Why Father’s Day is Mother's Day for This Autism Dad
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Dads Who Go Beyond

Super dadBy  Cathy Jameson

I saw one of the sweetest videos a little over a week ago.  You may have seen it, too.  A dad jumped on stage to help his young ballerina daughter.  Plagued with stage fright, she was in a tough spot.  Dad realized that and came to save the day.  Holding a baby in his arms, he not only leaped to his daughter’s rescue, he leapt with the other ballerinas during their recital performance, too.  It truly was one of the sweetest moments I’ve seen go viral.  

Other dads are pretty awesome, too, including DaveIzzyand a lot of the dads who contribute to conversations here on Age of Autism.  Knee-deep in the thick of things, I can feel the love they have for their child through their responses and shared stories.  But some of the dads here won’t get the sort of international attention like that wonderful Ballerina Dad got.  

Even without the accolades, the dads here step up.  They do whatever it takes.  They worked tirelessly – and will continue to do so – to keep their child happy, healthy, and safe.  So, this Father’s Day weekend, I thought I’d tip my hat to some of the guys I’ve been inspired by here in the autism community and those beyond in other special needs circles.

Like this dad

As well as this determined dad: 

I loved this story about a guy who saw a need and filled it: 

I can’t forget about Team Hoyt.  Long before my husband and I clued in to what was happening to Ronan, I was inspired by these two: 

Later, when we finally connected the dots, it was this Dad, along with his wife and their organization, whogave me hope.  If I’ve learned one thing along this journey called life, it’s to always hold onto hope: 

"AUTISM YESTERDAY" Autism is Reversible from JB Handley on Vimeo.


To the other dads who do not have a child like mine but who have put their neck and careers on the line for families like mine anyway – Rob Schneider, Donnie Wahlberg, Andrew Wakefield, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to name a few, you have my utmost respect and appreciation.  In speaking up and speaking out, you have done wonders for many of us.  

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to Ronan’s Dad.  The guy who keeps our family together, who fills our days with fun and adventure, who works long hours and through many weekends, who would go to the ends of the earth for all of his children and for me…thank you.  From the bottom of my heart today and always, thank you.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



go Trump

Happy Father's Day to all, prayers to you and yours.

A somewhat famous 41 year FBI agent talks about a number of things with career and fatherhood ... He traveled the world for a few years with a fake ID as a Pan AM pilot.


Jeannette Bishop

This is an inspirational post for the day. Thank you for sharing and reminding of so many fathers in both spirit and deed! Happy Father's day!

susan welch

Thank you for this inspirational post, Cathy. You mention some amazing fathers.


Happy Father's Day to your husband, Cathy and to all the autism dads who devote their lives to their special children with autism.

Lori O

Beautiful. I am so very thankful for my son’s father. I can’t imagine walking through this journey without him.

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