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"Ginger's List" of Ignored Research Showing How Vaccines Cause Autism Tops 150 Papers

Fireworks-5120x2880-new-year-hd-5k-7289 (1)by Ginger Taylor MS, about Ginger Taylor  MS

The Age of Autism, represented here by Ginger Taylor MS, at the behest of Ginger Taylor MS, is proud to honor Ginger Taylor MS on her stunning accomplishment of the discovery of 150 published papers that show both that vaccines can cause autism, and how they cause autism.  Papers that the combined resources of the World Health Organization, every government health organization in existence and the entire world wide medical health establishment was not able to find.  

When contacted for comment on her astonishing work, Ginger Taylor MS, in her great humility toward her task of global illumination, said that she owed a bit of the credit to David Kirby for starting her off with 18 papers on mercury in 2007, a smidge to JB Handley for pointing out the most recent paper from China on Hepatitis B vaccine, and should probably not forget to mention the "little people" whose families have been harmed by vaccines for constantly sending her new research "here and there" as soon as it was published, but that she would be remiss in not talking the vast majority of the credit for herself.  

"I should also probably thank my parents for teaching me to read, because that was a huge tool that I used for the creation of this one of a kind tome, but I alone had to brave the dangerous journey through exotic and deadly lands like Pubmed and Google Alerts, to find these rare gems.  It's not like any old person with a high school education could do it.  Or even tens of thousands of MDs or PhDs.  I and I alone, armed with zero dollars in government research funds, had the mind, tenacity and reckless abandon to throw myself into the lions den thusly, to pluck these completely unknown bits of research from the jaws of death and complete obscurity!"  She then placed her phone on her lap, announced that she was awaiting a call from "those Nobel Prize people", whipped back her own blond mane, threw her face to the sky, and roared like the King of the Jungle himself. (Admittedly, it was a little awkward.)

The US Centers for Disease Control and prevention, responding to our request for comment on Mrs. Taylor MS's earth shattering announcement, replied, "Who?  Vaccines don't cause autism.  There's no research to support that claim."

UPDATE: I have uploaded the current list in PDF form, as requested, here.


Mark Colgate">"> Not that hard to find. PDF file 140 pages of vaccines and Autism connection. It includes studies by Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins.

Susan Kratz

Multiple tries to open/access the PDF of the list of papers (bibliography). Can someone look into this and ensure that we can open the link? Would really appreciate it. Really would like this list as I get asked this question on a daily basis in my work. And, by the way, thanks to the person(s) responsible for assembling this information!!!

Jeannette Bishop

@Eindecker, I think injected thimerosal contributes to/can cause many health problems. The other vaccine adjuvants and maybe every vaccine components too. I believe the number of antibody provoking and immune system misprogramming challenges in infancy (and prenatally in the U.S.) and childhood has only gone up everywhere. I believe the exposure to wireless radiation is weighing in with synergy and on the rise. GMOs and accompanying pesticides are weighing in here in the U.S. The health of the world viewed only through internet media, with the health of the U.S. viewed more from local community makes the U.S. seem to be the most chronically ill and inflamed whilst simultaneously germophobic place in the world (we "fixed" the unrecognized toxicity of pesticides with one vaccine, polio, so lets keep vaccinating more and more because something's wrong, many things are wrong, but that's one "success" we know "worked"...that's about the level of complexity most people here are capable of engaging in mentally).

But the media generally presents a decline in youth and childhood neurological integrity worldwide with the U.S. currently leading the race.

Jeannette Bishop

@Cia, I think it more depends on what the insurance and Medicaid will reimburse. The insurance we had used to demand thimerosal containing multidose vials and it didn't even enter into my head as a young vaccinating parent that there might be choices or to investigate those. I don't know what our mandated insurance programs do now except that BCBS reimburses all or nothing for high vaccine uptake and some are refusing to even work with physicians without high uptake. Whether they cover all flu vaccine options, or don't cover it at all now....I haven't heard discussion.

david m burd

PS (Broke my vow to not comment again):
As Hans Litten said, ethylmercury is extremely toxic in the most minute amounts-- as published and testified by Dr. Frank Engley - and many others since have published for many decades.

Promoting, touting flu shots during pregnancy, thence to their newly born, injections repeated again, and again, and again - even if only a "trace" of ethylmercury (but almost all actually 12-25 times that amount) is an unforgivalbe crime, as countless families are destroyed, by these flu shots. "You can't make it up."

Yet, the CDC promotes and pushes this mercury-laden flu-shot horror while also maintaining their stance that ethylmercury is harmless, and goes to show how the human mind is indeed easily manipulated, particularly those who go through medical school.


So Jeanette & Barry if this multidose thiomersal containing flu vaccine used in the US was such a big driver to all the maladies you think it is causing why aren't we beginning to see a huge difference in health issues between the US & Europe?

"Comparing the US and Europe
Today, the vaccine market finds itself at a tipping point that involves packaging. The percent of US vaccines packaged in unit-dose, ready-to-administer formats is now approaching 40%, or almost double what it was seven years ago. This is entirely driven by the growing awareness and user demands based on the advantages afforded by PFS packaging formats. As a point of contrast, in Europe, these same vaccines are packaged in PFS at a level that exceeds 90%.
Further adoption of vaccines packaged in PFSs is expected to continue, for both new and currently marketed vaccines, particularly as clinicians and vaccine enterprise stakeholders look more closely at the implication of packaging at the user interface and understand the benefits PFSs offer in terms of greater efficiency and advancing best care."

Multi dose vials seem to be an American and 3rd world concept, the economics are in favour of single use pre-filled syringes

I commented originally on this "Ginger List" because 66 of the 150 references were solely concerned with thiomersal/mercury and another 55 made no mention of vaccines whatsoever..... but the title to the piece was still ""Ginger's List" of Ignored Research Showing How Vaccines Cause Autism Tops 150 Papers" which is just bizarre, especially when there was no evidence at all in the Blaxill data of any effect of the dramatic drop in the use of thiomersal......

david m burd

All, here's the document published by CDC re Flu Vaccines:

Please note how many Vaccines Makers cite their 5.0ml multidose vials can be used for 6 months old+.

Please note only the Fluarix .50 ml prefilled dose can be used for infants 6 months old+

Please note the various 5.0ml multidose vials can be used to draw for infants 6 months old+- such as Flulaval, Fluzone, Fluarix (against guidelines taken from .50 ml supposedly Thimerosal-free.**

**There is indeed a conflict here as infants are ONLY meant to get a .25ml dose. That being said, some are "claimed" to have no mercury. BUT, as I made the case earlier, IF there is only 1 microgram of mercury they can claim their vaccine has no mercury. FAT CHANCE!; does anybody really think they can filter out all the Thimerosal used while concocting their massive batches, and then be filtered out?

Good Night, Mabel --- this is my last on this Comment thread. THANKS all for participating.
If you want I can be reached via my email:

cia parker


I was thinking earlier that the millions already mercury-poisoned should be helped to detox it. I wrote last week here about how each generation in my family had accumulated more mercury from the vaccines and gave some of it to our children. I wish I had known before I got pregnant and wish that someone had helped me detox before my daughter got the mercury-containing shots. And that someone would help me now. I finished another round of the Andy Cutler chelation Sunday evening and felt very dizzy (mercury-toxic) earlier today. I took four 200 mcg capsules of selenium, but still felt dizzy half an hour later, but had to go grocery shopping. I hoped it was safe but wasn't sure, but took two more selenium capsules. And it helped, I'm going to translate now. My daughter is putting away the groceries, she's very helpful in many ways now. I googled it the other evening and found that a kid who spilled mercury all over his room but didn't tell his parents became very mercury-toxic, he was hospitalized, nothing helped, he was dying, but then he was given selenium and it saved his life. Five years on the AC protocol now, I wish I knew how long it was going to take to get nearly all of it out.

Don't you think the doctors who only give half a vial of vaccine and then throw away the other half charge for the whole thing? I asked our vet to order a special, supposedly safer vaccine for our puppy, she said she'd have to order a whole case when she didn't think many people would want it, and I said I'd pay for the whole case and she could just throw away the rest, so our dog could get it. I had a friend with a little dog who asked the vet if he could just give him half the vaccine in the vial, not the whole dose, he did, and just squirted out the rest. I'll bet you they habitually charge for the whole thing.

And I'm sure there's a reason for its not being public how many of each kind of vaccine are actually given (do they even know?) I don't know if doctors report on what they actually use.

Jeannette Bishop

"Note, however, that if a 0.5 mL single-use vial of Fluzone Quadivalent is used for a child aged 6 through 35 months, only half the volume should be administered and the other half should be discarded. " Added financial incentive right there to use multi-dose vials as they ARE licensed for use in the U.S. for those in infancy and for use in pregnancy (but we're supposed to assume that even though "thimerosal was only removed for to reassure parents" that no one in the medical field is administering it to infants and pregnant women, even though the FDA, CDC, et. al says it's fine or don't say it's not fine, because medical professionals don't assign all responsibility for working on these concerns to the CDC, FDA, etc?).

And that means for infants in the U.S. to be getting only thimerosal free versions they would need two .5mL doses "made available" (1/2 to be discarded but nearly 8 million total doses for those 6 months-17 months), another dose (1/2 to be discarded, nearly 4 million for those 18-29 months) for the next year, and another at least for those up to 35 months (2 million or so), plus prenatal doses of 1 or 2 (maybe 5 million) "made available."

Approximately 19 million thimerosal free flu vaccine doses need to be "made available" and made required for thimerosal to be somewhat "irrelevant" for infants now (their mothers are largely part of the thimerosal heavy generation).

Then for it to continue to be "irrelevant" for current attempts at "safe vaccine" purchases there would need to be enough thimerosal free doses for any age 3 and up.

And for thimerosal to be fully irrelevant, those who've been injected with thimerosal would have to have help detoxifying years accumulation and reversing the immune mediated harms, healthy microbiome disturbances, genotoxic effects, and costs of all such the use may have set in motion for those still living, including making sure infants are not absorbing vaccine mercury prenatally or inheriting thimerosal's effects in other ways for years to come.

And the next paragraph here: p. 6

Before November 2016, the only influenza vaccine
formulations licensed for children aged 6 through 35 months
were the 0.25 mL (containing 7.5 µg of HA per vaccine virus)
dose formulations of Fluzone and Fluzone Quadrivalent. The
recommendation for use of a reduced dose volume for children
in this age group (half that recommended for persons aged
≥3 years) was based on increased reactogenicity noted among
children (particularly younger children) following receipt of
influenza vaccines in trials conducted during the 1970s. This
increased reactogenicity was primarily observed with wholevirus
inactivated vaccines (23–27). Studies with vaccines
more similar to currently available split-virus inactivated
products demonstrated less reactogenicity (27). Recent
comparative studies of 0.5 mL vs. 0.25 mL doses of IIV3
conducted among children aged 6 through 23 months (28)
and 6 through 35 months (29) noted no significant difference
in reactogenicity at the higher dose. In a randomized trial
comparing immunogenicity and safety of 0.5 mL FluLaval
Quadrivalent with 0.25 mL Fluzone Quadrivalent, safety
and reactogenicity were similar between the two vaccines. In
a post-hoc analysis, superior immunogenicity was noted for
the B components of FluLaval Quadrivalent among infants
aged 6 through 17 months and for unprimed children (those
who had not previously received at least 2 doses of influenza
vaccine) aged 6 through 35 months (30).

This talks like that cutting of doses in half is not currently relevant...what if this translates into physicians who are sure thimerosal "was never a problem" not cutting thimerosal containing flu vaccine doses in half for infants, because that "higher reactivity" was assigned to whole-cell part of the 1970s flu vaccine (should it really, at least in part, be assigned to thimerosal exposure)?


David Burd please can we get some facts into this discussion? There are 3 levels of thiomersal used in various flu vaccines licensed for use in the US:
1 25 µg/0.5ml used in multi dose 5ml format
2 ≤1 µg/0.5ml used in single dose 0.5ml format, the so-called “trace”
3 None in single dose 0.5ml format
There are 18 licensed influenza vaccines in the US:
5 are multi dose formats with 25 µg/0.5ml thiomersal
There is 1 single dose format vaccine containing the “trace” amount of ≤1 µg/0.5ml
And there are 12 single dose format vaccines containing NO thiomersol
Of course as I pointed out none of UK licensed flu vaccines contains any thiomersal
There is no evidence whatsoever for your assertion “70%+ of American babies/toddlers up to 36 months age ACTUALLY are getting flu shots from multidose vials loaded with mercury. 12.5 damn micrograms of ethylmercury every time for a .25ml dose, and every damn year; thence at age 3 a full 25 micrograms of mercury every year FOREVER!

Please see Dose Volume for children aged 6 months through 35 months…….These are the only two influenza vaccine products licensed for this age group. Care should be taken to administer the appropriate volume for each needed dose of either product. In either instance, the needed volume may be administered from an appropriate prefilled syringe, a single dose vial, or multidose vial, as supplied by the manufacturer. Note, however, that if a 0.5 mL single-use vial of Fluzone Quadivalent is used for a child aged 6 through 35 months, only half the volume should be administered and the other half should be discarded. page 7
So David there is no “MUST” at all about having to administer via a multi dose vialhh

cia parker


I agree that there are many reasons that vaccines are dangerous, and the mercury in many flu vaccines is only one of them. I have never gotten a flu vaccine, nor has my daughter, and we never will. But it is still true that many people die of the flu (or the pneumonia it often causes) every year, including many children. I don't think any of them should get the vaccine: it's dangerous and very ineffective. There are other, safe ways to prevent and treat the flu when it occurs, and definite benefits to getting it.

But it's also true that many people want to get the flu vaccine for themselves and their children. I hope our education campaign will persuade them not to do so. My daughter's school has already proudly said that it's offering a free flu vaccine for all students who want it. Why are there still so many people who want it? I guess because some years, like last winter, the flu is very bad and kills a lot of people, and they think the vaccine will prevent it. My neighbor proudly says that she gets it not just for her, but to protect others.

Right now I'm just wondering about how many babies and toddlers are getting the full mercury-containing flu vaccine every year (two half doses in the first year), or even just once. I really don't think one mcg of mercury is enough to worry about, but 25 might be. And for those who get a lot of them and are genetically prone to store it rather than excrete it, it would be a problem. I'm going to read over David's comments to see what evidence he has put up for this. At this time I think the number cannot be said. The mercury-free versions are common, all but one company makes them, so the only question is how often they are used instead of the standard mercury-containing version.

Jeannette Bishop

@David M Burd, thanks for your help in understanding what's going. I was reminded when perusing various package inserts that they instruct first-time flu vaccine recipients to get two doses a month or so apart (so I guess that means every infant in the first year in their perfect world). Some sounded like for infants they were recommending two doses again if only receiving one dose the previous year (so perhaps two again at age three?), and others were recommending "starting" with two doses again around age three to five, I think ostensibly because they were "moving up" to the .5mL dose. I wonder how often pregnant mothers are getting first-time double doses too.

Anyway, it seems they are making sure quite a lot neurotoxic thimerosal can be administered in conjunction with all those synergistically toxic doses of Al in the prenatal-preschool years alone, even though thimerosal "has been removed from most childhood vaccines."

David m burd


You utterly fail to understand that 70%+ of American babies/toddlers up to 36 months age ACTUALLY are getting flu shots from multidose vials loaded with mercury. 12.5 damn micrograms of ethylmercury every time for a .25ml dose, and every damn year; thence at age 3 a full 25 micrograms of mercury every year FOREVER!

So, it's NOT just a trace, as you focus on. This neurotoxic onslaught on them, on top of exposure in the womb via their mothers' flu shots by itself is a plausible cause of the ever increasing autism spectrum rate.

Hans Litten

Posted by: cia parker | July 23, 2018 at 10:21 AM

Did you read my list ? So many many issues with vaccines (Hg-Al are only part of it)

Fetal DNA\RNA in the vaccines ? recombination readily occurs with a babies stem cells ?

I missed out
10. glyphosate contamination (Seneff) - silly me

Not worried no ?

cia parker


I agree that those who don't want their babies to get any mercury should just refuse all vaccines, breast feed the baby, and keep him sheltered at home. That would actually be best for all babies. But those who want them or have to get them for daycare may have to consider how dangerous they think 1 microgram of mercury or less in a thimerosal-free flu shot would be. That's 300-600 parts per billion, while standard flu vaccines have 50,000 ppb, and twenty years ago nearly all babies got similar amounts of mercury in each shot of hep-B, DPT (or DTaP), and Hib. Yes, even minute amounts of mercury can do extreme damage in the most susceptible, and it's certainly something to bear in mind, but most people will be able to withstand one part per billion. And many people will feel they have to get the shot even though there's a small danger from the small amount of mercury in a thimerosal-free flu shot. If they eat fish, they're getting mercury in that. Or if they live in a city with air pollution. In children with risk factors, it wouldn't be worth the risk. In others, the parents may feel they have to do it.

David m burd

Eindecker, I submit we copywrite our exchanges, we could even go on tour and charge admission for a comedy act; I'm chuckling even as I type this.

Here in the US, nurses, etc., are universally instructed to never take multiple vaccine injections any vials other than official "multidose vials" - because - drum roll - vials without Thimerosal are too dangerous for anything other single-jab use - meaning never take 2 doses out of such as a .50ml vial.

As to my "alleging" the single-dose vial being mercury-free: Even our FDA has stated vaccine vials having up to 1 microgram of mercury can be claimed to be "preservative-free". I can tell you (after exhaustive searching) there is no quality- control checking of this; yet actually some US flu vaccine makers do indeed state their .50ml single doses contain a " trace" having 3 quintillion atoms of mercury.

And the beat goes on, and on, and on ---------

Hans Litten

Posted by: Eindecker | July 23, 2018 at 03:58 AM

People just need to ignore your comments Eindecker .
And look up the Dr Frank Engley interview on YouTube

Themiserol is a very poor preservative.
But it is one of the worlds most toxic compounds ("toxic at nanograms" 1948).
So if even its there as a trace amount is enough to be catastrophic.

But lets not concentrate on mercury as if that is the only problem.
Vaccination is the delivery method for all manner of toxicity :

Vaccines are so criminal on just so many levels :

1. Fetal RNA\DNA fragments (Theresa Diesher and stem cells readily recombine)
2. Retroviruses XMRV (Judy Mikovits)
3. Mycoplasmas A...s ? Gardasil ? mass Sterilisation ?
4. Foreign animal species viruses sv40 (cancer 120m US alone)
5. Themiserol , mercury & aluminium working together in exponential toxicity
6. The Gatti contaminants (all sorts of undeclared contaminants)
7. Polysorbate80 opens that BBB and lets the poison right in
8. Formaldehyde leukemia censored with the FDA right now
9. MF59 squalene Gulf War syndrome

It horrendous truth of vaccines goes on and on. A vaccine holocaust for sure.


David Burd Therefore when they state a pediatric dose (.25 ml) is given, this dose MUST come from the 5.0 multidose vial - of course containing Thimerosal.

Wrong on several accounts: The pharmacy/doctors office may not even carry the 5ml format. It's easier just to administer half the dose from the pre-filled 0.5ml syringe, rather than try and draw up a separate 0.25ml. Nowhere in the SPC does it state how the 0.25ml dose is obtained, so there is no "must" about it at all, and just to repeat there are no licensed flu vaccines in the UK that contain thiomersal. It's only added as a preservative to prevent accidental microbial growth when using the multi dose format, these are not used over here, again there is no "allegedly" about single use thiomersal free 0.5ml formats.

David m burd

Jeannette, It is clearly stated that Afluria vaccine is only supplied as .50 ml doses (alledgely Thimerosal free), and in 5.0 ml multidose vials.

Therefore when they state a pediatric dose (.25 ml) is given, this dose MUST come from the 5.0 multidose vial - of course containing Thimerosal.

Of course they never actually state this about infants/toddlers getting Thimerosal-loaded shots, but in fact that's what's happening, to over ten million very year, year after year. This is clearly the case as born out by all the annual flu vaccine production data.

Jeannette Bishop

It seems really hard to determine what is being used in terms of thimerosal containing versions or thimerosal free:

Afluria (listed elsewhere as having both thimerosal free and thimerosal containing versions...Why are they considered the same vaccine?...thimerosal is not immunologically inert...) and Afluria Quadrivalent (without thimerosal) are presented for use in 6 months and older:

At the FDA:
(for 5 years and up)

But Aluria has been evaluated in infants (less than 200, follow-up of 180 days)...

So, what do physicians go by? Whatever they want (as long as they are giving some vaccine or other)? Are the infants now getting this vaccine (if they are), essentially participating in the next level of trials...with the FDA allowing (assuming they are actually in charge...) this to go on, while on their records this vaccine is not approved for infants yet?

cia parker


I found this at Kennedy's World Mercury

All of the flu vaccines you mentioned come in a mercury-free, single-dose form, except Flulaval, and several brands only have a mercury-free form, like Fluarix and Agriflu. Flublok wasn't on the mercuryproject list, but I looked it up, and it also comes in a mercury-free form.

I agree that it's shocking that it's even possible for anyone to get a flu vaccine with as much mercury as it ever had, shocking for adults as well as children. My father was paralyzed by a flu vaccine and my mother got Alzheimer's and eventually paralysis from them. Everyone must be aware that this is a danger if, for some reason, they want to get a flu vaccine. Everyone must know that it's like buying a used car, the buyer must definitely beware and ask to see the actual box that the vaccine to be used came in, and LOOK for how much, if any, mercury is in it. And, since there's no clear way to know how much flu vaccine still has mercury in it on a national basis, that's a really easy way to find out in your particular case if it does.

david m burd

An earlier commenter (I'll omit identity), quoted info from his/her source:

""Over this next “flu-shot season”, over 20 million of the influenza vaccines distributed will contain thimerosal, the mercury-laden preservative used in multidose vaccine formulations." Apparently trying to deceive a reader thinking that's the limit.

However, there have been, in fact in the U.S., been way OVER 20 million such mercury-laden flu vaccines yearly distributed, more to the tune of over 100 million flu vaccine shots containing the typical 25 micrograms of ethylmercury. Such is the way the CDC lies, obfuscates, and deceives.

This poisonous every-year mercury-laden flu shot I contend (with abundant references) directly causes such as Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, ALS, a myriad of other ghastly afflictions.

david m burd

This may be a repeat, but I suspect the first transmission of this did not go through.

All, thanks so much for good references HERE is the final count of flu vaccine doses released by the FDA for the 2018-2018 flu season:

By this last day of November, virtually are flu dose "Lots" have been shipped (with negligible doses shipped per many prior years' history of this.

To summarize; 277 Lots were shipped and with a typical Lot having 450,000 to 500,000 doses. Using a 475,000 average brings a total of 132 million doses for the2017-18 U.S. flu season. Subtracting the "High-Dose for age 65+" leaves the rest of the Dose-Pie with close to 118 million doses, with Sanofi Pasteur (the only maker of the .25ml single-dose for infants thru 35 months age).

BUT, Sanofi Pasteurs' piece of the whole vaccine pie (excluding the "High- Dose") comes to 17 million doses. Sanofi Pasteur explicity states their 5.0 ml multdose vial is to be used for 6 months, as they've published to medical professions for years. Since it is clear Sanofi Pasteur has a good chunk of the "multidose' vial shipments, it is deducible that of their 17 millon doses, but a minor percentage is the .25 ml pediatric (not having Thimerosal). Prior years explicit breakdowns discloses these pediatric single-dose (non Thimerosal) has not risen above 500,000 doses. All this makes sense from reviewing the above FDA Cumulative Lots Release. Actually, I am personally alarmed the FDA Lot Release Document does not list the ".25 ml Pediatric Doses" as a line item.

It still comes down to there are close to 11 Million pediatric doses required for the 6 months to 36 month olds getting flu shots every year (as 70% of these infants are reported to get the flu shots).
So, every year 10 1/2 million kids are truly getting mercury-laden flu shots.

Finally, Brian Hooker may think only 20% of flu shots have Thimerosal, BUT, he probably just called up CDC and swallowed their lies. The above FDA Document is as legitimate as it gets

david m burd

All, thanks so much for good references HERE is the final count of flu vaccine doses released by the FDA for the 2018-2018 flu season:

By this last day of November, virtually are flu dose "Lots" have been shipped (with negligible doses shipped per many prior years' history of this.

To summarize; 277 Lots were shipped and with a typical Lot having 450,000 to 500,000 doses. Using a 475,000 average brings a total of 132 million doses for the2017-18 U.S. flu season. Subtracting the "High-Dose for age 65+" leaves the rest of the Dose-Pie with close to 118 million doses, with Sanofi Pasteur (the only maker of the .25ml single-dose for infants thru 35 months age).

BUT, Sanofi Pasteurs' piece of the whole vaccine pie (excluding the "High- Dose") comes to 17 million doses. Sanofi Pasteur explicity states their 5.0 ml multdose vial is to be used for 6 months, as they've published to medical professions for years. Since it is clear Sanofi Pasteur has a good chunk of the "multidose' vial shipments, it is deducible that of their 17 millon doses, but a minor percentage is the .25 ml pediatric (not having Thimerosal). Prior years explicit breakdowns discloses these pediatric single-dose (non Thimerosal) has not risen above 500,000 doses. All this makes sense from reviewing the above FDA Lots Release. Actually, I am personally alarmed the FDA Lot Release Document does not list the ".25 ml Pediatric Doses as a line item.

It still comes down to there are close to 11 Million pediatric doses needed for the 6 months to 36 month old getting flu shot every year (as 70% of these infants are reported to get the flu shots).
So, every year 10 1/2 million kids are truly getting mercury-laden flu shots.

And as Jeannette has provided, California has waived using mercury-free flu shots for kids most of the last decade This FDA LOT Release shows why - because they are NOT manufactured, and why Colorado is blatant about drawing infant doses out of multidose vials. Apparently Brian Hooker thinks otherwise, but remember, he probably just called up the CDC and swallowed their lies.


A couple more interesting papers to add to your library, David ...

Illinois Dept of Public Health-Mercury-Free Vaccine Act Exemption Declaration

Mercury-Free Vaccine Legislation in Other States

From the info. for WA state... "This measure is being enacted to maintain public confidence in vaccine programs, so that the public will continue to seek vaccinations"

And from New York..."Informed consent is not required"

Jeannette asks a great question....There really isn't any respect for the "ban" as long as they can manufacture a "crisis". Mercury BAN is a ruse.


David a quick reply "Eindecker, I'll ask you if you are affiliated with any health-related entities. You may have disclosed such affiliation in the past and I missed it. I think it's relevant as to your comments here. Thank you I've posted in the past, so a very brief summary PhD microbiology, mainly diagnostics industry R&D management, at end of career 8 years in medical dept of 2 pharma companies. No financial links at all with pharma, including pensions etc Only contact with "Health Industry" I'm now retired but a volunteer on an NHS (UK) ethics committee overseeing potential studies involving NHS patients, in depth knowledge microbiology & personal & family experience of what are now vaccine preventable diseases.

David if you want to know the in depth composition & evidence base of any UK licensed medical product (unfortunately this only covers UK products) please see & search on "influenza vaccine" . I don't know if the US has a similar database, in the 2017/18 season I seem to remember there was no thiomersal content in any influenza (or other) vaccine.

Tom Petrie

The other day, I was talking with someone near my apartment and he turned out to have a Masters Degree in Biochemistry. The subject of our discussion was aluminum from GeoEngineering Activities (e.g., Weather Modification Programs), and I mentioned the explosion in Neurological Diseases and contamination of our environments (and our brains) world-wide, with aluminum. Turns out this person did a theses on Parkinson's disease! However, when I mentioned much of the aluminum in the brains of Autistic children likely comes from the aluminum adjuvants used in vaccines, he "corrected me" by pointing out that there's no evidence for the role of vaccines in Autism. I told him flat out that he was wrong ("I respectfully disagree") to which he responded, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion."

So I asked him, "Sir, IF I could provide you with a link to 150 papers showing a link of vaccines to Autism (and I would add the Duke University study that showed "Umbilical Cord Blood to dramatically improve the health of autistic children, thereby supporting an ENVIRONMENTAL component to the disease, not a genetic component, as cord blood obviously is safe.....for the baby!), he said "That's ok" (In other words, he wasn't interested in learning more).

See, I was only seeing if he wanted to know more! However, it seems as if "he knew it all" already, consequently, my 150 papers (actually Ginger's!) were of no interest to him!

Just amazing, can't change the mind of folks whose minds are already made up and, by the way, the MOST closed minded folks by far are the "most educated" and the more "well to do." Yup, that's what I've found. Very sad and I feel bad that Einstein WAS so correct when he said: "Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition from Mediocre Minds." I think all of us trying to wake folks up on this subject, should wear buttons like this or T-shirts that say the same famous quote. It fits ALL those idiots, oops, uninformed folks, who rant about no link but never read, "The Big Autism Cover-up" or any other book on this topic.

Jeannette Bishop

More re flu vax and this page:

Curious wordings (all-caps are added by me): "approximately 130 million doses of thimerosal-free WILL BE PRODUCED" (produced where? globally?)

but before that "as many as 151 million to 166 million doses of injectable flu vaccine (i.e., inactivated and recombinant flu vaccines) WOULD BE MADE AVAILABLE for the 2017-2018 season" (Here they indicate 155 million were actually "distributed" in the United States: This document indicates 153 million on page 3:

At the top CDC link they do add this caveat: "AVAILABILITY of specific products and presentations might change and differ from what is described in this table and in the text of this report. †"

This document ( ) does have any "early survey" of "Reported Doses Carried" (page 4) that looks like pre-filled syringes made up less than a quarter of doses and, as david m burd says, some of those may have thimerosal.

I guess I mostly just wanted to note that in addition to all the "approximately"s and other qualifiers, not to mention the CDC's track record with math (and further not mention, overall "honesty" with vaccine matters), one could also assume that "produced" is not equal to "made available," whatever that might indicate.

John Stone


I don’t think there should be anything missing.


cia parker


I tried to put up a comment here the other day, which doesn't seem to have gone up.

I said that it was hard to know the facts. I agree that the vaccine and public health industries lie about the mercury. I believe, though, that probably the information on the vaccine box is correct about the amount of mercury in it, and should be read before getting it. I don't think anyone should get the flu vaccine: it's very dangerous even beyond the mercury, and getting the flu naturally, like measles, has many benefits. There are many ways to treat flu when it occurs, and there is a homeopathic nosode changed yearly, made from the flu strains used in that year's flu vaccine.

I saw this. Again, I have to rely on its being correct, which it may not be.

"Over this next “flu-shot season”, over 20 million of the influenza vaccines distributed will contain thimerosal, the mercury-laden preservative used in multidose vaccine formulations."

"How much thimerosal-free influenza vaccine is expected to be available for the 2017-2018 season?
For the 2017-2018 season, manufacturers will produce influenza vaccines containing thimerosal and some vaccines that do not contain thimerosal.
Approximately 130 million doses of thimerosal-free or preservative-free influenza vaccine will be produced for the 2017-2018 flu season."

It's possible that the 20 million WITH mercury is nowhere near the real number, but the figure was given by Brian Hooker, on our side. And it's possible that the 130 million doses made WITHOUT mercury are not all used. But even so, it looks as though the industry were moving toward discontinuing the use of mercury in flu vaccines. Of course it's criminal that Colorado public health and many others still give mercury-containing flu vaccines, and everyone should be made aware of the danger.

David m burd

Eindecker, I'll ask you if you are affiliated with any health-related entities. You may have disclosed such affiliation in the past and I missed it. I think it's relevant as to your comments here. Thank you.

(As for myself, these last 20 years I've been self-employed as an independent medical technology consultant, recently retired, but more than ever alarmed by the iatrogenic medical catastrophe foisted on the American public)

david m burd

Jeannette, Thanks so much for your comment, and references. I will add them to my library.

That an "Inflenza virue" can cause world-wide castrophe is without merit. But, that's the marching orders by the Fear Mongers.

Simply put: How the hcck did humankind survive without flu vaccines? (and no other animals get the 'Flu"?) THE whole world of Flu-Fear is as Science Fiction as it gets, with immense $bilions of dollars being its propping up this fiction.

david m burd

Pam, Thanks! so much for your California reference allowing Thimerosal-laced flu vaccines to infants.

It's representative that local and State Health Departments have zero knowledge with their annual flu vaccine campaigns having Zero Concern as to the neurotoxicity of flu shot's contained ethylmercury.

They casually accept the utter Lie by CDC that Thimerosal is safe - refuted by countless bio-chemical toxicity Studies, but ignored.

You've "made my day" with your reference.

Jeannette Bishop

California flu vaccine exemptions to the thimerosal ban (apologies, I've posted similar to this before):



2013 (end of 2012-2013 flu season):


Is every three years another regular coincidence or a vaccine "coincidence?" Are they struggling to keep influenza vaccines without thimerosal appearing effective, but cannot admit thimerosal is an adjuvant, because it's too toxic to be licensed today? Is there some aspect of thimerosal containing flu vaccine production that expires pretty much every three years, so that there is incentive to enlist the infant population of California in the hazardous-waste-disposal-at-a-profit-rather-than-cost effort that is thimerosal containing influenza vaccination? (They don't buy bulk within the state every three years and give flu shots for past years to California residents because these vaccines have a three year shelf life, do they? Maybe thinking that with this shot it's all up in the air whether it will match anyway?)

Note the use of the word "options" on this flyer:
"Influenza vaccine is available in thimerosal-free options. See California
Health and Safety Code § 124172"

At least they refer to the thimerosal ban code, but not in an uninformed reader would understand there is a ban, just an "optional" thing. Shouldn't they be stating that thimerosal free versions are to be given for these ages if there was any respect for the ban?

david m burd

Cia, Good Grief! Why cannot you understand?:

A) Our CDC brazenly LIES about Thimerosal in yearly flu vaccines.

B) Flu vaccines made by Sanofi Pasteru, Seqirus, on-and-on, are listed various sites as the FDA, the CDC, many others, with all STATING the 5 ml multidosel vial CAN BE USED for infants 6 months old and up.

C) The Vaccine Manufacturers all state their annual shipments of flu vaccines and recorded by the Biologics Division of the FDA, lot by lot (with "lots" usually having close to 500,000 doses. Also, the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) compiles the percentages of flu vaccine doses that are "multidose 5.0 ml doses", .5 ml sinle doses (most, if not all, having 1 microgram mercury (but not required to list this), and the single-dose, prefilled .25 ml pediatric doses (this is only made by Sanofi Pasteur).

All this accurate "distribution" of flu vaccines shows, to repeat:

1) More than 90%+ of shots to infants on up to 36 months age comes from multi-dose mercury-laden vials.

2) Around 80%+ of anybody over 36 months age is instantly OK'ed to get shots out of the multi-dose vialsm and they do, because that is the vast bulk of available flu vaccine vials, I am still investigating but any adult thinking they are getting their "single-dose" shot actually has been repacked and taken from multi-dose vials.

3) As I've said before, the single-dose .50 ml flu shot most all (if not all) still has 1 microgram of mercury, coming to thousands of mercury atoms for every human cell, and our brain neurons have been abundantly documented my Med Journals (many Foreign Journals also) to be killed by mercury (particularly via their mitochondria being destroyed, as in most of our organs).

Last, please pardon any typos, and NEVER trust CDC to be honest on anything related to Thimerosal.


I will again post the link from the CA. Dept of Public "Health" regarding the Exemption to the Mercury free Act

This was a request for use of thimerosal laced vaccines for the yrs 2015-2016. for children under 3...but it also states that an exemption from the "Mercury free Act" was also granted for the years 2006, 2009, and 2013.

That's an awful lot of full dose mercury containing vaccines administered to babies (without parental consent), in a state where Mercury containing vaccines are supposedly "Prohibited"!

The parents Never really know what's in those syringes laid out on the tray.

cia parker


I think it's hard to tell how many full-amount mercury is given in flu shots. I don't think anyone should get a flu shot, for many reasons, mercury being just one of many. Of course it's unconscionable that Colorado public health clinics are just blithely injecting it into babies. But parents are just a click away from finding out all about it, and then rejecting the vaccines. Parents must look at the vaccine package to see if it has mercury, and how much if it does, if their child is immunocompromised and they insist on giving him the flu vaccine.

I just found this:

Over this next “flu-shot season”, over 20 million of the influenza vaccines distributed will contain thimerosal, the mercury-laden preservative used in multidose vaccine formulations. (Brian Hooker)

How much thimerosal-free influenza vaccine is expected to be available for the 2017-2018 season?
For the 2017-2018 season, manufacturers will produce influenza vaccines containing thimerosal and some vaccines that do not contain thimerosal.
Approximately 130 million doses of thimerosal-free or preservative-free influenza vaccine will be produced for the 2017-2018 flu season.

John Stone


Interesting that U.K. health officials seem more spooked by this issue. What I think we managed to establish last autumn (the Calvin Harris affair) was that there probably wasn’t any as an excipient in any of the products but there may have been some residue in some of them (at least a dozen separate products) from the preparation, but apparently no multiple vials were in use as with Pandemrix. The Daily Mail doctor on the other hand announced that there was mercury in the flu vaccine but it didn’t matter (since whatever is in the vaccine it is always safe by virtue of being in a vaccine). Bung ho!

Harris could have been confusing the situation in the UK with the US and may have many followers in the US anyway. Of course, any amount of mercury, however small, should really be unacceptable.

I don’t know whether the British officials thought that mercury was implicated in narcolepsy as a side-effect of Pandemrix.

david m burd

Cia, When you say "Most flu vaccines are now sold in single-dose, mercury-free syringes." you are dead WRONG, just as Eindecker is/was.

My latest Vaccine Manufacturers data (2017) data proves absolutely the mercury-laden multidose vials (each having 5.0 ml for ten shots) make up over 80% of all flu-shot doses, and in fact have 25 micrograms of mercury. (I have some investigative contacts also revealing "multidose flu vials are repackaged as single doses", of course having full-strength Thimerosal in the "single dose.")

Did you not read my comment (on this current thread) to Pam with the Colorado url document (dated 2017) instructing infants were to be being given .25ml doses taken out of Fluzone mercury-laden multidose vials?

Or did not ever read any of my Posts and comments these last two citing the Vaccine Manufacturer's own data? Up to date 2017 data that unambiguously states there were only about 400,000 .25ml pediatric doses (claimed to mercury-free) manufactured and distributed, wheresd 11 million of such .25 ml doses are required to vaccinate our American infants (up to 36 months), required EACH year, as over 70% of this age group are each year idiotically are flu-shot injected with this neurotoxic poison.

As to California several years ago, due to a "shortage" of pediatric flu shots, their Health Dept stated it was OK to use mercury-laden multidose vials to be used for infants, kids, everybody; at least this one time they were honest. The only true facts are what is manufactured and distributed - NOT the usual covering up about the paucity of Thimerosal-free flu shots actually available for the whole U.S. of A.

cia parker

Many states have laws prohibiting the use of mercury-containing flu vaccines for children, like California. Beyond trace amounts, anyway. But it was a step in the right direction to take it out of the vaccines that had a lot of it before, but no longer do: the DPT/DTaP, Hib, and hep-B vaccines. Most flu vaccines are now sold in single-dose, mercury-free syringes.

The buck stops with the parents. Every parent is aware now that large numbers of us are certain that the vaccines cause autism, asthma, etc. Every parent owes it to his or her child to at least google it and find out the status of whatever vaccine they're contemplating giving to their child. I think everyone is aware now of how dangerous mercury in vaccines was and sometimes still is, and how important it is that they avoid it. Even the shills insist that vaccines given to children no longer have mercury (more than trace amounts), meaning that they recognize that it is a problem when and if they do.


@david m burd

Thank you for the link!!
Absolute indisputable evidence that babies continue to be injected with addition to all the aluminum and other toxic filth in their vaccines.

I will pass it on in addition to other links I share with those that request info. regarding thimerosal/mercury in vaccines.

Mercury in Vaccines -FAQ -NVIC

The Great Thimerosal Coverup

And of course, one of the best documentaries out there...."Trace Amounts"

david m burd

Pam, Here's a "dagger to the heart" as to American Health Leaders (CDC, et al.) claiming our infants only get a Thimerosal-Free flu shot. This is the present Colorado Health Dept guidance to practitioners giving flu shots to babies:

Relevantly, this Colorado Document reconciling flu doses completely omits any existence of Thimerosal-free single-dose .25 ml pediatric flu shots, and blithly says to use the multidose flu vials for infants. I have little doubt this same situation exists in virtually all States as the actual required manufactured supply of this specific Thimerosal-free simply does not exist (as I enumerated in my earlier comment).

As a notorious propaganda expert once said: "The larger the lie, the more people will believe it" and this applies to our CDC, et al.

I will also correct my earlier claim that a trace of Et (ethylmercury) consisted of "millions of mercury atoms for every cell" -- It's actually "thousands of mercury atoms" for every cell (I accidentally moved a decimal point); however, whether a baby drowns in the bathtub or the swimming pool it only takes being submerged over their head.

I hope everybody will copy the above Colorado Document and pass it on to others. Cheers!

david m burd


Thanks for your comment. Our CDC/NIH/Med System with their pushing the mercury-laden Flu Vaccine on infants and their mothers-to-be (taking both their flu shot and Aluminum-toxic DTaP shot) will, in time, be one of the most singular horrendous medical scandals of all time.

AND, it will be completely proven how corrupt and dishonest are the CDC, NIH, et al.

Please pass on my earlier comment, as every fact I cite is factual - but ignored by the likes of Eindecker and his "indoctrinated" culture.

But, HEY! Let us all hear a response by Eindecker as to flu vaccines' excipients. I'm waiting.

If anybody wants to, I can be reached at "" --- I welcome any queries.

cia parker


Both my daughter and I were (are) seriously poisoned by mercury in vaccines. I had both arms paralyzed the same day as a tetanus booster, brachial plexus neuropathy, and was later diagnosed by MRI with MS. For several years I took agents that pulled out too much mercury too fast, ascorbyl palmitate (oil-soluble vitamin C), homeoopathic Mer Detox, some homeopathic remedies from an Indian homeopath to detox mercury, and then last year I took too much of the DMSA and ALA of the Andy Cutler protocol, and in every case it immediately set off two months of attacks once or twice a week of extreme dizziness, nausea, vomiting, ataxia, and sweating. Attacks that came on hard and out of nowhere, and would last for hours. I haven't taken any of these agents (or at least too much of the Andy Cutler chelators) in over a year, and haven't had any attacks in that time. These were all symptoms of the first years of my MS attacks as well, also caused by mercury poisoning. It's still going to be decades before everyone thus poisoned finally dies. But autism is ALSO caused by vaccine encephalitis (both my daughter and I have ALSO reacted to vaccines with vaccine encephalitis), and with so many more vaccines added in the last thirty years, with many more doses, these reactions have more than taken up the slack in mercury poisoning.


@ Linda1 LOL!!!

@ david m burd Great comment! And, I will add that anytime there is a claim of "insufficient supplies" of thimerosal free influenza vaccines, they can shoot up the children with thimerosal laced vaccines...

And to add to Ginger's terrific list, I will share the following link with those that want more information.
The Conclusive Evidence Linking Vaccines & Autism/VisionLaunch



Are you seriously attempting to discredit this list of scientific research by sending people to "docbastard"?


Hans Litten

So ginger you are telling me we have won the war (the war of science).

So what is the problem ?

We are losing the propaganda war ? is that all ?

david m burd


You are 100% wrong when you say mercury (as part of Thimerosal) is no longer in vaccines. WRONG.

You apparently believe the CDC, when in fact The Vaccine Manufacturers for the U.S. flu vaccine annual production (every year) clearly cite at least 80% of injected flu vaccines have 25 micrograms of ethylmercury (Et) for the .50 ml shot, and 12.5 micrograms of Et for the .25 ml pediatric shot first given at 6 months, again at 7 months, and every year thereafter.

THE ONLY manufacturer of the pediatric single-dose prefilled .25 ml syringe (claimed to be Thimerosal-free) is Sanofi Pasteur, with their annual production/distribution documented as usually less than 500,000 doses, whereas for American babies (6 months through 36 months) with 70%+ participation REQUIRE about 11 million .25 ml doses, EACH YEAR these last many years, and through year 2017. THEREFORE, it is abundantly clear our babies are being relentlessly destroyed BY their flu vaccination. ON TOP of that, while in the womb their mothers are coerced into taking a .50 ml flu dose (drawn from multidose vials) ALSO containing 25 micrograms of ethylmercury (Et).

Sanofi Pasteur (and the other vaccine manufacturers) clearly cite their 5 ml multidose vial containing 25 micrograms of Et per .50 ml shot, AND, that this multidose vial is ALSO to be used for infants 6 months, and ever after up to 36 months age.

You are completely ignorant of the true facts BECAUSE you believe the CDC propaganda that dilberately misleads you, and the general public. Their method of lying is saying the total "selection" of annual flu-shot variations comprises maybe 80% of vaccines that are Thimerosal -free WHEREAS the actual total number of injected shots with Thimerosal is truthfully at least 80% of flu vaccines taken (as per the pediatric doses I've just cited).

Also, just so you know, most of all the .50 ml prefilled doses (for over 36 months age+) ALSO truthfully contain 1 microgram of Et; this is considered a "trace", and per FDA requirements, DOES NOT have to reported. This 1 microgram of Et comprises 3 quintillian atoms of mercury, enough for millions of mercuy atoms for every cell in the human body. Do you understand any of this?

susan welch

Eindecker. Here are another 200 reasons not to vaccinate for you to deny.

John Stone


Frankly, I would not have posted your comment. There are no controls in the study but there are controls from other studies. What you say about Exley is defamatory, and I would ask you not to repeat it again.

Glax Britannia


It has been said: "Vaccines are the greatest source of coincidence known to man!"

susan welch

So what you are saying, Eindecker, is that not one of the 150 studies show a link to autism?

In other words, just what governments. health authorities and media say all the time 'Vaccines are safe and effective'

The other thing I assume you would say is that the regression our children/grandchildren suffered is 'just a coincidence'.

So many coincidences!


Ginger with a quick scan through your list I note the following:
> 66 references deal with thiomersal/mercury, but since thiomersal has been removed from childhood vaccines in the UK & in the US for at least 15 years, and for a longer time in Scandinavia, this is really irrelevant, especially so in light of the recent Blaxill paper showing absolutely no change in ASD incidence following the removal of thiomersal from vaccines.
> 55 references give no actual evidence for a link to vaccines in any results or hypotheses presented, in fact most of the 55 do not mention vaccines.
> There c 20 dealing with aluminium adjuvants but no evidence of a direct linkage with autism apart from the recent Exley paper, with its lack of any control, non autistic brain samples

I would respectfully suggest that your running total of 150 needs serious downward revision in the light of more up to date results. I'm sure you are aware of an earlier more detailed discussion of each of your papers at

Aimee Doyle

Thank you so much, Ginger. I have downloaded the study list. This will make it easier to argue my case with friends and family and political representatives.

David m burd

Ginger, Your compiled List now easily publicly available may become THE break in the "lying CDC dike" that proclaims adverse vaccine injuries are but 1 in a million.

Ironically, countless Mainstream Medical Vaccine Studies most all start out with the mantra that "vaccines are the greatest medical advance in history", clearly giving away the authors' group-think prejudice (this phrasing is even in some of the studies in your List).

THANK YOU! Your List so easy to send to those otherwise believing the corrupted CDC/Pharma is a master stroke.

Ginger Taylor

uploaded as a pdf at your request:

John Stone


From where I am looking (possibly in a different continent) there is no restricted access.

Ginger Taylor MS

Almighty Pill. It is also here.


Is there any way you could post this list some where where I don't have to pay for it? I mean, It's a pdf. There should be an easier way to download it.


Since doctors and scientists have no idea what causes autism, it wouldn't be hard to know as much as them....


Great stuff "Ginger " CDC Left with a wee bit of a topsy turvy tummy at the available presentation of evidence that the risk assessments to promote the sale deal that vaccines are safe and effective is total tosh from start to present. where are the damn risk assessments !
Home remedy for CDC Temporary suggestions .
Lime in The Cocunut -Harry Nilsson -Youtube
And Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Ayr Firefighters take on runningman challenge . greatstuff
Fire fighters use alarm bells not whistle blowing ,whistle blowing is for football referees in any emergency don't shout help shout fire, then you will get help 1


Following. Thank you.


Thank you for this impressive list. Is it uploaded anywhere besides scribd (which seems to require a credit card to download)?


Meanwhile, bearing out former NEJM editors’ plaints about study credibility, here’s yet another published bloviation on the Dunning-Kruger hypothesis in vaccine/autism evidence.

“More than a third of respondents in our sample thought that they knew as much or more than doctors (36%) and scientists (34%) about the causes of autism.”

Well, duh. But what’s ironically peculiar is that Motta et al. determine just what constitutes “basic facts and dismissal of misinformation about autism.” One needn’t waste money buying the study when one can glean their own bias and misinformation from their summaries.

The lead author, Matthew Motta, is a poli-sci guy still doing his PhD at U-Penn, home of unethical bioethicist Arthur Caplan. (Motta needs to correct the typos in his resume; it’s called “spell check.”)


Love the article.
Whipped back her blonde mane, waiting for her Nobel Prize; and thanks her parents for teaching her how to read.

Sigh, As Dr. Otero my professor use to say; (as moon lighted for Merck and the CDC) though -- along with my children's pediatrician - using the exact same wording (my, my a real mark of intelligence or rather verbal memory); these parents are just mistaken, most genetic neurological problems manifest about the same age as vaccinations occur -- or something like that. I am not good at verbal memorization. If only I was. I could have been somebody. .

Hans Litten

If this concept seems unrealistic to you, even resembling a "foolish conspiracy theory," consider the document below from the July 2003 issue of HARPER'S (pg. 21)-a full page advertisement. Another one, much the same, had been placed in the March-April 1996, issue of Foreign Affairs-among the most prestigious political periodicals in the world. This ad/editorial discusses the urgent need to reduce the American population by at least 50 percent, down to 1940s levels. The paid opinion sources from Negative Population Growth, Inc. of Alexandria, VA, and its parent officials in the Rockefeller et. al. funded organizations and institutions that heavily promote global depopulation as the best way to manage environmental degradation and the depletion of natural resources-humans included. Among our planet's leading depopulation fund contributors is the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Merck Fund, representing the Merck Pharmaceutical Company. This, by the way, is the world's leading vaccine maker. Their investments support ads and groups such as those cited above. Many people consider this behavior an outrageous conflict of interest-funding both "preventive" vaccinations, depopulation and "non-lethal warfare" as well, the concept of making vast fortunes from humanity's suffering is discomforting to say the least. Particularly since this subject has been given no serious attention by any mainstream news provider in an industry reputed to follow all leads-another indicator of information control required to effect the observed outcome-"non-lethal warfare."


Ginger, I use this list EVERY time someone says there is no vaccine-autism link. I started when the list was around 88 papers. Please keep doing what you're doing. It's invaluable work. I wanted to let you know that I'm paying attention...and spreading the word. Thank you.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | July 15, 2018 at 03:40 PM

Is it true Laura ? Sounds very encouraging !

Pan also wants to crack down on doctors giving exemptions. The recent case of Dr. Bob Sears being punished for “improperly exempting” a child from vaccines is an example of the tone Pan would like to set statewide, in more formal terms.

“People are getting fraudulent exemptions,” Pan said in an interview. “If we continue to see abuses, then I think there should be some thought as to how to address it.… People need to realize this is about the safety of their kids.”

Sears has declared war on mandatory vaccines following his medical board punishment.

The anti-mandatory-vaccine movement is now being seen as a staunch, motivated, and energized opponent. Liberal politicians in the state are now understanding that a new day has risen, and that day is one that brings an even more contentious battle over parental rights than they had before. This isn’t what the state’s elites expected.

Hans Litten
Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Autism
Posted on: Thursday, July 12th 2018 at 11:00 am
Written By: Dr. Jeffrey Dach, MD
Originally published on

The most alarming public health issue is the relentless increasing autism epidemic. New Jersey reports 1 in 34 children, and about 5 percent of Eight-Year-Old boys affected as of 2014.(10) If this rate continues, half of all children born in 2025 will be autistic according to Stephanie Seneff PhD.(11)

No Amnesty is possible !
In exchange for giving vaccine companies immunity from prosecution for adverse reaction & medical harm, the Federal government said it would take measures to monitor & improve vaccine safety.
A new lawsuit by Del Bigtree shows HHS never looked at ANY safety or adverse reactions for ANY vaccine for the 31 years since they were given oversight.

Gary Ogden

Ginger: Kudos to the 150th power. That's in the realm of gazillions. They can hide it, they can bury it, they can attempt to discredit it, but we will sniff it out. Shove it in their face. Today on GreenMed Info is an interesting article by Stephanie Seneff concerning the relationship of Roundup to gut dysbiosis in autism.


Thank you Ginger. I hope you can stop making the list soon. The HHS suit should be an eye opener for many.

david m burd

Ginger, Thanks(!) for your list;

I dare say there are many hundreds more references to buttress your list. I say this from decades of work discovering references on medical issues that are "shelved and never looked at" by our totally corrupt Medical Establishment, both private and Gov't, as they (including Mainstream Media) are totally committed to denying the vast damage (and death) indirectly/directly caused by vaccines.

Thanks! for your work! David M Burd (Science and Medical Technology Consultant)

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Ginger, for pulling these together. I've linked others to this list on your blog very often.


Thank you Ginger! Your list has helped me out many times on social media when debating astroturfers. I have also seen many others reference it. You have created a powerful red pill.

Aimee Doyle

Thanks Ginger - deeply appreciate the time, energy, and effort you've put into compiling this list.

Ginger Taylor

Thanks guys. It's not like the medical world is listening to me, so might as well entertain myself.

Laura Hayes

Appreciate the levity, Ginger...not to mention your tireless work!

You, and so many others working to expose and stop the Vaccine Holocaust and Autism Epidemic, deserve an award of the highest honor!

go Trump

Thank you Ginger, well done.

Nothing better than an Expert in the field of ... "Oolgyology" the "study of studies."

susan welch

Well done, Ginger! Hope you get that Nobel Prize.

On Twitter the other day, I was challenged to provide a peer reviewed paper proving the vaccine/autism link and I sent them your list which, at that time, had not reached 150. There was no response!


Maybe more would read this if there was a lovely picture of a frosted Ginger cake and promise of a recipe.

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