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The Kids Are Not All Right

Polish Citizens Protest Mandatory Vaccination

Polish protest iconNote: An observation: Both Italy and Poland have experienced being under the thumb of an oppressive government.  America has been "free" since 1776, and yet, we are far more complacent about the government telling us how to live our lives.  The Italians and Poles are raising holy heck over mandatory vaccines and draconian penalties. Maybe those who remember history are not willing to repeat it?

Mam taką nadzieję.


Thousands of people in Warsaw protest against compulsory vaccinations

Thousands of people in Warsaw took part in a protest against compulsory vaccination for children. The demonstration was organised within the framework of the International Day Against Vaccinations. In Poland, the anti-vaccine movement grows stronger and there are more and more supporters of non-vaccinations for youngsters. Health authorities are concerned that such campaigns are having a serious negative impact on public health. It comes as the number of measles cases quadrupled in Europe in 2017, with 35 fatalities, according to the World Health Organization.



Take This :) Peace ! :)

Grace Green

Angus, thanks. Just a tip on lettuces. With some varieties you can pick off a couple of leaves and leave the rest of the plant growing.

Linda, perhaps they fertilize the lettuces with the cow muck!

(Ed. Sorry, getting a bit off topic. I must say I think the Polish action is impressive. I hope we follow in their steps before long.)

Hans Litten

Runaway Train comes to mind :

Vaccine Design 2018 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to Lisbon, Portugal. We are delighted to invite you all to attend and register for the “24th International Conference on Vaccine Design, Production & Safety” which is going to be held during September 17-18, 2018 Lisbon, Portugal.


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Angus Files

Linda your right its the same Common Purpose world wide agenda. A short video here on Poland Independence Im no expert on history I just pick up small bits from here and there and look a bit harder sometimes, not as much as I should though.

I`m glad I stopped watching mainstream TV around 14 years ago mainly as a small persons direct small hit on the Murdochs and .Back then I never knew about the Kardishans/Jenner lineage to Fast Eddy Jenner.Hialrious when you click Karishan family tree it goes back about 2 generations -no skeletons in the cupboard? obviously not, just a couple of billion from vaccines..apart from that nothing to see folks move on.

I Hope you get better Grace.I was growing lettuce in the Poly tunnel(which i don`t have anymore due to the wind) but had to pick it and put it on the plate straight away because if it sat for literally 10 minutes the lettuce would go limp.So back to eating the shop stuff looks like food but has nothing to do with food and nutrition whatsoever .

Pharma For Prison



Re the deaths from lettuce, we do have a lot more people, so that could be part of it. Here stressed confined cows are fed grain instead of their natural diet of grass. That creates unnatural gut flora including the dangerous E. Coli strain that then contaminates nearby lettuce fields. You'd think that there would be at least regulations making sure that lettuce is not grown where this would be possible, but as far as I know, that is not the case.

Really interesting about the Poles. My own personal knowledge of these countries is embarrassingly limited. I wonder how much can be attributed to our media and government keeping us distracted with nonsense (Operation: Keeping up with the Kardasians?). Comparison of the Polish (and/or recently under communism) and American mentalities would make a great documentary.

Grace Green

Thanks, Linda. I was interested in your comment about differing levels of environmental contamination in the USA compared to Europe. I don't know much about the particular case but I heard that five people had died of e-coli after eating lettuce. I thought that was a very high death rate, and in the UK we would normally manage to keep it lower than that in any outbreak, and whether Americans' resistance might be lower. I'm certainly glad we don't have fluoride in our water.

Hans Litten

In 1975, Japan raised its minimum vax age to 2 years old, The country’s infant mortality subsequently plummeted to such low levels that Japan now enjoys one of the lowest level in the Western world (#3 at last look).

•In Feb 2002, GlaxoSmithKline removed the Lyme Disease vaccine from the market citing poor sales when in fact a number of people who received the vaccine reported symptoms worse than the disease itself such as incurable arthritis or neurological impairment.

Angus Files

Linda its only since 1989 that Poland was free from the Russians and 1993 since they removed the military and hardware .I am quite sure they know fascism when they see it,the thought Police trying to do a number on them along with vaccinations.They know what methods were used by the Rusiians to break the will of the people.The tradition and race was threatened under Soviet rule, and in living memory for most.
The Poles are patriotic and speak as one Polish country.

Pharma For Prison



So sorry for what you are going through! I hope you feel better soon!


I wasn't referring to the cause of autism. Trying to figure out why Americans are so severely apathetic and complacent.

Grace Green

David, I agree with your general point, but I'm not sure about the effect of inhaled mercury. I recently had two dental crowns fitted at an NHS dental hospital, and soon after experienced a return to the symptoms of mercury poisoning which had hugely improved after amalgam removal. The dentist insisted there was no mercury in the crowns, though they were lined with metal and she had had them made up specially for me (so no package insert). I managed to persuade her to remove them, which she did, but without using the safe removal protocol. I inhaled a lot of vapour and swallowed a lot of spray. Since then, my symptoms have been worse and I have symptoms of acute poisoning. That's six weeks ago and I'm returning to more long-term symptoms of brain fog and memory failures. So I think inhaling mercury is very serious, but I agree that vaccines are the primary cause of autism.

david m burd

Linda1, A singular example about possible toxic insults to our chidren (and adults) is the horrific coal-fired polution (with mercury fallout) in London/England for many decades to the early 1950s, yet NO autism spectrum was manifested - but with scores of thousands died from respiratory failure.

This was before the Vaccine Holocaust now taking place, with zero autism during this extremely-polluted coal fired (mercury-exposed to fallout/dust), incredibly polluted era, as well documented by Dan & Mark Book Age or Autism.' But inhaled mercury, as compared to injected mercury via flu vaccines, has scant effect (in my analysis).


Hi David,
I was trying to figure out why the Poles and Italians take to the streets and for the most part, we don't. First thing that came to mind was the difference in the water. No argument about the toxicity of vaccines. Our ingestion of 75% of the world's drugs with 5% of the world's population doesn't help either. And then there's the GM food and the list goes on...

I appreciate your comments too :).

Laura Hayes

Another video of the protestors in Poland:

We need to see A LOT more of this in the U.S., and everywhere! Lawmakers need to fear citizens when they strip their most basic fundamental human right. It should not be the other way around, as it is now. Time to regain medical choice freedom and parental rights!

Hans Litten

“International Day Against Vaccinations" - first I have heard of this !

David m burd

John Stone,

Hilary Butler for decades has published and been published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal Rapid Responses). She thoroughly documents the corruptness of our medical leaders; I love her style of "taking no prisoners".

Thank you for providing her 2008 response. I urge everyone to read her extensive and invaluable writings on the fraud of vaccines.

John Stone

Also, there was Hilary Butler's unforgettable letter in BMJ Rapid Responses of 28 November 2008:

In response to Peter Flegg's use of data.

Dear Sir,

Peter Flegg says that there would have to be an average of 750 MMR
deaths a year, to tip the balance in favour of not vaccinating with MMR.

During the rationing of the second world war, in 1943, measles death
rate in UK was 773 (1), and it never approached that rate again.

In the fifteen years before the measles vaccine was licensed in the
UK death rates never went above 200; in the ten years before the vaccine
was introduced, the death rate never went above 150. After 1953, deaths
rates were never of the order of 1 per 2,000.

The measles vaccine was licenced 24 years later in 1967, and did not
reach significant levels of uptake for quite some years after that. In
fact in 1980, there were 139,487 cases of measles with 26 deaths. Even
that isn't 1 per 2,000 cases. And presumably those deaths also included
late-onset deaths as well.

Therefore, Peter Flegg’s basis for 750 deaths per year would indicate
that this analysis came from Thomas Kuhn’s Sabre Toothed Tiger syllabus.

The reality of the years between 1952 to 1970, and afterwards, prove
that Dr Flegg’s mathematical equations are about as relevant as saying
that the measles death rate in Africa, is comparable to the Measles death
rate in UK.

In reply to Peter Flegg’s expansion of my question to him: no, it did
not occur to me that Peter Flegg would decide to include the third world
when the BMJ was discussing a topic based in UK.

But since Peter Flegg wishes to compare apples with army jeeps, let's
discuss his concept of that as well. Flegg states that, "in 1999 there
were estimated to be 873 thousand deaths from measles, reducing to 530
thousand in 2003."

Last year, WHO (2) stated that measles mortality in Africa had
slashed the death rate from measles by 91% since 2000. This 91% is an
artifact figure, because before 2000, measles in Africa was "estimated",
while after 2000, notifications were only accepted after being laboratory
proven. In 2000, WHO implemented a system of laboratories (3) specifically
to diagnose measles, and provide the laboratory confirmed cases which are
now the basis of WHO data.

Look at pages 2, and 14. On page 14, 14,185 cases were reported in
2006, but after blood testing, 9,764 were "discarded". That's an immediate
69% drop in cases, because they are no longer relying on doctor's eyes.

On page 2, of 14,185 cases, 3,257 were accepted, leaving a balance of
10,928 discarded measles cases which equals 77% which were NOT measles
after being blood tested, but which would have been accepted on the pre-
2000 measles notification system. Comparing data from laboratory-confirmed
blood tests after 2000, with pre-2000 guessing, and then claiming a 91%
decline, is not a valid scientific comparison.

Which raises an obvious issue. Peter Flegg says that clinicians
caring for measles cases " would have had no doubt. Acute measles is a
relatively easy clinical and laboratory diagnosis." Did (and can) UK
doctors do any better than those who guessed measles in Africa before
2000, or even New Zealand for that matter? That depends on who you listen

An old UK newspaper article, unfortunately undated, received on 17th
April 1997, reads: London (Europe Today). – "97.5% of the times that
British doctors diagnose measles they are wrong", says a publication of
the Public Health Laboratory service. The mistake being made by National
health GP's was found when the services tested the saliva of more than
12,000 children who had been diagnosed as having measles. Roger Buttery,
an adviser on transmissible diseases at the Cambridge and Huntingdon
Health Department, said that the majority of doctors "say they can
recognize measles a mile off, but we now know that this illness occurs
only in 2.5% of the cases." Buttery says that doctors classify as measles,
many other viruses that also cause spots. He found eight different viruses
during the survey in East Anglia. One of them, parvovirus, gives symptoms
similar to German measles. The reason for the high rate of error puzzled
Buttery. "Doctors are neither vague nor careless," he said. The solution
is to defer the diagnosis until more detailed information can be got.
There are 5,000 to 6,000 cases of measles registered each year in the
United Kingdom, but these findings now call most of them into doubt."

A later report by the same laboratory (4) showed that the most common
viruses causing "morbilliform rash" in the UK are "parvovirus B19; group A
streptococcus; human herpesvirus type 6; enterovirus; adenovirus, and
group C streptococcus."

An editorial in an Australian medical journal (5) pointed out that:

• In Sydney, in 1990-1995 only 49% of 58 notified cases were
serologically confirmed.

• In Victoria, in 1997-1998 only 8% of 248 notified cases were
serologically confirmed, and for the whole of Australia in 1997 – 1998,
only 45% were serologically confirmed.

• In 1994 in UK and Finland, only 1% of notified cases were
serologically confirmed.

So now, doctors check for BOTH IgM (immediate antibody) IgG (evidence
of past infection). If there is both IgM and IgG an enzyme immunoassay or
a reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction is required to type the
virus to figure out whether it's wild, vaccine, or whatever (6). In my
files is an MMR information sheet to parents which states that neither
rubella nor measles can be correctly diagnosed without a blood test. (In
UK they use a saliva test.)

Therefore, according to medical literature, and information provided
to parents, I would dispute Flegg’s assertion about the ability of all
doctors to easily or accurately diagnose measles or rubella, without the
assistance of technology. For the same reason, I also dispute the validity
of comparing any historical data from 1850 with any data after laboratory
data conformation was required.

However, since Flegg is presumably calculating his risk benefit
analysis on potentially invalid data, I have no choice but to do the same.
If the UK historical data for measles deaths is inaccurate because it too
contains more “viruses” than just measles, that makes Peter Flegg’s
calculations in the first paragraph, even more extravagant.

In countries like UK the decades of pre-vaccine death decline is
obviously due to factors unconnected with the use of any vaccine. For the
same reason, the WHO media release claiming that the measles vaccine has
reduced the measles death rates in Africa by 91% between 2000 – 2007,
defies logic, analysis and reason for anyone who knows the facts. I note
that Peter Flegg has stopped short of repeating that spectacular
assertion. Perhaps it's because even he can see the ludicrousness of such
a claim.

If that is the case, the Peter Flegg fails to mention that
comparative data in the UK, uses the same "mistake". Total numbers without
any laboratory confirmation before 1994, cannot be validly compared with
laboratory-confirmed cases only. To do so is not legitimate "science".

Peter Flegg states that, "during the last 10 years the case fatality
for acute measles in the UK has been in the order of 1 in 2000".

In UK, from 1998 to 2007 (as of 24th November), there were 28,364
cases of measles.

Out of the 12 deaths from 1998 - 2007, one is known not to be
measles, one is provisional, 2 were immunodeficient children within the
age where vaccines are administered, and the other 8 were older deaths
resulting from infections contracted prior to 1967. From the years of 1998
– 2007, the risk of any unimmunized child dying from ACUTE measles was as

immunodeficient children = one per 14,182 cases of measles; healthy
normal children = 0 out of 28,364.

Any suggestion that in 2008, the risk of any child dying of acute
measles is 1 in 2,000 is another fictional statistical manipulation, in
the same vein as: “in order for the risk/benefit equation to be tipped in
favour of leaving children unvaccinated against MMR, there would need to
have been more than 7500 deaths from MMR in the last 10 years.”

Peter Flegg says, "The only reason more children do not die of
measles in the UK is that herd immunity is still sufficiently high to
protect those who cannot or have not been fully immunised."

That is not entirely correct in my opinion.

A site called Measles Initiative says that(7), "Measles is a leading
killer of children in many developing countries for several reasons.
Children are already compromised with poor living conditions, they are
infected at very young ages when their immune systems are not strong,
malnutrition is rampant in many homes, and many families do not have
access to medical care to treat measles and its complications. Measles,
itself, does not kill children. Instead, complications from measles attack
the child's already weak immune system. Measles attacks the body, inside
and out. It is similar to HIV in the sense that when it knocks down the
immune system, the child becomes susceptible to the myriad of diseases
that fester in poor living conditions."

Do children in the United Kingdom have the same living conditions as
children in Africa?

Peter Flegg also says, "I have no doubt that another vulnerable group
(infants too young to be vaccinated) will see deaths within its ranks
before too long."

Before the measles vaccine was used, it was exceedingly rare for any
infant younger than 18 months to acquire measles because of the strong
maternally transferred immunity and, if a mother breastfed, through the
many immunological components within breast milk.

Those women in UK who now have naturally acquired measles in the last
decade, will transfer solid immunity to their babies, and their babies
will be unlikely to experience measles before 18 months. On the other
hand, those vaccinated mothers who have not had natural measles, will not
transfer that sort of immunity to their babies, and their babies might be
at risk. That being the case, to blame unvaccinated children for a
relatively new problem created by the use of a vaccine in the first place,
is more fact juggling.

A better initiative to reduce all risks to any child from any cause
whatsoever, would be to employ a certain young British chef to help start
nationwide "Vitamin D, Victory gardens, exercise and cooking course"
initiatives for parents and the unemployed, as well as someone else to
teach "breastfeeding, home nursing and nutrition during infection". More
than any vaccine, parents who provide their children with correct
nutrition, enough vitamin D, sleep, exercise, and decent home nursing, can
vastly decrease the annual expenditure of NHS with regard to a long list
of conditions, (including potential complications and deaths from any

These are conditions African parents would give their eye teeth for.
If they were able to achieve even half of what the UK achieved after World
War II, even without a measles vaccine, African children would have far
less to fear from measles infections.

Hilary Butler.

(2) Measles deaths in Africa plunge by 91%

(3) WHO, 2006 "Afro Measles Surveillance Feedback Bulletin" January

(4) Ramsay, M. et al. 2002. "Causes of morbilliform rash in a highly
immunised English population." Arch Dis Child. Sep;87(3):202-6. PMID

(5) McIntyre, P.B. et al. 2000. "Measles in an era of measles
control." Med J Aust. Feb 7;172(3):103-4. PMID: 10735018.

(6) Durrheim, D. M. et al. 2007. "Remaining measles challenges in
Australia." Med J Aust. Aug 6;187(3):181-4. Review. PMID: 17680748.

(7) Measles Initiative – The Problem

John Stone

I doubt whether there were ever actually no deaths from measles in Europe. Last year BMJ Rapid Responses published a letter from me (21 October):

Re: Compulsory vaccination and growing measles threat - Prof Melegaro's response
Prof Melegaro might like to consider that irrespective of vaccination status four deaths from measles in eight months is not necessarily a great success for the Italian medical system compared with the British (Andrew Wakefield and all). According to a British government website we have only four deaths in twenty-five years. I quote:

"Prior to 2006, the last death from acute measles was in 1992. In 2006, there was 1 measles death in a 13-year-old male who had an underlying lung condition and was taking immunosuppressive drugs. Another death in 2008 was also due to acute measles in an unvaccinated child with a congenital immunodeficiency, whose condition did not require treatment with immunoglobulin. In 2013, 1 death was reported in a 25-year-old man following acute pneumonia as a complication of measles. In 2016, one death was reported in a 10-month-old infant who suffered complications due to a secondary infection.

"All other measles deaths since 1992 shown above are in older individuals and were caused by the late effects of measles. These infections were acquired during the 1980s or earlier, when epidemics of measles occurred."

It is vastly troubling that the Italian Minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, is on record as stating that 270 children died in London of measles in a recent year, " ricordi di sono di morbillo che'n Londra all'Inghilterra la scorso anno morte due cento settanta bambini" (...reminds me regarding measles that two hundred and seventy children died last year in London in England..) [2]. She was complaining about people getting false information off the internet.

[1] Public Health England, 'Measles deaths by age group: 1980 to 2016 (ONS data)',

david m burd

Linda1, You make valid points about all the toxic contaminants in our water systems.

As toxic as such are, I posture that "injected" toxins in vaccines are much more injurious/deadly as they are injected into mothers-to-be and infants beginning at birth.

I've always appreciated your comments, cheers!


novac you are absolutely right. is a brilliant article to explain what went on.

Contained therein is the following quote from the surprisingly honest Kenji Shibuya (chief of stats at the WHO – he must have felt pretty lonely there being the only one with a conscience) about what his colleagues did.

“The same applies to monitoring progress in major disease interventions. For example, the assessment of a recent change in measles mortality from vaccination is mostly based on statistics predicted from a set of covariates such as the number of live births, vaccine coverage, vaccine effectiveness and case¬fatality ratios. It is understandable that estimating causes of death over time is a difficult task. However, that is no reason for us to avoid measuring it when we can also measure the quantity of interest directly; otherwise the global health community would continue to monitor progress on a spreadsheet with limited empirical basis. This is simply not acceptable.”

In case you missed it, Shibuya is calling his colleagues disgraceful liars (in bureaucrat speak). They had no idea how many measles deaths there were either before the measles vaccine program or after the measles vaccine program. They literally made both numbers up. The figures relate to countries with no useful cause of death data (there are infant and child mortality figures but not cause of death) so the WHO simply couldn’t possibly have known how many lives were saved from the vaccine program. But it assisted their cause to say they saved millions of lives (and gave them all a massive ego boost).

^ That was for developing countries but it is fair to conclude that they are doing the exact same thing for Europe.

At some point though, the people will just stop believing them and their ability to scare people into getting vaccinated will have gone forever.

Angus Files

The Truth Engine, score that out, just had my son looking over my shoulder at my screen dictating to me what to write as i typed and before you know it you`ve typed it.. Could be a new episode for Thomas the tank engine the truth engine ....Try again..

The Truth About Italy Paul Joseph Watson (PJW)

Pharma For Prison



A few years ago there were zero measles related deaths in Europe, like in the US. I don't believe that suddenly there were 35 fatalities. This is all lie and propaganda. WHO specializes in creating false info , false epidemics , pandemics, mortalities etc. It is just a propaganda arm of big pharma.

Jeannette Bishop

Re measles:

It occurs to me that the first measles vaccine, if I understand correctly an unattenuated live viral vaccine, is evidence of how little the disease "prevention" industry feared measles. Though that vaccine turned out to not be a very good idea, they were willing to inject live measles directly into the arms (or wherever) of children to see what would come of it...

Gary Ogden

David: Thanks for the link. I only vaguely remember my bout with measles. Couldn't have been anything more than an ordinary rite of passage, possibly because we ate liver and onions from time to time, and thus had good vitamin A status. Today, try to find any organ meat in a grocery store other than Asian or Latino markets! During WWII the government urged the public to eat organ meat, to save the muscle meat for the troops. Most certainly this improved public health.

bob moffit

@ David … thanks for link on measles and vitamin A .. from the article .. highlighted for emphasis:

"To get people to take the vaccine, you have to make them scared that they or their children will die, and that there is no other way to prevent that."

In my original comment asking if measles has become more "deadly" since I was a child so many decade ago .. I was going to use the word "scaremongering" to describe the WHO's report of 35 who died as a result of measles .. thought it was too harsh a judgment .. and .. lo and behold .. that single highlighted sentence in your article said more-or-less the very same thing .. "scaremongering".

Hans Litten

Questioning vaccines ought to be a ‘crime,’ according to a new bill by California Senator Richard Pan
Posted by Aimee Proulx | Jun 4, 2018

The basic gist of the bill, titled “SB1424 Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan,” is this, anyone who owns or operates a website in the state of California “would be obligated to develop a strategic plan to verify any news stories shared on the site. The plan must also have measures to mitigate the spread of false information by using fact-checkers to verify the stories and provide outreach to social media users. A ‘fake news’ warning must be placed on any news story that contains false information.”1

david m burd

Bob Moffitt, All --

Peter and his wife Hilary (in New Zealand) wrote the book Just A Little Prick about the dangers of all vaccines, and addressed measles with additional writings. In the following writing of Hilary Butler on her blogsite Beyond Conformity she writes how providing sufficient levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin C brought even (rare) serious measles illness to a healthy outcome. She also makes the point that many other diseases can mimic the symptoms of measles, which raises the logical question "How many of the alleged measles deaths in Europe were actually measles?". One last interesting point is that WHO has not recorded a single measles death in the Scandanavia Countries in 10 or so years, and child vaccinations are NOT compulsory - and Sweden (for example) recommends the measles vaccine at 18 months instead of the U.S. at 12 months with babies far less mature and muc;h more susceptible to the god-awful toxic vaccine excipients (and contaminants).

Enjoy this read:


A major difference between the US and most of Europe is that our government adds a drug (fluoride) to our water that lowers IQ and creates complacency. Then there are all the other drugs that are over prescribed that folks pee into the water supply that are not processed out. Valium, Prozac, Paxil, you know, the anti- anxiety chemicals that make life bearable. Europe doesn't take nearly as many of those drugs so there can't be as much in their water to drug the entire population.


pathetic that the only "evidence" of the horrors of infectious disease coming back because of the unvaxxed, are the measles.

what they do not tell you that even when the measles vaccine was available some countries had a low uptake and neither doctors nor parents bothered to have children vaccinated for many years.

Why would they if measles was such a horror illness?

when the vaccine was introduced the experts predicted that 70% vaccination uptake would have been enough to eliminate measles. Now it is over 90% and they are still screaming because it is not high enough.

now the sky is falling because a few parents do not want to vaccinate.

health authorities are concerned that some children could get the measles? Really? meanwhile they ignore air pollution killing millions.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the leading causes of death. They kill hundreds of thousands each year. Are the health authorities concerned about that? No? Autism? No?

bob moffit

It will be difficult raising legitimate concerns regarding "mandated" vaccines for children in any country when the powerful vested interests of public health officials have a firm grip on information disclosed … such as … "measles has quadrupled in Europe in 2017, with 35 fatalities, according to the World Heath Organization".

Has measles become more "deadly" in 2017 Europe than it was decades ago .. or .. am I wrong to remember measles in my own childhood being more-or-less benign .. requiring nothing more than a few days off from school?

Hans Litten

The damn criminal scoundrels , see how they work :

EPA Draft Finds Formaldehyde Poses Leukemia Risks But Stalls Study
May 17, 2018
Update Appended After years of additional study and scientific review, EPA has again preliminarily found that formaldehyde poses leukemia and other cancer risks, according to Democratic senators, who say the draft finding has prompted Trump EPA appointees to block release of the assessment and they are urging Administrator Scott Pruitt to quickly release it. Pointing to Pruitt's “back to basics” agenda for EPA, Sens. Tom Carper (DE), Ed Markey (MA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) say in a...
So the lamestream widely circulates this story on may22nd:
Germ-free childhoods followed by infections later in life can trigger the onset of childhood leukemia, a new study suggests.

The paper, published Monday in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer, finds that acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common type of childhood cancer, is caused by a two-step process.

The first step is a genetic mutation before birth that predisposes a child to the risk of developing this form of leukemia. The second step is exposure to certain infections later in childhood, after clean early childhoods that limited exposure to infections.

More specifically, children who grew up in cleaner households during their first year and interacted less with other children are more likely to develop acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the paper says.
The author, Institute of Cancer Research Professor Mel Greaves, suggests the cancer could be preventable.

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