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Summer Dreams

Summer dreamsNote: This story is beautiful. Our kids are smart and deserve the benefit of the doubt at all times. Enjoy!


The crowd was surprised when Sef Scott stepped up to the podium during his high school graduation ceremony last week. Because the teen has autism and social communication disorder, he rarely speaks. Congratulations to Sef Scott.

So when he then proceeded to give a powerful speech about “doing the unexpected,” the students and spectators were in awe.

Sef says that he was inspired to give the speech by his brother, who is a brain tumor survivor and public speaker for charities. For weeks, Sef worked with family members to perfect every sentence of the commencement address so he could surprise his peers. Read more at The Good News Network.



I saw some real self-confidence in Sef. Beautifully delivered and from the heart. Best graduation speech I've heard in a long time.

Jeanmarie Beno

My now 22 YO ASD son Joseph went to Plano Senior High School; he had a wonderful experience there!

Mrs. Jeanmarie Beno
Plano TX


That was a beautiful video to watch. Sef convincingly and inspirationally explained how doing the unexpected for the good of ourselves and for the good of others is the right thing to do. The world would be a much nicer place if we all did just that.


Fear of the future with a disabled child is pretty much what we do as parents.

Jenny Allan

Well done Sef. What a lovely story and a reminder to us all about never giving up on the potential of our autistic youngsters to shine. Sef's brother (quote), 'who is a brain tumor survivor and public speaker for charities' deserves congratulations too.

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