The Scores are Falling! The IQ Scores are Falling!
Record Cases Of Scarlet Fever In The UK -- Is the Nasal Flu Vaccine Responsible Part III

Mommy and Daddy Are to Blame For Today's Pediatric Developmental Problems!

Your fault

By Anne Dachel

The phony science never ends.  

I just finished a piece about a new study blaming social media for kids with falling IQ scores all over the world. CNN covered it.

It seems that when anyone in the scientific/medical community uses the term environmental cause today, it really something social, not some toxic exposure like cigarettes causing lung cancer.

The IQ findings go hand-in-hand with another official explanation for all the kids with chronic illnesses, behavioral/mental health problems, learning problems. There the blame is place on adverse childhood experiences, otherwise known as toxic stress/childhood trauma. It’s all the bad stuff happening to kids at home.

In case anyone is still looking for answers, here’s the newest “environmental” reason for kids today being so different from children in the past: it is the “overcontrolling parent” at fault for all those with emotional problems.  Not only that, but these ‘helicopter’ parenting “seems to be increasingly prevalent.”

June 18, 2018, WebMD: How 'helicopter' Parenting Impedes a Child's Development

Overcontrolling moms and dads -- so-called "helicopter" parents -- can stunt their children's emotional development, new research warns.

Directing every move a toddler makes may undermine a child's ability to manage their emotions and behavior on their own, explained Nicole Perry, lead author of a new study.

"We found that overcontrolling parenting at age 2 was associated with poorer emotional and behavioral regulation at age 5," said Perry, a postdoctoral fellow with the University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development.

At age 10, this parenting approach also was tied to more child-reported emotional and school problems, fewer teacher-reported social skills, and less teacher-reported academic productivity, she added.

Parents play a critical role in helping their children learn to manage their emotions and behavior independently, Perry said. Children need a sensitive parent to help guide them through "emotionally taxing situations." At other times, the parent may need to hold back.

Dr. Bruce Chabner explains how clinical trials pave the way for new treatments and the benefits of participating in one. …

While the researchers only found an association, rather than a cause-and-effect link, they determined that 2-year-olds exposed to this kind of parenting ended up less able to regulate their own emotions and behavior by age 5. That upped the risk for emotional problems at age 10.

Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University, said helicopter parenting seems to be increasingly prevalent.

Twenge, who wasn't involved with the study, suggested it may explain why today's teens often seem unprepared for the challenges of approaching adulthood.

I can’t image how much more blame can be heaped on mom and dad.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


False scientists

Thanks for the added info Jenny. Wikipedia is 100% not a good, unbiased source of info ; ) and most people know it.

Jenny Allan

@False scientists Thank you for the link, which indeed 'plays games' with semantics. Alas, this kind of thing is all too common within 'scientific' publications. In the case of Crohn's Disease, 'heritability' appears to be defined here as an inherited genetic susceptibility in some persons, but environmental factors are also admitted to play a large part in the development of this very painful and debilitating condition.
For confused readers I include the following extracts:-
'December 17, 2010
University of Liege
A University of Liege GIGA-Research Unit team has discovered new particular genetic mutations which influence hereditary predisposition to Crohn's disease,
Crohn's disease is not fatal but is currently incurable and very incapacitating, characterised by intense abdominal pain, gastrointestinal bleeding, weight loss and persistent fever. It is a multifactorial disease: an individual's predisposition depends on both environmental factors (food consumption, physical activity, etc.) as well as genetic ones. The heritability of Crohn's disease is in the order of 80%.Research into human genetics aims at identifying the genes which underpin this heritability,'

I clicked the link in the text for an explanation about the so called '80% heritability of Crohn's disease', and got to another article, which admitted using Wikipedia as a source of factual information. In other words TOAST, although there is a huge difference between 'heritability' and inheritance.
'There has been evidence of a genetic link to Crohn's disease, putting individuals with siblings afflicted with the disease at higher risk. It is understood to have a large environmental component as evidenced by the higher number of cases in western industrialized nations. Males and females are equally affected.'

During his research into a possible link between vaccinating against measles using live, but attenuated viruses, and Crohn's disease, Dr Andrew Wakefield hypothesised the possibility of gut damage caused by live viruses. In common with the University of Liege Dr Wakefield hypothesised both genetic susceptibility in certain persons and the possible existence of genetic protection.

False scientists

For Jenny Allen-

I realize they play games with genetics/environment, but some aspects truly have a heritable component or tendencies.


Understanding the who.what,where ,why,when and how?
See Alliance for Natural Health , https/ , Article- Emotions the hidden face of autoimmune disease 13 June 2018 .
Machiavellianism in motion, a wee synergistic ,joined at the financial hip, get together, bewtween CDC , and Kaiser Permanente, The Kings Fund ,The Health Foundation?
See Article -Making the NHS more like Kaiser Permanente . The BMJ March 2004 .
But wait a wee minute - for any big scam ,lie and con , to work it will appear more plausible and beliveable if it has a smattering of truth buried deep within the story /questionaire .
ie stress and disease ? common sense, all things in moderation, or pay the price for not doing so .
these "ACE" Childhood adverse events ? mirror 8 out of 10 pet owners say that their cats and dogs prefer a certain type and brand of pet food/ Today I thank Dr Murphy and Dr David Drew who say voices were not heard , Leaders did not lead , Regulators did not regulate, poor standards festered , an absense of compassion , a lack of resolve , patients were harmed and died , families ignored
See book Little Stories of life and death @ NHS Whistleblower by Dr David Drew
also David Drew /Health Service Journal
Vaccine Injury Is considered anecdotal and not scientific evidence " Oh how the mighty new science has fallen"


LOL Right Angus!

Anita Carolyn Donnelly

My son, on the spectrum, had zero concept of pain (until the GFCF diet). He also ran around like a soccer ball, bouncing from place to place. Had I not followed him through play grounds etc (and believe me, I wanted to sit down and chat with other moms, or read, or relax--but I could only do it in 100% fenced in playgrounds). .. . --had I not hovered, he would have been in danger of bolting.

So the helicopter is in response to the issues.

Hans Litten

No opinion - No comment

Dr. Adel Mahmoud, an infectious-disease expert who played a vital role in the development of lifesaving vaccines, died on June 11 in Manhattan. He was 76.

His death, at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, was caused by a brain hemorrhage, his wife, Dr. Sally Hodder, said.

As president of Merck Vaccines from 1998 until 2006, Dr. Mahmoud oversaw the creation and marketing of several vaccines that brought major advances in public health. One prevents rotavirus infection, a potentially fatal cause of diarrhea in babies. Another protects against human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cancers of the cervix, anus, genitals and middle of the throat.

Dr. Mahmoud also helped usher in a combination vaccine against measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox, and one to prevent shingles, the painful and debilitating illness that can develop when a previous chickenpox infection is reactivated.

The rotavirus and HPV vaccines were contentious subjects and might never have reached the market without Dr. Mahmoud’s determination, said Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, an executive vice president at Merck & Co., and former head of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She joined Merck after Dr. Mahmoud retired but described him as a “lifelong mentor.”

Dr. Mahmoud championed those vaccines because he recognized their potential to save lives, she said. Globally, cervical cancer and rotavirus infections kill hundreds of thousands of women and children every year.

The problem with a rotavirus vaccine was that another company had already developed one but then had to take it off the market because it was found to increase the risk of bowel obstruction in infants. Opponents argued that it would take a large study and a huge investment of time and money to test Merck’s candidate vaccine, and then to overcome public fears.

“Everyone wanted to kill it,” Dr. Gerberding said. “Adel said, ‘Not only are we going to do it, but we’re going to make our study even larger to prove it works and is safe.’ ”

Dr. Mahmoud took a similar approach to the HPV vaccine, which also had its detractors. Some doubted that it would work. Others thought parents would reject it, fearing that vaccinating young girls would somehow encourage them to start having sex. That fear was based on the virus’s being sexually transmitted and the view that the vaccine was most effective if given before girls become sexually active.

Dr. Mahmoud prevailed, and Merck’s HPV vaccine, Gardasil, approved in 2006, was the first to be marketed.

Last month, in a call to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide, the head of the World Health Organization called HPV vaccines “truly wonderful inventions” and said all girls should be given them.

Dr. Adel Mahmoud, who joined the Princeton faculty after leaving Merck, taught a class at the university’s Lewis Thomas Lab in 2008.CreditBrian Wilson/Princeton University, Office of Communications

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he had called on Dr. Mahmoud many times to advise his institute.

“He clearly had a knack for understanding the big picture,” Dr. Fauci said. “He was a 40,000-foot kind of guy, who could understand areas of science, research, policy and clinical medicine well beyond his own specific designated area of expertise.”

Dr. Mahmoud also had “an amazingly likable personality,” Dr. Fauci said.

“Even though he was dead serious when advising you on important matters, he had this effervescent, bubbling personality,” he added.

Adel Mahmoud was born on Aug. 24, 1941, in Cairo, the eldest of three children. His father, Abdelfattah Mahmoud, was an agricultural engineer. His mother, Fathia Osman, did not work outside the home, though she had hoped to study medicine and had been accepted by the University of Cairo’s medical school. Her brother, a medical student, had stopped her from attending because he did not think women should be doctors.

A boyhood experience had a profound influence on Dr. Mahmoud. When he was 10, his father contracted pneumonia, and young Adel was sent to the drugstore for penicillin. He ran home with it only to find that his father had died. As the eldest son, he was now head of the family.

“I often wondered if his strength as a leader and his clear vision originated from being forced into those roles at an early age,” his wife, Dr. Hodder, said.

Dr. Mahmoud studied medicine at the University of Cairo, graduating in 1963. He left Egypt for Britain in 1968 and earned a doctorate from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1971. He did research on diseases caused by parasitic worms and the role of a certain type of blood cell in the body’s efforts to defend itself.

Dr. Mahmoud emigrated to the United States in 1973 as a postdoctoral fellow at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He later led the university’s division of geographic medicine and was chairman of the department of medicine from 1987 to 1998.

He met Dr. Hodder there in 1976, and they married in 1993. She is also an infectious-disease specialist.

Merck recruited Dr. Mahmoud in 1998. He retired from the company in 2006, and then became a professor at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the department of molecular biology at Princeton University.

In 2013, when an unusual strain of meningitis caused an outbreak on campus — one for which there was no vaccine made in the United States — Dr. Mahmoud used his expertise, powers of persuasion and connections in the pharmaceutical world to help the university acquire a European vaccine and obtain permission from the government to offer it to students on an emergency basis.

After the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014, Dr. Mahmoud began advocating the creation of a global vaccine-development fund.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by a stepson, Jay Thornton; his sister, Dr. Olfat Abdelfattah; and his brother, Dr. Mahmoud Abdelfattah.

Jenny Allan

@False scientists (quote) "I know someone with Crohns who has four children, Crohns being 80% heritable."
Really? Did any of these 4 children develop Crohns? Could you put in a link to whatever research came to the conclusion about Crohns being 80% heritable?

Following the monovalent measles vaccine administered late 1960s, two children of friends (not related) developed Crohns. One child was part of Dr Andrew Wakefield's Royal Free research into a possible link between Crohns and monovalent measles vaccine, not to be confused with later research and controversy over MMR vaccine.

Both of these children subsequently had children of their own, none of whom were born with Crohns.

False scientists

Oddly enough, I think science is again to blame for this, although parenting skills certainly vary. Atrazine, pesticides, vaccines have likely played a part in lowering IQ. Not only that but all the enabling with in vitro fertilization has enabled parents who wouldn't ordinarily have been able to get pregnant. I know someone with Crohns who has four children, Crohns being 80% heritable. Now Crohns doesn't correlate to IQ, but natural selection is over run in ways we may not even realize.


Follow the money and one begins to understand why we’re becoming sicker, less able to reproduce naturally and dumber.


When it comes the pharmaceutical industry , you don't have to follow the money too far.

The people who make billions selling immune system-corrupting vaccines, are the SAME people who make trillions, selling drugs designed to treat (... but never cure) the many symptoms of corrupted immune systems

Angus Files

Helicopter parents = Autism ? I`m sure there is a Blackadder sketch in that a bit like Percy discovering Green AKA Gold.

"Lord Percy Percy: I've done it, my Lord! I've discovered how to turn things into gold! Pure gold!

Blackadder: You have? Show me!

Lord Percy Percy: [takes lid off melting pot, and Baldrick, Percy and Blackadder are bathed in a green glow] Behold!

Blackadder: Percy... it's green.

Lord Percy Percy: Yes, my Lord!

Blackadder: Now, look, Percy, I don't mean to be pedantic or anything, but the color of gold... is gold. That's why it's called gold. What YOU have discovered, if it has a name, is some... Green.

Lord Percy Percy: [removes lump of Green from pot] Oh, Edmund... can it be true? That I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest Green?

Lord Percy Percy: Yes indeed, Percy, except that it's not really a nugget but more of a splat.

Blackadder: Yes, my Lord. A splat today, but tomorrow, who knows, or dares to dream..."

Dreamers have to get real some time its VACCINES.

Pharma For Prison


Tim Lundeen

@hans it does seem like things are shifting:


LOL Carol ; yeah up to the time of --- 32 and counting.


How 'helicopter' Parenting Impedes a Child's Development more than Ethylmercury


This limited, subjective “study” only looked at one single 6-minute mother/child interaction:
“Maternal overcontrol was observed during a pretend play (4 min) and clean-up task (2 min) at age 2.”
“All cohorts were recruited through child day care centers, the County Health Department, and the local Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program.”
“Overcontrol was coded once for each episode on a 4-point scale (1 low to 4 high) and was defined as instances when the parent was too strict or demanding considering the child’s behavior.”

Wouldn’t a reasonable person conclude that a parent being observed would keep their child in greater check, regardless of instructions to the contrary?

This also fails to account for the greater number of children who are missing portions of their developmental abilities - leaving parents to fill in the gaps.

Perry’s other studies are listed here, such as “Maternal Behavior Predicts Infant Neurophysiological and Behavioral Attention Processes in the First Year.”

In 2001 I enrolled my son in a U of M tantrum study, which I left after the autism diagnosis. That psychologist showed no intellectual interest in medical causality; he was hyperfocused on his behavioral studies. What a waste of people’s time and taxpayer money.

Barry Stern

Causes of lower IQ? How about the collusion of 7 industries to make and keep you sick so that they can rake in the profits:

Pharma – convincing you that more drugs will make you healthy creating the most medicated country on earth. Dependence on legal drugs is the major cause of drug problem.

Big Ag and Big Food - factory farms with meats laced with hormones, antibiotics and herbicides that make many sick and spoil our water, air and soil; genetically engineered foods (GMOs) unproven to be safe; sugar and preservatives in everything. Collectively these environmental assaults cause obesity, digestive problems and exacerbate chronic diseases.

Chemical industry – pollute soil with harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides whose residues remain in your body for years; also kills off bees.

Medical and insurance industries – by keeping you sick, and oftentimes prescribing drugs and treatments you don't need, these industries cost you a greater share of your income every year.

Media – guess where they get the vast percentage of their advertising revenues?

Telecommunications – addiction to gaming and cell/smart phones; excessive amounts of electro-magnetic radiation that reduce ability of cells in your body to detoxify, which is especially harmful to young children and individuals recovering from illness.

Follow the money and one begins to understand why we’re becoming sicker, less able to reproduce naturally and dumber.

Hans Litten

THIS SAYS TO ME THAT WE ARE WINNING - not long now until the whole program collapses

Babies are born with a deficiency in vitamin K, an important factor for proper blood clotting. So most newborns are given a shot of vitamin K soon after birth to prevent potentially life-threatening hemorrhages, including in the brain or intestines.

It's been standard practice since the early 1960s but the rise in anti-vaccination rhetoric has also created a distrust around the vitamin K shot. And it's all too easy to find risky or just plain false information. Search "vitamin K shot" on Google and some of the top results caution against them.

It's a similar story on Facebook. The same search reveals a mix of posts, some providing inaccurate information about the vitamin K shot.

Studies have shown an increasing trend in parents refusing the shot, as well as a rise in late-onset vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB).

In one study, researchers surveyed parents who intended to refuse the shot and found most were white, college-educated people over 30. In addition to the vitamin K shot, 90% refused the hepatitis B vaccine. Their concerns included "toxic" ingredients, excessive doses, and side effects. Most of them — 70% — got their information from the internet.

But there are potential health risks for babies whose parents skip the shot, according to Dr. Mark Hudak, the chair of the pediatrics department at University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville.

He told BuzzFeed News the vitamin K shot protects against bleeding in the first 24 hours (early onset), at 2 to 7 days (classic onset), and 2 weeks to 6 months (late onset). Early excessive bleeding, which happens in about 1% of babies, can occur in a number of ways, including in the intestines or mucus membranes, or after something like a circumcision.

Later bleeding can involve serious hemorrhaging in the brain that can be life threatening or cause life-long disability.

"Even if it is treated, it can produce lifetime neurological problems," said Hudak.

This later bleeding is more rare, affecting about 5 in every 100,000 babies, but Hudak pointed out that's still 200 of the 4 million babies born every year in the US. So to him, skipping the vitamin K shot makes no sense.

"In the vast scheme of things is that worth 200 babies a year having severe brain bleeds and neurological deficiencies?" he said.

"Is that acceptable? I would say it's not, it's going to backwards."

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the risk of developing VKDB is estimated to be 81 times greater for babies who do not receive the shot, compared to the ones who do. About one in five infants with VKDB will die of it. The condition is now rare, but that's only because of the vitamin K shot.

Some of the anti-vitamin K misinformation found online claims that women can simply eat a vitamin K-rich diet before delivery and when breastfeeding. But Hudak said that won't cut it because breast milk carries very little of the nutrient, and it doesn't easily cross the placenta, according to the CDC.

"The mother can eat all the broccoli she wants but she's not going to pass very much vitamin K in her breast milk," he said.

There's also the issue of orally administered vitamin K, which some parenting blogs claim is better, or more "natural." Again, Hudak said that won't do it. Studies have shown variable absorption among babies given oral vitamin K, and a delay in digestion.

The vitamin K shot, on the other hand, is delivered intramuscularly, and works over a period of 4 to 6 months.

He said there was also concern in the 1990s of a link between the shot and later development of leukemia, but studies debunked that association long ago.

Still, despite the science behind it, Hudak recognizes that it can be hard to convince parents who've gone down an anti-medicine rabbit hole.

"Even if you can convince them on the facts, and they're willing to accept that the science shows that there's not a downside of giving the vitamin k, you still have to deal with this philosophical, overarching mantra that a lot of these parents come in with," he said.


I remember when my daughter was two and I remember who was in control. It wasn't me.

Michelle A Wandrack

" While the researchers only found an association, rather than a cause-and-effect link, "
Correlation doesn't equal causation, lol

Gary Ogden

This sort of nonsense has long been rampant in the field of "Psychology." Psycho-babble is the term of art. Bullcrap the Anglo-Saxon equivalent. Irks me no end that gobs of our tax money goes to pay high salaries to these sadly naive and incompetent fools.


You can't have it both ways. It's the helicopter parents micromanaging their children into ACE. But, wait it's the neglectful parents that let the children be raised by tablets and tv that contribute to ACE....


And I heard today on the news, that WHO has just declared "video game addiction" to be a legitimate "mental health condition". Why should "they" talk about the *old* problems? They just create NEW ONES!....
BTW, there's another form of "helicopter parenting" that sadly, I see far too often.
Especially among lower-income, and alcohol/drug users:
It's nasty, nagging, yelling, screaming, spanking parents who treat their own children worse than any of us adults would let ourselves be treated. It isn't that it's *never* the parents' fault.
"Get over here right NOW!" STOP THAT! NO! Mommies' gonna spank you!....
I see this kind of child abuse a lot at Wal Mart....
This kind of verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse makes screwed up kids, yes, but it does NOT cause autism....

Aimee Doyle

Seems like a "chicken and egg" sort of thing. Perhaps parents "helicopter" more because their kids need more help with everything. But no one is going to suggest that. Easier to blame parents than to think that kids might be damaged.

bob moffit

"I can’t image how much more blame can be heaped on mom and dad."

Trust me .. if we use history as our guide … blaming mom and dad has become the "fail safe" explanation to avoid laying blame wherever it rightly belongs .. which means .. the blame mom and dad game will never cease.

susan welch

Now we have it:

parents are over protective

parents are not protective enough, i.e. cause adverse childhood events

Therefore, the cause of all the ill health/emotional problems of children today (which had increased so dramatically in the last 2 decades) is the parents.

Not anything to do with the bloated vaccine schedule/multiple shots which are 'scientifically proved' safe and effective.

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