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All Messed Up and No Where to Go. The Sorry Need for and Lack of Psych Beds for Children

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

Over the last 18 months I’ve posted hundreds of disturbing news reports about mental illness and young people on my site , but this one from NBC News is especially chilling.  I had to give it individual attention. It’s about children in desperate need of emergency psychiatric help, with nowhere to turn. The NBC News people, including anchor Lester Holt, show concern, they call for better insurance coverage, more accommodations, BUT in the end, they willing accept the two terrifying statistics they give us:

“A 40 percent increase in [pediatric] psychiatric visits to emergency rooms,” and the graphic displayed behind Holt in the newsroom, “1 in 5 kids at risk.”

Where did these incredible numbers come from? Over how long a period did ER psych visits increase 40 percent?

Notice that boy in the report has non-verbal autism along with disruptive mood disregulation disorder. Could there be link? How many other behavioral disorders are concomitant with autism? 

(Actually disruptive mood disregulation disorder is a relatively new condition, having been added to the DSM in 2013.)  

June 29, 2018, NBC News: Shortage of in-patient psychiatric beds puts kids at risk as more seek care 

With a 40 percent increase in psychiatric visits to emergency rooms, many families are struggling to find help


… “My brother can’t actually speak. He has that kind of autism.”

“Twelve-year-old Jake has a sweet disposition, but also suffers from disruptive mood disregulation disorder, which can result in terrifying, violent outbursts.

“The episode [was] so frightening that Don and Suzanne made the girls go to their rooms and lock their doors. Finally things got so bad that Don called the police.” …

“They ended up in the emergency room and came face-to-face with a growing crisis: parents struggling to get psychiatric care for their children.”

“How long did Jake stay in the emergency department?”

“Eleven days, in a room that’s not designed for anybody to be there long-term—mattress on the floor.”

“And if we took him home, he comes off the list, so we had to keep him in the ER.”

“The list is the list of kids waiting for an in-patient psychiatric bed. The crisis is nationwide with nearly a forty percent increase in psychiatric visits to emergency rooms.

“NBC News spoke to 55 hospitals in these states. One in Kansas said they turned away 2,000 kids last year alone. All said, during the school year they were completely overwhelmed and didn’t have enough beds.”

“It’s the same trends we’re seeing here.”

“Dr. Claudia Moreno is the head of psychiatric emergencies at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital in Connecticut. She says they’re seeing 1,600 kids a year for psychiatric issues. On a bad night, it can be nine or ten.”

“The youngest I’ve seen is probably a ten-year-old—”

“Who tells you, he or she doesn’t want to live. It would be very scary to just let them walk out the door.”

“It would be, and we wouldn’t just let that happen—”

“And yet, there isn’t always a bed to put them in.”


“Some nights stretchers line the hall with kids waiting to be admitted, which brings us back to Jake, who after a year and a half of repeated ER visits is finally living in a residential facility where he can go to school.” …

“The Connecticut hospital where Jake stayed told us they once had a child who waited an astounding forty day until an in-patient bed was available. And they told us they are seeking solutions, but there are no simple answers.

“One thing nearly everyone seems to agree on: that until insurance pays more consistently and fully for child psychiatric beds, they will remain scare.”

“Your heart has to go out. These parents are going through this anguish, and they try to get help. It’s not there.”

“It’s really a crisis, right in front of us that we have to take a hard look at.”

Of course NBC won’t take a hard look at this crisis. They’ll just continue to report on mental illness and everything else happening to kids with no questions asked. This is childhood in the 21st century. We never ask why. We just expect that our children will get sicker and sicker.

*(Sadly, this story is a reminder of the tragic life of Alex Spourdalakis …before his death.)  

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Christine kincaid

Mainstream science has quietly & grudgingly accepted that Schizophrenia, Autism & Alzheimer’s are all immune-mediated. That:

Is Huge & I know that this happened due to the recent post-mortem brain tissue studies.

I am so over all those “lawyer’s epidemiology” pseudo-studies that are paraded as “Proof”. Proof of what? That you were schooled in Epidemiology at the University of Big Tobacco?

Anyway; I’m excited about the recent developments, despite the obvious selection bias towards the studies that are careful to suggest “maternal immune activation”.

Sharon Kistler

Unfortunately, the solution to the problem -- more beds in psychiatric wards -- only exaccerbates the abuse that was first caused by vaccines. The diagnosis of schizophrenia is a "cash cow" in America -- permanently disabling young men from the chemical lobotomy of anti-psychotics. Many of those on the autism spectrum already have "dirty genes": they are poor methylators (cannot eliminate toxins), "poor responders" to psych meds because of their faulty or missing enzymes in the Cytochrome P450 pathway. But what psychiatrist ever tests for these issues? It's another one-size-fits-all approach where the psychiatrist uses high doses of lobotomizing medications that only further damage the immune system and functioning of the brain of the poor young boys or men.

But did you know in Finland, when one becomes psychotic for the first time, there are generally no meds distributed? Their response program is called Open Dialogue -- it's about surrounding the traumatized patient with a community of people who are taught to know how to talk with him. And within one year, 80% of these patients are back in the working world or in the educational world where they had started. In America? They are either dead (suicide or side effect of too much medication) or are permanently disabled and now stuck in the SSDI world of abusive group homes.

Did you know that the average lifespan of someone diagnosed with autism spectrum is the mid-30s? And how about for schizophrenia -- about the same. Unless, of course, you live in a country that doesn't medicate. Then your lifespan is similar to everyone else.

So the answer to these problems is certainly NOT creating more psych ward beds in this very corrupt and disabling system. The answer will lie in prevention and educating families and communities about the alternative approaches that can heal and recover these victims, not further traumatize them and put them out to pasture.

Angus Files

Could it be a deep psychological trick that when the population think of long thin things needles, we will start thinking of straws and mis-connect under a state of confusion that straws needles from vaccines are being banned.Or and ,do straws translate to needles as they have the same purpose and in translation further cause confusion? Why are straws being banned when we see all the mountains of other pointless plastic waste i.e. packaging etc. which uses more plastic than a box of straws,why straws?

Pharma For Prison


Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

I know of no historical precedent for the collective blind eye that has been held for so long now, historical outbreaks of pestilence have been met with the best technology of the age whether it be mass prayer or sacrificing a live animal on a full moon; however there is now a crucial difference in that science if applied would actually find the answer and with it the culpability.

cherry misra

Can i guess when "Disruptive mood disorder" came into being? Could it be when some smart person in pharma -land realized that by saying that autism is genetic and untreatable, they had deprived the pharma mobsters of one more lucrative opportunity to sell their products . One can let one's imagination take flight as to their statements : " You know we cant sell products directly for autism , but we can introduce new disorders which CAN be treated with pharmaceuticals. How about PTSD or something new like Disruptive Mood Disorder . There must be many possibilities; lets prepare a list and get our reps talking to the docs. You know, lots of parents are actually pleased to tell people that their child has X or Y diagnosis. It makes them feel empowered and less guilty"

Aimee Doyle

@Bob - "I know I can be tiring in my comments .. but .. if corporations and legislators can focus their energies and priorities on "improving our environment" by banning plastic straws .. why can't they focus some of that energy prioritizing WHAT IS POLLUTING OUR CHILDREN'S IMMUNE SYSTEMS?"

I've never found you tiring. I admire your passion on this issue and your deep love for your grandson and all children with autism. I always read your comments - and even where we disagree - I've tried to be respectful of your opinions.

The focus on straws is frustrating, especially when we are losing an entire generation of children to autism, other neurological disorders, and mental illness. The straws need to be banned; they do injure wildlife and never degrade. I'm in favor of transitioning to biodegradable straws. We certainly don't need more plastic in the environment. I think the straws have gotten a lot of attention because, compared to many other environmental issues, this seems an easy fix. And not a controversial one.

Vaccines are certainly an autism trigger, and likely trigger many other childhood diseases as well. However, pollution in air and water, pesticides on plants, tens of thousands of chemicals (many of which have not been tested for safety) in everyday products play a role too in damaging our children and make healing much harder.

Regulation does make a difference, but big chemical companies like Monsanto and big Agriculture have almost as much influence in Congress as big Pharma does and relentlessly object to any regulation. Politically speaking, conservatives aren't generally in favor of environmental regulation and have been consistently hostile to the EPA. Right now Conservatives control all three branches of government, so I don't see that stance changing. Democrats talk the good game on environmental protection, but they all too often are also persuaded by corporate cash. If Brett Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the Supreme Court, then there will likely be a pro-corporate, anti-environmental regulation majority for decades.

I am also so angry that no one ever asks why. Why are so many children damaged by autism? (I do partly blame the neurodiversity movement for changing the conversation from cause and cure to accommodations and supports). Why has mental illness in children increased from approximately 1 in 10 a generation ago to 1 in 4 today? These are critical questions, and I don't know why they aren't being asked - except I suspect pharmaceutical and chemical companies don't really want them to be asked.

John Stone

Please, everybody, keep being tiring.


@Bob Moffitt
You are not tiring in your comments. You are right! I wish even ten percent of the population cared as much as you do. We need some action. People seem like hypnotized zombies. Your comment was poignant to me. Why is this situation so twisted? Are people complete idiots?

susan welch

I know I can be tiring in my comments . No, Bob, as a grandmother in a similar situation to you, your comments are well received by me. I always agree with what you say. I just wish 'the powers that be' across the world could read them.

Common sense, truth and integrity have been replaced by the pursuit of money, at any cost, especially the health of our children/grandchildren. With this greed has come corruption, bribery (lobbying) cowardice which is resulting in carnage and heartbreak.

Not going too far to say 'Orwellian 1984'

It will only be the families of those affected that can change it. Unfortunately, how many more families have to suffer injury to their children before our voices have to be heard?


"One in a million"

I think the one in million number gives the scam away. I mean they always say one in a million it does not matter what the vaccine is.

It is a number that you would come up for marketing purposes not as a result of scientific investigation.

It is the perfect number to explain away cases that happen but make them irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

This shows that they simply make up the numbers as they need them.

Angus Files

Well done all who attended a great turnout.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

It takes someone with the common sense of a rock .. like NBC's Lester Holt .. to REPORT
“A 40 percent increase in [pediatric] psychiatric visits to emergency rooms .. with 1 in 5 kids at risk.”
and offer as HIS only solution .. "better insurance and more accommodations". Yeah, right, only an absolute fool would suggest that should do it ..

As I find myself saying over and over again .. we are living in a world gone completely mad .. where "normalizing abnormality" has become the rule rather than the exception .. where all public health problems are addressed by providing more MONEY for treatment, awareness, accommodation, etc .. while the REASONS why abnormality has become normal goes unexamined.


I know I can be tiring in my comments .. but .. if corporations and legislators can focus their energies and priorities on "improving our environment" by banning plastic straws .. why can't they focus some of that energy prioritizing WHAT IS POLLUTING OUR CHILDREN'S IMMUNE SYSTEMS?

(Hint to both politicians and public health bureaucracies .. take a moment to READ any list of ingredients in ANY vaccine and tell me the health of OUR CHILDREN IS MORE THREATENED BY PLASTIC STRAWS THAN THE INGREDIENTS IN VACCINES?)


Chilling,yer not kidding it's chilling, right down tae the bare bone itself!
See Using the Human Rights System to Advocate for Access to Palliative Care and Pain Relief ,
produced by the Open Society Foundation 65 Page Toolkit [ updated October 12 2017 ]
Who does? and who does not? meet the criteria for the current contemporary Palliative Care "Hit List"
To neither hasten or prolong life ? Morphine is not protected by patent? and can cost as little as U.S $ 0.01 cent per milligram .
No beds available for acute care or crisis intervention - no problem?
No support staff available to deal with this - no problem either ? Available staff will use what is available "NOW" Immediate access to palliative care treatment to relieve temporary symptomatic suffering of "An altered emotional state" OR "Disruptive mood disregulation disorder" from any condition? including any neurological presentation! Dementia? Autism? Learning disabilities/difficulties ? Old age itself with or without disorientation ? elderly people considered a public burden to NHS health and social care leadership!
Action T4 previous European Model now wearing new style caps and cap badges ?

Vicki Hill

This is really two problems; the story has rolled them into one.

(1) "From their historic peak in 1955, the number of state hospital beds in the United States had plummeted almost 97% by 2016. Even when private hospitals are included, the number of psychiatric beds per 100,000 people in the United States ranks the nation 29th among the 34 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Without access to hospital care, acutely ill individuals deteriorate, families and caregivers buckle under stress, ERs fill with acutely ill patients waiting for a bed to open and police and fire responders find themselves increasingly diverted to mental health calls. By 2014, 10 times more people with serious mental illness were in prisons and jails than in state mental hospitals, a circumstance widely attributed to the shortage of beds to provide timely treatment."

(2) At the same time that availability of beds has decreased, the number of children with serious mental health issues has risen. Children who used to be admitted directly to a psychiatric hospital now spend days or weeks in inappropriate ERs.

My son's first psychiatric admission was 22 years ago. (Thankfully, none for the past 8 years!) Every hospital that saw him as a young child has either closed or eliminated its children section.

I've met several psych hospital administrators in the past 10 years. They have told me that patients with the combination of autism and serious mental illness stay much longer than patients who only have serious mental illness. In part this is because the traditional treatments for mental illness are far less effective if autism is part of the picture. In part it is because "step-down services" - the next step before returning home - are practically non-existent for those with the autism/mental illness combo.

Hans Litten

Ian Frazer is a downright liar & criminal - and here is the proof !

One in a million

It is an automated machine test and while the sampling process is the same, “the accuracy of the test for finding the virus is potentially higher because it doesn’t rely on expert judgment. It relies on a machine.”

Vaccination rates in Ireland dropped alarmingly to 50 per cent after concerns about damaging side effects. A recent awareness campaign improved the rate to more than 60 per cent.

Prof Frazer said there was a one in a million incidence of a significant allergic reaction to the vaccine and in Australia “that amounted to two cases in the whole of the last 10 years and worldwide there’s been about 17 or 18 reported. And that’s an unpredictable allergic reaction, about the same you get with almost every vaccine.”

Hans Litten

Ian Frazer - YOU DID THIS !
And Varadkar\Harris\OConnell gave Frazer an award !

A large group of anti-HPV vaccine protesters held a rally outside the Dail yesterday afternoon.

The Liberal was told that the group have mostly come together as a result of meeting online, through what they claim, have been “severe injuries and side effects as a result of receiving the controversial HPV vaccine”.

The Liberal spoke to Angela Collins who said:
“We’re here to show the stark reality of what the injuries and severe side effects that the HPV vaccine can have. Simon Harris and the government are trying to force all our children, very soon including our boys, to receive the vaccine but yet will not allow us, the victims and their families of the vaccine to have a voice and be heard of how dangerous it is.”

Ms Collins continued:
“That’s what we’re here. That’s why we’re using the hashtag #WhatAboutUs – we need support and we need to be heard. We want to stop this scandal, we’ve been neglected by the HSE for far too long. We believe that the HSE are hiding the risks attached the HPV vaccine. We need people to read about our protest, we need people to share the images, share the video, share your article to raise as much awareness as possible. We need what we believe are the serious dangers of this vaccine known to people before they allow their child to receive it.”

Many people held signs which read “450 girls have been injured from the HPV vaccine in Ireland”, while others said “450 girls have been injected and neglected”.

The Liberal has been informed that a total of three girls got sick, two had seizures, were treated at the scene by paramedics and one was taken to St James Hospital.

Musician and campaigner Jim Corr, who recorded the video, told The Liberal:
“The protest took place as Prof Ian Frazier, the co-inventor of the vaccine, gave a speech next door in the Royal College of Physicians. It truly is shocking to see so many people being ignored by the HSE, the Minister for Health Simon Harris and the government as a whole. Their side effects and adverse reactions can’t be ignored forever.”

Watch the shocking and dramatic video below which shows the protest taking place with chants and signs claiming that their voice is not being heard in mainstream media and towards the end you can see one girl having a seizure at the gates of Leinster House itself.

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