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Bad Bacteria in Mom's Gut as Autism Trigger

Open refrigeratorThe latest study being blasted around the internet has a focus on pregnant mom’s gut, or her diet, and how it could cause her child to “get autism”, as the different articles seem to imply.  

Mom’s Gut Microbiome May Impact Kids’ Autism Risk 

….An unhealthy microbiome in the mother can make her unborn offspring susceptible to neurodevelopmental disorders. The researchers found that the IL-17a molecule was a key contributor to the development of autism-like symptoms in lab mice.

The good news is that the microbiome can be easily changed, either through diet, probiotic supplements or fecal transplant. All of these approaches seek to restore a healthy equilibrium among the different microorganisms that live in the gut.

“In terms of translating our work to humans, I think the next big step would be to identify features of the microbiome in pregnant mothers that correlate with autism risk,” Lukens said. “I think the really important thing is to figure out what kind of things can be used to modulate the microbiome in the mother as effectively and safely as we can.”

Blocking IL-17a also might offer a way to prevent autism, but it carries much more risk.

“If you think about pregnancy, the body is basically accepting foreign tissue, which is a baby,” said Lukens. “As a result, maintenance of embryonic health demands a complex balance of immune regulation, so people tend to shy away from manipulating the immune system during pregnancy.”.....

But, isn’t vaccinating, manipulating the immune system?  We will discuss that more.

Now some may say, when will researchers finally stop blaming mothers for autism?  Since the days of Refrigerator Mothers,  mothers have had blame thrust upon them when it comes to a diagnosis of autism.  Now, it is important to look at the ways a child’s microbiome may become dysfunctional and spiral into autism but is this idea of mom’s gut a true contributor?  Some may say it’s a way to distract from the “environmental” sources of immune dysfunction we seem to be catapulted into these days.  Let’s take a look.

Eating yogurt, taking probiotics, and eating healthy, organic foods are important but is that it? Not doing that causes autism?   You may find it interesting that other research describes the importance of the postnatal infant microbiome :

Although intestinal bacterial colonization begins when a fetus is in the lower uterus, an infant's gut microbiota is established after birth. The establishment of a stable gut microbiota generally accompanies two big transitions in infancy. The first transition occurs soon after birth, during lactation, and results in dominance of the gut microbiota by Bifidobacterium. The second transition occurs during the weaning period, with the introduction of solid foods and continuation of breast milk feeding,17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and results in the establishment of an adult-type complex microbiome dominated by the phyla Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. These alterations continue until three years of age  …..

It is probably more accurate to say that a baby may get some of mom’s bacteria from birth...but it is not from her gut, but from her vagina or skin…….and we need to stress that AFTER BIRTH, the microbiota is established.

Interestingly, the gut microbiota of a newborn will closely resemble the microbiota that it encountered during birth. In vaginally delivery infants, gut microbiotas resemble their mothers' vaginal microbiotas, which are dominated by Lactobacillus, Prevotella, or Sneathia, whereas the microbiotas of infants born by caesarean section are most similar to skin microbiota, which is dominated by Staphylococcus, Corynebacterium, and Propionibacterium…..

Another thing that may have you wondering is this connection…..Vaccine Papers- An Objective Look at Vaccine Dangers : New Kid On The Block: IL-17a 

An important new paper (January 2016) by Choi et al. in the well-known journal Science provides valuable new information about how IL-6 causes autism. This paper reports that IL-6 causes autism by inducing production of the cytokine IL-17a.

Paper (Choi):The maternal interleukin-17a pathway in mice promotes autismlike phenotypes in offspring

In biochemistry and biology, there are “signalling pathways” that have multiple steps connected in a chain. There can be many steps in a signaling pathway. Cytokines often act this way. So, when we say that “IL-6 causes autism”, it could mean that IL-6 acts directly, or that the IL-6 triggers something else that causes autism.

The new discovery is that IL-17a acts downstream of IL-6 to cause autism. In other words, IL-17a production is an intermediate step between IL-6 production and autism. So, Choi et al provides both a confirmation and extension of IL-6-autism causality.

Very interesting.

This too, then about Thimerosal’s relationship to IL-6, could be considered as well, especially since pregnant women are told to get influenza vaccines:  

Uncoupling of ATP-Mediated Calcium Signaling and Dysregulated Interleukin-6 Secretion in Dendritic Cells by Nanomolar Thimerosal 

A practical implication of the present findings has relevance to the commercial uses of THI as an antimicrobial agent in vaccines and consumer products because they identify DCs [dendritic cells] as sensitive targets for THI- and EtHg-mediated dysfunction. Given the importance of DCs as a front line in regulating lymphocyte mediated immunity and tolerance, altering DC functions by forms of EtHg should be considered when assessing contributions to altered immune function. In studies using the autoimmune-susceptible A.SW (H-2s ) mouse strain, THI induces a syndrome that is stronger and more generally manifested than those produced by methylmercury (Havarinasab et al. 2004), and development of autoimmunity in H-2s mice is dependent on cellular (T cell) and soluble (IFN-γ and IL-6) factors ………

It appears that there is more to this IL-17a connection and parents deserve the entire story.

Another important consideration is postnatal vaccination, as it appears that vaccination plays a big part in IL-17a production. It has to do with pathogens, memory immune responses, yet also can be a double-edged sword.  Can that be important in autism research?

From CHOP, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 2010: Th17 cytokines and Vaccine Induced Immunity 

Recent compelling evidence has clearly changed this traditional paradigm of Th1/Th2 cell dichotomy to include a third subset of CD4 T cells referred to as T helper 17(Th17) cells[35, 52, 82]. Th17 cells produce the cytokines IL-17A (IL-17)....Importantly, the emerging evidence that Th17 cells are crucial players in generation of vaccine-induced protective responses against a variety of pathogens suggests that the incorporation of this knowledge into the design of current and future vaccines against infectious diseases will be a fruitful area of future research. It is also becoming apparent that the fine balance between protection and pathological manifestations of Th17 responses will define the final outcome of vaccine-induced IL-17 responses. Understanding the mechanism of induction and maintenance of IL-17 vaccine-induced responses has the potential to substantially impact vaccine strategies against infectious diseases.

Then we have autism -

Elevated serum levels of interleukin-17A in children with autism, 2012 

Th17 cells have been implicated in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease, findings supported by recent clinical trials using anti-IL-17 in the treatment of these diseases [31]. Th17 cells are characterized by their production of IL-17 cytokines,

Autoimmunity to brain tissue may play a pathogenic role in autism. IL-17A is a pro-inflammatory cytokine that has been shown to play an important role in various autoimmune neuroinflammatory diseases. The aim of this study was to measure serum levels of IL-17A in relation to the degree of the severity of autism.

Children with autism had significantly higher serum IL-17A levels than healthy controls (P <0.001(Table 1, Figure 1). Increased serum IL-17A levels were found in 48.9% (22/45) of the patients with autism.

Patients with severe autism had significantly higher serum IL-17A levels than children with mild to moderate autism (P = 0.01) (Table 1, Figure 2), and the frequency of increased serum IL-17A levels was significantly higher in children with severe autism (19/28; 67.9%) than in patients with mild to moderate autism (3/17; 17.6%) (P = 0.001).

As we can see, the role of IL-17a appears significant in autism but the true source, mom’s gut vs vaccination, needs to be acknowledged.


JP Sand

This recent study may also be of interest:

"IL-4 Mediates the Delayed Neurobehavioral Impairments Induced by Neonatal Hepatitis B Vaccination that Involves the Down-regulation of the IL-4 Receptor in the Hippocampus"...


Suggesting that the mother's microbiome may be involved is not necessarily "blaming" the mother and in my view is not blaming the mother except in the sense she is susceptible to environmental effects just like her child. Genes and their expression along with many other variables can dispose any individual to certain reactions and systemic changes. Females are more "immune" to the biological condition related to autism, so mothers can have certain changes to their system and not have any autistic traits, though who knows how we are all different then we would be had we been born in another century due to environmental effects present then or now.

If you refuse to believe the mother's microbiome can be involved and that it is all and at one the vaccine, then it is hard to believe anything else could have altered the mother's system and in some way her child, and that nothing, like folinic acid or Vitamin D or any other measure taken during pregnancy could change the child's reaction to the vaccine. If you entertain that a vaccine can and does change a post natal child's microbiome, why refuse to accept that a mother's microbiome can be effected as well and that often is related to the child's system, epigenetically or in other ways?

It is seemingly established that a mother's microbiome undergoes changes during pregnancy presumably to facilitate the normal process of a healthy outcome. Changing this begs the question as to what does such a change portend? Changes in the composition of the microbiome is also being seen as being related to systemic inflammation and autoimmunity.

Some of you are aware of the increase in autoimmune conditions in the last decades along with autism rates and the microbiome appears woven through it all for the lot.

The reason I post the quote below is not not me trying argue that diet is the only or main factor, it is pointing out the relation of the gut/microbiome to epigenetics and considered in the mother.

Diet, the Gut Microbiome, and Epigenetics

Diet can influence epigenetic changes associated with disease and may modify gene expression patterns through epigenetic mechanisms. (reviewed in1, 2) Epigenetic mechanisms that affect the expression of target genes include histone modifications, DNA methylation, and non-coding RNAs. The microbial metabolism of diet also produces compounds that alter epigenetics either by 1) altering pools of substrates used for modification such as methylation or 2) by generating other compounds that alter the activity of enzymes involved in epigenetic modification. These alterations persist from one cell division to the next, so even though there is no alteration in the gene sequence, epigenetic alterations are heritable. Infectious pathways, the genotoxic effects of microbial metabolites, and pathogens involved in epigenetics that affect host health are addressed elsewhere.3, 4 Here, we present below examples of the role of the microbiome in dietary metabolism, an overview of eukaryotic epigenetic mechanisms, and microbially-derived metabolites that are relevant to eukaryotic epigenetic changes in gene expression that may be linked to colon cancer. In particular, we focus on the following microbial metabolites: the short chain fatty acids (SCFA), isothiocyanates, lipids, and select polyphenols.

Diet shapes the microbiome

"Diet helps shape the composition of the intestinal microbiota. Differences in the distribution of bacteria are associated with dietary patterns and this influences host exposure to microbial metabolites. De Filippo et al. showed that the gut microbiome of children living in Burkina Faso was significantly different than European children of the same age.5 The microbiome of the children from Burkina Faso was more varied, produced more butyrate, and had more Prevotella than Bacteroides. The children in Burkina Faso consumed a diet high in fiber and non-animal protein whereas the European children consumed a diet higher in refined carbohydrates and animal protein. Similar trends were seen in other studies that compared residents in non-industrialized and industrialized societies.6, 7 Although these observational studies lay the ground work for the connection between diet and the microbiome in human populations, factors other than diet may influence the composition and function of the microbiome in these different habitats.8

Dietary intervention studies provide a controlled setting in which to study how the composition and function of the microbiome changes in response to diet. These studies show that the gut microbiome often responds quickly to changes in diet.9-13 Of particular interest, dietary interventions also alter the exposure of the host to microbial metabolites although these changes are often transient.14-18 For example, in a randomized, controlled cross-over designed dietary intervention, Costabile et al found that bacterial groups and plasma levels of bacterial phenolic metabolites were altered depending upon the type of fiber ingested in two, three week periods.18 However, the microbial metabolites only increased in one of the treatments suggesting that diet is a complex human exposure that is further complicated by microbial metabolism and the composition of the microbiome."

Some of you are aware of the increase in autoimmune conditions in the last decades along with autism rates and the microbiome appears woven through it all for the lot.

...and while the above quote dealt with other epigenetic effects there is this possibility as well.

Epigenetic instability of cytokine and transcription factor gene loci underlies plasticity of the T helper 17 cell lineage.

and as has been pointed out.

IL-6: regulator of Treg/Th17 balance.

Jeannette Bishop

Another study for Ginger Taylor's list, even though the mainstream perhaps doesn't see this connection?

And more reason to be concerned for the generation born to post-1988 vaccine recipients? (even if that generation is not vaccinated much, maybe even not at all. Thimerosal seems to potentially keep on giving ... even though some want to say it's now irrelevant, while we are trying to work out, still, how to detoxify it and reverse its effects).

Thank you, Teresa (or whomever composed this post)! This connection needs to be made.


Bob: PANDAS, lots written here on that too. Tereasa Conrick wrote a lot about that one too. And just a few weeks ago, do you remember the article on here about the sudden rise in scarlet fever, in the UK; and wondered if the flu nasal spray was to blame?

In the case of strep bacteria, not all strep are the same. The kind that causes scarlet fever has additional genetic material that will cause the production of toxins that causes our skin to turn pink. Probably -- could be that the strep was picking up extra genetic material from the nasal flu vaccine and became the kind of robust strep that had the toxin.

Strep also can cause an auto immune disease to set up and damage the heart. I went to a funeral of a young woman when I was just a child that died of heart failure - auto immune disease from strep she obtained as a child. I wondered about what strep could do to set up an auto immune disease?

We know for a fact that diphtheria - another bacteria; if infected with a certain virus; that virus provides the extra genetic material that will produce more of the toxin that causes the leathery stuff that kids choked to death on ; thus a more lethal type of diphtheria. It is in Wiki, but better yet it was in the book "Vaccine 2.0" that Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted wrote.

Could Pandas be the same thing happening; strep picking up extra genetic material and producing a toxin that normal strep does not?

I am unsure how they treat PANDAS? Is it with additional, prolonged use of antibiotics?
If so then that reminds me of Lyme disease. Once unheard of little spirochete bacteria that were ill equipped to do much harm and our immune system took care of them with ease, not the case anymore, and it takes prolonged antibiotics to get rid of Lyme. It too can affect the brain, so I have heard.

What I would guess is that there is more than just aluminum, mercury and other out right toxins involved with all of this too. Instead we are offering up more genetic material through vaccines , and the microbes are using that to weaponize against us.


Wow, the psychopathic baby poisoners are blaming the moms again.

Geez, never saw that coming

bob moffit

@ bennedetta

"The book, "Brain on Fire" it cost a million or more dollars for the doctors to calm down her immune system against her brain. One of her treatments was taking her blood out of her body and having it cleaned, of these immune cells. Which I wonder if these machines also cleaned out the poisons too. She was thankful that her life did not end in an asylum, and that help came in time before the damage to her brain could not be reversed and she could not have healed."

If you get the opportunity to see recent 20/20 episode on PANDAS .. it is positively frightening to hear these desperate parents trying to explain what happened to their child .. which all agree .. overnight .. became out-of-control .. often violent .. one dad saying: "Someone enter my child's room that night and stole my child because the child that woke up that day is NOT ANYTHING LIKE THE CHILD WE PUT TO SLEEP THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Predictably … the psychiatric profession insists there is no such diagnosis as PANDAS .. treat the child's obvious neurological outbursts with psychotropic drugs .. while a small handful of courageous doctors are doing exactly what you describe .. taking the blood out of her body and having it cleaned. Also predictably .. most medical doctors disapprove of treating these neurological disturbances as if caused by an autoimmune disorder.

It was a positively frightening segment … one of the courageous doctors suspects 1 in 200 are at risk … while the vast majority of psychiatrist and doctors insist it is too RARE to quantify. My heart breaks for the kids and their parents .. God help them all.

Shelley Tzorfas

Blaming the mothers for Autism again when most of the mothers are forcefully vaccinated by male counterparts? This trail is tiring with 1 in 34 kids being Autistic, 1 in every 22 boys and counting.
This looks like we can avoid Illinois Route -17a Il-17 and Il-6 to help avoid autism??
It is Now Time to Stop Obfuscating which means to stupefy, make unclear, and darken as is done in this kind of piece. I have news for you, Women are NOT Roadmaps and children are Not born to be chemically experimented on as is done today. Stop shooting kids with Deadly Aluminum, Thimerosal/mercury, Cancer-promoting Formaldehyde and other Toxins! Put your needles down and walk away.

White Rose

Poking fun at all the mis-information the mainstream propagates in looking for the source of Autism .

A list of the current scientific theories on Autism (and these are all being investigated at top Universities around the world – except the last one):

1. Older Fathers
2. Older Grandfathers
3. Watching too much TV
4. Near major Road traffic
5. Mother was abused as a child
6. Because the parents saw the film Rainman , Uta Frith (a scientist with 40 years fake experience in the autism field) ,I wonder could the film the “Exorcist” also have had a bearing ?
7. Sunlight levels
8. Genetic heritable condition
9. Obese Mothers
10. Using Facebook & the internet
11. Mobile phones , cell phones
12. Better diagnosis – one of the most amusing lies – like this is smthg you could miss !
13. Abnormal Placenta / it can apparently cause a child to go into convulsions and regress at age 2 after nine vaccines...
14. Use of anti-depressants (although I think Science is a little confused here , these are mostly used after an autism diagnosis)
15. Refrigerator Mums – the golden oldie from the very beginning .
16. Red Wine – which explains the autistic clusters seen around wine growing regions eg Burgundy .....NOT
17. Pet sprays and shampoos – Pet dogs everywhere are exhibiting similar autistic tendencies – My golden retriever Wolfie is nuts.
18. Hurricanes and the stress they cause ..yes seriously
19. Air pollution - and it mentions mercury daringly, but what about intravenous mercury ?

Can anyone add to my list perhaps to increase the comedy?

And then dont ever forget the comedy at one of the greatest Universities in the world , who cannot manage to keep a Freezer operating :
The refrigerator failure at Yale (John Hopkins) of the 100 frozen autistic brains .....who could believe that kind of bad luck ….Science was just about to discover mercury and aluminium in 100 autistic specimen brains and the freezer fails. But now research has been set back 10 years .

A couple of suggestions of my own here that Science hasn’t perhaps fully investigated :

1. Ill-fitting shoes , the dangers of shoes that are slightly too small or that don’t support the whole foot is never fully appreciated . I believe this can cause neurological damage via the lesser known bullshi^te pathways .
2. Male pattern baldness : This new condition that hasn’t been with the human race for a millennium, perhaps this has an angle that needs investigating. Its quite near the brain after all .
3. Atheletes foot, a benign fungal condition that is largely cured by rubbing ones toes with vinegar, but could there be more to it ? again via the BS pathways .
4. Cracks in the pavement : I learned as a child never to walk on those cracks, and it seems this was good advice after all. Those cracks have been linked to a whole host of neurological conditions.
5. Dandruff , don't laugh, don't rule it out, that poison gets everywhere.

6. And then lastly but there is no real chance of their being any credibility to this suspect, vaccines . Now this list is just getting ridiculous , this is silly . really . Enough .Stop .

Posted by: White Rose | June 19, 2013 at 06:06 AM


First of all Bob; as far back as 30 years ago there were a lot of scientists that have complained about the language used. Students are actually trained write this way at the universities. I can see that it is the same for law students, and the reasons are probably the same too. It is not so much they have complex, un heard of thoughts, they just write it all down that way to keep their little niche in society.

So it depends on the mother's microbiome; but in reality it depends on Mom's microbiome at birth: ONLY!
Then we have three or so years going forward that microbiome changes; as the child's diet changes as it grows.

I do appreciate the heavy lifting in this article to get all the studies together in one place.

In the case of autism; is it because there are missing microbes that are not present, or is it additional microbes that should not be there that are present?

Hump; or is it that there are toxins, metals, and other stuff that should not be there? That would mean that the immune system is working and doing exactly what a normal immune system would do under the circumstances of being poisoned? Our immune system will make IL-17 that will sequence into to IL-6 cytokines storm.

In addition I can see that vaccines is the "sledge hammer" to even friendly microbes (that was an expression used during a big NIH meeting, that was recorded on the internet; on the microbiome. One of the main researchers refused to show up, but sent his very nervous assistant instead that used the term sledge hammer).

The last sentence of this article pretty much puts it in prospective. "As we can see, the role of IL-17a appears significant in autism but the true source, mom’s gut vs vaccination, needs to be acknowledged. "

The book, "Brain on Fire" it cost a million or more dollars for the doctors to calm down her immune system against her brain. One of her treatments was taking her blood out of her body and having it cleaned, of these immune cells. Which I wonder if these machines also cleaned out the poisons too. She was thankful that her life did not end in an asylum, and that help came in time before the damage to her brain could not be reversed and she could not have healed.

However; this is important work. Niches are meant to be filled with some kind of life on this planet.
Microbiologist knows the exact sequence of microbe events in making sauerkraut, and other fermented foods. There are many, many varieties of cheeses all over the world from the different kinds of microbes out there in the big world. So lots of microbes can do the same job, even though it leads to variations on the outcomes, and still be just as good.

If I look at the bigger niches outside my window; I have a yard cause I keep it mowed, I have a field, because I keep cattle on it, and use a bush hog on it twice a year to keep the iron weed, chicory, cedar trees out of it. On further away on the hills, there are different stages of forest, some new shrubs from swampy button bushes, spice bushes or those that like it a bit drier like cedars, and honey locus; all in a sequence of becoming an established forest. Then finally on the distance mountains I can see those old established forest of oaks, hickories, maples. One thing I know, the yard will return to the forest (in my region of lots of rain) if my lawn mower and I disappear.

Sigh, If I and my family disappear; the earth will return to its normal wild state wiping every trace of our existence away, even if we have been here generations. I have seen it happen here in this area. I just so wish that humans were like the earth too and could return to their normal state once toxins are removed too. To be able to experiencee real life that we were meant to experience during our brief flash here on this earth.

bob moffit

It is exceedingly frustrating and disheartening to read of these "new" studies written in the complex language of scientists .. apparently to inform other scientists who have the education and experience to understand what has been written .. but .. for me .. for more than a DECADE now .. it seems I have been reading about ….

"the fine balance between protection and pathological manifestations of Th17 responses will define the final outcome of vaccine-induced IL-17 responses … .commercial uses of THI as an antimicrobial agent in vaccines and consumer products because they identify DCs [dendritic cells] as sensitive targets for THI- and EtHg-mediated dysfunction .. in studies using the autoimmune-susceptible A.SW (H-2s ) mouse strain, THI induces a syndrome that is stronger and more generally manifested than those produced by methylmercury (Havarinasab et al. 2004), and development of autoimmunity in H-2s mice is dependent on cellular (T cell) and soluble factors"

Vaccine "science" is as murky and .. made deliberately confusing today .. as it was when first introduced one hundred years ago. Of what use is it to continue "re-discovering the wheel" .. the same "wheel' over and over again .. without ANY solutions to the basic scientific question:

The scientific likelihood of manufacturing a "one size fits all vaccine" is not only scientifically implausible .. it is far more scientifically impossible.

Apparently .. a newborn infant is expected to get the same exact vaccine protection .. have the very same tolerance for the myriad of vaccine ingredients … as a newborn infant whose mom ate yogurt, took probiotics and ate healthy. After all .. science has proven over and over again .. VACCINES ARE INDEED MIRACLES.

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