The Kids Are Not All Right
New Yorkers To Vote on Birth Certificate Gender Choice while Vaccination Choice Remains Elusive

Special Needs Children Restrained and Secluded with Little Outrage

RestraintAs the nation expresses outrage over the treatment of immigrant children who have been separated from their families, we have to ask, "What about disabled school kids every day?"  What about Rotenberg School in Massachusetts that electrocutes children with aversive behavior techniques?  It's interesting how the media picks up some stories and makes them headline news for outrage while others are orphaned.  Especially those that deal with children with special needs. Our children deserve better.

From SF Gate:  "It's a Cage"

In the photo, Gigi Daniel-Zagorites grips the edge of a small bookcase, her tilted head peering over. The bookcase and a cabinet barricade the 13-year-old in one corner of a classroom. Two women sit, backs turned.

Months have passed since the moment in September when a classmate at Belmont Ridge Middle School in Loudoun County captured that image on an iPad. But many questions have yet to be answered for Gigi's mother, Alexa Zagorites.

Why was her daughter, who has a disorder that hampers her ability to speak, confined? How long was she there? How often did this happen?

"I was embarrassed for Gigi. I was sad for Gigi. I was worried. I couldn't imagine what was going on in her mind because she can't tell me," Zagorites said. "It's a cage."


Gigi's experience isn't unique. Thousands of schoolchildren, most of whom have disabilities, are involuntarily confined in U.S. schools each year. In the 2015-2016 school year, more than 36,000 students throughout the country were subjected to seclusion, according to federal data released in April. Nearly 86,000 more were restricted from moving freely by a school worker holding the child or by being immobilized by other restraints, such as handcuffs.



To add:

When reports of refugee children being separated from their parents at the border hit the mainstream American media my "spidie senses" immediately went up. Attorney general Jeff Sessions is telling the public that HHS is processing (making sure they have health care) these children and eventually they will be returned to their parents. This reminds me of something RFK Jr often said about "now they want to take away the parents" concerning the rapacious pharmaceutical industry's ceaseless efforts to have free unfettered access to inject whatever it wants into vulnerable children. What child could be more vulnerable then a refugee child without her parent? Would the American media be as up in arms about this crisis if the Trump administration said it is necessary to separate children from their parents because these parents interfere with the vaccine program that we are instituting at the border? I'm pretty sure the silence would be deafening.


Restraining children is with disabilities is awful; so too is separating children from their parents at the border; so too is being the President's daughter and tweeting out a grossly insensitive picture of she and her beautiful son in the midst of so many children being separated from their parents. The worst thing of all, MAKING FUN OF parents of vaccine injured:

What a feckless c*@#! OK, yeah, yeah, I know Samantha Bee would simply say there is no such thing as vaccine injury, and the thousands of videos, and reports, and milliions of dollars paid out, and lawsuits settled (even back in 2014) were all simply fake internet news. At least Trump wasn't making fun of people who are suffering. "From one mother to another" Samantha Bee, before throwing around the c-word make sure you're not one yourself.


Media’s priorities are perverse.

Two dogs die on airplanes and the MSM and social media whip it into a frenzy, extracting promises from airline management to make sure such a tragedy never happens again. Meanwhile 670,000 dogs are euthanized annually in the U.S. and millions live in animal shelters instead of homes.

The common thread here is the callously improper containment of living beings. If we don’t have enough caring people in this world to handle all these dogs, what about high-needs children with disabilities?

Media is perverse because its consumers can be perverse, too. Puppy and kitty pics posted on Facebook get dozens or hundreds of likes, but posts on autism get only a few clicks… from other autism parents.

Advertising-addled Americans have been conditioned to seek and reward pretty images. Regarding autism, as a society we are ill-equipped to handle the gritty realities beyond prescribing a pill and tying a big blue bow on it.


Restraint and seclusion are cruel practices to use on children with disabilities and should never be allowed by any school. The practice of electric shock treatment at the "rotten" Rottenberg school should have motivated the authorities to shut it down a long time ago. This practice is cruel and unjust to use on anyone with a disability. Why it is allowed to continue is a tragedy.

Hans Litten

I don't normally bother to comment on these type or articles but couldn't resist :

Rottenberg School in Massachusetts ----
they might want to think about a change in school policies as well as a name change.

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