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It's the Numbers

This Is The Sickening Amount Pharmaceutical Companies Pay Top Journal Editors

Bribery-vectorNote: This article should be required reading for every vaccine injury denialist in the world. Science is nothing more than an industry, like coal or oil. Profits come first, second and third, with health outcomes far down the list. If a product doesn't work, Pharma can pay for fake science, pay off Editors and pretend to stroke preening academics who feel important in their ivory towers. It's a travesty in all sectors of health care. It's a downright sin when it comes to vaccination, because parents TRUST their children's very lives to pediatricians.



Scientific publishing is totally broken.
12 APR 2018

It's no secret that scientists can be corrupted - in the past, researchers have purposefully hidden data on climate change, and the dangers of sugar, just to name a few.

But while people can be bought, the scientific method itself - the idea that a hypothesis must be observed, tested, replicated, and the results then published in a peer-reviewed journal - has always remained a beacon of objectivity, assumedly free of bias by its very nature.

Unfortunately, in recent years scientific publishing has been running into serious trouble.

Through predatory journals, publication bias, and a publish-or-perish mentality, the way we practice the scientific method has been corrupted right under our noses - we're at a point now where some studies can't even be reproduced.

More recently, it's become clear that the system for publishing results on evidence-based medicine is broken, too.

On paper, evidence-based medicine is a good thing. It's how we get life-saving treatments and medication, and it's the requirement for any new drugs to be based on solid, peer-reviewed research.

But this assumes that peer-reviewed research will be unbiased, and that's not always the case.

Just last week, a report concluded that many clinical trials are greenlit based on a shockingly poor evidence base, sometimes without any published data. Read more here.



See Global Vaccine Contract Manufacturing Market Report 2018 to 2028 Report 07/05/2018.

States- Various players in the Vaccine merk-at using both top-down and bottom-up approaches!

Oh what! however the health and safety risk assessments with catastrophic failings have been ear-marked , ring-fenced ,dove-tailed and streamlined as having a life limiting shelf life expectancy.
Has not passed the Lebens wertes leben evaluation from the get- go . Health and safety risk assessments failure predicts outcome of shelf life "Not viable" "Too burdensom" " not worth the shelf life space " The gravy train being a train crash in slow motion is heading straight for it's own dead end !


Peer-review is just another scam.


When the work of academic prostitutes, is being reviewed by other academic prostitutes.... how can it be anything else but.

Jeannette Bishop

I wonder if pharma knows their injected poisons are the major cause of heart problems (I'm not saying they are--I suspect they are at least very high up there though--but I wonder if the dollar amounts are telling of something other than simply where the demand for "healthcare" is).

for pharmster

There are numerous, ultra coordinated efforts by Gates Foundation and pharma themselves to push their agenda. "Marketing" people abound and obviously choose moneynover ethics. Interesting that National Geographic finally washed their hands of "science"blogs

Angus Files

Great from Dr Hooker the shut up money starts at the CDC as we all know.

Dr. Brian Hooker Addresses Protest Crowd in N.Y. as Former CDC Director Who Approved Gardasil Vaccine is Named “Woman of the Year

Pharma For Prison



The opposition control is stunning! HBO's latest documentary, Dangerous Son, featuring the king of control opps himself, Tom Insel, looks to be another hit.


It is worse than that. If there is a publication the industry does not want they will have their scientists bully the journal and threaten to harm the career of the editors.

If that does not work they have people placed in the journals to remove content they do not like.

If that does not work either the scientist is "wakefielded".

The Lancet and a larger number of other journals are owned by RELX Group a for profit company like any other.

Peer-review is just another scam.

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