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Study Says Parents Fail to Notice Regression 98% of the Time

Oblivious momNote: Like you, we find this rather hard to believe.

Many children eventually diagnosed with autism lose social skills between 18 months and 3 years of age. But few parents notice this trend, according to data from a large Norwegian study.++

Researchers presented the unpublished results yesterday at the 2018 International Society for Autism Research annual meeting in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Parents notice regression in only 2 percent of the children who lost social skills, according to the study.

Regression can be characterized by either a sharp or gradual loss of language, social and other skills. Many more children with autism regress than researchers originally thought, says Alexandra Havdahl, a research fellow at Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, who presented the findings.  Read more art Spectrum News here.


Jeannette Bishop

Is this "study" meant to counter (or control the discussion of) these types of findings:

Essentially, blame parents for a significant mismatch in today's observations from classic observations/beliefs/assumptions regarding autism "manifestation," rather than acknowledging that maybe something significant about the environment (and autism rate) has changed?

Jeanne J

The title of the research should read, "Study shows pediatricians fail to notice regression 98% of the time". At what point will the American Academy of Pediatricians acknowledge that they missed a whole generation of children who regressed into autism in the late '80s to 2000 and had no official policy on treatment for autism (even now, their only officially approved treatment isn't even medical - it is ABA). I wonder how much money the researchers made off of this wonderful piece of .... research?!?

David m burd

Bob Moffit,

As Blaxill & Olmsted's book Age of Autism made clear the THE years, 1991-1993, had babies stricken with ASD/autism, exactly coinciding with the newly implented HepB vaccine (with its mercury content) injected at birth.

Thank you Bob for your contributions here on AoA.


In January of 2006, I knew that my son had the form of vaccine injury called autism.

I tried telling that to to our speech pathologist, who told me I was wrong.

On more than one occasion, I tried telling that to our family doctor. Who also disagreed, and told me I was wrong.

After much pestering, our family doctor kinda sorta agreed with me in the fall of 2006. And went on to suggest that maybe our NON VERBAL son had aspergers, but not autism (.. feel free to let that one sink in).

In January of 2007, after several months of waiting, and a 5 minute sit down with yet another doctor, we had to ask the question " So, does our son have Autism?" To which this new doctor responded " Yes, of course he has autism"

Based on my life experience, the result of this ' study' is bullshit. 100% of the time.

British Autism Mother

I had fraternal not identical twins ..... pause for penny to drop ..... you cannot help but make constant comparisons. The regression was very marked and was recorded by the health visitor* at the eighteen month developmental checks (we were told later that one twin’s check was “very borderline”). What normally silenced doctors was when I oh so politely informed them that we had dated camcorder footage from three months old. It was surprising how often suddenly there wasn’t enough time to pursue the conversation.

* nurse with additional specialist training in the health of pregnant women and young children; usually attached to a medical practice.


What Crap!!

Grace Green

In the UK in the 1980s new parents were told not to worry about milestones because all children are different. That was a good way to prevent parents from noticing if their kids were delayed or slightly regressed wasn't it?

bob moffit

@ Jenny, Aimee, Laura

It appears we four received the very same response from pediatricians when we first noticed our children/grandchildren were exhibiting odd development patterns, such as, strange repetitive behavior, loss of early developing communication skills, stemming, etc. Our stories seem eerily similar. I distinctly remember calming my daughter-in-law .. the proud mom of her first born .. my third grandson .. not to worry too much .. he may just be a "late talker". Little did I know .. MOM KNEW BEST.

That was then .. 1989-1990 .. when my grandson was diagnosed autistic .. I had to look it up to find out what the heck autism was. We were not alone as pediatricians were as clueless to what autism was as we were.

It is no mere co-incidence that autism .. specifically "regressive autism" .. began during those particular years give or take a few ... yet ... even today .. where 1 in 36 or so are being diagnosed .. scarce research funds and resources are being WASTED seeking that mythical "autism gene".

Why am I not surprised that public health officials now blame parents for "not noticing" when their child regressed .. because .. back in the day ... when we DID notice .. pediatricians were quick to dismiss our "notice" as being .. for lack of a better word .. silly.

Shelley Tzorfas

Did they really mean to say that Pharmaceutical Corporations Fail to Notice Regression 98% of the Time according to studies?


So how often do parents that notice regression get blown off by professionals that are in denial?

Jeannette Bishop

And the site recommends shifting from using "regression" to "manifestation"...Yeah that's perfect! Lets just start talking about how the symptoms of having been poisoned manifest themselves, ad nauseum!

Jeannette Bishop

I'm seriously fearing this might be an incident where the "experts" are the ones noticing how much the parents notice...


Well, regression hit me like a ton of bricks! The ped however, kept stalling us, saying it was normal all the while writing "speech delay" in his records and NOT referring him to early intervention.


I'm hoping that President Trump's Opioid actions against the Pharmaceutical Companies is just a precursor to what he has planned for Education on Vaccine damage. In other words, these Pharmaceutical companies are not so pure and if they can do this much damage, 35,000 or so Americans dying each year from Opioid addiction, and they don't seem to give a hoot, what's to say they give a darn about those damaged with the likes of autism. I'm a half glass full kind of gal, so my hope is that he will take on our issue, but it has to be done very carefully.

Grace Green

It looks to me like this study supports our case, although I couldn't see where they got the 98% from their data. But if far more cases of autism are regressive than was previously thought that must surely point to an environmental cause. It's very likely that, especially in less severe cases, regression isn't noticed by parents. I was also struck by their reference to ADHD and ID being related conditions. They're backing down!

Aimee Doyle

@Bob - you're so right.

Parents...darned if you do and darned if you don't.

@Jenny - I agree - it took me awhile to notice my son's regression, particularly since it was slow. He had seizures after the DPT shots early on, but I was told they were "normal". He started to really regress after his first 18 month MMR and every vaccine after that caused more problems. I was told it was "coincidence." We took him for evaluation and were told we were "hyper parents" and his language would come. But by age 3, it was clear he was seriously delayed, and we got the autism diagnosis at age 4. Doctors were slower to recognize autism then - back in 1994 - when the rate was something like 1 in 5,000.

bob moffit

Odd this study reports only 2% of parents notice "regression" in children who lost social skills .. but .. when hundreds of thousands of parents report witnessing first hand their child's "regression" following vaccines .. their observations are casually dismissed as anecdotal .. claiming "correlation does not mean causation".

Odd also that PARENTS are AWAYS blamed .. either for observations they made .. or .. observations they didn't make. It's a great time to be a "scientist" .. who are NEVER found responsible for the severe consequences of THEIR .. "good intentions gone horribly awry".

Jenny Allan

Actually -It's very hard for parents to come to terms with regression, particularly when it effects babies and toddlers. It took me 6 months to admit to myself there was 'something wrong' with my 18 month old grandson. It took longer for his parents.

I imagine, with older children the changes are more obvious, lack of social interaction, strange repetitive behaviour, loss of previously acquired skills, but with babies you always hope time will sort out the problem. It doesn't!!

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