Dr. Bob Sears on CA Medical Probation: In His Own Words
Rise, and Shine!

Vaccine Developer Businessman Buys LA Times, Uses It Develop His Vaccine Business At Bob Sears Expense

by Ginger Taylor,

Soon-Shiong court side at a Lakers Game with Will.I.Am

18 Days ago it was announced that billionaire vaccine developer Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong was taking his vaccine business public.

10 Days ago it was announced that billionaire vaccine developer Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong was buying the LA Times to restore integrity to the paper.

1 Day ago the LA Times let doctors know that if they wrote medical vaccine exemptions like Dr. Bob Sears, their medical license could be in jeopardy.

0 Days ago the LA Times disclosed that the vaccine story was published by billionaire vaccine developer Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong was taking his vaccine business public.  Meaning they didn't disclose it.  

Read all about it: 

A Letter to the Vaccine Developer Who Just Bought the LA Times UPDATE 6/30/18: (and then immediately went after Bob Sears)


Angus Files

Grace I would think so. I got a thank you letter from a very respected Dr for supporting them with a letter in our local paper and I`m sure the Dr would have been able to find out where my loyalty lies within a click or two.....as Martin Niemoller said below

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

In 2014 Soon-Shiong made a $12 million donation to the University of Utah[32]. An audit three years later found several legal violations. As part of the donation, the university was required to use Soon-Shiong's company for the services required for the research, at a total cost of $10 million. NantHealth set the price for DNA sequencing at $10,000 per sample, while auditors found that other companies charged between $2,900 and $5,000 for the same service.[33] Legal experts referred to it as money laundering[34][35], or perhaps a technique to receive tax deductions for an investment in Soon-Shiong's own company.

In early 2016, Soon-Shiong launched the National Immunotherapy Coalition to encourage rival pharmaceutical companies to work together to test combinations of cancer-fighting drugs.[36] He has also met numerous times with former Vice President Joe Biden to discuss more ambitious approaches to fighting cancer, including conducting genomic sequencing of 100,000 patients to create a massive database of potential genetic factors.[37]

In early January 2017, as announced by Sean Spicer, then President-elect Donald Trump met with Soon-Shiong at his Bedminster, NJ estate to discuss national medical priorities.[38]

In February 2018, the Los Angeles Times reported that Soon-Shiong's investment firm Nant Capital reached a deal to purchase the paper and The San Diego Union-Tribune from Tronc Inc. for "nearly $500 million in cash” as well as the assumption of $90 million in pension obligations.[39] Soon-Shiong, with this acquisition became one of the first Asian-Americans to become a media proprietor through ownership in a major daily newspaper in the United States. [40] The sale closed on June 18, 2018. [5]

Grace Green


Perhaps that will work to our advantage. The doctors, who are almost universally respected in the UK, will no longer have an incentive to lie about the harms of vaccines, and may start speaking out about their damaged patients.

Jenny Allan

Since Eindecker mentioned Sir Roy Meadow, I have posted some links to the history of this 'expert witness' who invented the term 'Munchhausen's syndrome by proxy', now called 'Factitious or Induced Illness'. Sally Clark's was not the only case of parents jailed for 'murdering' their children, and scandalously the discredited MS by P and another 'invention' by Prof David Southall, working on aspects of MSbP in the late 1980s and early 90s, called 'Shaken Baby Syndrome', are still used to convict parents or take their babies into care. SBS was used to convict nanny Louise Woodward working in the US.

EXTRACT:-'(Sally) Clark's father, Frank Lockyer, complained to the GMC, alleging serious professional misconduct on the part of Meadow. The GMC concluded in July 2005 that Meadow was guilty, but he appealed to the High Court, which in February 2006 ruled in his favour. The GMC appealed to the Court of Appeal, but in October 2006, by a majority decision, the court upheld the ruling that Meadow was not guilty of the GMC's charge'

EXTRACT 'Knighted in 1996, Sir Roy was soon lecturing on the hidden epidemic of abuse and appearing as an expert witness. By the time he gave evidence at Sally Clark's trial, Sir Roy claimed to have found 81 cot deaths which were in fact murder though, unfortunately, he destroyed the data.
He told the court that he could think of no natural explanation for either of the Clarks' children's deaths and quoted the case-clinching statistic that the chances of two cot deaths in one family was one in 73 million - a figure arrived at by multiplying the incidence of one death (1:8543) by itself. It later emerged that the chance of a second death was more like one in 120 because there could be an underlying defect. Though struck off by the General Medical Council in 2005 for 'gross professional misconduct', he was reinstated the following year.
The other leading light in the drive to unearth hidden abuse in Britain was Prof David Southall. Working on aspects of MSbP in the late 1980s and early 90s, he videoed parents whom he suspected of suffocating children. Thirty-three parents or step-parents were prosecuted, though the evidence may have been unreliable: clasping a child to the chest could, for example, indicate feeding rather than smothering. The Clark case was also his undoing when, having merely seen Steve on tele¬vision, he stated to police that it was 'beyond reasonable doubt' that Steve had murdered his sons. A three-year ban from child protection work followed in 2004; in December 2007 he was struck off for, among other charges, concealing the medical records of some 4,500 children……But the fall from grace of some of the theorists of abuse has not made as much difference as expected. The term 'noble cause corruption' has entered the language. The tainted term MSbP has fallen into disuse, only to be replaced by another set of initials, FII - Factitious or Induced Illness. Real abuse is still being missed.'

John Stone


So, you are saying that they took an infant that was five hours from death, injected him with several vaccines, sent him home, and then prosecuted the mother for murder.

Angus Files

Eindecker it doubles every 30 mins -and your point is?


Pharma For Prison



Care to give any evidence to support your (ridiculous) assertion Linda1, do you know the generation time of S aureus, are you arguing with the evidence supplied at her acquittal, looking at the evidence the poor child had an overwhelming S aureus infection, but of course you know it must be all to do with the vaccines despite any evidence!!

Angus Files

Exactly and here they have cut the troublesome Drs out of the money bonanza. In the house of Frazer(Scotland) they have already started to downgrade the need for Doctors to administer the vaccine poisons. Just now Drs get a bonus for every vaccine administered. Any nurse at the clinic or the school can now shoot the kids up with the poison or they can go to the vaccine touring trailer, vaccines on tour if you’re so lucky, it’s in your area. This all done to cut costs seemingly. So the Drs loose out no more expensive Drs bonuses to pay, the nurses get paid no more than they do just now, it’s a win win for the vaccine manufacturers. They can now shoot trigger happy vaccines up any vein they can aim a syringe into and with no more bribes to give to the Dr`s. This effectively putting the Drs on a salary scuppering all their business plans. Well I would feel sorry for them and ironically I take up their case and fight it for them knowing it is all futile but where anyone is trying to stick it to Pharma you will find me. Why make it even easier to poison our kids making it more profitable for pharma, die pharma die.

Pharma for Prison



"As you well know John Sally Clark was a victim of evidence withholding by a pathologist, the poor child was colonized with S aureus and had the same strain of S aureus isolated from multiple sites in his body, including the CSF. he died of S aureus meningitis/septicaemia, it had nothing to do with receiving vaccines 5 hours before his death"

What a ridiculous statement.


As you well know John Sally Clark was a victim of evidence withholding by a pathologist, the poor child was colonized with S aureus and had the same strain of S aureus isolated from multiple sites in his body, including the CSF. he died of S aureus meningitis/septicaemia, it had nothing to do with receiving vaccines 5 hours before his death https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Clark The basis of her original conviction was erroneous statistics produced by Sir Roy Meadows

John Stone


I can promise you this has long been the case in the U.K. There is no point at which our court system will actually acknowledge the complicity of vaccines in infant death (or any other). Only about once I can think of, when Sally Clark had her conviction for murder overturned ( her son had died 5 hours after receiving 5 vaccines and this information was suppressed at her original trial). But basically the courts (judicial or coroner’s) will not go there. They will certainly rather see blameless parents go to jail for SBS, fabricated illness etc. Experts will defend parents in the US but if they try it in the U.K. they will end up before GMC.

Shelley Tzorfas

The Second great Goldrush is on in Ca. All the cowboys ought to put on their holsters and put their trigger fingers on the syringes. BY tomorrow at sunrise, A great Billionaire and a Vaccine company will own THE LATIMES. Vaccine company journalists, editors, experts on LATIMES'SES Ethics will decide how much more Cancer-promoting Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Thimerosal/Mercury, Human aborted Fetal cell DNA (Capable of growing tumors) and more will be shot into your veins, blood, brain and organs. Some of these shootings are associated with cancer-but have no fear, doctor Soon-Shiong will market a Cancer vaccine. We do not yet know its similarity to the Other cancer vaccine that has injured, paralyzed or caused up to a million lives round the globe since 2007, not to mention how many girls have lost their ovaries and future generation-the HPV shot-Human Papillomas Vaccine (Warts) that 95% of those who get it ;the body gets rid of it all on its own within 2 years. Some believe it is an HIV shot-notice the similarity in the name? The LATIMES will police itself, aide or help in the view that doctors could lose their licenses if they write a legal exemption. Now all that has to happen is to get rid of judges, lawyers, politicians, teachers, miners, professors, librarians, talk show hosts, daycare workers, clergy and moms who do not believe in the Wonderful World of Vaccines.

Jeannette Bishop

@John Stone, is the only thing between us and mandated participation in a planned vaccine "unavoidable" deaths autopsy management program the cost of ruling out the vaccine? Because I'm pretty sure then they'll just venture to say something vaccine-logical like, "if you've recently had a vaccine, you don't need an autopsy, because it wasn't the vaccine...!"

John Stone

Hi Jeannette

Yes, and note from my letter to Members of the European Parliament back in April:

"I am writing to all British members of the European Parliament with the deepest concern about the proposed “vaccine hesitancy” resolution. The Parliament is poised to further protect an industry from scrutiny which in itself urgently requires investigation. In its present form it will not lead to confidence.

"The resolution comes before the Parliament amid mounting evidence of vaccine harm in published scientific literature. For too long politicians around the globe have depended on bureaucracies to wage war against infectious diseases without taking adequate steps to ensure the independence of the advice, and contenting themselves with bland assurances that everything they collectively sanction is safe and effective. By now infants are met not long after birth with a barrage of vaccines for diseases which in many cases are either not so dangerous or not so common, without any wider evidence that this is a safe thing to do - meanwhile each of the products have acknowledged risks and side-effects in the small print, even before we consider the problems of cumulative exposure, bad synergies, contamination in manufacture, toxic excipients etc. The bureaucracies choose whatever “facts” suit them, and they have created a pipeline for their products to be administered to children at public expense.

"Absurdly, the EP Health Committee have complained about the relative expense of vaccinating children compared with the beginning of the millennium without considering all the expensive new products governments have willingly added to the schedule in the interim - nor the expense of all the new products the industry connected bureaucracy are likely to sanction in future. In the UK the director of Oxford Vaccine Group which develops vaccines is also chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation which recommends them to the schedule."


Jeannette Bishop

A Sen. Pan tangent, brought up by Joshua Coleman here (about 9 minutes in):


Why would the state's forced vaccination man, aims to punish parents who don't do everything the corporate oligarchy wants man, and now the we-need-to-have-monitors-over-everything-printed-or-spoken-over-the-internet man also want elected county coroners to be replaced with appointed medical examiners?

This can't have anything to do with the hundreds of vaccines on the horizon can it?


Soon-Shiong is over-confident, he would have been better to exert covert influence over the LA Times so as all criticism could be brushed off as 'conspiracy theory', whereas now he's in full view, it's clear for the public to see what he's up to, using the LA Times as a weapon to attack enemies of his industry.

The LA times have been going for Bob Sears for a while now, this one's from November 2017

Why hasn't California cracked down on anti-vaccination doctors?

It seems the Bob Sears hearing has been lined up for some time


"We recently received hearing dates in late May, 2018 for Dr. Bob’s hearing before an administrative law judge. The case is primarily about his writing a note excusing the child from vaccination due to two prior severe vaccine reactions.

But May, 2018 apparently is not soon or severe enough for the LA Times which today published a story complaining that Dr. Bob and many other doctors are still writing medical exemptions that don’t meet the standards of medical exemptions by conventional pediatrics and the CDC (under which standards there are no medical conditions which justify a blanket exemption from all vaccines throughout childhood). The Times seems to want all these docs rounded out or put out of business today."

Jeannette Bishop

The LA Times comment section (at least the portion I perused) is not entirely discouraging, about half acknowledge that vaccines do hurt some anyway and the other half contained high ratios of comments by about three "readers."

I wonder if my comments will get out of moderation ...

... and, this query comes to mind, if in the near future, Pan's "fact checking" bill gets through, then will the LAT be moderating out half the comments "because the 'law' tells them to?"

Gary Ogden

Sorry, "signing statement." Doubt he can sing.

Gary Ogden

Absolutely chilling that a kingpin of the drug cartel purchases a major newspaper, and immediately goes after Dr. Sears and every other physician who writes a medical exemption in California. Chilling. Anyone who has read the text of SB 277 and the governor's singing statement knows that this draconian, Nazi-inspired piece of legislation broadened, rather than narrowed, the ability of physicians to write a medical exemption based upon their professional judgement alone. This (purchase) is a development which will hasten the state of civil unrest which is bound to ensue as the gazillionairres continue to suck the life out of the economies in all the Western countries as they poison all the children. Why hasn't Trump deported Dorit Reiss already? She should be first on the list, as a clear and present danger to national security.


Time to start boycotting California, don’t buy anything made there, don’t travel for tourism. Hopefully it gets broken up into smaller states soon.


Dr Patrick Soon-will realize that people aren't buying into his attempt at propaganda and nazi-like actions.

Angus Files

It,the LA Times looks like a sinking ship. I think Shiong is giving it the final push before its scuppered for ever,I hope the Captain does the right thing and stay's with it,and puts it in its rightful place, Davy Jones Locker.

Pharma For Prison



Dr. Sears joins a long and distinguished list of brillant, benevolent, heroic, scientists who help millions of people the world over be healthy and resist BigPharma. While Soon Shiong remains in the class of doctors who will no doubt figure out a way to profit off of the opioid crisis, Dr Sears is among the heroes who would do everything in his power to prevent it.

Reiss is exactly right, “It’s no trivial decision”.

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