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Northern Ireland's School Crisis

Northern-Ireland-MapBy Anne Dachel

On May 15, 2018, Northern Ireland’s Derry Journal ran the story, Autism diagnosis rise among local schoolkids

The numbers were shocking and so was the attitude of the reporter. While the school population hasn’t increased, the autism numbers continue to soar.

The number of school age children diagnosed with Autism and Asperger Syndrome in the Western Trust area has increased by almost 50 per cent over the last five years.

It has now emerged that around two in every 100 local children are on the Autism spectrum.

The figures are contained new Department of Health report entitled, ‘The Prevalence of Autism (including Asperger Syndrome) in School Age Children’, and do not include the number of children currently being assessed. …

Incredibly, more and more disabled children are not a cause for alarm. The jump in the rate was attributed to “increased awareness,” according to the Dept. of Health which provided the numbers.

The introduction of the Autism Act (NI) 2011 and increased awareness may well have led to a rise the number of assessments and positive diagnoses, its authors state.

The only action called for was more services.

They also add that the “need to develop and improve health and social care services for people of all ages who are affected by autism (including Asperger Syndrome) has been apparent for some time.”


May 18, 2018, Belfast Telegraph: 70% rise in autism among school-age children putting services at 'breaking point'

Northern Ireland is experiencing an "autism wave" with one in 34 school-age children being diagnosed with the condition - and an expert says that services are now "at breaking point".

Research by the Department of Health shows that 8,442 school-age children were diagnosed with autism in 2017/18, with the prevalence of the condition increasing by 69% over the past five years.

In total, 2.9% of schoolchildren here have autism, with children living in urban areas 1.5 times more likely to have the developmental disability.

The Belfast Trust has the highest diagnosis of autism and the autism rate in Northern Ireland's most deprived group was 31% higher than the countrywide average.

Autism NI CEO Kerry Boyd said that a report commissioned by the Department of Education had warned of an "autism wave" in 2002.

She said: "The pressure on autism services is now at breaking point.

"In some trust areas, parents are still waiting up to two years on an assessment and support services are few and far between.

"Therefore, it is often left to the voluntary sector to fill this void, but due to the level of demand on Autism NI's services, we are already stretched to full capacity.

A Department of Health spokeswoman said that they were continuing to see an increase in demand for autism services….

A spokesperson for the Education Authority (EA) said it continued to invest in its Autism Advisory and Intervention Service.

"Whilst it has seen a rise in the number of children being diagnosed with autism in some areas, EA continues to provide advice and support to schools and parents alongside a training programme.

"Pupil interventions and early intervention remain a key aspect of the work of the regional team."

No number seems too horrific for experts anywhere. Better diagnosing is still the official mantra used to dissuade people from thinking that something is really wrong with kids today.

The really scary thing here is that the rate of one in 34 in Northern Ireland is the exact same rate that researchers recently found in New Jersey.

What if this is now the real rate? What if Belfast and New Jersey are doing the best job of better diagnosing?

Shouldn't health officials and lawmakers want to address this before things reach the point of no return?

Add to the autism rate, the oft-repeated finding that one in 5 children today is mentally ill,   and you have a lot of reasons to worry if we have any future at all.


In a May 17th story in Northern Ireland Newry, readers learned that "currently 24% of enrolled learners" at a local high school are considered special education students.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor of Age of Autism.


Angus Files

They are gradually making everyone sick thats whats going on until one day nobody will be well enough to stop Gates in what he has planned for us all.The people are more sicker now and switched off.Soon the turnkey will be turned and the button pushed and we will all be finished.

Wake them up where you can.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | May 22, 2018 at 10:22 AM

Prevnar 13 maimed 1600 in Belgium in its early days although that never stopped the criminals.
And I understand the vaccine is next to worthless too (even more than the rest).

Why does this madness perpetuate ?

John Stone


HepB will no have been added to the schedule till October last year. MenB was added in 2015 and will still not influence this data. I am suspicious of Prevenar, added in 2006.


Haven't they insisted on early hep b these days there for the last few years?

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | May 22, 2018 at 08:33 AM

That is correct I understand. And there are claims that the cancer rates clearly show that too .
Margaret Thatcher went to great lengths to try to get the water fluoridated in both NI & Scotland I have read but was unsuccessful (no idea who stopped her !)

Maggie was an Oxbridge Chemistry graduate I believe.

John Stone


I gather they don't fluoridate the water in Northern Ireland, which is fortunate.

Hans Litten
Hans Litten

Fake News ....really ....don't think so !

Shot of life: saving vaccination drive from rumours and fake news
Fake news alerts spread rumours that MR vaccine is a Modi govt and RSS conspiracy to stop the population growth of Muslims.

A television expose on baseless rumours has been doctored and turned into a fake news clip that has been threatening the health and lives of thousands of children.

ABP News rumour-busting show, “Viral Sach: Is there an injection to turn Muslims impotent?” has been edited from its original 15.52 minutes to a 2.48- to 3.01-minute clip that propagates the very falsehood it had set out to prove wrong--that the globally-banned MR-VAC vaccine against measles and rubella (German measles) was a Modi government-RSS conspiracy to stop the population growth of Muslims.

“The idea of the show is to expose fake news and if it is being misused to spread rumours, it is wrong. I haven’t heard about it but if misuse is happening, we will report the truth again,” said Milind Khandekar, managing editor, ABP News.

Fake alerts, which included texts, audio and video clips, claiming that the vaccine is unsafe, first surfaced when India launched one of the world’s largest vaccination campaigns against measles and rubella on February 5, 2017, in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Puducherry, Lakshwadeep and Goa. Within a week, these generic rumours claiming a banned vaccine that affected a child’s memory and learning capacity was being pushed in India at the behest of foreign pharma companies, were replaced by rumours targeting the Muslim population.

Since then, the clip has been spreading like wildfire ahead of MR vaccination campaigns across India, in states as geographically and culturally diverse as Lakshwadeep, Kerala, Punjab and Manipur. Driven by the fake news, vaccine coverage has been low in states with a high Muslim population: 77.2% in Laskhwadeep (96.58% Muslim population), 84.6% in Kerala (26.56% Muslims), and 87.92% in Manipur (8.32% Muslims), as on May 14.

Hans Litten

Vaccination = global modern biochemical warfare .
And they are getting clean away with it ....... for now.

bob moffit

How can the people of Ireland remain docile regarding the "wave of autism" … actually a "tsunami wave of autism" that has been washing over their country .. drowning their public schools with children in need of "special education" .. generation after generation .. and .. the ONLY thing public health officials are absolutely certain of .. the "tsunami" is merely the result of "better diagnosing" .. the only thing needed is to increase "social services .. early intervention" to help those now diagnosed autistic?

Indeed, how can the entire developed world follow in Ireland's Public health solution .. "nothing to see here, just keep moving on and stop fussing at the increasing rate of autism".

What in God's name has happened to COMMON SENSE IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD?

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