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Rooting Out Bedhead by Maurine Meleck: Autism and Other Brushes with Chaos

Rooting out bedheadJoin us in congratulating our dear friend, autism Grandmother extraordinaire Maurine Meleck on the publication of her poetry book.

We have a copy for two lucky readers. But we'd love you to buy a copy!  $16 includes shipping. Please use Maurine's Paypal me address: 

Author’s Note

This is not a book about politics.

I promised myself I would not salt

these pages with tasteless verbiage

about an autism epidemic,

stirred for two decades

without politicians or the media

lifting the pot’s cover.

I told myself that readers prefer

a light meal devoid of hot topics,

at least one that doesn’t cook

a recipe for conflict.

I’m proud I didn’t include

a poem about the 150 studies

proving a relationship

between autism and vaccines.

Just the thought of heating up

an argument over why RFK, Jr.’s

Vaccine Safety Commission

was never served, is enough

for me to avoid a bite.

I blanch at the notion

of whipping up fruitless clashes

as regards the 1 in 27 boys

now diagnosed with autism,

in order to score a logical point.

For keeping my nose

out of the mix, I’ll simply

reward myself with sweet talk.



Dan E. Burns

Maurine, I'd love to buy a few copies as Christmas presents for my kids and grand kids but the link i tried,, is not working for me. Is "Bedhead" available from any other source?

Rediscovering Poetry

Both Maurine AND her book deserve five stars. Rooting Out Bedhead should be widely purchased - and read.

To give just a sampling from book (she gave me permission)....I love the way this poem captures an aspect of raising a child with autism, which that everyone in the household has a role to play. This is understood by all. Even the cat.


Every night, every night at bedtime
Josh calls for Georgia, the cat, to join
him in slumber. Every night this
calico pulls herself from a deep sleep
off her favorite chair and ever so slowly
drags herself to his room.
She's on his bed occupying
the wide blue stripe on his comforter
like she did the night before
and the night before that,
his arm circling her soft middle,
when in minutes they're asleep, dreams
turning on the wheels of constancy.

Maurine Meleck

thanks to all for the kind comments. Maurine


You are amazing Maurine! So glad to have known you these past two decades!

Teresa Conrick

Awesome, Maurine! You are an artist with words about this epidemic! How lucky for us.

I still have your beautiful deer painting. Many compliments it has received!


Teresa and Megan


Maurine... congratulations. Art is an incredibly powerful medium and that power can come from surprisingly adorable and gentle people. Much love and we can't wait to read this.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Maureen, for making some brushes of creativity out of your "brushes with chaos!" I've been inspired by the works you've shared with us through Age of Autism.

Angus Files

Great thats super.

Pharma For Prison



Congrats Maurine!

bob moffit

Congratulations on the book Maurine .. as grandparents we have shared some experiences during our long journey to bring justice to our grandchildren. Hope all is well on the home front.

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