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New Yorkers To Vote on Birth Certificate Gender Choice while Vaccination Choice Remains Elusive

Rainbow vaccineBy Kim Rossi

Let me say here and now, this post is a comparison of two New York situations that I have drawn myself. I am not making a judgement about choosing one's identity as "X" on a birth certificate as an adult. I am pro-choice. Everywhere. Including vaccination choice.  And I am certainly in favor of PRIDE and gay equality. My brother is a married, gay man. Our Dan Olmsted was a married, gay man.  This post is not to open a dialog about sexual orientation. We'll monitor comments closely. I hope you understand.  So...

Yesterday I was listening to the news with Robin Quivers on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite radio. If you know me, you know I've been a fan for 25 years. However, on the news, Robin alerted me to a vote coming up in New York state that will allow adults to revise their birth certificate from a male or female gender to "X." OK. Adults will be able to change and choose their gender, including "X". Which is neither male nor female. I think XXXY would have been a better choice, but perhaps perceived as naughty. (This is Kim writing,  if I can't make you laugh, I'm past my prime.)

I got to thinking: How is it that the state of New York can consider allowing choice right down to gender, but have draconian processes to get a choice in how a child is vaccinated? Why is some choice more acceptable than others?  Who is to say that health comes from full vaccination and only from full vaccination? We know this is not true. Vaccines fail. Immunity wanes. Recipients suffer injury. Vaccination is not a perfect medical procedure.

In 2009, attorney Rita Palma wrote a post for us about the rigorous "sincerity test" required in New York for a religious exemption to vaccination Take a look at the videos.  AofA New York readers will attest to the hoops - on fire - that they have had to jump to get "choice" for their children.

From Time Magazine on the "X" designation:

By Deepti Hajela / AP

June 4, 2018

(NEW YORK) — People born in New York City who do not identify their gender as either male or female would have the option of choosing a third category for their birth certificates under a new proposal.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said the new category of “X” would be available through the proposal, which is expected to be introduced by Johnson on Thursday with public hearings to be held later this month.

Currently, if parents of a newborn do not want to identify a sex, they can say the sex of the child is undetermined or unknown. The “X” category would be something adults could choose for their own birth certificate.

If it passes, New York City would join California, Oregon and Washington in having the third category on birth certificates, while Washington, D.C. allows it on driver’s licenses.

“Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come in the fight for equality, and re-affirm our commitment to protecting all New Yorkers from discrimination,” de Blasio, a Democrat said. “This proposal will allow transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers to live with the dignity and respect they deserve, and make our City fairer.”

Johnson said, “This is about making it easier for people to be who they truly are and letting them know that New York City understands them and has their backs.”

The change also is expected to be considered on June 5 at a meeting of the Board of Health, with a hearing in July and a vote in September if the board agrees. The legislation in the City Council will match the language of the proposal that the Board of Health is considering.

“Transgender New Yorkers, like everyone else, should have birth certificates that reflect their true gender identity,” said Dr. Mary Bassett, the city’s health commissioner. “We know that being able to live your authentic gender and gender expression is critical to physical and mental health. Now more than ever, we must ensure that all people can live their best and healthiest lives.”

I don't know what are the ramifications or benefits of choosing "X" as a gender on a birth certificate beyond the peace that might come from formally removing oneself from the gender on the original certificate.  There's value to that, of course.  I do know that the ramifications of vaccination choices are as deeply personal and often painful. None of us chose to change vaccination for our children out of the blue, or as a lark.   We want our kids to live their best and healthiest lives.

Why doesn't OUR choice matter in New York, or anywhere for that matter? And before you comment, "because you're putting herd at risk," I don't buy that argument. Disease is here to stay. And Mother Nature finds a way to fight back.  No one with measles or chicken pox should parade around school infecting other. But a healthy child without an MMR or chicken pox vaccine should be able to attend school as a matter of course without a "sincerity test."



Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.




Communism vs unalienable individual rights.

They force vaccines for the good of the common, although we know that is based on false premises. Individual rights be damned.

They destroy standards (biological gender) and social norms (male/female roles) in the name of equality, but it's really designed to limit freedom of speech. ie everyone must accept everything, it is no longer acceptable to stand up for your values. To be clear I am not talking supporting bigotry, and am not coming from any conservative religious perspective. Rather I have been paying attention to how freedom of speech is dwindling, being replaced by a strange kind of social fascism. Vaccine "opposition", binary gender, conspiracy theories, etc. It's a gradual push to limit what ideas are acceptable to profess. In Canada a professor was punished for referring to a student by their name instead of newly created pronouns. A Canadian student was reprimanded for simply showing a video clip of Jordan Peterson and letting the students discuss the issue.

I am a compassionate person and fully understand there are people born with abnormal genitalia, and people who choose to identify as the other gender. They should have the same rights as everyone else, including the ability to dress and act as they choose so long as they aren't impeding the rights of others.

It is not okay for a male who identifies as a female to compete as a female and win the state track championship, because that is not equality but an unfair advantage as the standard is not about whether you choose to dress, talk or act like a girl, but whether your biological gender is female. On the same token it is not okay for a female wrestler taking hormone therapy drugs for the sake of their gender transition to compete against girls who are not eligible to compete while taking performance enhancing drugs. Both of these are real examples and only happen because it is no longer considered acceptable to speak out against such blatant violations of our normal standards.

And the most important point of all... this is a medical situation caused by the ever increasing environmental toxins (including food, drugs, and vaccines). I don't care to look up the statistics but the testosterone level of boys has been declining for decades at a steady rate.

Jeannette Bishop

Also, specific to Californians, the changes to this bill just passed the Assembly (and it appears Travis Allen voted against these):


I only perused portions, but it looks to me like the bill removes a personal belief opt-out of "age appropriate" vaccines, if one wants funding from the CalWORKs program.


May Age of Autism always be the voice of reason and common sense, willing to ask the questions that other media sites tap dance around.

Angus Files

Its hard for the normal kids as well ,i know of 2-3 kids at my sons school who look like x but wish to be known as the opposite sex.Fair enough with vaccines,genetic crops ,and all the rest offit no surprise here.Genders are getting mixed up more and more complicated.Its not only the genders you are having 3rd generation sheep fed solely on GM with sex organs on their foreheads - pictures all over the internet. But what I do have a problem with is the Drs giving the kids hormones to enhance the gender they are trying to become aged 8 years old...rather than just letting things happen if they ever happen as they get older. That`s wrong totally in my opinion there should be a very obvious reason why they are given hormones mostly there isn`t.

The objective gay V`s the subjective gay ..in essence I can subjectively call myself Agnes get my Dr to write a note saying Angus now wishes to be known as Agnes .Take the Drs note to the passport office get my passport changed from Male to Female and thats it,job done no operations nothing.The law has to recognise me as Female.Walk into the female dressing rooms scare the shit out of everyone with meeee purple hair wash, skirt on,and goodness knows what else... but cant be chucked out legally-this is where we are at.A lot of women I know come straight out and say I am NOT a feminist, or fema-nazies as one put it.They say they are women real women and chivalry is welcome(good as I can still open door for women ) ingrained doesnt come close..

There`s a lot of messing going on its social destruction the elites destroying family life, law and order for their own agenda. Gates stopping women having babies ,why don`t they all just sod off and be happy with all the money they have robbed -because they cant hahahahaha!!.

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

Ironically maybe, I personally wouldn't want to document my "gender" nor my vaccination status for the elites that set up the controlling "birth certification" system.


Just piggy-baking off of Mrs. Hayes, if any Californians don't know, Gavin Newsome is extremely vaccine-religious. With Trump endorsing Cox, and enough vaccine-aware voters voting for Allen, this issue may be a way of shutting Newsome out. I know it's another bitter pill for my fellow lefties to swallow but it may be a way of showing the rest of the country the significance of this issue, and that science and social justice really are on the side of the injured.


Ambiguous genitalia at birth is a real phenomenon and it is good that parents and physicians are not being pushed into having to choose a sex when they don't know what the sex is.

Authorities won't get the analogy to vaccination, because they religiously believe that vaccination is the road to good health. Period.

But if they were genuinely concerned about ambiguous genitalia, gender dysphoria and good health, they would look deeper than the need to find proper labels and find ways to decrease population exposure to a long list of toxins, including endocrine disruptors (including in vaccines) and foreign opposite sex human DNA in vaccines.

Laura Hayes

Specific to Californians:

As you vote today, please know that the following 2 candidates are OPPOSED to vaccine mandates:

Kevin Mottus for US Senator (he wrote to me this morning to confirm that we could not have a stronger advocate than he in this regard should he be elected); he is also working to stop the rollout of 5G, which is also excellent!

Tim Ferreira for Lt Governor (he also personally assured me that he opposes vaccine mandates, in addition to other forms of government overreach)

Additionally, Travis Allen voted against SB277. He is now running for Governor. Although recent statements by him show he does not fully understand why vaccine mandates are wrong in a free society, he might be our best bet with regard to regaining medical choice freedom and parental rights as compared to the other candidates.

Gary Ogden

Kim: Not only that, but it has become clear that having childhood infectious diseases is essential in the development of a strong immune system. Also, a very large Japanese study showed a lower rate of cardiovascular disease among those who had had measles and/or mumps, especially in those who had had both. This was true for both men and women. Vaccination is quackery, very lucrative quackery.

susan welch

Well said, Kim!

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