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By Kim Rossi

Thanks Facebook friends including our own Ginger Taylor for this find. Check out the URL for Dr. Peter Hotez's forthcoming book defending the lifeblood of his career, vaccines.  Someone at Amazon created that URL - and forgot the "not."  I'm sure Johns Hopkins Press will go to bat for the good Doctor and fix this ASAP.  For the moment, there it is online and saved here at good old AofA!   We might think it's funny but it's... well, you know the childhood joke.

Kidding aside, Dr. Hotez is a Yale educated man so we can't impugn his intelligence. Oh wait, Dan Olmsted was also Yale educated and his intelligence was mocked and derided constantly once he took on the topic of vaccines and autism. Such a quandary.  Funny, Dr. Hotez looks a bit like our Dan.  Dr. Hotez' Wiki states the following:

Hotez leads an international team of scientists working to develop vaccines to combat hookworm infection, schistosomiasis, and other infectious and neglected diseases, including Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, and SARS.[3]

Together with Philip K. Russell, Hotez founded the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative (HHVI) in 1999.[4] Hotez writes extensively about vaccine diplomacy, i.e., the opportunity of using vaccines as instruments of foreign policy and to promote global peace, especially among poor countries seeking nuclear weapons technology.[5][6]

We each have a right to earn a living.  I had a very nice career before my unpaid fuller than full time job became managing the stacks of IEPs and Medicaid waivers and DDS paperwork and social security proof documents and therapists and caretakers. He also has a daughter with autism. And that's one area where we can relate.  Unlike the ND, Troll and ProVax Injury pharma-based sites, I try to keep our conversations about fellow autism parents above board and at least civil - even if I disagree with most or even all of their work.  I treated Alison Singer with kid gloves in my book, although she'd probably cross the street if she saw me coming. So be it.

Thanks to an article in Texas Monthly last December, Dr. Hotez shared a bit about his daughter.  There's a photo of her and she is a lovely young woman. Just like I have three lovely daughters with autism.  Rachel shares a trait in particular with my Gianna, who was injured by her birth dose of Hepatitis B vaccination and began screaming a loud, keening cry when she and I came home. From the article:  Rachel is the third of Hotez’s four children. She was a colicky infant, unlike her older siblings, who were three and four at the time. Ann noticed other differences too: Rachel had an unusually high-pitched cry, and when Ann would pick her up to comfort her, her tiny body would remain stiff rather than nestling into her mother’s arms.

Encephalitic cry

I was an exhausted Mom of a 19 month old when I had Gianna.  I was also a marketing and sales professional, not a physician. I did not recognize Gianna's cry as possibly vaccine induced encephalitic crying. But Dr. Hotez is a Yale and Cornell trained pediatric expert. Is it possible that vaccine injury has never crossed his mind as a possibility?  So impossible that he is compelled to write this book with the title that was turned inside out by a URL error.

I hope Miss Rachel Hotez is doing her best. That her autism isn't keeping her as far out of the game of life as it is for my daughters. Including Miss G who is "graduating" (aging out) of school today and headed to a day program for the mentally disabled. Vaccinations DID cause her autism. Birth dose Hep B changed my newborn infant in less than 48 hours.

I'm hopeful Dr. Hotez will support my parental point of view and maybe he'll even buy MY book!  Unless he has more than he can handle.

Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.


Autism Investigated

That URL error is hilarious, and thanks for recognizing what Autism Investigated first broke about his daughter’s encephalitic scream.

With respect, however: this post gives Hotez respect he doesn't deserve at all. He covers up his own daughter's vaccine injury, his opinion is worthless. I don't think Dan would like being compared to him either. My two cents.

Jake Crosby


John, how astute of you! You're absolutely right. Makes you wonder if it's all an act, or they are puppets. Who's pulling the strings?

I couldn't agree more. I think they're all puppets, from a disgusting fraternity of god-awful actors, who don't even possess the skill to hide own their duping delight.

IMO, Paul Offit is the most obvious of them all. Beyond the fact that he consistently presents as being as bright as a small appliance bulb, his wiki bio is ridiculous to say the least.

It starts by describing him as American pediatrician who:
- specializes in infectious diseases, vaccines, immunology, and virology.
- is the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine.
- is a Professor of Vaccinology
- is a Professor of Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine
- is the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases
- is the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

And then, under the 'Life' section, summarizes his educational credentials as:

- earned his bachelor's degree (.. in something?) from Tufts University and his M.D. from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Maybe its just be, but I can't help but feel that these educational credentials are a little.... thin, for a Specialist/Professor/Chief/Director, who supposedly invents vaccines on the side.

go Trump

There is nothing more "lucrative to a doctor or university" than creating a new vaccine that gets onto the US or world market.

Dr. Hotez just wants to be the next Dr. Offit.

but the "Offit CHOPs vaccine" is only used in one other country ?


It is very possible that Hotez cannot face the truth of what happened to his own daughter leading him to overcompensate.

John Stone


Oh yes, it is a big part of international diplomacy, helping the developing nations to roll out health policy - health infrastructure etc.


"Hotez writes extensively about vaccine diplomacy, i.e., the opportunity of using vaccines as instruments of foreign policy and to promote global peace, especially among poor countries seeking nuclear weapons technology."

There isn't anything vaccines can not do. Global peace? Does anyone find that paragraph odd?


What does he say caused his kid's autism? His bad genes or his wife's?

Jeannette Bishop

On a hopeful note, I was looking at Amazon's top vaccine books a couple of days ago (in terms of current sales I'm assuming) and Hotez's book seemed to be the only one on the page most likely to give reader just a lot of propaganda.

Grace Green

John, how astute of you! You're absolutely right. Makes you wonder if it's all an act, or they are puppets. Who's pulling the strings?

John Stone

What I note about Hotez’s appearance is his somewhat comical demeanour - reminiscent of Pan, Collins, Insel etc.

Angus Files

Maybe he is under the delusion that all his sins will be forgiven.I know for a fact that ALL sins are not forgiven.My Father in law was an Episcopal minister for 30 plus years.I remember him coming back one Sunday night from the local Jail where he had to take his turn being the faith to the monsters.The inmates that were seeking forgiveness he met.He was so pale and whiter than a piece of paper on his return home one Sunday night and thankfully he didn't give me the detail.But he refused this monster forgiveness and said some people do not deserve forgiveness and have no place in Gods place and followed it with God forgive me..

Probably come to shock to a lot of them when they are refused forgiveness.

Patrick preys for us all and our children daily.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

"I'm hopeful Dr. Hotez will support my parental point of view and maybe he'll even buy MY book!"

Unfortunately Kim .. you and Hotez do not share the same respect for each other's "point of view" because you are both operating under differing "rules of engagement" .. you are operating under the rule "do unto others as you would have them do to you" .. Hotez on the other hand is operating under Sol Alinsky's "rules for radicals" .. where ridiculing and isolating your opposition is not only permitted .. it is preferred.

Make no mistake about Hotez .. he believes he is engaged in a WAR .. where like all wars .. the ends justify the means .. no matter how much collateral damage HE causes.

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