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Perfect pediatricianAnne Dachel has been culling stories about the absurd state of pediatric healthcare and schooling.  This story caught our eye.  If you had to think of what the main health threats are to children in 2018 what would be on your list?  School shootings or violence would place high. Bullying by peers. Suicide. The AAP has gone from an organization representing doctors in charge of pediatric medical care, to some sort of bizarre sociological Big Brother. They are touting "Adverse childhood events," (trauama) as the leading unaddressed threat to our children. Look at this definition of traumatic events from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies:

Traumatic events that occur in childhood are called “abuse” events when children are threatened or harmed by those charged with their care or who are in a position of power or authority over them.

In short, parents are harming their kids. Abuse has always been with us, and is never taken lightly.  But the number one unaddressed threat? What's the goal here - to embed medical doctors and public health officials into our homes?  Very strange.   We wrote about the CDC's term in a post CDC Puts Forth "ACE" Adverse Childhood Experiences As Cause of Toxic Stress. It's CDC's job to look at health within the nation. Somehow ACE as an answer feels similar to what we see in autism. Examine everything except the obvious problem. Blame anything that isn't related to a partner and profitable industry like pharmaceutical. Leave medications and vaccinations out of the equation.

June 7, 2018, WXOW-TV, La Crosse, WI:  Learning about childhood trauma

It's being called the single greatest unaddressed public health threat by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

It's not one specific thing but rather a group of problems called adverse childhood experiences, otherwise known as childhood trauma.

Local community members are getting together to recognize that trauma and find ways to help both children and adults cope.

On Thursday, a screening of the documentary Resilience was shown to help understand the role the community plays in creating a more trauma-informed society.

Curt Teff is Director of Community Services for the School District of La Crosse. He said, "I think that the biggest thing to know is that we do have childhood trauma within our community, and we really see it as a public health risk. We know that certain early childhood trauma effects development in early years but what we are learning through the science of trauma is that it affects people through their lifetime."


Laura Hayes

Aimee Doyle,

Thrilled that my article will be passed on by you to your loved ones! :)


Your comment reminded me of another article of mine, which I included and expounded upon in my WAPF presentation (whose link I already posted here in another comment):

"The Baby Food Is Organic, the Shots Are Not" by Laura Hayes

david m burd

@ michael,

Per the 1986 Federal Law absolving vaccine makers, and health care givers of such, of any legal liability due damage by vaccinations.

Thus, the concoction of countless new vaccinations at earlier andever earlier ages -- even to premature babies but a fraction of the development and weight of full-term babies (also! injected at birth by the toxic Hepatitis B, and its companion the HBIG shot (Hepatitis B ImmunoGlobulin, taken from people who had HepB).

It is literally incomprehensible to have premature infants, and even those 9-month full-term, thence at 2 months age, to being injected with the toxic assault dictated by the U.S. CDC mandated Immunization Schedule: @ 2 months, 4 months , 6 months, having a total of over 30 injected vaccines when being exposed while in the womb.

Thus, fetuses and just-born babies, are exposed and subjected to ALL the toxic excipients as listed by simply googling " CDC vacccine excipients". Please pull it up, and send it to everybody you want.

Aimee Doyle

@Laura -

Thanks to your link, I went back and read your article on standard of care. I thought it was excellent. My daughter and her husband will be planning a family soon, so I'll be sure to give this to her.

It makes me wince to remember how many ultrasounds my son had when I was pregnant with him.


David Burd, your comment struck home in many ways. Yesterday I watched Dr. Mark Hyman do a fundraiser for PBS on "What the heck should I eat"? He showed the ingredient list on a Twinkie and seeing your Dtap ingredient list it had the same effect. Why would anyone who knew better ever eat a Twinkie or by the same token reading the ingredient list of vaccines not question the wisdom of injecting this stuff. I wonder if it would be safer in a relative sense to inject the ingredients in a Twinkie than what's in the vaccines we inject into ourselves. (Note: this is not medical advice.) Maybe a science project?

What I found interesting is the "truths spoken" that are sprinkled throughout his PBS presentation which so easily apply to all that is discussed at AOA, but banned everywhere including PBS/NPR.

For instance this from this link:
"How the Food Industry Corrupts the Government Policies and Harms Our Health, The Planet, and Society

Here’s the bottom line. Money is corrupting science, our government’s food policies, and the media.

Where’s the money coming from?

There is a multi-trillion dollar global food industry that is growing, processing, manufacturing, marketing, and serving food like substances that are making us sick and fat. They are cheap to make and rake in big profits for ”Big Food”.
.............Then of course there’s the media, which is all about headlines and sound bites. AND they receive a big portion of their ad revenue from the food industry.

Here's the link to the next segment.

You can still question the religion of Big Food, but never ever question the religion of vaccines and Big Pharma.

Laura Hayes

Tim Lundeen,

I have Jim West’s 2 books regarding the dangers of ultrasound sitting right next to me as I type this, courtesy of a fellow activist :) Were I to have 3 do-overs, I would not have pregnancy ultrasounds. There was no medical need for even one during my 3 pregnancies...none. They were done purely for the profit of the medical “professionals” treating me...just like the vaccines my babies were stabbed with time and again were about others’ wealth, not my babies’ health.

On another note, I hope you received the preprinted Post-Its I sent you a while back. I love “decorating” with them as often as possible, and still have a few pads left :) Almost time for a reorder!

Tim Lundeen

@laura -- excellent article at, thanks!

Re ultrasounds, evidence shows it is extremely risky, and should only be used when absolutely necessary. See the book "50 Human Studies, in Utero, Conducted in Modern China, Indicate Extreme Risk for Prenatal Ultrasound: A New Bibliography"

Laura Hayes

Tim Lundeen,

The torture, poisonings, toxins, and harm being inflicted on fetuses, babies, and children are truly unbelievable. It is nothing short of amazing that any child survives the seemingly endless assaults. However, they are not surviving well, and they are certainly not thriving. To that end, I wrote this article 2 years ago:

“Beware of Standard of Care” by Laura Hayes

It was and is aimed at pregnant women, and those who might become pregnant in the future. Perhaps we can all take a moment to recirculate it.


Could not agree with you more. There is no oversight of vaccines, as we here know all too well. As I said in my 2016 WAPF presentation...does any parent really know what is in the scores of vaccines being haphazardly and immorally injected into our children?

“Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About?” by Laura Hayes


Undoubtedly, it is plausible that EVERY baby surviving to birth has been damaged, by both the DTaP shot and the strongly recommended flu shout that I have proven in prior Posts to have either 12.5 or 25 micrograms of ethylmercury, iyet the CDC utterly lies and says the pediatric flu shots do not have mercury in them.


I thinks its plausible that ALL vaccines contain mercury, and they always have.

I mean, we know these people are psychopaths, who are are incapable of telling the truth about anything. And who have known for several decades that injected mercury causes autoimmune disorders.

Autoimmune Disorder = Customer For life.

Surely people are starting to see, that THIS is what vaccines have really been about from day one.

Tim Lundeen

@laura Not to mention the trauma of circumcision.

Grace Green

Laura Hayes, a very good point. And I do believe that children might have an instinct about jabs being harmful and that's why they so hate them. As a child I had few vaccinations, but I hated the local anaesthetic that dentists wanted to give, and would prefer to do without. Turns out, I'm allergic to it, but the dentists still can't fathom out why anyone would prefer not to have it.

david m burd

Laura Hayes just mentioned "in utero" regarding the incredilby toxic vaccines injected into mothers-to-be, toxice substances that bring cullular and mitochondrial damage to their fragile fetuses during the most delicate time of development.

Undoubtedly, it is plausible that EVERY baby surviving to birth has been damaged, by both the DTaP shot and the strongly recommended flu shout that I have proven in prior Posts to have either 12.5 or 25 micrograms of ethylmercury, iyet the CDC utterly lies and says the pediatric flu shots do not have mercury in them.

Starting 2011, every American mother-to-be was counseled to get the DTaP shot, and to get the shot again for every future pregnancy. HERE are the toxic excipients (ingredients) such shots given to now a majority of pregnant American women.

DTaP (Daptacel)
aluminum phosphate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, 2-phenoxyethanol, Stainer-Scholte
medium, casamino acids, dimethyl-beta-cyclodextrin, Mueller’s growth medium,
ammonium sulfate, modified Mueller-Miller casamino acid medium without beef heart
DTaP (Infanrix)
Fenton medium containing a bovine extract, modified Latham medium derived from bovine
casein, formaldehyde, modified Stainer-Scholte liquid medium, glutaraldehyde, aluminum
hydroxide, sodium chloride, polysorbate 80 (Tween 80)

Last year while walking my incredibly social girl-dog (named Foxie Roxie), I met and chatted with a young pregnant woman; she proudly told me she has just come from her doctor and had gotten the DTaP vaccine shot, and she was doing everything she could to protect her in-utero baby, with diet, etc., etc.

For days I was completely depressed by her baby being poisoned, as the CDC goes on its merry way, literally killing and maiming and wrecking family after family. ACE is just another utterly rediculous gigantic LIE, meant to distract from the Vaccine Holocaust.


ACE is a regression back to the old pseudoscientific freudian psychology. Dan Olmsted described how his first patients likely suffered from iatrogenic mercury poisoning, misdiagnosed as psychological disturbance. The parents were blamed for the brain damage, as always.

ACE= Allopathic Child Exploitation

Laura Hayes

What does the CDC call adults dressed in white coats manhandling a screaming newborn, infant, or toddler as they roughly and painfully stab the child up to 8 times as they inject that which will immediately cause harm to his brain, nervous system, immune system, organs, GI system, psyche, and more?

THAT is an ACE if ever there was one!!! And it is one that happens at regular and frequent intervals, now beginning in utero, and continuing without pause until death, if one follows the CDC-recommended ACE schedule...which is what we should begin to call the CDC-recommended vaccine schedule...the CDC-recommended "Adverse Childhood/Continual Events" schedule.



Extremely important point about how immigrants are being traumatized in the most horrific way. You'd think that Kaiser Permanente and the CDC (who did the original ACE research) and all the children's hospitals with Pediatric ACE team specialists, and all the educators working to create "trauma sensitive" and "compassionate" school environments, and the United States Congress that has placed ACE's as a high priority, would all be screaming at the top of their lungs to save these children kidnapped from their parents at the border and locked up in windowless make shift institutions away from public view. Especially since according to these hypocrites, ACE's are a world wide epidemic phenomenon that must be addressed to save humanity.


ACE means more revenue for pharma and lifelong addiction to psychiatric medication.


Sounds like a new version of the refrigerator mother. Plus everyone's had an adverse event or two in their lives so that's a ready-to-hand explanation for just about everything.

And when people hear "adverse event" in future, they will think of something parents did rather than an adverse event after a vaccine.


ACE is the culmination of decades of institutional and government predation. It is shameless predation and scapegoating of the public on steroids as they crack their ideological whip driving the herd into a corner of complete surveillance and control.

In their list of ACE's, is coming from a one parent home. Can there be anything more disgusting than painting unmarried, divorced and/or widowed parents with the same brush of inadequacy, abusiveness and the children of those homes permanently wounded as a result of their parents' marital status?

The subhumans behind the ACE BS are not your ordinary everyday criminal.

Paul Thomas

No 1. Toxins. Injected, inhaled and ingested. (Big Pharma, Big Food, Big business)
No 2. Stress (at home, at school, screen time & everywhere your child goes if not protected and empowered, this includes abuse and neglect and not having a safe place to just play, explore)
No 3. Anyone with conflicts of interest: Your Pediatrician or Family doctor, CDC, AAP, CDC, Media, Elected government officials.

Parents - don't give up any, I mean ANY, of your power or freedom to make choices for your child. Only a parent, enlightened and aware of the hidden dangers, can protect and provide.


the current immigration policy of separating children from their parents is extreme abuse that will cause lifelong trauma to the separated children. It's really unfathomable that our government is doing this and getting away with this. IT IS CHILD ABUSE. and I hope someone files charges against DHS and the US government.

David Weiner


I agree with you 100%.

I used to have a dog who was super-friendly with every person and animal who he came in contact with. Yet when our vet came over, he would back away. I wonder why.

Gary Ogden

The "science of trauma?" Give me a break. Science involves testable hypotheses. This is not testable. In any case, the CDC would claim testing such an hypothesis would be "unethical." This is nothing more than the latest psychobabble. You're right, Bob, we can no longer trust our institutions. I would add that politicians see their main task as re-election. Oversight be damned.


Traumatic events that occur in childhood are called “abuse” events when children are threatened or harmed by those charged with their care or who are in a position of power or authority over them.


The most traumatic events in my child's life so far, were the visits to his pediatricians office.

When people call me anti-vaccine, I don't get offended at all. I just correct them a little, and let them know that I'm anti-anything that constitutes child abuse.

And vaccines for me, are one of the worst forms of child abuse that mankind has ever conceived.

bob moffit

"It's CDC's job to look at health within the nation."

Unfortunately .. there is no one assigned the task and responsibility to "look at the CDC" … to make certain their "job" of overseeing the nation's "health" has been more of a "solution" to our nation's growing health problems .. rather than more of a "problem". For too long the CDC has been allowed to offer what can only be labeled "plausible denials" .. a favorite tactic of the secretive CIA … when unable to explain why serious health threats have increased dramatically over generations. The CDC's recent "plausible denial" blaming Adult Childhood Experiences (ACE) as an entire generation suffers inexplicable childhood health problems … is a prime example of it.

Consider Gulf War Syndrome .. which was blamed on the environmental damage US troops suffered during the Gulf War .. as an excuse not to examine the possibility that GWS may have been caused by the numerous vaccinations troops received in preparation to going into harm's way. I don't remember the CDC publicizing the fact that many troops who had been vaccinated .. but .. NEVER DEPLOYED .. also suffered GWS.

To this day .. the CDC's "plausible denial" to avoid conducting an independent scientific study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations to learn whether BOTH groups have suffered the same dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune disorders that were far less common in all previous .. less vaccinated generations. The CDC "claims" it would be unethical to deny children vaccinations against deadly diseases in order to create the population of "unvaccinated" children to study. This is also a classic "plausible denial" .. as there more than enough voluntarily unvaccinated children in our country .. as well as routinely conducting the study "retro-actively" after a child is fully diagnosed in a hospital.

Unfortunately we can no longer trust government agencies to operate without rigorous oversight to make certain those agencies are deserving of the trust our nation has awarded them. As Ronald Reagan famously said: TRUST BUT VERIFY.

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