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Another Autistic Child Quietly Drowns While The Nation Screams

Liberty drownsSocial, mainstream and fringe media have become all but  intolerable. Friends, colleagues, family members are ripping into each other. I'm watching friendships break. Allegiances fail. Partnerships crumble.   I feel like our kids must feel - ears ringing, head dizzy with a cacophony of voices trying to out yell each other over what's right and wrong with every aspect of our political system from the President on down. I feel like we've traveled so far back in time - where tolerance on both sides is just plain gone.  Violence is invited. We're a nation of Sneetches with stars upon thars - or not.

Meanwhile, our kids with autism suffer in restraint and sanctioned seclusion in their schools.  Rotenberg Center in Massachusetts is known throughout the country as "that place where they use aversive shock as a behavior tool." THEY ELECTROCUTE CHILDREN.  Here's a grim  statistic from U Penn's David Mandell, director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research.  From Spectrum News in January of 2018:

When we statistically controlled for children’s age, race, sex and state of residence, we found that children with autism were 2.4 times more likely, and children with intellectual disability 1.9 times more likely, to enter foster care than typical children2.

And our kids continue to die - DIE - but there's barely a peep outside local or maybe state media. A beautiful 6 year old boy named Dylan Robertston lost his life this weekend.  Like many of our kids - he was likely quite smart - beneath his autism - and he found a way out of his house. You can write the rest of the story. Right down to the unhappy ending. He walked, found water, went in and drowned.

From  NBC 5 Dallas, Fort Worth Texas:

A 6-year-old boy with autism reported missing Sunday afternoon has been found deceased in a pond near his Kaufman County home.

A sheriff's spokesperson confirmed at 2:45 a.m. Monday the body of Dalton Robertson was recovered by divers overnight.

Authorities said Robertson was reported missing after 4 p.m. Sunday after being seen near the intersection of Cottonwood Lane and Farm-to-Market Road 987 wearing a pull-up diaper and black rubber boots. A Kaufman County Sheriff's spokesperson said the boy's parents believed the boy walked out of the house on his own.

I rarely look forward to election season. It seems to come so fast between Presidencies. I'm anxious for this one to get started so maybe folks on BOTH SIDES will realize that we can change. We can make things better or worse. But they will change.  Not sure how we'll manage and how much damage there will be to relationships between now and 2020. 




People need to calm down. Chaos is exactly what is wanted in this situation. Does not matter what side wins as long as chaos is created..then the people behind the curtain swoop in take "official" control. Think back if you are old enough to the late 60's. Chaos.

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