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California Sinks Further Into Vaccination Discrimination: Threatens To Cut off Welfare with AB1992


Note: At what point, if any, will Californians protest against the ramming of vaccines into children in their state? No other medical procedure is so viciously mandated. Childhood obesity is a life threatening problem. Where are the weigh ins to receive SNAP (food assistance) and other forms of Welfare?  Senator Pan. SB277. Now Assemblyman Chu with AB 1992 (autism epidemic anyone?),  LA Times owner and vaccine/medical company tycoon Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong.  

Families should not have to take give a flu shot to feed their kids. Under no circumstances in the United State of America. This isn't a response to an Ebola epidemic, for instance. This isn't martial law to protect from a raging, deadly infectious disease. This is demanding parents give up their pittance to survive in the most expensive state in the nation unless they accept every single vaccine demanded by CDC/Pharma and these politicians. Our Adriana Gamondes (to ehom goes the photo credit) shared this: California has the HIGHEST rate of child poverty, with 22.8% or 2 million children living at or below poverty line. Cue the California SCREAMIN'.  

Vaccine-Before-Welfare' Bill Moves Forward in California

A controversial bill regarding access to welfare and immunizations passed out of a state Senate committee Tuesday. But the author said he would consider amending the aspect of the bill that troubles parents’ rights groups.

AB 1992, authored by Assemblyman Kansen Chu (D-San Jose) would improve access to the CalWORKS program to families that have not yet vaccinated children or have a hard time proving their vaccinations. State law requires immunizations for children in order to receive welfare benefits.

In addition to reducing financial penalties from $130 to $50 a month, Chu’s bill would give families who want immunizations access to such health care needs. He estimated there are 4,000 such families who do not meet the vaccine requirement.

But the bill also would also eliminate the personal belief exemption that allows families to opt out of the vaccine requirement altogether.

Senator Challenges Chu on Bill

That presented a problem to some members of the Senate Committee on Human Services. Sen. Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) said she would otherwise support the bill, but questioned Chu about the removal of the exemption.

“I don’t know what the risk is. But, I know there are 4,000 families not immunized.”—Assemblyman Kansen Chu

“The intention of this bill is really not a discussion of whether a personal belief exemption should exist or not. We already had the conversation a few years ago,” Chu answered, referring to SB 277 which removed the personal belief exemption from vaccines to attend public or private school.

Chu said that removing the exemption made the bill comply with current law.

Nguyen followed up by asking what the public risk was with unvaccinated recipients of welfare.





Jeannette Bishop

More from recent California history, legislators shut down this rights ensuring bill:


Um, Texas has had this for decades. Just look at the back of the form you fill out when you get food stamps. If you don't vaccinate you don't get food stamps. At least that's what I recall.


Holly Johnson- Americanos - Youtube.

No Cap-in-Hand respect available for these handicapped vaccine mandates to gamble with lucky bag,lucky dip,lottery of failed vaccine health and safety risk assessments .
Carrot and /or stick , "Resilience Rascals" say "They can decide individually, or as a group, which one they wish to stick up their own jumpers first, because that's their only choices, that's their only options ,so they can take it or leave it "


In order for impoverished families to receive indentured benefits the State must have proof of compliance.
How is this not tyranny?!

Eric Frame!


This is the height of outrageousness. Are there any groups able to counter it? Can those approving it be approached. They shouldn't think nobody is watching.

Jeannette Bishop

Carrot and stick! (genius image...should go viral!)

Is that 4000 families on welfare who do not vaccinate their children at all, or approximately 4000 families without 100% of all vaccines on a list that most Californian adults have not all received either (not to mention that the majority of adults' vaccines have worn off)?

However the case, they are carrot-and-sticking infants onto the front line of the "war on disease" which is really a war on healthy people IMO.

In case this resource is helpful with any state legislators:

But I think Del Bigtree's method of asking adults in any given location who haven't had their measles vaccine booster in the last 10 years to raise their hand might be most effective.


We are forcing parents to potentially disable their children in order to survive.
Ironically, this will probably led to even more welfare recipients as a result of more damaged children.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for your sage comments, David Weiner.

I wanted to comment on the following sentences from this article:

"Families should not have to take give a flu shot to feed their kids. Under no circumstances in the United State of America. This isn't a response to an Ebola epidemic, for instance. This isn't martial law to protect from a raging, deadly infectious disease."

This implies that if Ebola were a problem, then forced vaccination would be acceptable. I vehemently disagree. (For those wanting to learn about how ebola can be quickly and effectively treated, and perhaps prevented post-exposure, read about Dr. Robert Rowen's proven ozone therapy treatment here:

We have seen time and again how quickly an "emergency" can be manufactured/declared, which has led to rights-strippping legislation across the nation. At this point in time, we can be certain that such "emergencies" will be manufactured and declared at a more frequent pace.  

Self-quarantine should always be a legal option, and perhaps forced if/when someone has been exposed to or has contracted a dangerous/deadly infectious disease, but refuses to self quarantine (although I know of not one agency that could be trusted to act ethically and with integrity with regard to forced quarantine if/when needed, so I don't know that I would support forced quarantine in any form at this point in time, as the opportunities for ineptitude and abuses of power would be rampant). Additionally, in the case of a manufactured/declared "emergency", it is highly likely that a vaccine would be permitted to be "rushed to market", and no one should be forced to accept such a product, or any other medical product.

Furthermore, the powers that be declare a few cases of measles (often in vaccinated individuals) as a "dangerous outbreak", yet fail to act on and declare a state of emergency with regard to the epidemic of "Autism" now plaguing our nation, affecting somewhere in the neighborhood of 9,259 children per month in the U.S.  The continuing damage forced on children and adults via vaccination is a national emergency, more so than any other. The current powers that be can not, and should not, be trusted when it comes to declaring "infectious disease emergencies".

We must be united, vocal, uncompromising, and unrelenting in our demand for the immediate and full return of individual and parental rights to make any and all medical decisions, including vaccination decisions, without government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty...for that is the only way one can protect oneself and one's child from medical/vaccine harm. 

David Weiner

This is a terrible measure and should be resisted.

But it should also give us pause about the whole advisability of the welfare state. When government gives to the citizen, in the form of education, an income, or food, those "gifts" come with strings attached. (Never mind that governments have no funds of their own. They are not Santa Claus. What they give has first been seized from others).

This is the very real and grave risk of accepting the welfare state. We must play be the rules of the state. It will pay for what it considers proper health care, not necessarily what you or I do. It will teach what it wants you to learn, not necessarily what you or I think should be taught. And it will punish you if you attempt to disobey its dictates.

Angus Files

The situation is if you vaccinate the chances are that your left with a mentally ,physically disabled child or both you will probably have to give up work to care for them = welfare for a lot of parents.

If you don,t vaccinate your kids will end up in care and vaccinated because YOU wont get them vaccinated and they cant attend school.

Solution clear out of California...pretty simple.

If I ever go to visit America it wont be to California for sure...

Pharma For Prison

bob moffit

We live in a world gone completely mad. Consider .. every major media outlet in the USA reports extensively on those cities .. such as New York .. and .. corporations .. such as Starbucks .. who have decided to "protect our environment" .. by no longer allowing or providing "plastic straws" from which people can drink a beverage. In all cases .. the extensive media coverage is POSITIVE .. after all .. who would not want to "protect our environment"?

On the other hand .. as I see it … there has been absolutely NO national coverage of California's legislative effort to reduce welfare payments to families .. a clear and present danger to a parent's "RIGHT TO EXERCISE INFORMED CONSENT' .. after decideing the risks of vaccinations do not outweigh the benefits for THEIR CHILD .. therefore do not want to vaccinate their children.

Apparently .. to the media as well as those California legislatures … "protecting the environment" from plastic straws .. is by far a higher priority than "protecting a parent's right to informed consent.


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