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Another Autistic Child Quietly Drowns While The Nation Screams

Top Italian Scientist Assaulted and Threatened Over Vaccines: A Letter from Stefano Montanari

image from blogger.cq24.itAge of Autism publishes a letter from scientist Stefano Montanari, pictured with his wife Antonietta Gatti, have become caught at the center of a storm about vaccine safety over their undisputed discovery of microscopic and nano-particles in the routine vaccine supply. With the new Italian health minister, Giulia Grillo of 5 Star Movement, trying to renege on an election commitment to reverse mandate legislation for 10 vaccines, Northern League leader, Matteo Salvini - who has praised Montanari and Gatti - is coming under pressure from political forces and news media to back down. Meanwhile, no one will report the violence against Montanari. He writes out of desperation in a "letter to the US":

No Italian newspaper has spared a line to report what happened on the evening of 9 June in Rome. Maybe it's all within the most perfect normality.

I have been giving public lectures on scientific topics for many years, mainly, at least in the latest two decades, concerning the results of the research I carry out with my wife, Dr. Antonietta Gatti.

16 years ago, using an electron-microscopy method based on two European research projects, we began to analyze vaccines and, to date, we have examined 35 different types of those drugs, 10 of which are now mandatory in Italy. The results are well-known: all the samples were found to be polluted by micro- and nanoparticles, none of them compatible with the human organism.

Basta meme


Given the huge amount of money involved in vaccines, everything was tried to stop us: from preventing the continuation of a research on acute myeloid leukemia that had produced results that can prove very useful both for diagnosis and therapy, to the seizure of our electron microscope to that of our computers. All illegal, to be sure, but who cares?

Despite the many criticisms received, I agreed to give a lecture at the headquarters of a far-right party called Casa Pound. The name is in honor of the American fascist poet [Ezra Pound]. Let me be clear: I have never cared about the political, religious, sexual or any other kind of opinion and preference expressed by the people I talk to. I speak of science and medicine, and all the rest is neither of my competence nor of my interest. So, for me there was nothing anomalous to address an audience of fascists.

After completing the conference in spite of an unusually poor organization, I came out of the hall greeted by several people who wanted to shake my hand and, some of them, show me their children injured by vaccination. Once out on the street, a dozen people were waiting for me for the same reason. In short, everything in the most absolute normality.

While I was cordially talking with these people, suddenly, for no apparent reason, a gentleman came up behind me shouting "Don’t dare raise your voice!" I turned my head and, in a fraction of a second, unexpectedly, he hit me with a violent punch between my ear and my cheekbone. For a moment I lost my senses and I was supported by those around me, while the character was moving away, crossing my wife who, meanwhile, was coming out on the sidewalk. To her, that gentleman shouted a death threat.

Neither my wife nor I let ourselves be intimidated but we can read the writing on the wall.

After years of persecution, after clumsy and continuous attempts to attack our scientific credibility without putting any scientific arguments against our own, after having deprived us of the indispensable tools for our work, after the illegal seizure of our computers containing the data of our research, here is the physical attack. Undoubtedly something rough but certainly understandable by anyone.

Now something to make you understand what is the Italian situation regarding vaccines. The two parties that obtained the highest number of votes at the latest elections, although hardly mutualy compatible, have now been in government for a few weeks: Movimento Cinque Stelle (M5S) and Lega. Both were committed to repealing the law on  compulsory vaccination. But the problem is that many parties are involved in the business and now the M5S (which has the health ministry) are making a quick turnaround, forgetting their promises. On Friday 22 June, Mr. Matteo Salvini, the new interior minister for Lega, took part in a broadcast of Radio Studio 54, during which he said that 10 vaccines are unjustified and perhaps even harmful. Then he thanked my wife and me for our work and for our courage. Within a few minutes the whole Italian regime, from newspapers to parties all compact, arose against him and covered him with insults: those words put the skimming in which all of them are more or less involved at risk. Now it is difficult to think that Mr. Salvini can resist the parliament and the media.

Every day everything becomes clearer and clearer.

Stefano Montanari

Salvini at 12. min 30




Hans Litten

As I said if you look at anything with EM you're going to find individual molecules of other substances, and that's exactly why Montanari and Gotti didn't use them.

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | June 26, 2018 at 01:30 PM

But weren't those contaminants entirely missing in the veterinary vaccine ?
Have you got a selective memory issue ?

Grace Green

Marie V.
Global warming is real, and definitely caused by our activities, including the number of people there are. Of course, there are much more acceptable ways of reducing the human population other than those you quote Bill Gates as favouring. We would all be better off as well.

Marie V.

Bill Gates said in a "TED" talk in 2010, "The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we can lower that by perhaps, 10 or 15 percent."
His talk was about how we need to reduce C02 emissions in order to fight global warming. (I don't believe that there is man-made global warming.) And one of his suggestions was to reduce the population. So he was indicating that vaccines, health care, and "reproductive health services" (in other words, abortion) are ways to reduce the population.

John Stone

"Frederic Chopin"

While I quite see that it can happen with other medical products I am not sure how that helps - not to mention it is being done to babies 2,3,4 months old.

Frederic Chopin


I haven't argued about what they claimed to find nor route of administration. I'm not talking about Exley either, so you can stop with the strawmen. As for controls, as you've been told before, any injectable would have been fine (insulin, normal saline, Ringer's lactate, various antibiotics - how about IV vitamin C or DMSA?).

As I said if you look at anything with EM you're going to find individual molecules of other substances, and that's exactly why Montanari and Gotti didn't use them.

Jeannette Bishop

Sending prayers for researchers Montanari and Gatti!

Hans Litten

"professionals" tells us a great deal.

Posted by: John Stone | June 26, 2018 at 05:39 AM

Professional what ? Like the great train robbers ? Liars and thieves.
We have the evidence, we have the science - makes no difference to them at all,

John Stone

“Frederic Chopin”

First of all, no it is not clear that manufacturers have sought to maintain the integrity of the manufacturing process to the highest levels. Secondly, as Gatti and Montanari point out the means of transmission of particles is very different from normal exposure - ie it is injected so the body has no prepared defences. For instance, the skin is a defence against particles.

Previously, of course, you were trying to question that it was happening at all.

I am not going to post a libellous comment from Eindecker but he was going on about controls again, and it is very difficult to understand what a control would be in these circumstances. If food is contaminated, we don’t say where is the control? He also brought up Chis Exley again - which is a totally different case. Exley has loads of controls for his autism brain study from earlier studies. The case are not alike but in both cases the objection is foolish, and no better than trolling. The fact that we get such inept responses from professionals tells us a great deal.

John Stone


It seems like virtually all politicians have simply become courtiers to government industrial bureaucracies. As we know Lorenzin was appointed by Obama to head the global vaccine enforcement drive weeks after the Thompson revelations. Giulia Grillo seems to be a bird of the same feather - having got elected on the back of opposing mandates she is now saying that health policy is a matter for the Ministry of Health - and is somehow looking for ways of appeasing people without changing anything. Presumably, the Ministry also have deals with GSK, since GSK boasted about this to a trade website. So much for democracy!



Of course, one thing politicians are hooked on is providing employment, but with the pharmaceutical industry the harm is coming to well outweigh the benefits.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Margaret Jaeger, grandma peg | June 26, 2018 at 03:59 AM

Secret societies ! Like the freemasons and the rest.

Look at Beatrice Lorenzin's qualifications for example (Italian Health minister & a key player in the worldwide vaccination project).

So how did she get there ? (fast tracked somehow someway via a criminal network)

Archie Kalokernos warned us all of what was going on back in the 70s & 80s !
We were not paying attention.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Cherry Misra | June 25, 2018 at 01:38 PM

The doctors are collaborating, they know (or at least many\most of them do).
They are being extremely well paid for their full cooperation, they are ducking the flu vaccines for themselves and at the same time dishing the flu vaccine out to everyone else's parents.
They can see full well what is occurring which is genocide and murder.

Ask them like I have done if you don't believe me, and watch carefully for the deceptive body language. Then perhaps mention to them, that tests are available to prove one way or another to say whether they have in fact taken the flu vaccine themselves.

Margaret Jaeger, grandma peg

It's so obvious to anyone who has become involved with vaccines and vaccine injuries that there is some kind of covert pressure going on all over the world to get all its citizens vaccinated....which means more injuries and more children with adult type health failures, and mor children dying after vaccines administered. But how can the rest of the world think that's just...theories ... of nutsy people? How can they be so blinded and...so, accepting of all these illnesses new to children, or to Anyone,.. required to take vaccines. It all smacks of some undercover agency with an incontrovertible intent to eliminate the future population on planet earth..? Whether from shadow governments ...or as some suspect...out space aliens... it seems so obvious that our doom is preplanned....by Someone. It's as if the rest of the world's population has become controlled by some ...thing...like Naziism... Keep on printing the real news in these specialty newslines...until everyone reads them and maybe still has the brains to question vaccines and the industry.


I wish safety and peace for these brave, heroic doctors! No surprise that Grillo reneged. Fascists exploiting the political power of the vaccine risk aware community seems to be the order of the day.

go Trump

A vaccine, used on the public all over the world,

that can be mandated and forced upon whatever group they wish, without any legal or product liability,

is simply a chemical weapon.

Frederic Chopin


If you use EM to look at anything you're going to find individual molecules of other substances. That's not the argument though is it?


@Ted Fogarty. YES, God bless and protect them. RIP Tristian Beaudette. He was killed possibly working on a safe vaccine. Shot in front of his kids.

Cherry Misra

@ Hans Litten- it is to be remembered that the ethylmercury in vaccines harms the child but benefits the vaccine industry. HOW? Any dose of mercury disables the immune system , resulting in children falling sick from any microbial organism. Now they can say that children are getting sick and need more vaccines and that the unvaccinated are spreading germs to the immune impaired children.
It is interesting to note how few people, including doctors, are able to use a three step logic such as the one above- mercury in the human body = damaged immune system= more disease. How many highly educated doctors cant go any further than Vaccines (GOOD) conquer disease (BAD).

Cherry Misra

@Jenny Allen- Beautifully stated.

John Stone

“Frederic Chopin”

But it is utterly explicit - an officer of the European Medicines Agency admitted the whole thing in a letter to BMJ. Of course, they maintained it was not significant, and emoted about undermining the sacred reputation of the vaccine schedule - but they never told anyone that there were routinely microscopic shards of metallic substances etc in the products until put under pressure.

Of course, if you are saying that ignoramuses and bullies dispute it it is probably true, but Gatti and Montanari found it, and the EMA confirmed it. So, it is really beyond dispute.

Jenny Allan

I can only pray for these brave scientists. One day all these heroes will be vindicated and celebrated.

Frederic Chopin

"Undisputed discovery" - please

Hans Litten


The claim that “vaccines are completely safe” is FAKE news, yet the entire corporate-run media parrots the lie daily

You don’t have to look very hard if you want evidence that vaccines are bad. The first place you could head in your quest for the truth is the Department of Health and Human Services’ very own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS. This is the site that Americans can use to report adverse vaccine events to health authorities. Around 30,000 VAERS reports about vaccine injuries and deaths are filed every year. It’s a shocking number on its own, and it’s likely only a fraction of the true number of injuries considering that many people don’t use the system or even know it exists.

CDC admits vaccines contain harmful ingredients

Interestingly, the CDC admits on its own website that vaccines contain harmful ingredients. On their “Ingredients of Vaccines Fact Sheet,” they admit that toxic substances like formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and thimerosal are commonly found in vaccines. Yes, that’s right: They admit that they contain formaldehyde, which HHS has admitted causes cancer. They also own up to vaccines containing the neurotoxin MSG. Most people won’t even touch food that contains this ingredient, much less inject it into their body knowingly. Perhaps the biggest offender, however, is the methyl mercury compound thimerosal, which is toxic to the brain and kidneys.

Ted Fogarty, MD

May God and all the good souls of earth protect these scientists who are increasingly suffering retaliation for exposing corrupt markets that have major control levers through my profession and it’s governmental handmaiden known as Public Health. The very term Public Health is anti-Hippocratic. Exposing Metals as dangerous to human biology should not be so difficult, ironically when these metals come from guns (lead in venison) or radiologists (gadolinium poisoning of Chuck Norris’ wife) the political discourse and risk is much different. I much appreciate having helped bring these two to America in June of 2017 to show us in the United States exactly what their electron microscopes are Imaging.

Edward F. Fogarty, MD
President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation
Chairman of Radiology at the University of North Dakota

Hans Litten

Perth Australia , a billboard asks a simple question:

"Do you know what's in a vaccine ?"


Does this look like the work of any typical vandal to you ? mmmm

A: Common Sense

The science is with us (Thanks to the gatti paper).

John Stone

Beatrice Lorenzin by any other name would smell as sweet! No doubt, the Italian Health Ministry and Giulia Grillo are looking at their secret contracts with GSK and how people voted doesn't matter.


I am afraid that when the mainstream political class simply become clients of the pharmaceutical industry the results are not going to be happy.

Magda Taylor

The actions of the authorities speak volumes!! Resorting to criminal measures to protect the vaccine industry!! If they have nothing to hide then why all this aggression? If vaccines were safe and effective then there would be no need to have mandatory laws in place as the benefits would be obvious to the public and accepted. However vaccination has NEVER been beneficial since it's beginnings in the late 18thC and the smallpox vaccine is responsible for untold amounts of deaths and injuries. The data is there is you want to learn what truly went on. Each generation since we have been bombarded with more and more vaccines resulting in more and more compromised individuals with long term chronic conditions. We took a very wrong and very dangerous path when vaccination was embraced over 200 years ago and the sooner this procedure is eradicated the more chance we have in regaining better health for future generations!!

bob moffit

It was only a matter of time before the vaccine industry, public health bureaucracies, media and politicians .. having succeeded for decades in "demonizing" scientists .. such as Dr Wakefield .. who dare to raise serious concerns regarding vaccine safety and efficiency no longer work. What to do with scientists like Montanari Gatti & Salvini who refused to be cowed by the "demonization" they knew they would be subjected to?

The answer becomes obvious by reading Montanari's letter:

"After years of persecution (demonization), after clumsy and continuous attempts to attack our scientific credibility without putting any scientific arguments against our own, after having deprived us of the indispensable tools for our work, after the illegal seizure of our computers containing the data of our research, here is the physical attack. Undoubtedly something rough but certainly understandable by anyone."

Conducting "illegal seizures of computers and physically attacking" these courageous scientists reeks of sheer panic desperation .. "criminalization of science" by an industry that has grown too powerful and unaccountable to the people all over the globe .. is an indication the "by any means necessary" thuggery the industry has prospered by for decades .. MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!

Grace Green

Love, prayers and support to Drs. Montanari and Gatti, from Scotland. We will all raise our voices with you and they will not shout us down or beat us down.

Hans Litten

So the lamestream has basically decided to align itself against the electorate.
Bold Move

Hans Litten

It shows their increasing desperation !

The dam will break soon.

Montanari Gatti & Salvini are heroes.

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