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Six Year Old Dies In India After Measles Vaccination Family Questions No Autopsy

WeepNote: So much sadness here.  The family has lost their precious daughter following a measles rubella vaccine. The school sent a child who "unconscious" onto the school bus. And the child was cremated without an autopsy after this sudden death - which has been attributed to gastroenteritis. That's gut injury. Measles vaccine. Gut injury. Death.  The lack of autopsy prevents any further discussion or scientific answers as to Miss Kaur's death.  In America, you will learn of every case of measles as if the Black Death has knocked on your door.  You will be told that the young gastroenterologist in the United Kingdom who some 20 years ago asked whether MMR vaccination MIGHT be connected to gut injury and autism is now a disgraced monster. Over and over and over. You will not hear about this case, however. Rest in Peace, child.


From Tribune India

The cause of death of six-year-old Gurnoor Kaur, who died after being administered the MR vaccine in Bathinda on Saturday, could not be ascertained as the Health Department did not conduct her post-mortem examination. They contended that her family had not given their consent for it.

However, her family said they were never asked to get the autopsy done. Subsequently, she was cremated at her native Jai Singhwala village during the day. Notably, an hour after her cremation, Civil Surgeon HN Singh held a press conference and attributed her death to gastroenteritis. Civil Surgeon Hari Narain Singh said, “We could not get the post-mortem done as parents of Gurnoor Kaur did not give their consent to do so. The child’s condition worsened after 28 hours of the MR vaccination and according to experts, side-effects of the vaccine are witnessed a few minutes after the vaccination. So it is clear that the child did not die due to the vaccine.”

Kulwant Singh, father of the deceased, said, “No official asked us to get the post-mortem conducted.”

Beant Singh, the girl’s uncle, said, “Gurnoor was a healthy child and had no signs of any ailment until she was administered the MR vaccine. Although she was normal on Friday after the MR vaccination, on Saturday afternoon, Harnoor was brought home in an unconscious state by the school van driver.” Beant Singh said, “The school management neither informed us regarding the deteriorating condition of the child nor did they admit her to hospital. She was sent home 15 km from her school in an unconscious state, which wasted a lot of crucial time. She was declared brought dead at hospital.” Amanpreet Singh, incharge of the Adarsh School, said, “The child was a bit inactive but after being given water, she was normal. We would have taken her to hospital, if her condition was not normal.”



In the Philippines with the Dengvaxia vaccine deaths, pharmaceutical tentacles were desperately trying to stop autopsies of the children, so as they could instead bring up some coincidence theory, they didn't want the evidence to be seen.


What a raw tragedy,but the harsh streetwise reality is ,that this is, what an industrialised/ medicalised
"Culture of Fear" looks like .sounds like ,and smells like . Stinking,festering and suppurating as gas- gangrene from frostbitten ethical and moral professional behavioural standards . Away tae hell in a handbasket with that culture of fear ,it's not getting tolerated or accepted as normal usual professional behaviour now or in the future !

Jeannette Bishop

Dr. Wakefield's discussion with Del Bigtree on Highwire today in part briefly goes into Dr. Wakefield's early research into Crohn's disease and measles virus, especially atypical exposure route to measles. Perhaps some of the pushback against MMR and autism has been founded on historical evidence that vaccine measles may not not really be a safer/healthier exposure than the natural infection?

bob moffit

There should be a severe penalty (criminal?) on those public health officials who "cremated" this child before making any attempt to either contact the family .. or .. failing to act as they are lawfully required to .. which would be to determine the "cause" of this child's death.

If we lived in a world where protecting the public health ... especially of children ... were the highest priority .. it would be MANDATORY to conduct an autopsy on ANY death following the administration of a vaccine to the child .. instead .. we live in a world where it is routine to for public health authorities to avoid performing an autopsy .. thereby allowing those public health officials to avoid investigating the "child's recently administered vaccine" as the "cause of death".

We can rest assured if public health officials were so confident that recent vaccines did not "cause" the death of a child .. they would perform an autopsy at every opportunity to prove how "safe and effective" vaccines THEY approve, recommend and administer.

Deliberately failing to RULE OUT vaccines as the cause of death is no different than failing to RULE OUT suspects in a murder investigation.

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