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America, July 4, 2018

Fake fireworks

How do you feel, this Independence Day? Gianna and I watched fireworks the other night. And today, we'll bake an apple pie. Our American readers likely feel exhausted by the current political state of our great nation. International readers may be perplexed by the turmoil here. Maybe even frightened.

There's often precious little freedom or independence in autism families. Moms and Dads, sometimes Moms alone, sometimes Dads alone, sometimes Grandparents, bear the heavy yoke of trying to make sure life is safe, predictable, progressive for our loved ones on the spectrum. No matter where you are, or where you child is on the spectrum, it's a tough road. There is no EASY autism. Period. 

States are adopting tough vaccination rules around the country. Healthy kids are being denied an education for not bring vaxxed according to the government/CDC/Pharma schedule. Imagine needing a flu shot, with its 30 percent in a good year, efficacy to go to day care? Imagine having to QUIT WORK to stay home with a vaccine injured child - no more day care. It becomes life care.

My middle daughter started her adult day program this week. Her first two days have gone really well, I'm delighted to report. The future is terrifying, but we find a way to take care of our kids. Always. 

Think good thoughts for the USA, won't you? I love this country. I love people on both sides of the aisle so to speak. I straddle the aisle myself. Ouch! LOL! Don't let politics divide us. Our kids deserve better. Anything else, would be a dud.




David Weiner

Barry Stern,

Thanks for sharing. I like your thinking.

Gary Ogden

Great quote from Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who served 36 years and was a lion of civil liberties: “We must realize that today’s Establishment is the new George III. Whether it will continue to adhere to his tactics, we do not know. If it does, the redress, honored in tradition, is also revolution.” Sounds like a call to action. They have indeed continued to adhere to his tactics, but on steroids. They make a mockery of the meaning of today’s holiday. With an utterly corrupt and bought Congress and media, what recourse do we have? Revolution will never happen here, not with a fully-militarized police force, and continual spying on everyone. We have become the USSR.

Barry Stern

Somehow we have to do a better job of educating children on the ASD spectrum. My thoughts for those who might be interested in breaking up the public school monopoly.



Since you ask, not too well. May I suggest that people begin reading The Plot to Destroy Democracy by Malcolm Nance? The title makes it sound dull, but it's not. Prepare to be terrified.


Kim you are absolutely right that life with autism no matter where your child is on the spectrum is a tough road for the entire family-moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents lives are all devoted to caring for our loved ones. Once they reach adulthood and we are still caring for them we are all tired, weary and burned out from years of caregiving. The toll it takes on families is enormous and unless you have a child on the spectrum you can't imagine how difficult it is. We are in a crisis with numbers being diagnosed rising at an alarming rate. You are right that the future is indeed terrifying for all of us. We need research from around the world to find the CURE for our children and it can't come soon enough.

Aimee Doyle

@go trump - " I understand France is considered to have the best health care system in the world, we rank about number 33."

A lot depends on which rankings you look at, but the Scandinavian countries generally do pretty well in the health rankings. (They rank among the happiest too, in those rankings). The US never cracks the top ten.

Shelley Tzorfas

Someone just came up with a challenge to make the public aware about the Seriousness of Peanut allergies in kids where folks can take upside down photos of people. As it grows momentum do you think the public might hear that kids are allergic to peanuts because a form of peanut oils were put in vaccines??

go Trump

Once again, we arrive at July 4th with a rather beat up political system and Constitution. Most of the major problems in the US of A are due to laws which are not Constitutional.

The 7th amendment to the US Constitution does not apply to American infants & toddlers. It will take two trillion dollars+ to take care of the children that have been trashed by the CDC vaccine program.

They want to move Gardasil to the infant schedule to avoid the “Freedom of those who can Talk” about the vaccine...

Six corporations own nearly all of the news media in the United States. "Freedom of the press" has been gone for over a decade, they serve their master or they will vanish quickly.

Our present American news media secures 90% of their funding from the drug companies and the billions of dollars of political campaign ads placed every two years. The campaigns of course get much of their money from .... that is correct .... the drug companies.

Years ago, King George III created all the money, which was only provided to the 13 colonies at interest. This was replaced with a bank once controlled by the US government..... sadly that has long disappeared and a few banking families now own most of the world and print & pass out endless funds to their friends whoever they may be.... They also decide who to bomb so the trashed country can later be given a “new banking system” and money at interest to rebuild.

Some of our nation’s problems need a more liberal solution, some need a more conservative solution. I understand France is considered to have the best health care system in the world, we rank about number 33.

We are lied to each and every day. However, the truth can always be found at AoA.... Onward.

Tom Petrie

Sorry, I forgot the link: https://rense.com/general11/fk.htm

Tom Petrie

Great posts, as usual. As an opponent of fluoridation for many years, it's good to see that a court has FINALLY stepped up to the plate! Sure, we had court cases in the mid to late 70's calling fluoridation dangerous (those led by the late Biochemist, John Yiamouyianis, Ph.D. w/whom I worked for some time in 1992), but he died about ten years later and NOTHING positive has happened in banning these extremely dangerous and toxic industrial waste products, added on purpose to water supplies across the country. Currently, about 60 percent of municipal water supplies are artificially fluoridated, mostly with hydrofluosilicic acid (or its sodium salt), and such chemicals have NEVER been tested for safety on human beings.

So it would be great if such chemicals would be banned. After all, fluoride triples the uptake of aluminum in a child's developing brain, increasing the neurotoxicity of aluminum, so why WOULD we want fluoride in the water? It was a very bad idea when it was first proposed in 1939 and it remains a bad idea now. Here is a good summary of data on this topic. See also my weblink, below. Paul Connett, Ph.D. has also written a very good book on this topic. Many other books are available, but almost all books against fluoridation have been removed from libraries, nationwide! No kidding.


Depending on the day of the week, where Jupiter and Mars are, the only place of sanity is the aisle.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Kim. Such an important point. In Sacramento we were united across the breadth of the political spectrum. Not that they listened to us, but there is great strength in numbers, and in unity of purpose. The local paper likened it to the protests of the Viet Nam debacle. Those protests ultimately ended it.

Hans Litten

Court Decision Could Lead to EPA Banning Water Fluoridation


A federal court has denied an attempt by the Environmental Protection Agency to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to ban the use of fluoride under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

In a victory for water fluoridation opponents, a judge in the Northern District of California has denied a motion by the Environmental Protection Agency that sought to limit the information available to the court while making their decision on whether or not to ban water fluoridation. The lawsuit was brought forth by Food and Water Watch Inc. and a coalition of health organizations and individuals concerned about fluoride. Under section 21 of The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) citizens are allowed to petition the EPA to regulate or ban individual chemicals. Food and Water Watch filed the lawsuit after the EPA rejected a citizen petition calling for the EPA to ban the addition of fluoride chemicals to the drinking water supply.

As the lawsuit proceeded the EPA interpreted the language of the law to mean the judge should be limited to reviewing the information the EPA provided when it decided to reject the petition on February 17, 2017. “The disagreement is whether, in reaching its own decision, the court can consider information that the EPA did not have access to e.g. expert testimony, new studies, documents obtained in discovery, etc.,” Michael Connett, the attorney representing the coalition told Bloomberg Environment before the ruling.

National Law Review reported on the ruling:

In denying the EPA’s motion, the court specifically held that the phrase “de novo proceeding” indicates that Congress intended a broad scope of review because the word “proceeding” encompasses all regular activities of a lawsuit, including discovery beyond the administrative record. Because the purpose of the TSCA is to protect the public from chemicals that pose unreasonable risks to health and the environment, the court held that “[a] de novo proceeding in district court modeled after traditional trial-like proceedings would not conflict with the purpose of the TSCA, but would instead effectuate it.”

The court’s ruling means that the trial will now have larger implications for the legality of water fluoridation. If the coalition of fluoride opponents is successful in their lawsuit, the EPA may be forced to reconsider the petition to ban water fluoridation.

Angus Files

Happy Independence day all in America.

If they allowed the non-vaxxed an education it would show the vaccinated kids up too much.Sadly nothing to do with spreading disease as we all know.

Have a good one all.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

"Think good thoughts for the USA, won't you? I love this country. I love people on both sides of the aisle so to speak. I straddle the aisle myself. Ouch! LOL! Don't let politics divide us. Our kids deserve better. "

Amen to that Kim .. Happy July 4th to the entire AoA community.

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