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Vaccines Did Cause Rachel's Autism A URL Story

Why IQ Levels are Falling

Rotten apple for teacherNote: If this article doesn't scare the pants off you and the bejimminies out of you, you're made of cold, hard stone. IQ levels and basic skills are dropping in children since the 1990s.  Think of the toxicity of childhood today. Fetuses are exposed to mercury and other toxins in utero via flu and DPT vaccinations. Every product made for infants is plastic. Gone are wood and glass. Foods are chemical poopstorms. Fruits and veggies are covered in Monsanto pesticides. WiFi is ubiquitous.  Water is loaded with lead, medication residue and antibiotics from factory farms. Really, what chance to children have? Certainly not that of their grandparents. The article mentions technology as a possible cause. Yes, let's blame Apple for the fall. Just like the garden of Eden.


The IQ levels of young people have been steadily falling for the past few decades, according to new research.

The decline is believed to have begun following the generation born in 1975, and indicates that the slow rise in intelligence observed over much of the 20th century has come to an end, says The Times.

Average IQs had risen by roughly three percentage points every decade since the Second World War, in a poorly understood trend known as the Flynn effect.

However, the new study, by Norwegian researchers, found that men’s IQs are measurably lower today than the scores of their fathers at the same age. Ole Rogeberg and Bernt Bratsberg, of the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research in Oslo, analysed the scores from a standardised IQ test taken by more than 730,000 Norwegian men who reported for national service between 1970 and 2009.  Read more here.



The phenomenon of reversal of the Flynn effect has been widely proven in recent decades in Norway (Sundet, Barlaug, & Torjussen, 2004), Denmark (Teasdale & Owen, 2008), Netherlands (Woodley & Meisenberg, 2013), Finland (Dutton & Lynn, 2013), and the UK (Flynn, 2009a); Shayer & Ginsburg, 2009). Other countries, mainly the “developing” ones, have continued to show a rise or at most a leveling off. In respect of the reversals, the turning-point IQ peak was, in terms of year of birth, about 1980 in Denmark, 1978 in Finland, and 1976 in Norway.

A fundamental principle of the antiinnatia theory of autism and IQ is that the same factors (genetic and environmental) which in extreme high levels cause autism, in more modal levels cause increased IQ. That also relates to the increasing level of Mercury which binds dose-dependently to DNA thereby reducing gene-expression, and thus increase in IQ.

For people interested more in the topic, please visit:


Fyi, "Hawaii became the first state to prohibit the use of pesticides containing the chemical chlorpyrifos on Wednesday, after Gov. David Ige signed a bill into law.

The Environmental Protection Agency prohibited most household uses of Chlorpyfiros in residential areas 18 years ago after it was found to cause severe developmental delays in children. However in March, the Trump administration opted to halt plans to completely ban the pesticide, rejecting conclusions reached by EPA scientists.

Pesticides containing the chemical are used on an array of crops including apples, corn, and wheat, among other household food items, according to Earth Justice, the largest nonprofit environmental law organization in the United States.

Prenatal exposure to chlorpyrifos is associated with lower birth weight, reduced IQ, loss of working memory, attention disorders, and delayed motor development, according to Earth Justice...."

Shelley Tzorfas

The News and Media IQ appears to be going down as well. They print, copy and share the same stories without research or investigation. They don't print the poisons or ingredients in vaccines or the epidemic of 1 in 34 kids with Autism-Chickenpox yes, death and paralysis from vaccines-no.

@ bob moffit and all

Another factor, more maybe since the eighties, nineties is the advent of all the fertility technology. Factor in countries with socialized medicine and you have a lot more children being born with auto-immune conditions. I met a woman recently who had crohns and needed IVF to get pregnant. Crohns is 80% heritable and she had four children. Unfortunately people regulating and reproducing are not thinking things through completely.

Hans Litten

We have them on the run !!!
A new billboard placed in Perth has sparked controversy and outraged doctors.
A woman is pictured holding texts books with a question next to her asking - do you know what’s in a vaccine?

It then provides a link to a radical American anti-vaccination group called ‘Learn The Risk’.
The Australian Medical Association is now calling for the billboard to be pulled down immediately.
It says not only is it a public health risk but it is also misleading and conspiracy theory garbage.

The State Government also wants to see the billboard banned with Health Minister Roger Cook asking the Department to investigate whether powers under the Public Health Act could be used.

He says the anti-vaccination lobby is once again spreading dangerous misinformation, with vaccines the best way to prevent children from potentially deadly diseases.
The AMA says international anti vaccination lobby groups are not welcome in WA.

But lawyers say given our freedom of speech rights in Australia, the State Government will have a tough time getting rid of it.

At just 32 days old, Perth mother Catherine Hughes lost her baby boy Riley to whopping cough.

He was too young to be vaccinated.

She says given the nations strict advertising laws, she's flawed it's slipped through.

The City of Vincent is now trawling through records to determine whether the billboard was approved for installment.

The City said in a statement that they did not approve the anti-vaccination advertisement on the billboard.

"The City of Vincent is strongly opposed to the advertising material on the billboard and we are advocating for its urgent removal," they said.

"We will do whatever we can to support the State Government in this.

"We have already submitted a complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau requesting that they deal with the content urgently. We will contact the owner of the billboard to alert them to our concerns and to strongly lobby them for its removal. "


The rot of Detroit and Flint spreads across America, and onto the great big world; but big pharma will continue to make their big bucks. I got to get my thyroid pills refilled cause I have an auto immune disease that I suspect was brought on by DPT vaccines,. I got to get my son's epilepsy medicine refilled too, and I know for a fact it was caused by the DPT vaccines.

So now I like so many are trapped with a medical problem into seeing a doctor twice a year, spending 300 dollars for lab work twice a year. I have shopped around though, cause I have had places charge me 600 dollars for a thyroid test.


The Appalachian life style coming to all of America.


What would happen if you systematically exposed an entire generation of children to ethylmercury?
Not at trace levels, but at levels that exceed the EPA's guidelines for methylmercury exposure by 20-40X. There are no studies for ethylmercury exposure, so using the methyl as a stand-in.


I just recently became aware that there is lead in our dishes, cookware and all kinds of items that we use and live with every day. There is a woman, Tamara Rubin, who is exposing this. Her website/FB is "Lead Safe Mama". Lead could definitely play a role.

David Weiner

I agree with Kim's general assessment, but I think that lead is probably less of a factor now than it was decades ago (with exceptions for Flint and maybe some other locations).

Check out this article:

Hans Litten

The reasons for the Flynn effect and its apparent reversal are disputed. “Scientists have put the rise in IQ down to better teaching, nutrition, healthcare and even artificial lighting,” says The Times.

What about refridgerator moms ?
Living near road traffic ?
Watching daytimeTV ?
Older Fathers ?
Older Mothers ?
Obese Uncles ?
Neglectful Godparents ?
The African Fruitfly ?
The pervasive encroachment of wheelie bins ?
The ever more common urban fox ?
The demise of the public house ?

mmmm what could it be ? Has to be one of those !

bob moffit

"The decline is believed to have begun following the generation born in 1975, and indicates that the slow rise in intelligence observed over much of the 20th century has come to an end, says The Times."

If history is to be our guide .. normalizing abnormality will provide the answer for the decline in IQ levels and basic skills beginning in 1990 .. as declining skills and IQ .. no different than autism and all other chronic autoimmune disorders are now viewed as "normal" childhood development problems.

In 1990 .. Harris L. Coulter published "Vaccination social violence and criminality .. the medical assault on the American brain" .. wherein he makes a strong case that childhood vaccines induce "minimal brain damage" to infants and toddlers .. which will eventually lead to an ever increasing DECLINE in IQ and basic development skills in future generations.

I don't think it an accident that Coulter in 1990 .. more or less predicted the "decline in IQ and basic skills" that is now .. TWENTY YEARS LATER … being recognized as beginning in 1990.

I am confident the powers that be are not worried at all that IQ and basic skills are declining .. after all .. THEY ARE CREATING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO SAVE MANKIND.

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