Mark Blaxill on How Refusing to Face the Facts about our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families and our Future
A Victory For Intellectual Freedom And Truth: National Body Exonerates French Vaccine Critic Prof Henri Joyeux

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy to Retire

Kent legalJustice Anthony Kennedy, a longtime member of the Supreme Court and frequent swing vote, announced Wednesday that he will retire, giving President Donald Trump the chance to fill his seat.

The opportunity will allow Trump to make a major, lasting mark on the nation's highest court by putting in place a second justice, after his choice to elevate Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court last year following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016. Read more here.

From CBS NEws February 22, 2011. Justice Kennedy Ruled in favor of Pharmaceutical giant Wyeth and against the Bruesewitz family.

The Supreme Court today gave vaccine manufacturers greater protection from lawsuits by parents who say vaccinations harmed their children, ruling that Congress had blocked those types of claims against drug makers.

In a 6-2 decision, the justices said Congress had effectively shut the courthouse door to these lawsuits in 1986, when it created a special vaccine court designed to compensate victims of vaccine injuries.



Interesting that Kennedy sided with the conservative judges in Citizens United which allowed corporations to pour huge amounts of money into campaigns, in other words buy candidates. I would say that giving pharma a free hand in buying candidates is a big problem caused by the conservative supremes that can only get worse. They love the right of big corporations.
Kennedy, who I am no fan of, was liberal socially. He was a supporter of equal rights for gay Americans. A conservative appointee would probably not have that point of view. Dan Olmsted was supportive of kids with autism. I wonder if Trump's appointee will have any respect for what would have been his rights. Doubtful. What is left out is important too. Just the facts? That is the problem with bogus science reporting on autism. What is left out.

go Trump

As we all know, the 7th amendment to the US Constitution does not apply to American infants and toddlers....

It is removed at birth and replaced with the "Day one, heb b, prostitute, IV drug user vaccine."

If we could just get that one Amendment back.


Yes! I will second Gary's thoughts exactly!

I often recommend Dr David Lewis' book, Science For Sale:How the U.S. Government Uses Powerful Corporations & Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, & Protect Corporate Profits
......a terrific book!

Bruesewitz v. Wyeth

Angus Files

I`ll 2nd Garys posts, my pleasure thanks .Another site worth visiting for clarification of the guns for hire agencies EPA, CDC et-al is Junk

Mr Steve Miloy has exposed them all ,all very good reading.

Pharma For Prison



Science ceases to be when it can not satisfy the rule of law.


So are Senators' Harris and Warren and Sanders going to ask Trump's supreme court justice's pick where she/he comes down on Bruesewitz v Wyeth? I sure as heck hope so!


Gary Odgen--Very Well Said. Anybody want to second that?

Aimee Doyle

@Gary - I agree.

I think most government agencies (NIH, CDC, FDA, EPA, etc.) have been co-opted by industry. I do think there are differences in degree - there were environmental regulations under Obama that are being rolled back by Pruitt/Trump. But whether they were being enforced under Obama is questionable - the EPA always seems to be embroiled in litigation with environmentalists or corporations.

At the state level, both parties can be blamed for environmental pollution. For example, in Michigan the Flint water crisis happened under Republican governor Rick Snyder's watch. It took four years to fix the problem (some question whether it's really been fixed) and countless children were harmed, some irrevocably. In Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay deteriorated for years under a Democratic legislature and a Democratic governor.

Certainly with vaccines, our kids have been failed by both Democratic and Republican presidents. The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee (chaired by a Republican and majority Republican) which is responsible for improving government function has done nothing to address agency capture or environmental toxins (including EMF issues) and has done nothing on the vaccine issue. It has even ignored a comprehensive GAO report on the ineffectiveness of the IACC. At the state level, Democrats are eager for vaccine mandates, but in red states governors and legislatures don't seem to address the vaccine problem either. And services for vaccine injured children in red states are generally less available than in blue states.

The government doesn't seem to work for the people any level.

Gary Ogden

Someone: Read David L. Lewis, PhD's "Science for Sale." The EPA was thoroughly corrupted and dumping toxic chemicals by the shipload long before Scott Pruitt appeared on the scene. The media is attempting to divide us along partisan lines, when, in truth, it makes hardly any difference who occupies the White House. Obama (for whom I voted twice) did nothing to protect us from industrial poisons, nor did any of his predecessors. He, in fact, led the push in Europe for vaccine mandates, holding a meeting in the White House in 2014 shortly after Dr. William S. Thompson's revelation of scientific fraud at the CDC. We have almost no friends in D.C. Neither political party has any concern for their constituents. Blinded by greed, and utterly without moral compass they are.

Gary Ogden

michael: As I recall, Elena Kagan was Solicitor General (who argues the government case before the Court) before being appointed.

Gary Ogden

Someone: In truth, both parties are merely tools of the ruling elite. In state legislatures it is the Democrats who are most eager to poison all the children without exception; on the Supreme Court (and lower federal courts) it is the Republicans who are eager to shield pharma from liability for destroying the nation, one infant at a time. The business model of what is quaintly called "health care" calls for an entire nation of customers, starting in the womb. We cannot expect our criminal government to acknowledge what they have done, nor will they reverse course before it is too late. Bleak prospect, but I cannot imagine any other course of events. Kim is correct. There is no partisan bias here, except among commenters, and as far as I am concerned, they are welcome to speak their voice.

Angus Files

Judge Napolitano is meant to getting the job..old interview below

Pharma For Priosn


Angus Files

Anyone on here in for the job, by chance...trolls need not reply.

Pharma For Prison



We just posted fact. Zero commentary.


Oh and please don't bother reporting on all the toxic crap Scott Pruitt wants to dump into our food and water. That should have no effect on disabled kids because he is a Trump appointee!


Supposedly a non partisan website. What a joke! Gorsuch's seat was stolen. I suppose you support that too. The law is right when it supports your point of view but dispensable when it doesn't.


From the article, "Justice Elena Kagan did not participate in the case because she worked on it before she joined the Court." What was Kagan's role before she joined the court?

Hans Litten

bye bye Justice Anthony Kennedy (hope you don't have trouble sleeping at night).

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