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Money Makes the World Go Around: Merck HPV Vaccine Creates Chinese Billionaire

Fortune cookie avalanche
Congratulations girls! You were actually BORN in China, not aborted because you weren't a boy. And now? You get to be vaccinated with Merck's Gardasil!  Boy, that Merck is a friendly company. First, RotaTeq made Paul Offit Rich, then Dr. Julie Gerberding, former CDC head slid over to Merck to become Executive President of the Vaccine Division, you can be certain there's a fat salary and bonuses and now Communist Chinese citizen-businessmen are billionaires. As for the girls' fate with this vaccine? Tough fortune, Cookie.


From Bloomberg business: HPV Vaccine Seller in China Propels Owners Up Billionaires List

China’s approval for a vaccine used to prevent cervical cancer has propelled two shareholders of the pharmaceutical company marketing the Merck & Co. product up the billionaires’ rankings.

Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co.’s more than 60 percent rally this year, spurred by the permission to sell Gardasil 9 in partnership with Merck, has pushed Chairman Jiang Rensheng, 64, up the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His net worth is estimated at $4.6 billion as of Wednesday and is based on his family’s 60 percent stake, which includes that of Vice General Manager Jiang Lingfeng, his son.

Apart from vaulting the senior Jiang to become the 41st richest in China, and 415 in the world, the jump in the shares has also helped another shareholder: former Vice Chairman Wu Guanjiang. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 billion and is based on the 13.4 percent stake held by him and his wife as of Wednesday, according to regulatory filings. Zhifei didn’t respond to calls and an email seeking comment on Jiang’s and Wu’s wealth and holdings in the company.  Read more here.



Hans Litten

Proof in their own words in my opinion , Gardasil is a complete fraud (6 years for a 12 year old):

Merck's Gardasil 9 offers at least 6 years of cancer protection, data show
Merck’s Gardasil 9 has come to dominate the HPV vaccine market, and a new, large-scale, phase 3 study that shows its protection against certain cancers lasts six years will only serve to strengthen its case.

The study enrolled 14,215 girls and women 16 to 26 years of age. At six years after the first dose, Gardasil 9's efficacy against cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancers related to HPV 31, 33, 45, 52, 58—five additional HPV types above the four covered in the original Gardasil vaccine—ranged from 90% to 98%.

Protection against types 6, 11, 16 and 18 is similar between Gardasil and Gardasil 9, as inferred from noninferiority comparisons.

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Antibody responses to all nine HPV types targeted by Gardasil 9 persisted through five years, the study found. Researchers are following up with the patients for an additional 10 years to evaluate the vaccine’s efficacy over a longer period.

RELATED: Merck's Gardasil preps for head-to-head with GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix in China, with big sales targets ahead

Gardasil 9 protects against HPV types that cause about 90% of cervical cancer cases, 90% of genital warts cases and about 80% of high-grade cervical lesions worldwide. The shot can also protect against around 90% of HPV-related vulvar cancers, vaginal cancers and anal cancers, research shows.

Despite the benefits, health officials are still working to improve vaccination rates. A recent CDC tally found that the HPV vaccination rate is growing slowly in the U.S., but given that only 43% of teens had completed the schedule, the agency says there’s still work to be done.

Since Gardasil won its first regulatory approvals in 2006, the Merck franchise has almost monopolized the HPV vaccine market, reeling in $2.17 billion in 2016 sales compared with £81 million (about $107 million) for GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix. The two companies are set for a competition in China, a lucrative market, after GSK left the U.S. with its shot.

A recent study found that HPV vaccination could also be used to fight head and neck cancers, though that's not an official indication. (This is just lies - head & neck c's my big left foot)

Hans Litten

& I have read on more than one occasion , that Asian people are the hardest hit by this abomination so perhaps this will be the straw that breaks Mercks back.

You have to feel great sympathy for the masses who have no idea of the carnage about to be brought down on them.

Ian Frazer , your mother must be so proud of you !


I don't think these men give a good gal darned about depopulating the earth. Their goal is monetary. It really doesn't matter to these oligarchs that thousands of young girls the world over have been harmed by these products.

Long live the king.


See; The Chinese really does have a lot to learn from the Western world.
How to reduce your population with out them even knowing it.
Much better.

Angus Files

According to Soros I mean Wiki.. its the norm all Murdoch/Gates have done is spun the pharma modus on it.Why do they never vaccinate their own kids that`s the bit thats vacant.

Female infanticide in China
The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of female infanticide spanning 2000 years.[1] Worldwide, the practice of infanticide has been practiced since antiquity for the purpose of population control.[1] It is an unsanctioned method of family planning that has been condoned for centuries in the area until recent times. The phenomenon is also referred to as female gendercide; however, the word gendercide can be used for both sexes.

Pharma for Prison



If 80Million, - or over 1 out 5, - Americans are "infected with the HPV virus, and most never experience any symptoms, - as it claims in the Bloomberg article, then *WHY* do we need a vaccine at all....????....
If only a tiny percentage of persons will ever develop cervical cancer from the HPV virus, then why does Merck want to VAX EVERYBODY? Oh, yeah, money. The Billionaires don't have enough of it. Silly me. I forgot about the rich and greedy money pigs who love money more than people.... Is China a communistic Capitalist country, or a Communistic capitalist country? So many questions! If questions were dollars, we could ALL be Billionaires! Happy June, friends!


Hear the dog whistle.

Gary Ogden

The Chinese Horatio Alger story. Warms the heart to know these two gentlemen will never again face the prospect of an empty rice bowl.

go Trump

Let's see, THREE doses at age NINE will PREVENT cervical cancer at age 50.

Another Dream and another medical billionaire to save the world.

bob moffit

China is well-known for installing "drastic" measures to control their ever-expanding population birth rate .. most notably … restricting the number of children families can have .. so … approving a vaccine that has the possibility of reducing the birth rate in a more "humanly" way .. makes perfect sense to me.

Added to the potential "population control" benefits … the financial rewards are icing on the cake.

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