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Think Out Loud Asks About Parental Vaccine Opt Out: Comments Ensue

Think Out Loud on Facebook
Thanks to JB Handley for pointing us to a Facebook page called "Think out Loud" which asked  the question shown above. Comments are very Think out loud logointeresting and for the most part respectful.  Scroll down to June 1st.

People don't have any memory of what the diseases do to children because it is no longer common. If parents understood impact of the diseases, maybe they could come to grips with the vaccinations. We can't assume any longer that people remember what the diseases did!

My comment: I remember the Brady Bunch episode about measles. I remember Arthur Has the Chicken Pox. I remember Sinatra singing, "I've had the measles and the mumps, everything happens to me." In America, with treatment and care, these were survivable illnesses that caused discomfort, and made Mom do a lot of work. Moms can not stay home for a quarantine any longer. We work. Except when our kids ARE vaccine injured, and it does happen whether we care to think about that or not, we often end up dropping out of the work force altogether to take care of our kids. Ironic.

We need to be able to think out loud. Speak out. Tell our stories. Not just among ourselves, all over social media, everywhere. Cautionary tales are uncomfortable and make people squirm. But they are necessary. New parents should know the facts and reality of vaccination so that they can make informed decisions. No product is perfect. No one wants a child to contract a harmful disease.

We need to keep the dialog open.  That's what we do every day at Age of Autism.  We always appreciate your readership and support.





John Stone

But the Thalidomide saga is by no means over - while no longer prescribed for morning sickness this completely useless drug is still marketed, and people are still making money out of it. Meanwhile, the failure of the governments of the earth to represent the interests of their citizens is mesmerising

Grace Green

Patricia, many of the Thalidomiders are still alive, and struggling as they age, often in poverty. Astonishingly, doctors have continued to give pharmaceuticals to pregnant women, in spite of advising them they shouldn't take anything! For anyone in your position now, I would say there's a very good treatment for morning sickness. Before rising nibble a plain savoury biscuit - yes, still lying down (crumbs in the bed are not as bad as morning sickness!). It's better than taking whatever they might prescribe for you, and I found it very effective.


My eldest daughter was born in May 1959. I had severe morning sickness, every day of my pregnancy. By the Grace of God some would say , I missed out on thalidomide by a few months. How many remember that word I wonder? Do we forgive our scientists? And our doctors? Do we say, ‘ah well they thought they were doing their best.’? ‘’Mistakes can happen’? ‘It is tragic but.....?’ Funny thing........we did say those things then. Are we still as a human race more accurately described as mere ‘lambs to the slaughter’?

david m burd

@ David Weiner, Your earlier comment I misread? Now, upon rereading I think you and I agree:

The polio hysteria 60 years ago was indeed falsely promoted as by a "virus", instead of the real culprit of hundreds of millions of pounds per year of neurotoxic agricultural chemicals sprayed everywhere, iucluding in neiborhoods of new surburban home complexes, literalliy adjacent to farm crops being sprayed. Cheers!

david m burd

@ David Weiner,

In reality, the "polio epidemic" in the early 1950s was NOT the enterovirus that has been with the human race forever, but the various degress of transient, and sometime permanent peralysis, was indeed CAUSED by the hundreds of millions of pounds of pesticides/herbicides sprayed EVERWHERE, each year into the early 1950s, after World War II, and massively increased in the early 1950s.

Check it out, if you will, Mr. Weiner -- and stop the fear-mongering about the "polio virus."

John Stone

The trolls were asking me a decade and a half ago what would change my mind, and it was always a stupid question. My biggest problem was that they were lying. They could not change my mind by telling even bigger lies and they would confirm what I knew by telling the truth.

Shelley Tzorfas

1 in 34 children now have Autism with 1 in 22 boys as reported in NJ. It might seem to be a high number but it is Only because NJ is Required to report it and Not because people with ASD kids are moving in for services, Not because of kids living near highways or intelligent people marrying each other as the pharmaceutical companies suggest to the media who then over-reports the Myths. Just listen to what the Associate Head of Pediatrics said about the True Numbers after he was the lead investigator on the Autism Study.


Think Out Loud’s question is disingenuous. Its structure presumes people’s reasons for vaccine refusal lack reliable evidence.

Schools are more conduits of repetitive convention rather than bastions of independent thinking— even at the university level, where pharma-funded research abounds and wealthy donors often hold sway.

Health officials, too, march unquestioningly in lockstep to their CDC orders — which is where the vaccine research fraud began, and continues unchecked by Congress or legislation.

It’s sadly counterintuitive to realize that these institutions cannot be relied upon to produce accurate, balanced information about vaccine safety concerns. At this period in history, their tangible disincentives are more powerful than intangibles such as the ethical treatment of taxpaying consumers.


What can school officials do to change my mind?
Enforce that pharma makes a safe product, and start developing a cure for the neurological diseases they cause. Until pharma can make a perfectly 100% safe product and safely reverse the damage they caused my son, I'll never change my mind.

David Weiner

Good responses.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the horror of polio, which older people supposedly remember, and which apparently justifies the use of any and all vaccines that the CDC sees fit to add to the schedule.

This is why we really need to destroy the polio myth, or really, set of myths.

Ironically, as a group, younger people today probably have a much better perspective on the whole topic of infections and vaccines, since they have more exposure to vaccine injury than older people.

Angus Files

The "herd" has had a thought vaccinate them..

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

"People don't have any memory of what the diseases do to children because it is no longer common. If parents understood impact of the diseases, maybe they could come to grips with the vaccinations. We can't assume any longer that people remember what the diseases did!"

Speaking as someone old enough to REMEMBER when diseases such as measles, mumps and chickenpox were "common" .. I remember them as being far more benign than the "life-threatening" diseases being described today. I also remember how "uncommon" were the chronic autoimmune diseases/disorders .. such as .. asthma, allergies (peanuts?), juvenile type 1 diabetes that are so "common" today. I also remember how "uncommon" were the neurological disorders .. such as .. ADD, ADHD, autism .. that have also become far more "common" today.

In any event .. if the question is what Oregon should do to stop parents from "opting out" of vaccinations for their children .. the answer is not what parents should do .. it is what schools and health officials should do regain the trust of those parents .. which would be to re-evaluate why today's generation of children .. the most heavily vaccinated generation in our country's history .. shows obvious signs of being far less "healthy" then all previous .. less vaccinated generations?

They can begin with re-evaluating the "one-size-fits all benefits of the HEP B vaccine" .. recommended and approved for newborn infants .. within the first hours of life .. absent any knowledge of that infant's individual immune system's development and tolerances .. ostensibly to protect that infant from a disease that is spread through bodily fluids .. most commonly through promiscuous unprotected sex and the sharing of contaminated drug paraphernalia such as needles .. hardly the type of exposures a newborn infant is likely to experience for at least a decade later.

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