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Mark Blaxill on How Refusing to Face the Facts about our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families and our Future

Because of the deeply concerning issues with our world's health, nutrition, and environment, our own Mark Blaxill recently spoke at The Real Truth About Health Conference. It was completely free to the public, and the videos from the conference are free too.

We encourage you to share this video with your family, friends and as many people as you can to help raise awareness and make a difference.  You can purchase Mark and Dan's final collaborative book Denial here.

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susan welch

Pharmster. It is very early in the morning here in UK, so maybe that is the reason I am confused.

Which 'video comments' are you referring to?


"Mark Blaxill renews my faith in humanity."

Read the video comments and you will lose it.


Donvan and Zucker opine: "This offers part of the answer to the oft-asked question: Where were all the people with autism before? For a good part of the twentieth century, they were institutionalized--if not hidden at home. Some were swept up into "training schools" for the mentally retarded on the assumption that they were feebleminded. Others went to a separate class of institution, the residential mental hospital, to be grouped with those said to be insane."

But according to Insane and Feeble-minded in Hospitals and Institutions, "The presence in the general population of an unusual proportion of adults tends toward a higher proportion of insanity, for the malady rarely appears in youth." Oh...OK, well, that just means autistics were hanging out in those training schools...but there can't have been very many doing that because in the above report we're told that in the US census of 1890, "the total number of feeble-minded enumerated was 95,609 and the corresponding ratio 152.7 per 100,000 of population." Ruh-roh! That's only .15%! Not hardly enough. I guess that means the autistics were all being hidden at home. In the attic probably.
Chapters 1 and 3


We need research from all over the world and from all scientists interested in clinical trials on medications to find a CURE for the autism epidemic NOW!


Mark Blaxill renews my faith in humanity.

Kathy Sincere

Thank you Mark for coming to Denver this May (at your own expense) to help educate our legislators in hope of passing HB1223, “Declare Autism Epidemic”. They turned blind eyes and deaf ears to your brilliant presentation and slides. How anyone could listen to your presentation and that of Dr. Cindy Nevison and still not understand we have an AUTISM EPIDEMIC is beyond me.

They know, they all know……..they just can’t deal with the Truth and what it will mean for our State and our Nation and the world. Most of it comes down to the money that will be needed to handle the millions of autistic children and adults. And of course, if there is an epidemic, what are the causes and what are the cures. No legislator wants to go down that road….

What a great book you and Dan have written on this autism epidemic and the ostriches that continue to stick their heads in sand. What a perfect title, “Denial”. I so enjoyed reading it!

Angus Files

As Susan says same here.I just seen this below and one wonders what gene is susceptible to growing two heads, but I guess its a throw back to the Greeks and hydra`s..its just better diagnosis.

Mutant calf with TWO HEADS stuns vet and farmer after 'miracle' birth in Poland

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

I was a little disappointed that Mark did not mention the obvious "research" that could provide evidence whether or not vaccines are a MAJOR CONTRIBUTING FACTOR to .. in the words of Mark .. the UNDENIABLE truth the autism epidemic is REAL .. and not due to "better diagnosing or broader definition" of autism.

That critical .. obvious research .. would be a scientific .. independent study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations to ascertain if the inexplicable increase in autism is a prevalent in the unvaccinated as it is in the vaccinated. Just as the "better diagnosing and broader definition" propaganda was clearly debunked by Mark and Dan .. someone should begin debunking the propaganda that it would be too difficult to do the vaccinated v unvaccinated study .. because it would be "unethical" to deny children vaccines in order to create the unvaccinated population needed for the study. That reason for NOT doing the study is as false as is the "better diagnosing" reason to deny the epidemic.

Mark's future statistics for our country portents a national autism adult catastrophe .. I think he said 5 MILLION by 2040 .. is positively frightening .. yet .. the denials continue unabated … WHEN WILL THIS MADDNESS END.

susan welch

Such painstaking research by the late Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill! I have read the excellent book, Denial, and love this video which explains the history of childhood mental illness and how autism is only apparent from the 1930s.

Thank you so much to Mark and Dan for discrediting the 'better diagnosis' propaganda.

Thank you, also, Mark for this video which highlights the dire situation the US (and, of course, other countries) will be in if the 'autism epidemic' is not addressed.

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