Read All About It: Federal Vaccine Safety Reports Go Unreported
Bad Bacteria in Mom's Gut as Autism Trigger

Chinese Vaccine Scandal Infuriates Parents. News Actually Reported!

Breaking newsChina may be Communist. But it seems they may not be Pharmunist, like the USA....  This article would never run in a major American media outlet.  Even our social media like Facebook and Twitter have been tamping down "fake" read egregious to profits news regarding vaccine safety. We've seen this loud and clear at AofA.  Read us - link us - support us - it's getting harder and harder to be heard.  Thanks. KIM


BEIJING: A scandal over faulty vaccines in China has sparked anger on social media, underscoring the difficulties regulators face in rebuilding trust after years of food and drug safety controversies.

The incident is a major blow for Beijing, which has been trying to push domestically made vaccines and for China's drug regulator, which has been struggling to clean up the world's second biggest drug industry.

Worried parents trying to ascertain if their children had been administered faulty vaccines led to the topic becoming the second most watched at the weekend on the Twitter-like Weibo, with details widely shared on the WeChat messaging app.

"If the state does not protect its citizens, how can we love our country?" asked one Weibo user, while another lamented, "Looking at the news, I don't dare to have an injection."

The scandal erupted a week ago, after major vaccine maker Changsheng Biotechnology Co Ltd was found to have violated standards in making rabies vaccine for humans.



Hans Litten

Try not to laugh at this fake news :

How China’s protectionist vaccine policy has backfired on Beijing
Strict screening process including Chinese clinical trials has left big foreign drug makers with a tiny share of the lucrative market
China’s latest public health scare has raised fresh questions over the government’s protectionist measures against foreign imports of vaccines.

Confidence in products made by Chinese pharmaceutical firms sank to a new low after a major producer was found selling large quantities of faulty vaccines that were supposed to protect infants against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, and forging data for its rabies shots. (we use rabbits blood in the West - have you tried that - worked a treat for the mmr !)

But Beijing’s strict vetting system means Chinese looking for alternatives will find it hard to track down vaccines on the mainland made by foreign companies, including products proven to be effective that are in wide use overseas. That policy has led to a growing number of mainland Chinese parents taking their children to Hong Kong and to other countries such as Japan for inoculations.

Health care booking agents cash in on China’s vaccine scandal amid rush to secure jabs at Hong Kong clinics(

Economist Wang Fuzhong has called for the government to open the door wider to imported vaccines in the wake of the scandal, writing on his blog that this would activate market competition and eventually help to restore trust (what like Global Slow Kill or Muerck or Sanofi Dengvaxia?)in domestic pharmaceuticals.

Wang said a competitive and efficient market would go a long way to improving safety in the industry, but a closed market had led to inefficiency, corruption and health risks.

Hans Litten
15 Arrested As Outrage Grows Over Distribution of Tainted Doses to Children

Paul Offit
Julie Gerberding
Colon Boyle
Frank Destefano
Ian Frazer
Margaret Stanley
David Salisbury
Marsha Yeargin Allsop
Poul Thoresen
Diana Schendel
Andrew Pollard
Peter Hotez

I can dream cant I ? For this is my dream . True Justice. (the list is highly interchangeable)

Hans Litten

'They are devils': parents demand answers over "YET Another" vaccine scandal

Is Marble Arch free for a scaffold ?

Jeannette Bishop

Hans Litten

Could this happen in the WEST ? Bet it could !! Hope it does .
Let the truth come out !

A vaccine scandal in China began building slowly and then suddenly, this weekend, it was everywhere at once.

The story began back in November, when a large vaccine manufacturer called Changsheng Biotechnology was forced to recall 252,600 ineffective doses of vaccines for DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus). Then earlier this July, a government investigation caught Changsheng falsifying data about its rabies vaccine, and a local food and drug administration fined the company 3.44 million yuan or approximately $500,000 over the faulty DPT vaccines.

Over the weekend, an anonymous post by recounting all this and more went viral on the Chinese social network WeChat. In addition to the recent developments, it alleged a complex web of corruption that went back decades, involving other vaccines for hepatitis B and chickenpox. The post was deleted the next day.

But by then, a full-blown national scandal had erupted. The Chinese government this week scrambled to put out statements assuring a prompt investigation. President Xi Jinping described the situation as “vile and shocking.” Police on Monday announced the swift arrest of four of the company’s executives, including its chairwoman.

Changsheng’s vaccines have not yet been tied to any deaths or illnesses, but the story caught on because it so perfectly echoed so many scandals that have rocked China in recent years. In 2016, for example, a hospital pharmacist sold two million doses of vaccines improperly stored in an “overheated, dilapidated storeroom.” That came after scandals over tainted milk, infant formula, pork, cooking oil, and water. The scandals, one after another, have undermined trust in the government’s ability to keep the public safe.

Hans Litten


(CNN) — The Chinese government is turning to censorship and appeals for calm, amid mounting public anger following revelations earlier this week that one of the country's largest vaccine makers had violated safety standards.

Furor about the faulty vaccines, an estimated 250,000 of which may have been administrated to children, has continued to dominate Chinese social media, further eroding public trust in essential services.

There are also suggestions the scandal could affect China's standing overseas as the country tries to position itself as major player in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Hans Litten

The chairwoman of a rabies vaccine producer under fire for fraudulent quality control is among 15 people arrested by Chinese authorities on "suspicion of criminal offences" over a vaccine scandal.

The development came late on Tuesday, days after pharmaceutical manufacturer Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology admitted to falsifying test results and producing fake vaccines.

Police in the northeastern city of Changchun announced the arrests, but did not give the chairwoman's full name. She has previously been identified as Gao Junfang.

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) said last week the problematic rabies vaccine had not left Changsheng's factory, but the company admitted it had shipped a separate sub-standard vaccine.

Hans Litten

Here in the UK we can only dream of this kind of language (in the so called free west haha) :

BEIJING, July 23 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping has ordered a thorough investigation into an illegal vaccine production case and serious punishment of those found responsible.

The people's health should always be a top priority and the bottom line of safety should be resolutely guarded, Xi said.

He described the illegal production of vaccines by Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Limited (Changchun Changsheng) as hideous and appalling.

Relevant departments and local authorities should pay close attention and immediately probe the case to find the truth, Xi said, adding that the investigation should be thorough, the punishment severe, the accountability held seriously, and the case's progress should be publicized on time to address public concern.

A firm determination should be mustered to improve the country's vaccine management system, and utmost efforts should be made to protect the people's interests and social security and stability, he said.

Premier Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, instructed the State Council to immediately dispatch teams to thoroughly investigate the entire product chain -- including production and sale -- of all vaccines.

The truth must be found as soon as possible, Li said, vowing severe punishment and zero tolerance toward whichever enterprise and whoever involved.

The premier pledged to crack down hard on illicit and criminal activities that compromise people's health and safety, harshly punish offenders, and resolutely hold people who neglect their supervisory duties accountable to give the people a safe and trustworthy living environment.

Also set up were special teams at both provincial and city levels in Jilin Province for the investigation. The teams have started looking into all other high-risk pharmaceutical companies.


Not many Americans know that their friendly local drugstore imports medications from China.

Blood Pressure Medicine Is Recalled (July 16, 2018)
The Food and Drug Administration has announced a voluntary recall of a widely prescribed blood pressure medication made in China, reviving fears about the safety of imported drugs.

Also see:

Angus Files

The villages of China similar to the US and UK will see the damage. Hopefully the Chinese will have better luck than us stopping pharma.

Pharma For Prison


Beleaguered Autism Mom

Visibility helps....

Hans Litten

Trouble in Asia (god bless Asia - god bless the children)

1. Gardasil withdrawn in Japan 2013 (marvellous)


2. the Phillipines , Dengaxia and Sanofi
3. Samoa withdraws the MMR
4. China and the Rabies\DPT scandal

470m concerned about vaccine safety (15% of the world population)

Hans Litten

Is this the straw that breaks the camels back ?
Me JulieG ?

"The #Changsheng had 470 million views over the weekend."

470 million people worried about vaccines. At last !!
A whole weight has been lifted for me !
Although I have to confess this subject concerns 7.2bn people

And perhaps been placed squarely on the shoulders of Mr Offit ?

Hans Litten

Posted by: David Weiner | July 23, 2018 at 09:55 AM

What we need to know David is who owns Changsheng Biotechnology ?

Merck ?
Sanofi ?

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has opened a large-scale investigation into the sale of 250,000 faulty rabies vaccines that have caused outrage across China. The Premier wants “severe punishment” for any persons or corporate entities found to be responsible.

David Weiner

I suppose any bad publicity for vaccines is probably a good thing, but this type of news can also deflect attention from the main concern about vaccines, that in the current environment, they do a lot of damage even when they are manufactured as planned.


according to asia times, it is also the dpt vaccine, not just the rabies vaccine. here's an excerpt from the article....Xi’s reticence in another evolving scandal is also conspicuous after revelations of millions of doses of rabies and DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus) vaccines made by a pharmaceutical firm in Changchun, Jilin province, had been produced with falsified quality supervision records, and it’s feared that millions of kids throughout China could have already been given the shots, since the practice had been going on for years.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Grace Green | July 23, 2018 at 06:42 AM

And Thank God for the thrilla in Manila. Phillipines

The dengaxia scandal is raging on, with new developments daily each causing immeasureable damage to the nonsense mantra that vaccines are safe and effective.

Unsafe & Defective .....and that is if I am being kind (which I will not be).
Vaccines are the biggest crime against humanity ever.

John Stone

Thanks Grace and Pete

You are both right, and be it noted the recent CORVELVA report where tests showed that five out of seven vaccine products fell short of their own manufacturing standards - it is quite possible without checking it out that some of these were made in China, but even this is slightly irrelevant because what it shows is that even before we get on to what vaccines might do if manufactured correctly, standards for manufacture are not controlled probably anywhere - and manifestly not in Europe.


While this is a tragic story, we all suspected it was going on, and the only way it can be brought to an end is for the truth to get out, as has happened now.

It's surprising to see the Western media publishing the story, I suspect the narrative will be changed within the coming days as soon as WHO, CDC and Co go into damage control mode, realising that a Chinese vaccine scandal will also damage public opinion on vaccines in every country.

At least now Vaxopedia can no longer label people racist for believing that vaccines made in China are unsafe, I wonder how long it will take them to update their propaganda. (see below)

"In addition to implying that vaccines are made under unsafe conditions, much of this anti-vaccine propaganda includes racist themes."

Grace Green

Thank God for China. Their regulators, media, and even police investigate problems with vaccines and other drugs. The only comment following that article advised people not to eat anything from China, or use any of their vaccines. The commentor seems to have no awareness that things are at least as bad here, only covered up. (Of course, many US vaccines are made in China, anyway.) But we in the UK have been brainwashed by our successive governments (of all parties) that we are a democracy, with a free press! Now the police are being investigated for corruption, and the BBC has been fined £210,000 by the courts, over their disgraceful treatment of Sir Cliff Richard. The people are beginning to wake up.

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