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New Italian Government Set To Repeal Vaccine Mandates

image from www.rescuepost.comby John Stone

After months of negotiations Italian have finally managed to form a government based on the Five Star Movement and the Northern League both of whom were opposed to vaccine mandates piloted by Beatrice Lorenzin and the previous center left government -  the new Health Minister, Giulia Grillo, is "In favor of vaccines, but against Lorenzin's law". Protests in Italy against mandatory vaccination are set to take place in Italy in two days time (June 3) at at least five venues as part of the International Protest Against Mandatory Vaccination.

As we have seen in recent months elements within the vaccine lobby have indicated a willingness to back off pushing for  mandates and compulsion, trying to trade this in against allowing a serious public discussion about the safety of its products: that of course is the last thing they want. We rather imagine, though, at Age of Autism that the Italian public will have learned rather a lot about the lobby after five years of Lorenzin's machinations. It will also be interesting to see how Grillo, who has a medical degree, deals with the parliamentary commission report on the deaths and illnesses of Italian military personnel. Will this continue to be swept under the rug?

John Stone is British and European editor of Age of Autism.


Gary Ogden

By the way, interesting article today on GreenMedInfo about the origin of the terms "snake oil" and "quack." Turns out actual sea snake oil is an effective remedy, brought to us by the Chinese workers who built the trans-continental railroad. "Quack" comes from the German word for mercury (quicksilver) "quecksilber." The term was hurled at dentists who promoted amalgam fillings! So we are perfectly correct in calling the child and adult poisoners "quacks," with their mercury-laden flu vaccines, and in poor countries all the killed-cell vaccines thanks to the world's most evil man, Bill Gates and his WHO cronies. Conventional medicine and dentistry, quackery, no other word for it.

Grace Green

Elizabeth is right, and I agree with Gary also. My real concern is that nowhere in the world are we hearing the truth. Indeed, it would be really great to hear all sides of an issue, and be able to make up our own minds. Doesn't the recent "murder" of the journalist Babchenko show everyone that we can no longer believe anything that's reported in the news.

John Stone


I don’t suppose it is being reported anywhere, because of the crooked media - but, of course, it remains to be seen whether the new Italian government holds to its words.

Elizabeth Gillespie

We are not getting this news in Australia.

Angus Files

Second that Gary Ill vote for whoever looks like stopping the vaccine carnage.

Pharma For Prison


Cherry Misra

@Gary Ogden- thanks for the very good overview. And friends, may I suggest that we now and then refer to vaccines as "an invasive procedure" . I know that many years ago when I first became suspicious of vaccines, this term gave me pause to think. How can any doubt exist that our bodies should never be invaded by any other human being ?

Gary Ogden

Grace and Kay: I think it is a mistake to relate the battle we are in to political partisanship. We all have biases; this is normal. Without question all media companies have political biases; in the U.S. most are aligned with the political Left, with Fox the only major one aligned with the Right. I think it is a mistake to trust any of them with Truth, or either political party to actually care about our children. One example should suffice: In California it was the Democrats (the Left) who took away informed consent in order to poison all the children. Yet it was Justice Antonin Scalia (from the Right) who denied justice to Hannah Breusewitz (Breusewitz v. Wyeth), with the two Left justices, Ginsburg and Sotomayor, on our side. It is a stirring dissent, worth a read. As for Age of Autism, I detect no political bias at all, and not very often from commenters. What I hear is anguish. And anger. As for Trump, the elites hate him because he’s not a member of their club. I’m not aligned with the Left or Right, but see reality and make my way in this world based upon a clear sense of right and wrong. I voted for Trump as the lesser of two evils, but I am wary of every president, at least every one since JFK. Sometimes he makes me cringe and roll my eyes, but every time the media attacks him, I figure he must be doing something right. Yet, what vaccine safety commission?

Angus Files

Great name interesting times wish them all the luck in the world.May should take heed from the Italians and the Spanish and to hell with the EU rules and leave as the people intended and voted.

Pharma For Prison


Gary Ogden

Angus: Great name, too-"We Can." They've ended the occupation of Catalonia, and seemed to be disposed to making nice with those pissed-off folks.

Angus Files

Podemos a political party in Spain are now in power via a coalition and mainly is an anti Euro/Globalist party.

Pedro Sanchez Spains new prime minister

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

Kay Thomas, thank you for your comment. I have become aware that on the BBC we only hear the negative news about Trump and never anything positive. I get a more realistic picture from various sources on the internet. There is never a supportive comment from anyone on the BBC, but it has to be said the same was true of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Bush Sr. and Jr. Perhaps that could explain why there's an attempt to redress the political balance on AoA!

Jeannette Bishop

There are updates here with some events starting in about 12 hours:

Meryl Dorey

What wonderful news and proof that if the people take the time and make the effort to let their feelings be known on topics, they can certainly change what governments are doing! We are powerful!

This morning, as I prepare to speak at the International Revolution for Choice Rally at 2 PM AEST in Brisbane, I want to urge, beg and implore everyone who is within driving distance - regardless of your views on the benefits or risks of this particular medical procedure - to come out and support the inalienable right for people to decide what does and does not go into their own bodies and the bodies of their minor children. Without this freedom, we have nothing!

Australians, we have the most restrictive vaccination laws of any developed country in the world so let's unite to oppose these illegal and undemocratic actions - I hope to see you all in Brisbane and on Facebook Live (australian vaccination-skeptics network inc. - avn) on Facebook) if you're too far away.


What could be rocking the boat of political equiblribium?
Ordinary folk have an indestructable abundance of resilience in song ,music, and dance..
A 10 yr old blind autistic boy singing youtube just heartwarming learning from children themselves!
online septic skeptics ,curtain twitchers ,may say. ah! just parroting ! singers without genuine soul would not have music to sell ?
Einstein bird Ted talk . african grey parrot 's will not perform as lab rats . they will happily remove a handlers fingers right down to the bare bone itself if badly treated . they have the average intelligence of a 4 yr old child .energetic,affectionate ,frequently mischievious and just fabulous !
Good Future Italy with singing and dancing poiitical position ! xxx
David Bowie and Mick Jagger Dancing in the streets youtube

Kay Thomas

I am afraid you are not receiving the real News from the U.S. and all the great things Trump is accomplishing. And might I add against Great opposition from the democrats and some elitist republicans. If you only get CNN News you are not getting the truth. We, as you, fought hard to get an outsider into office.

Glad that the Italian people are making changes and we all need to fight mandatory vaccinations. The movement is growing.

Hans Litten

This is marvellous news (yes it it isnt over until its over) but Global Slow Kill know they have a fight on their hands and there is the real risk of contagion from state to EU state (France next ? )

John Stone


It as well to say it is never over till it is over but the coalition perhaps should remember that they were not elected because they were supported by the mainstream - at least I don’t think so - and good reason to demonstrate again on Sunday.

But I hope it is still positive news.



The making of the new government has been very complicated.
Especially the fact that the President rejected the first proposed list of ministers
(the minister of economy he did not like..) has been very divisive,
an absolute first time, possibly way out of his constitutional powers.
An episode that will cause discussions for a long time ahead.
In any case after so many "technical" governments we now have one that,
against all odds, respects the people's vote.
Mainstream media are of course on a highly aggressive mode
and the new government is under heavy crossfire.
Any hostile stance against the new vaccination law
would clearly trigger a very hard campaign against them.
So perhaps they will have to make choices and establish priorities.
It is very possible they will avoid messing up with the mandatory vax bill right now,
also considering that there are actions already ongoing against it.
The discourse is all about the EU, public dept and €-related issues.


let's hope this is better than trump.

bob moffit

It is somewhat encouraging to see a people-led "populist" movement spreading through Europe .. it is our only hope to begin a true "counter-culture' movement against the globalist elites that have had their way for at least two decades. Admittedly mandatory vaccines are just one example of those determined to exercise their WILL over the people that have been IGNORED for too long.

Viva the revolution.

Shawn Siegel

Excellent news - hope it comes to fruition.

Angus Files

Fingers crossed, no doubt the money men will still be trying to do a Greece, on the Italian economy for daring to not give the totalitarians what they all want in their over privileged life styles, more of the same , hardship and vaccines for us all.At what point are the revolutions starting.

Pharma For Prison



Thank you for the update. It is encouraging that more "populist" politicians would roll back the mandate policy and also insightful commentary from John as usual.

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