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Best Of: The Storming of the Bastille

Defarge 2
July 14 is France's Bastille Day. This day can serve as a reminder around the world of the power of women. Mothers. Wives. Sisters. Daughters. Together, we can change the world. Where we see wrongs against our precious children, we rise up, we revolt, we knit names into the blankets of our rage.  Our current political process reflects a similar dissatisfaction bubbling up as the middle class as been trounced.  It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. With apologies to Mr. Dickens.

The Women’s March on Versailles was a prime example of the effect that women could have on a revolution in a hands on way, as opposed to being just nurses to the wounded. It was a defining moment of the French Revolution that made an almost immediate shift in the balance of power, bringing the privileged to their knees and favoring the country’s common people. Read more:



Hans Litten

Somebody got there on AoA 6 years before me !

Bad blood and bad vaccines...Gardasil may be contaminated by Mycoplasmas.Vaers 278503 Mycoplasma positive,developed
Guillain Barre Syndrome; Vaers 297034 developed Hemolytic anemia,Mycoplasma and Serum ANA positive;Vaers 311177
developed Respiratory distress,Mycoplasma Pneumonia antibody
present.Mycoplasmas lack a true cell wall.Sizes vary from
0.5-100 microm.Does not stain,difficult to find,recognize or
culture.Diagnosis of infection is based on serology.NEW DANGERS,GARDSIL MAYBE CONTAMINATED WITH MYCOPLASMAS.

Posted by: oneVoice | January 20, 2012 at 11:26 AM

cia parker

There's this, which may be what you're talking about:

Hans Litten

Posted by: pharmster | July 14, 2018 at 05:29 PM
Thank you so much for this. Printing this out and keeping for posterity.

Posted by: Betty Bona | July 14, 2018 at 04:09 PM
Tough questions. Will have to try to investigate and revert but in the meantime here is more ....

After Gardasil vaccination, a 16 years old Australian (Little DT, 2012) and a 18 years old French Jennifer Sellier (Carrère d'Encausse M, 2015) developped a premature menopause and sterility. Four more Australians were further reported (Little DT, 2014). In September 2015, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reported 95 irreversible cases among 104 early menopauses. This number did not reflect the reality, as only <1% to 10% are declared, owing to the fact that menopause is unknown from the general practionner as a Gardasil complication (NVIC). Therefore, in reality, there is 10 000 cases of sterility, a number which will grow continuously with time.

Aimee Doyle

@Bob - "It would be wonderful to see the power of redirected to address the wrongs against our precious children."

The female energy is there...but I think it's split, which is why we're not seeing much progress.

On one hand, in organizations like AoA , TACA, NVIC, Thinking Moms Revolution, Safeminds, there's a lot of woman power. These organizations are often powered primarily by women -although some men too. There's a lot of energy in these organizations - with moms and some sisters and grandmothers fighting for vaccine injured children.

On the other hand, we also have the neurodiversity movement which puts a lot of energy into portraying autism as a difference or a gift, rather than a disability. Although many of the most vocal proponents in this movement are men, there are a significant number of women who are on the spectrum themselves, and mothers of children on the spectrum. And they are vocal too.

And there are many young moms who don't know what to believe...and follow their doctors' orders without questioning. I know women in my own family who watched what happened to my son and went ahead and vaccinated their children regardless. Why, I'm not sure...

So I think we need more unity in order to get the kinds of results that the "me too" movement has achieved.

Gary Ogden

John: How right you are. Much worse. I'm reading a book now, "A Government of Wolves," which is enough to scare the socks off of any freedom-loving person. The U.S. now has a vast surveillance apparatus, employing millions, with no oversight. Every citizen is a suspect. The Congress is doing nothing but fiddling. This is thanks to Cheney and his cabal of fellow fascists at the NSA and CIA, but it began long before Cheney. It will not end well. The police have become indistinguishable from soldiers. Viet Nam, the Holocaust, and numerous other historical events have taught us that you can take a perfectly normal human being with customary ethics and morals, raised by perfectly normal parents with customary ethics and morals, give them weapons and feed them with sufficient dehumanizing propaganda, and you turn them into an amoral killer. I suggest everyone watch "12 Angry Men." The advertising executive on the jury is the perfect model for our government employees.

cia parker


It's certainly something to think about. I've always thought that if we hadn't rebelled, we would have arrived at Canada's enviable situation anyway, with no bloodshed. And the UK eventually freed nearly all of its colonies without being compelled to do so, and the question of how many of them really benefitted from independence is another issue.

We spent two weeks in Mexico City in June and saw the bedrooms and offices of Benito Juárez in the National Palace, and those of Maximilian and Carlota and of Porfirio Díaz and his wife Carmen at the Castle of Chapultepec. I got interested in all of them, and I'm reading a biography of Maximilian and Carlota now. Good, kind people who took very seriously their responsibility to improve the lot of the Mexican poor. And it got him shot by Juárez. Porfirio Díaz also seems to have been a good man who did a lot to modernize Mexico around 1900. And then came the Revolution in 1910, which killed about a quarter of the entire Mexican population. I think it set back the progress that had been occurring for decades. I think "revolution" sounds exciting and appealing, but usually isn't.

I think what we're facing is more like the fascist propaganda of the '30s, the Big Lie(s), to steamroll everyone's mind into serving corporate purposes. And I think the answer is not revolution, but revelation of the nature and reason for the lies. Which you, Age of Autism and many others are doing. It's interesting how the pharma companies have constructed a lie on the foundation of partial truths: yes, many vaccine-preventable diseases used to kill hundreds of thousands a year. Yes, the vaccines usually prevent them, but they don't mention that some diseases became naturally attenuated, and others probably wouldn't kill large numbers in the well-nourished, hygienic First World even if they came back. They don't mention that. Nor how extremely dangerous vaccines often are. So their narrative is all sunshine, a no-brainer, vaccinate everyone and save children's lives, do it for your neighbor's newborn even if it's no danger to you personally. Built on the tenets of the religion of Science. Autism? Asthma? Bah, humbug!

Just today the shill Mike Stevens posted a comment saying that Samoa was devastated by measles when it first appeared there late in the nineteenth century, and that anti-vaxxers wanted to see those days of massive death return. I said that a population is only virgin once, and that after the first outbreak of measles, everyone's immune system is primed to meet it, and non-specific defensive mechanisms are activated in everyone, so that measles becomes a relatively mild, ultimately very beneficial experience for the vast majority. But my comments are now being either eliminated as spam or going directly into permanent moderation, so he can get away with partial truths. That's another interesting development, is this the new technique for mass propagandizing? Blatantly censor the opposition?


A while back I saw a graph showing all the increased asthma, auto immune issues, and many other issues that the vaccinated are more likely to have than the non vaccinated. It had horizontal bars on it to show the increased rates of various ill health issues.

Does anyone know what graph I am talking about and where to get it?

John Stone


No, the French Revolution is definitely something not to be emulated but not clear how some orderly transition to something more benign could have been achieved - the English had a revolution too, of course, a century and half earlier and that was also very bloody. But we are dealing with great parallels both with French state with all its franchises and privileges, and also with the Reformation, with the pharmaceutical-government complex as the Mediaeval church and vaccines as the indulgences (but at least the indulgences did not on the whole maim you). What we are also dealing with is the cessation of any legality. The state complex enforces the laws that suit it, ignores those that do not. As RFKjnr showed the other day - only an example - the HHS failed to honor the terms of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, but just try and do anything about it. While some kind of discretion is obviously sometimes wanted in enforcing the law that is patently not what is happening here - it is just the powerful interests taking advantage of their ownership of they system.

I suppose it may have helped in the American Revolution that the people being rebelled against were ultimately on the other side of the pond. Of course, what we have all got now is much worse than George III.


it will happen sooner or later.

cia parker

I don't think we should try to emulate the French Revolution. I don't think it achieved anything good, while it brutally murdered many thousands of decent people, both Old Régime and revolutionaries, as it ate its children. And then into the power vacuum stepped Napoléon... I think it just delayed the arrival of meaningful and just change. Surely we who are aware of how dangerous vaccines often are can do better than total carnage and irrationality.

Betty Bona

I was confused by the mention of the Gadolinium contrast dye in MRI controversy (see Chuck Norris) in relation to Gardasil adjuvant retention in the article you highlighted. Is it just a similar avenue for damage, or is it suspected that the amorphous form of aluminum in Gardasil could be causing the Gadolinium to precipitate out from its chelating agent that keeps it from being dangerous? I guess Gadolinium remaining in the brain after MRI may not be too dangerous unless it becomes unbound. I know of several young adults who had concussions around the time of receiving the HPV whose personalities have changed, becoming anxious, angry, and irrational. I suspected it was just a matter of leaky brain from the concussion allowing more of the vaccine to enter the brain, but maybe Gadolinium plays a role as well. Most people with serious concussions have an MRI with dye at some point. They have no idea who might be "at risk" for damage from the Gadolinium dye used in MRI, but maybe we could look at people who have high levels of aluminum in their brains as a high risk group.

Hans Litten

By purposefully and willfully hyperactivating the human immune system over 100 times with broad-spectrum adjuvants that force the immune system to go after potentially every infection in the body that a person inherited or has been exposed to in their lifetime, MERCK can maintain a condition of varying degrees of prolonged systemic inflammation and immune hyperactivation, resulting in elevated levels of stress hormones, which trigger and turn on the ATF3 Gene, which turns off immune cells. High titers of EBV and other retroviruses, Mycoplasma, EXTREMELY LOW CD57 Absolute Counts, and 25(OH)vitD <25ng/ml are commonly noted in these children. Virtually all of these girls and boys were living in perfect balance of pathogen balance (Homeostasis), but the unnecessarily over-powerful can purposely disrupt this critical balance of the immune system, and can potentially remain in the body for decades. This translates to the generation of girls who received Gardasil potentially having sicker children with an increased number of both cognitive and physical delays and disorders, similar to the 1 in 38 children with autism as a result of mass vaccination in South Korea. In 2009, the World Health Organization announced that Measles was eradicated in South Korea, but in 2011, Yale Medical Researchers found 1 in 38 South Korean schoolchildren had autism. MERCK will not only make many Gardasil Mothers sick and require more pharmaceutical drugs from MERCK, along with their babies, but it will also mask the fact that MERCK's MMR and other vaccines are responsible for virtually all instances of autism. How can I prove such a statement? The 1993 Canadian Ice Storm Study of expectant mothers proved that offspring of mothers under stress were sicker and more delayed, and in 2014 McGill University Medical Researcher found a genetic signature in the DNA of these children. Now we have DNA evidence that MERCK is willfully and knowingly programming vaccines to make the public require more and more Pharmaceutical Drugs.

MERCK has both the technology and opportunity to use vaccines as a Trojan horse to carry a genetically modified substance, typically a bacteria or possibly other pathogen that can splice into human DNA, and instruct your DNA to do something else. There are currently no known laws against this act. By so doing, MERCK possesses the power of God to quietly alter and "program" some or all or your human genes. If vaccines are mandated for everyone, MERCK, in the same manner MONSANTO Genetically Modifies seeds for agriculture, has the ability to control genetic switches within the human body that could turn on or off certain genes in the immune system, thus causing slow growing cancers, including brain cancer by coating nanoparticles with Polysorbate-80 which is the same technology they currently use in today's Gardasil HPV vaccine. This DNA splice could cause the human immune system to become activated against normal and healthy proteins in the human body, and cause the immune system to hunt down and slowly or quickly destroy or mutate certain human human cell lines, or cause cancers and autoimmune disease. In this manner, MERCK has the power to hold human genes for ransom by providing an extremely expensive antidote in the form of a drug that would would then cause the immune system to restore the body back to normal and "cure" you. Sound like Science Fiction? The technology is already in use and is called CRISPR.

Angus Files

The French i love them they dont take any BS they just strike, airports,museums...but sadly like everyone else in this vaccine war were all being silenced and the murder`s roam and continue to develop more lethal vaccines..

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

"July 14 is France's Bastille Day. This day can serve as a reminder around the world of the power of women. Mothers. Wives. Sisters. Daughters. Together, we can change the world. Where we see wrongs against our precious children, we rise up, we revolt, we knit names into the blankets of our rage...."

It would be wonderful to see the "power of women" that has been so successfully focused on the "me-too" movement to protest sexual harassment of women .. be redirected in some measure of comparable outrage .. to address the 'wrongs against our precious children" that has gone now for decades.

Imagine the "power of women" that has resulted in immediate loss of careers and reputations for powerful men who were justifiably exposed for their despicable conduct towards women .. many for decades .. achieve the very same loss of careers and reputations after being "exposed" for their despicable "careless disregard" conduct towards the health and safety of children.

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