Children’s Vaccinations? Italy Will Now Take Parents’ Word for It

ROME — Italian parents will no longer have to provide state-run schools with a doctor’s note to show that their children have been vaccinated, the country’s new populist government announced on Thursday — a move that raised alarm among experts who fear that compliance with vaccines will drop.

The new rule, announced at a news conference by Giulia Grillo, Italy’s health minister and a prominent member of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, requires only the assurance of parents that their children are immunized to enroll in school this September.

The government said its aim was to simplify enrollment procedures and enable school participation for all, including children whose parents do not have their paperwork in order yet.

“We want to spur school inclusion and simplify rules for parents,” Ms. Grillo said.

But critics of the move say the Italian government is eroding faith in science and public norms. Read more here.


Anne Baptiste

I haven't vaccinated my children. We went back to Italy for work and I don't plan to take them to the doctor for any vaccinations. I'm going to take them for some inflammationthat the smallest one has in the stomach area. But for work reasons I will stay a few months more. Vaccines in Italy should be banned if they are harmful, nowadays with so much scientific work it is surprising that sometimes they say it has harmful agents and nothing is done about it.

Jeannette Bishop

@Grace Green, or possibly just wanting to diffuse current levels of opposition to the new mandate.

Grace Green

It looks like they're trying to give themselves time - for more evidence, or to change the law?

Jeannette Bishop

John Stone

White Rose

Actually, the fudge maybe durable and Italians have resorted what is called “auto-certification” before. An Italian friend today said to me a little chauvinistically “mad, genius”, and it certainly has charm. Meanwhile, Giulia Grillo has announced that she’s pregnant, and that once the baby is born it will be vaccinated “like all other Italian citizens” - which is ambiguous to say the least!

White Rose

This isn't good enough and is a fudge .

The Law must be reversed.

They will try enforcing it later on !

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