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Autism Prevalence – Examining the Myths and Truths – Video Transcript

Safeminds 2018 logoNote: Thank you to our friends at Safeminds for this video with Dr. Walter Zahorodny, the associate professor of pediatrics at the New Jersey Medical School at Rutgers University, and director of the New Jersey Autism Study.

Heidi Roger: Hi. I’m Heidi Roger. I am a board of director for SafeMinds, and I am the mom of a 23-year-old man with autism. Today, we’re speaking with Dr. Walter Zahorodny, the associate professor of pediatrics at the New Jersey Medical School at Rutgers University, and director of the New Jersey Autism Study. Hi.

Dr. Walter Z.: Good afternoon.

Heidi Roger: Thank you for joining us.

Dr. Walter Z.: It’s a pleasure to speak with you.

Heidi Roger: Great. We’re here because the CDC released the new autism prevalence rate of one in 59 American children. That’s up from one in 68 American children reported only two years ago. You’re the principal investigator for New Jersey on this study. Can you give us a little background on this study and your role in this study?  Read the full transcript at the Safeminds site here.



Levin surveillance system in New Jersey is that how you spell it?
This surveillance system is different from other systems in the rest of the states, How?
Is doctors required, or schools required to report it to this surveillance system, is that how it is different?

W John Martin

Dear Readers,
A greater public awareness of stealth adapted viruses is likely to lead to a fresh consideration of these viruses by the CDC. This will then go a long way to addressing the cause of autism and undertaking therapeutic trials based on the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. I have recorded a few videos to outline the research leading to the early identification of stealth adapted viruses. The growing incidence of autism was predictable from this early research. I would particularly like to encourage discussion on the unequivocal origin of some of these viruses from African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV). This will be one way to engage the interest of the CDC. The videos are available at the following URL’s

First Video
Second Video
Third Video
Fourth Video
Fifth Video
Sixth Video

L Land

"The CDC also says that we can’t make statements about trends in autism prevalence over time from the ADDM surveys because of changes to the researched methodology each time the study is done."

Wait, you mean the CDC sabotaged it's own multi-year, rather multi-decade study???? No, the CDC do a thing like that! That makes it sound like they are trying not to get an accurate count. And they have gotta have a count, (it takes them a couple of weeks for most 'outbreaks'). They can't do anything till they have a count.

My son just turned 27. The CDC, in my opinion, violated his - our privacy by reading his school records 20 years ago. And for what??

ok, I am going to go count to ten... no no no ….. just breathe.

bob moffit

Slightly off-topic .. I offer the following report by Sharyl Attkisson that clearly exposes the complete absence of "ethical" reasoning that occupies our leading public health agencies .. CDC, HHS, ACADEMIA, HOSPITALS, etc. From her stunning article:

"In May 2007, Carrie and Shawn Pratt agreed to sign up their severely premature daughter, Dagen, for a government-funded study being conducted at Duke University Hospital. The Pratts say they were told that researchers simply were gathering information to help other children."

In fact .. the research was designed to DENY oxygen to premature infants .. to see what the effects would have on the infants struggling mightily to survive. As bad as it was to read the heartbreaking devastating lives these "research subjects" now live .. it was positively INFURIATING to read the most prestigious public health officials JUSTIFY not telling parents WHAT they were actually studying .. because … if THEY HAD TOLD PARENTS THE TRUTH .. NONE WOULD HAVE ALLOWED THEIR PREMATURE INFANT TO RISK THE EVENTUAL RESULTS. NONE!!!!!

This article is WORTH READING .. as it explains how these people SLEEP AT NIGHT .. to them .. THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. In other words .. it is THEIR CHILD .. not YOURS.

R's dad

This was eye-opening for me. I was always aware of the CDC’s whitewashing of the prevalence numbers, and of the media's astoundingly consistent attribution to better diagnosis. But for the lead investigator in the survey to call this a crisis and to call for action is a damning indictment of both the CDC and the media.

Sean Burke

Sounds like he knows what is up but he still won't say it, which is frustrating. I wish the interviewer would have asked point blank about the vaccine schedule.

Gary Ogden

I watched this interview earlier this month, and found it excellent. Its a cinch he won't be quoted in the newspaper.

bob moffit

When is this madness going to end? How long can the CDC and media pretend the rising prevalence of autism is not worthy of concern?

To ANYONE who has had the opportunity to have conversations or attended meetings on public health concerns with President Trump .. regarding the growing problem of opioid addiction in our country .. which our president .. rightly so .. frequently mentioned at every opportunity … I would implore you to make every effort for our president to view this remarkable interview wherein the inexplicably increasing prevalence of autism is JUSIFIABLY recognized as an even bigger problem than opioid addiction.

As far as Dr Zahorodny's lament on the media and CDC's virtual "silence" on the subject .. it is nothing more than clear and convincing evidence the GREATEST POWER OF THE MEDIA AND CDC IS THEIR POWER TO IGNORE a crisis that does not serve their own VESTED INTERESTS .. rather than the PUBLIC'S VESTED INTEREST.

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